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@DT4Storms @zekkenVAL @LeviathanAG if only he streamed 😞 @mehzyVAL is literally the most cracked 13 yr old @iiamDaimyo its because i told you sage diff in stream @skpzyVAL @jayzero__ ... jayzero just give me ur essay next timeWell deserved now unmute me on discord LMAO @KarraOf im older than you 🀨 @mehzyVAL @kasuiwnl you're fire ;) @kev_fps "130 adr horseshit player no talking please" @kev_fps i told him to play starcraft since he loves micromanaging"130 ADR horseshit player" - crosbycs @aCaarnage dude searched up the 2 games i had on spike and made fun of me after pistol round LOLcrosbycs cant be a real human please @H1RA__ cant believe alvin instalocked my sova 😞 @Rehtzu send me the funds ill buy it for u ;) @InvitationalVAL delusions @InvitationalVAL i mean u can buy me it ykno @InvitationalVAL u and ur brother have every single skin in the game smh @blink_valorant im broke 😐reaver vandal 2x in a row... really wanna get it now
@bearkun you should see a therapist or a professional to try to resolve these issues. I'll always be here if you need to talk to someone tho @ripbenjii overwatchgg retiring from valorant getting 60fps in dm after update4 ops and 1 rifler is the wave on breeze no cap @pugtaka1 hbd @KarraOf ice cold @claudiavalorant you should stream your immortal games! I wanna see the rank up live :) @riftzxx @Abykvn @liryCbtw @koalanoob @Moechillasama @jayzero__ ur going back on sentinel @jayzero__ @Lomeine hes a pug andy @YaBoiDre frggs @YaBoiDre sucks that we lost :(and the crowd goes WILDDD @CaMbCaMbTV you got it camb, have confidence and ego peek everything @tentsttv me and karra both need the buff @tentsttv check again ;) @Moechillasama nino buff? @nickval_ carry mengl i feel like I do better hungry compared to full @careertwitch thanks for enlightening me @devianttval now we HAVE to duo q @weirdoliv sheesh @jayzero__ @WARDELL416 demon time
@FatalGlytch i wanted to go for a quick flick shot 😩 @sweatbtwlol custom deck @eUnited 412 @DecayValorant lemme see yo pokemons @pugtaka1 always played casually and havent played in a year but i was like 5.3kgoing pro in clash toyale @kev_fps insane clips @st8llar @WARDELL416 "staz im not getting twittered" @st8llar @WARDELL416 my viper was disappointed @1dianazzz heimlers history clutch amirite @average_magnum LOLOLBLACK BARS AGAIN SORRYthis is the ranked experience you get if you queue w me @adorbse love the positivity @FatalGlytch @WARDELL416 trust its a demon resolution in game @royl345 @nickval_ deathmatch clip... ur down horrendous @FatalGlytch @WARDELL416 1440 by 1080 4:3 @maddiesuun i felt that scream LOL @H1RA__ omg hira so hot so sexy @KodareVAL @WARDELL416 i mean it is a meme video @faithFPS @WARDELL416 ikrrrsorry for black bars idk how to fix @ImposterVAL @WARDELL416 this is who ur trusting to sentinel op πŸ€“im a better oper than @WARDELL416 prove me wrong. why people are so weird :( @Moechillasama @koalanoob holy fuck moechilla so talented so sexy 😍banned Read:
Retweeted by Oliver πŸ‡°πŸ‡· @iiamDaimyo if u think this is sus what abt the stuff youve said to @LBuddyWasTaken 🧐
@Moechillasama he has miku nino emilia yukino hori roxy @Facilevibing im 100% straight this was sarcasm @koalanoob now do these in tourneysthis dude my boyfriend @koalanoob you left me for peagle bc we queued into asuna and bear smh @ciaolyx @bearkun @KarraOf ... @ciaolyx @bearkun wtf???? @KarraOf you see this?? @bearkun you can find a cuter matching pfp than that smh @ciaolyx wyd @1dianazzz spike rush savant @koalanoob @Moechillasama @Hokkaishi let me see your cake 😳 @KarraOf demon
@mythicaaaa @ciaolyx @koalanoob @bearkun you dont wanna play w ciao shes a goblin @adorbse @bangiwnl @riotgames stoppp you're hurting tiktok ravity's feelings @1dianazzz 😭 heart been broken so many times @DoughboyVal would play w you if i had game sadge @1dianazzz I set an example to the valorant community by going for twitter clips w your + full music if someone ins… @1dianazzz team flash LOL @1dianazzz If someone tells me to play something after they instalock duelist i pick yoru @DoughboyVal i think ur just a better aimer @Moechillasama @koalanoob all quints r 😍 except ichihoe @bearkun @koalanoob @bangiwnl LOLOL @bearkun @ciaolyx this is what you missed.ladies @koalanoob is single and ready to mingle ;) @fletcherrVAL @NlBBLER @DerrekOW fletcher so hot so sexy @notdalena demon @rickyfps_ @1hadofhfo y? @Lomeine @1hadofhfo i do it blasting music so i can vibe @Lomeine @1hadofhfo I will do anything to get good aim again @_Posters we gotta run osu back sometime homie, that shit was fun asf