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Have a love for all horror films. Promoting horror films, women in film and lesser known films. My voice has been described as that of a burly man. ☠️

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@FrankKane11 I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is amongst the hardest things to happen. That’s a great pict… @olivergilbert01 I have no idea. But I do believe there’s a way. @jessica32678922 Goodnight, I wish you the dreams of a mermaid 🧜‍♀️. @olivergilbert01 Seems to work still @ShayRaeInGame Dogs are 😜 crazy. @TaffetaV Lucky 🐕 dog! @Shorror_ Great job!Post your top 4 movies from you favorite comedic actor. Mine
Retweeted by Horror Bloody HorrorGreta is a young woman now but was kid when Trump attacked her. The mere existence of a child having to defend he…
Retweeted by Horror Bloody HorrorDoes anyone’s dogs actually sleep in their beds?
Retweeted by Horror Bloody Horror @whatever4vrrrr I wrapped it in a tortilla. Boom ! Burrito!Trying out a new dish tonight. Basically shrimp, rice, black beans, cilantro and lime. @trashcelluloid Well I’m glad if it even helped a little. Calls with family are great. 🥸🧐 @trashcelluloid Why’s that? @trashcelluloid You’re welcome. My calling maybe miss-Typing tweets. Cone Head! @bigpodger Awesome!! @jessica32678922 I follow you for the stock market tips. 😀 @ohkay0923 He looks like he’s planning something! 😂 @SpicyPurritos I’m so sorry you have to go through this. It’s a heart breaking experience. ahead By Stephen King The conclusion. For @trashcelluloid
@gh0st_j I predict it will get cold again next year. 🙂I came here to eat Dum-Dums and work, and I’m all outta Dum-Dums. Time to go get more Dum-Dums. @HollywoodStace @sub_socialite I was going to ask the same ? @Seanofthethread There go my Limp Bizkit reunion dreams. @Chris10Jenkins @Jooliasez All work and no play make Donny a dull boy. She’s trying to break him with that dress.😂 @spo0ky_katja It’s easy fir me to say. It takes me a minute to do my hair. If I let it air dart it wouldn’t be good… @_ekane I wish he was still actively making films. I feel like we’re being robbed. 😂 @spo0ky_katja Hair looks 🔥. Air dry all day every day! @_ekane I did Steve Martin also. Now I’m questioning if I should have included FATHER IF THE BRIDE! So many great… @Jessie_theAlien Great choice! @Jooliasez It’s definitely a mood inspired by The Shining. @CassThomps13 I’ll help you out. @JakeBrannan5499 Right!? I get the feeling he doesn’t even have to put much effort into it. It just is cool. @Lorraine_Kay13 Thank you! 🖤 @Mac_206 A cutie for sure. @funkygirlkerri When I try it... @funkygirlkerri I love the ease of which they dance up and down the chairs and table here. Can I have next dance? @TonyT41006860 These dogs do whatever they want!! @jessica32678922 I’m sure that’s one of the reasons they love you so much. @StaggAndrew Sofa, floor, bed, stairs. Mine sleeps everywhere but his bed. 😂 @jessica32678922 Right! It would be pretty cool to tell people “I sleep in a dog bed, by choice”. 😂❤️ They do look comfy! @HollywoodStace Great choices! @jessicagnarly Feels good to say that after 4 years. @MissDaniTeeze Not only acceptable but highly recommend. @jessica32678922 Thank you!! 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️ @jessica32678922 😊You’re to sweet! I will hold on to that thought all day!Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Directors and all around creative talents who is the embodiment of living an a… @FancieNola That’s all we really need to survive and thrive is hope. Hope based on making things better for everyon… @FancieNola But seriously it is very emotional and so awesome that it’s a reality. 🖤 @FancieNola I had tears in my eyes. But my co-workers are use to seeing that. 🥲Trump gone. Great Biden in. Even Greater KAMALA IS HISTORICAL @SusiIbelati Maybe! 😂 It’s hilarious this guy could do that but if you’re dropping someone off at O’Hare, the pol… @jessica32678922 I was looking for grammar bar jokes... your top 4 movies from you favorite comedic actor. Mine @jessica32678922 I love that you correct that. I make sooo many mistakes that I think “Holy shit. I hope no one… @tedgeoghegan Send him this. @trashcelluloid I’d read it you. But it’s kinda long. 🤷‍♂️Greta is a young woman now but was kid when Trump attacked her. The mere existence of a child having to defend he… @BeboBaggins221 A true ass. It’s like he’s getting off the elevator and hitting every floor button on his way out. @BrittanyMurder Great pictures! 🖤 @trashcelluloid I’m here for all your medical joke needs. @trashcelluloid Did you say it’s coming just fine? @Jooliasez Couldn’t find a jump scare so this will have to do. @BlueWednesday15 Ashes a cutie 😍! That’s awesome she has one she likes. @Kimmy_Monster13 Because Trump is “going to live at the Y.M.C.A”? @MissLusyd Sorry that happened to you. I’ve always hated the “they should advocate for themselves” argument. I th… @JamesVoller_ He wants you to push them together! @JamesVoller_ Perfect. It’s like he’s telling you something. 😄Does anyone’s dogs actually sleep in their beds? @ohkay0923 😂 I definitely know that feeling. @ohkay0923 Which means you will probably won’t be able to fall asleep tonight. Hope I’m wrong. @neff_goldblum Goodnight @ctototoo It seems Twitter will not let me love this picture anymore. ♥️ ease. @sub_socialite Yes Twitter is saying you love too much! Try to love ❤️ a little less next time. 😃 @TaffetaV I have a feeling You’re right. 🖤 @TaffetaV Maybe those old men knew what they were up to? @TaffetaV Church can’t seem to do anything proper. 🔥 @TaffetaV I don’t think they disciplined you properly. @whatever4vrrrr Looks great!😊 @neff_goldblum That is nightmare material. 😂 @coco_mathes I just look and I know if it’s something I like it’s outside my budget.Share your favorite pic FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. I refuse to accept that this film is 25 years old!…
Retweeted by Horror Bloody HorrorType “(your first name) horror movie gif” into Google Images search and reply with the GIF that comes up first…
Retweeted by Horror Bloody Horror @TheRealDee71 This is an awesome post. @jessica32678922 I saw this play up in Door County, WI it was in the woods and was very cool. @TheRealDee71 A. I refuse to believe the video and will relish the fantasy I’ve created in my head. B. I like feet also. 😂🤣This guy is my idol. If you have ever dropped/picked anyone up at O’Hare the police give you about 9 seconds befo…
Retweeted by Horror Bloody HorrorDid you even exist in the 80’s if you didn’t use liquid cassette cleaner to light yourself on fire 🔥?
Retweeted by Horror Bloody HorrorPt4 3 2 Head Pt 1 For a friend. @SetDarcyFree
@cordisbored The only acceptable scenario. Then everyone realizes Kaufman’s genius. @ohkay0923 That’s early! @cordisbored I swear there are times I feel like it’s been a 4 year long troll job. @eastcoastxray @kerri_HD ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ What she said. @dpm74 I always couple this film with Annabelle Creation. They both came out around the same time and both films ma… @funkygirlkerri 😊lovely picture. 🖤