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Horizons supports and inspires health & care change activists to learn, share & mobilise for improvement. Tweets by Leigh and Zarah.

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This Thursday (6pm-7pm) there is a unique chance for our staff to talk directly to @NHSEngland Chief People Officer…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @LeeDavies12345 Thanks for sharing! #projectA #ournhspeople @NWAmb_LisaWard @Prerana_Issar Thanks for sharing #ournhspeople #projectAOn Thursday our Chief Operating Officer @KhadirMeer will be joining @NHSEngland Chief People Officer @Prerana_Issar
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What can we do to make the NHS a better place to work for paramedics, control room + other ambulance service staff?…
Retweeted by NHS HorizonsJoin to discuss this important issue. We need to support our colleagues in the Ambulance service, and create a safe…
Retweeted by NHS HorizonsThis is amazing - an opportunity for all ambulance colleagues to talk directly to NHS Chief People Officer…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @JohnCla999 Thanks for sharing, John #OurNHSPeople #ProjectAWhat can we do to improve the culture of safety and support for our ambulance staff? Please join @Prerana_Issar
Tweets of the Week is live! Ft. @Prerana_Issar @shutcake @davemorgan_NEAS @SashaJohnston_ @JTR_WAST @tnvora
Our latest newsletter is live! January's edition features: 💡Updates on @Sch4Change 💡New and interesting research… @C_Carmichael83 @FabNHSStuff @StNurseProject @WeNurses @amd4_ann @BCUNursingteam @BCUHELS @NurseinPractice's been our pleasure and privilege to work with you all #ProjectA proud and privileged today to support #projectA and #ambulanceQ Great conversation with @ADRoberts777
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Can anyone help Dave with info on #fit2sit? @ISQua want to hear your ideas at their Florence conference in August - deadline for proposals is 30th January. I'm…
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@trishgreenhalgh 80% of my work's done virtually now using various platforms inc Zoom, Microsoft Teams & WebEx. My…
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About to start work on #largescalechange but not sure where to begin? Join this @NHSEnglandSI free online course to… latest Tweets of the Week is live! Ft. @theitmidwife @scriberian @Midwife_Claire @dunkleybent @MairGPDavies
Thank you for joining us for our #ProjectA Series of Improvement talks with @DarrenearleyS You can watch the past…
Interested in mental health? Don't miss this opportunity to hear senior paramedic @DarrenearleyS present the the me… @darran_armitage Hi Darran, thank you for your tweet. You have been added to the list. @PaulaKirkpatri5 Hi Paula, thank you for your tweet. You have been added to the list. @LPT_HRD Hi Sarah, thank you for your tweet. You have been added to the list. @NHS_Craig Hi Craig, thank you for your tweet. You have been added to the list. @trudydmartin Hi Trudy, thank you for your tweet. You have been added to the list.
2020: Year of the nurse and midwife! "a year to focus on the important, yet often invisible influence nurses and m…
Here's the first Tweets of the Week of 2020! Ft. @dunkleybent @SethiSimon @crabtree_amelia @HelenSanderso13
Why can't a single person change the consciousness of an organisation, resulting in large scale cultural change? Wh…
Retweeted by NHS HorizonsHappy New Year, everyone! 🥳 Get 2020 off to a great start by submitting some work you're proud of for an award. T… @BloggersNurse Brilliant idea, we're looking forward to seeing what people write! Here's a blog about blogging…
@SamBartPest @NHSLeadership Thanks for sharing, Sam @Sch4Change #S4CA
The latest (& last of 2019!) tweets of the week is live! Ft. @JaquiLindridge @__DanR__ @AgeingWellNHS @Sch4Change
Communicating well with patients and families is such an important and crucial part of our roles. Find out how we… @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar @BrummieHR Thank you to everyone who has joined the sess… @ZoeLintinCRH Thank you for joining us, Zoe! #OurNHSPeople @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar @BrummieHR Twitter is a brilliant way for HR leaders to… to hear @BrummieHR talk so passionately about the HR & OD community - and taking time to stay mentally we…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @PSukhu @BrummieHR So sorry Raffaela just realised I mistyped your name #OurNHSPeopleFantastic engagement from #OurNHSPeople on the HRD webinar today, brilliant feedback — collaboration is powerful, w…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @PSukhu @BrummieHR Wasn't she brilliant! Such great tips from Rafaella #OurNHSPeople @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar @BrummieHR It's really important for HR leaders to role… @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar @BrummieHR While the People Plan focuses on the NHS, it'… @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar @BrummieHR Let's assume positive intent, bring light in… @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar @BrummieHR HR professionals need to work on building the… @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar Thank you @BrummieHR for sharing your NHS leadership sto… @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar HR directors across the country will play a significant… @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar The Core Offer will be 👉Aspirational 👉 Evidence-based… @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar The testing of the Core Offer is focusing on the languag… @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar More key themes from what people across the NHS have sai… @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar Here's what the team has heard from the testing and othe… @CarolineCorrig3 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @Prerana_Issar Recently the People Plan team has been testing the Core…'re supporting the #OurNHSPeople virtual update on the NHS People Plan with HR Directors across the country today… out what the @horizonsnhs team has been doing this week in the latest 'Tweets of the Week' which is a curation…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @Barry_Verdin @Andi_Roberts @nikkileebennett @B329Leadership @nesta_uk Hi there, here's a resource pack for randomi… @janebarlow123 @LeighAKendall You're very welcome 😀 @lisabllmy @LeighAKendall Glad they're useful!Lovely to see this @JaquiLindridge - a bit of Christmas Cheer for some amazing ambulance colleagues. I echo the tha…
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During our events both in person and virtual we often do twitter threads to combat the word limits on single tweets…
During the past few months #ProjectA have held a series of Improvement talks. Last week, @LeighAKendall presented o… latest tweets of the week is live! Ft. @tnvora @ImpactWales @krjacks @faybay75 @gilliandrummon2 #IHIForum
@Infinit75608974 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @ZoeLord1 @HughMcCaughey @LeighAKendall @PardeepBains_ Thank you for attending the session!So proud of my team @horizonsnhs who are such effective social influencers. We just led some sessions on virtual co…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @stijncoolbrandt @Karolien1231 @DigitalHealthBE @B_Hf_T @dr_wardsam @bart @nicodefauw @LucColemont @helenbevan Than… @marynurse243 @KathrynPerera @HughMcCaughey That’s great to hear Mary! @janey513 @AgeingWellNHS That’s brilliant Jane! Virtual collaboration methods are so useful for saving time, buildi… @muntma Thanks Carol!
@joannemohammed2 @BevMatthewsRN @helenbevan @ZoeLord1 @KathrynPerera @HughMcCaughey @LeighAKendall @CNOEngland @MonicaVanB @pattydwebster @HughMcCaughey @LeighAKendall Brilliant virtual selfie 😀 #IHIForum @pattydwebster @MonicaVanB @HughMcCaughey @LeighAKendall Delighted you found it useful, Patty! Thanks for being par…'s the end of our sessions about the potential of virtual collaboration at #IHIForum. A huge thank you to every… @MonicaVanB @pattydwebster @HughMcCaughey Thank you! Do get in touch with @LeighAKendall if you'd like to know more… @ChangeAsUsual Thanks for being part of the session, Christine! #IHIForum @MonicaVanB @pattydwebster @HughMcCaughey @ZoeLord1 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera Our team invested a lot of time goin… sharing how twitter chats create connections that last far longer than a one hour chat; building co…
Retweeted by NHS HorizonsHow can leaders build community from a national role? I’m with #NHS National Director for Improvement…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @MonicaVanB @pattydwebster @HughMcCaughey There was so much rich qualitative data collated from the tweet chats. Yo… says: “If I had relied on traditional engagement methods in my new national role, it would have tak…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @ChangeAsUsual @HughMcCaughey The #improve4patients really were great, there were so many ideas shared and connecti… @jonblukin @helenbevan @ZoeLord1 Thanks Jon! #IHIForumShoutout to @helenbevan @ZoeLord1 and team for showing #IHIForum and living their collaborative facilitation messag…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @pattydwebster @HughMcCaughey Ultimate multitasking challenge! #IHIForum @Heartdocmom @pattydwebster @ZoeLord1 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera Absolutely, Daisy! Collaborating virtually helps r… @pattydwebster @ZoeLord1 @helenbevan @KathrynPerera So true Patty - with virtual collaboration you don't have the s… a good point to think about: The pace of change in improvement often goes at the pace of how long it takes for…
Retweeted by NHS HorizonsGreat table to show the interplay between roles of host and facilitator and platforms to use. Come on everyone, Jum…
Retweeted by NHS HorizonsWhat we can achieve (and how) with large scale virtual collaboration, laid out beautifully by @KathrynPerera
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @pattydwebster @helenbevan @ZoeLord1 Yes! There are so many better possibilities for genuine interaction and engage…“Webinars with just 5 minutes of Q&A is not’s like torture!” @helenbevan calling out where (we…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @EmMorgan27 @DanBuryTomorrow Completely. There's no such thing as 'hard to reach' #IHIForum @EmMorgan27 Beautifully summed up, Emily #IHIForum#VirtualCollaborate we’re shifting the power. Gives people voice who wouldn’t have it. “It’s based on an understand…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @DanBuryTomorrow @helenbevan @KathrynPerera @ZoeLord1 @HughMcCaughey @PardeepBains_ @LeighAKendall @muntma 100%! #IHIForum @DanBuryTomorrow @HughMcCaughey @helenbevan @ZoeLord1 @BevMatthewsRN @KathrynPerera What a lovely tweet Daniel, tha… in Belgium on tour but still able to keep up to date with IHI forum and all things digital, transformation a…
Retweeted by NHS HorizonsLive webinars with 5 min for Q&A isn’t virtual collaboration. It’s virtual... torture. - @helenbevan #IHIForum
Retweeted by NHS HorizonsWe need to adapt to how the world is changing and in order to be inclusive in improvement, we need to seek better w…
Retweeted by NHS Horizons @pattydwebster @helenbevan @ZoeLord1 Thanks for being part of the session, Patty! #IHIForum @ChangeAsUsual @helenbevan @LeighAKendall @ZoeLord1 Hi Christine, absolutely - it's about bringing people together #IHIForumThe amazing world of virtual collaboration - @HughMcCaughey joining #IHIForum from England #virtualcollaboration
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