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*Will like NSFW content* No F4F Live 7PM BST - Tue/Wes/Thu/Sat/Sun. Art Tag - #HoHellArt L2D Designer/Artist/Rigger @TimLiljefors Card -

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@RowanVeeTee @Ulnerr I dont understand and i still feel like saying fuck the public transport prices 👿 @Ulnerr BECAUSE ITS EXPENSIVE TO MOVE AROUND ON THE BIG ISLAND TOO. PUBLIC TRANSPORT HERE IS A RIP OFF, IT SUCKS 😭 @Ulnerr BUT ULNER, THE UK IS A FUCKING GOD FORSAKEN ISLAND. @Ulnerr @mudpuppy_vtuber @AliRevengeance They do be digging them fossils. @Ulnerr One day ill be able to headpat the Ulner, I believe ❤️ @NikiKiji What can i say, im a gamer pleaser 😎🤣 @joyeuseVT God i love that game, its way to relaxing ❤️ @AliRevengeance Sorry but trained cook here. Things like that belong in the cabinet, You can do what you want and i… @Jupiters_Den News in, Mean fox wont share pizza 😔 @vGR33DYv Yep it is, Iv been using it for months now. @Jupiters_Den Haha, it is you. Now give me the pizza 😤 @NikiKiji About 1.5TB of space, Pretty modest if i dont say myself 😛Cause i dont have Animated slots yet, I threw it up on 7TV for the meantime. Maybe ill keep it there, Maybe i wont… by Nyx Hopeofhell stuff. Height: 9'3" Shoe size: What shoes Zodiac: Virgo? Tattoos: 2 Piercings: 6 Fav Col… i can get rid of that _ on my Twitch name, Dislike having the TV but its the best i can do so here we go. @CeciHimeVT Koi fish really are pretty fish @AliRevengeance Aka Ali is a mutlicoloured mess but we can only see blue 😛 @RuneWithIt I as well hope they can fix it soon, Missed you streaming Rune ❤️ @DayumDahlia What would look good on Dahl? Anything lets be real, You bring the fire to the spice 😎 @kirakuroto Take care of yourself Kira, Get crab to make you some soup for me ❤️ @FukuranVT If you cant love yourself on a day, im sure me or another friend of your will love you more than enough to cover for it ❤️😘 @AliRevengeance The sky is infact, not blue 😛 @Rezochi Your ALWAYS cute isgt Rezo when will you LEARN 👿❤️ @FukuranVT We are proud of you Fukuran, Ill never stop poking you on discord and never feel bad to poke me 1st if y… @FukuranVT Gannon is hot yes, But did you consider that you are too? 😛❤️ @AliRevengeance One day, We will turn you into a Gaymer girl 😛 @missjackieart .... Mods? There are MODS? Well i guess i know what im doing when im done with MODDED Skyrim 🤣 @missjackieart Wait Hollowknight randomizer? I may need to do that ay somepoint. Hollowknight is great.League is so much more bearable at 2-5am i swear to god. Iv always wondered how i made it to Diamond back in the d… @AliRevengeance Ya totally, People need to just learn to BLOCK the creepy fucker or just call them out for being said creepy fucker. @AliRevengeance @EliphasGrimoire TFW she doesnt like horse. @AliRevengeance I think its more about them cringy Vtubers who use their persona as a weird way to try and get with… @vtNaruru Bad Naru 👿Right so seeing Skyrim is the game we play. LETS MAKE THIS EVEN MORE SPICEY. What build we doing.
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Next weeks Schedule is up. Mon/Thu - Day off. Tue/W/S - We play some Modded Skyrim, More mods are needed still. Fri… @CeciHimeVT WAIT WHAT, NO WAY. GRATZ CECI ❤️❤️❤️ @AliRevengeance Do you expect any less from me nowadays? 🤣❤️ @DayumDahlia I can relate to being allergic to things in odd ways. Im allergic to some Washing up Liquids, Not a i… @AliRevengeance I heard you can fuck them hard too 🤣 @RaineYiVTube enjoying ER, Swapping to Everhood. a few Test games, Pretty sure these are mostly bot or something. But lets hope we can get some good games on… @CeciHimeVT Just dont label is as an Emergency and im sure no one would mind doing a Donothon for it 😛 @DashiPants Big hugs for smol fox ❤️ @renne_millennia Meanwhile people misusing the game Directory for a Point and Click game. @Kumaartsu @SenpaiClover Look at that cute redbull addicted fiend ❤️ @macar_oni Who said Archers cant be conkers 😛 @macar_oni Lord knows, Likey a Cowardly Ranger 😛 @macar_oni Well ill see, Iv never been one for the Cat people 😛 @macar_oni Im going to assume you want me to play a Cat man 🤣Anything more than the three archetypes are in my digression.Right so seeing Skyrim is the game we play. LETS MAKE THIS EVEN MORE SPICEY. What build we doing.Anguish. at him move, Look at him Groove. Cant stop, Wont stop, Just Wiggles. Thanks for the Com @BB_Butterbean… said i made the Schedule for next week but you know what i want to play both but not at the same time so. WHAT GAME DO WE PLAY NEXT WEEK.
Retweeted by Hopeofhell, Virtual Minotaur Deamon. @SerpentineCiCi Sadly collabs dont make good friends, But good friends make good collabs. @oppabo So... When we playing ❤️Playing some Eternal return to like... Get a grip to the controls again and i think its been so long from when i played im just in Bot Que 🤣
@MiraVstreamer Exactly, its great practice for alot of people yet no one takes the gauntlet for it 🤣 @MiraVstreamer If you want to make that Warm-up Sketch extra hard here you go 😛❤️ was fun, but WHY ARE MY INSIDES ON FIRE 😔😖 @Reina_Noi FUCKING GO TO BED REINA 👿Hey im back with this live streaming thing now. Gonna be playing the New PowerWashing Sim content and i enabled T.I… @RaineYiVTube How do you think someone will tell you from here or how they learnt in the 1st place. Google. @RaineYiVTube Hold up, This isnt Google @CeciHimeVT we 1st need to shake the Ceci particles off the Ceci, Then we inhale the Ceci 😤 @CeciHimeVT Dam your that small now? @BatAtVideoGames I believe in you bat, You got this 😤 @rokokoprufei NOW SPINGranted with that, Throw me a mod or two you would want to see and i MAY SLAP IT IN.I said i made the Schedule for next week but you know what i want to play both but not at the same time so. WHAT GAME DO WE PLAY NEXT WEEK. @AliRevengeance WE GONNA MAKE US SOME BAKED GOODS, TO THE KITCHEN WE GO 😤 @AliRevengeance I have been in the kitchen for too many hours, Its time to fucking DRAG you into one and show you t… @AliRevengeance It says MULTI TASK you silly bean @renne_millennia Its cause 95% of twitch streamers dont do proper audio balancing honestly. @AliRevengeance Anyone has time for it, Clean as you go. Do the thing and clean at the same time 😤 @AliRevengeance I dont clean it, I make sure it doesnt GET dirty. There is a difference. We are not the same 😛You're pondering your orb, she's pondering me We are not the same
Retweeted by Hopeofhell, Virtual Minotaur Deamon. @RaineYiVTube Can we go back a few hours? @DandyflossVT Ya but MMO's are not funny block game so they automatically lose😛Naturally, Next weeks Schedule shall go up tomorrow.Right, So Schedules and Thumbnails are done for next week. So heres a most empty Schedule for this weekend. PowerW… @SenpaiClover Close enough to give you an idea 😛If any moots still need a Throne invite to get a Christmas list up and running, let me know!
Retweeted by Hopeofhell, Virtual Minotaur Deamon. @amberdots I said fuck it to being sad and wallowing in self pity, We just do shit now. @SenpaiClover "Drop weapon" 😛 @MiraVstreamer Oh oh i know, Its a cutie 😤
@FukuranVT You B)etter be chowing down on this D) 😛❤️ @MiraVstreamer Cant wait to see it Mira 👁️👅👁️ @rokokoprufei Rokoko out here making her Honkchamps get great Value out of their Discord Nitro 😛❤️ @BirdieBoba Feisty birdie 😛 @CeciHimeVT That implies you stopped while you where sleeping, You never stopped. @BirdieBoba I will pet both and i will like to see you try ❤️The only person that can help you move on, is ultimately yourself. Sometimes you may need to reach out to get help… i stopped doing, We are now going to start doing them again. Exercise i stopped doing? WE DOING IT AGAIN. P… the GIM going not how i wanted, With New World going awfully, With IRL not being too hot. I felt into a slump…, Doing video gamer stuff. @AliRevengeance you can cry, but ill give you headpats while i eat this orb sandwich ❤️ @Little_Streams_ Hey there handsome, happy your happy and in a place you feel like you can share that now ❤️ @AliRevengeance What you gonna do to stop me, Its friday. Your flat and im eating one orb 😤