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@cordisbored Nah, don't. They're so ridiculous, man. Fuck 'em.Halloween is dead in the UK. No decorations anywhere. No one's celebrating it. It's a shame. As a child, it was cel… @cordisbored Really!? @slothrop420 Not even John Carpenter's Halloween!?Let's say Jason does run, Michael Myers is even more doomed for that reason.
@lofivampire I've only seen Jason run in 2009 version. But even if Jason runs, Michael Myers is even more fucked either way.Victor Crowley vs 2009 Jason would be epic. 2009 Jason runs and sets traps. Victor Crowley is very brutal. It'd be a great showdown.Michael Myers vs Jason would be boring. They both walk. One has a knife and one has a machete. They'd just be walki… @wolfsoul4 That's actually pretty cool. I might actually start doing that!This might sound weird, but I prefer nightmares to dreams. The more fucked up a nightmare is, the better.Just followed some of my followers back. It's hard to follow everyone back since it's hard to keep up because of no… @WKsFilms We were meant to get five seasons! @C_Deep_Ice I honestly don't get how he didn't burst out laughing in that scene! @anxiety_wins It really is. @Sheena_655321 @ufallb4me @Andrea29195558 @TommyDoyle47 @tommyjoker73 @Nevermoore82 @TheCinemaTicket @1carolinagirl… @itsasherz @Grim_Reaper_llc @WednesdaysTalk @PLexplore @MotherofMovies @AySee_1003 @Tobi_Is_Fab @AnothermillennR… @ThatsYourAngel1 @theseedpicker @PINNLAND_EMPIRE @thebrokencradle @AnothermillennR @EmmaLachevre8 @allisonleah_… @cordisbored I really liked the emo Peter parts. I found them pretty funny. Especially "fix this damn door" scene. @C_Deep_Ice I loved the psychic scene. Absolutely hilarious. @evil_toast916 Neither could I. Didn't really like Kirsten Dunst in it either. There's some unintentionally funny s…'m actually upset by this. Mindhunter is fantastic. Such a shame. @C_Deep_Ice I liked Bruno better. I think Bruno is fantastic. What are your thoughts?Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 isn't that bad. Nowhere near as good as the first two installments and has some problems b… (2006) is not only a really funny film, but it's actually so clever as well. Can't wait to watch the sequel. @omar_syrinx2112 @JenniStom @ecto_fun @Jadey1138 @teeganharlow @LezGeek @HorrorDoll27 @Krueger1428E… @Angushorrorfan Black belt in Ju-Jitsu? That's fucking badass. I wish I could play guitar. I'm terrible.
Goodnight, horror fam. @smiths125 Yes. And it's so frustrating. @lofivampire I definitely am. I'm just going to focus on horror and films in general from now on. @LeelouWitchyPoo True, but I've been pretty unnecessary at times with how I responded to some people.Update and an apology. @MorticiaVibes πŸ–€πŸ–€I'm going to have a couple of days away and I'll be back. It's needed I think. @lofivampire @letterboxd Wow. That means a lot, man. Thank you! Just read it. Great review right there. Gave some r… @lofivampire Semi-fluent in German? That's impressive. I can't speak other languages at all. Apart from the basic French and Spanish.Five facts about me: I follow a daily schedule and hate if I don't. I love horror films. (Obviously) I'm good at… Monday, I'll be watching and reviewing Sinister and I can't wait. @scaringsampod I hated that. Like how is that even possible? @BadHorror I appreciate you, man. @lizzylemondrop I want one. @ijustlikehorror Oh right, okay!And these personally scared me or unsettled me way more than what's on that list. @Rob1987Big I liked the second installment despite some problems and I didn't like the third installment.Might not be for everyone but this is more accurate. There's a reason why these could be the scariest. The Blair W…, Sinister THEN Insidious. And The Visit is in the top 10? This is wrong. All of it. @Keitikins Is it that bad!? @lofivampire Agreed.So, I've watched Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 3. One more to go. It'll be on TV next week. I'll wait until then. @OldGloryHole @lofivampire Don't worry about it, man. I lose followers every time I have an opinion over a film. I mostly get blocked. @RachelRouen Sleeping Camp? Never heard of that film before. πŸ˜‰I still need to review Midsommar. I said I would ages ago but never got round to it. But after I've watched it for… @RachelRouen I actually really like the first Scream film, but I do find it extremely overrated. @lofivampire I like The Shining but I'm not all that crazy over it.Scr-, nevermind.
@EARTH2JAZ I do, I do. πŸ‘€What are your thoughts on Scream 3? @slothrop420 You're asking for trouble! πŸ˜‚And I don't want Sidney to die either but come on, man. Make it make sense at least. I never feel the "holy shit, s…, Roman shoots Sidney. Clearly she's wearing a vest. Surely he'd think that's a possibility. He had a solid chanc… @tclark1981 Nah, I'm watching it right now. @slothrop420 Seems like it!I swear there's times where Ghostface is RIGHT behind Sidney when chasing her that if Ghostface stuck the knife out… is it every person that dresses up as Ghostface to kill Sidney is always so clumsy? There's even times where Gh… flicking through TV channels and came across Scream 3. Well, holy shit. Must be a sign. Watching it right now! @cordisbored Suicide Squad is horrible. @iammikeythepoet @RobertBilbrey I personally don't like DC films apart from Joker and The Dark Knight Trilogy. @RobertBilbrey I'm sure many, many people are saying the same thing all at once to be honest. πŸ˜‚ @HungoverGourmet Yes it is. Haven't turned off mine in a while. I did a few days ago with Pulp Fiction and it felt great. @WKsFilms I still do at times! If I didn't, I'd be a mess. Haven't done for a while though. So I just might. I watc… God. @OldGloryHole @evil_toast916 Same here. Gay? I might very well be. @evil_toast916 @thepissytwitt I'm like that with some films. I was like that with Blair Witch (2016). I didn't even have to pay at… @RachelRouen That's good. It's always good to go into a film with an open mind like that. Makes it a better experience! @thepissytwitt Same here. I don't even watch films thoroughly all that much either. I pause, rewind, rewatch a scen… @chelsiewrath I thought Emma did a good job but her character was written poorly in my opinion, especially with the… remember when I used to watch movies like a normal person but now I analyse every part of them. @OldGloryHole You're all sexy. @Jackals_Son It's honestly not that much different apart from it being Zoom instead of Skype.Ah, the horror fam. I see new faces here! want to thank the horror fam for all the support recently. I appreciate it. πŸ–€β˜  @JDulcemania It's definitely overhyped. It's literally overhyped because the film involves a real life pandemic. Ju… @EARTH2JAZ Oh, don't read my review then! Contains some minor spoilers. @JDulcemania Most original and best film of ALL TIME? Hahaha. That's actually really funny. @cuVel_ The Blair Witch Project or Blair Witch (2016)? @Zeppelin0309 I can get why people find it a fun film. I also did when I watched it with my family. We had a good time.When I first watched Host with my family, I actually enjoyed it. But after watching it on my own, paying more atten…
I've not been feeling myself lately. I just feel like I don't belong. @KILLSTA99 United Kingdom. Bodhi. 26. @_ImAlexander_ Red. What's yours? @BrianMSammons Honestly, I've no idea. πŸ˜‚ @JackDaripper76 I think it's just an American thing! @OldGloryHole I'm boring. I don't drink alcohol! Only on special occasions. @michael_shards Lab coats. @RachelRouen I haven't, no! I completely forgot it had a sequel. πŸ˜‚ @rochelleerica2 Slasher is pretty good if you like anthology. Hannibal is great. Marianne is good also! @RachelRouen I really liked The Woman In Black. To say it's PG13, it's pretty good! @DesautelsJason John Coffey in Green Mile comes to mind. @RachelRouen I don't think there's a specific one. I watched a lot of those Vipco's Vault of Horror films as a chil… @Zeppelin0309 Mate, you're in for a treat. It's brilliantly made. Scared the hell out of me as a child.