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@houstorm Same. I don’t need to know everything @FightOwensFight Kevin Stamp? @JPVriess I SAID still don’t know how caskets were lit on fire with “someone inside it” and I don’t think I ever want to know. The…’m on with Randy winning that title to end the night. Tonight was a solid and very tense show.Oh my word’s face it: the drama is all you can eat tonight. If nothing else, they really planned these storylines and angl… every day of the year but especially now: he is most certainly not Mr Nice Guy @PrichardShow From when I was 9, I was The Undertaker! Couldn’t find a hat so my mom made me that one from an old h… @CheersIan I hope.They really going with these shocking endings tonight, huh? Ok, well let’s see where the rest of the night goes! @RingSkirts I need to step up my game and get a winged eagle @ppwpodcast @HOVAAA I legit forgot about “123 I got your number” btw. Lol perfect
Yowwwwwza @KingdomFigure I mean jeez how do you get much more personal than that?!?!?Yeah it makes no sense for that to not end the show. Unless we get a world title swap or MITB cash in. Or even a Ta… ends the show better be fucking mind blowing because this will be hard to outdo. officials doing a great job keeping control of their company here.STEAK FRIES FOR DAYS ALL IM SAYIN @ppwpodcast @HOVAAA Was this from a random Raw? @ppwpodcast @HOVAAA I loved the BCA version @Stuttsy It’s true. True love is forever thanks to you! @JPVriess It’s what comed out of butts @ppwpodcast @HOVAAA Welp...Looks like I got some painting to do!!! @Stuttsy There’s only one true drone in wrestling and you’re his godfather, aren’t you?Roman said a naughty word! @Stuttsy Demolition 1990 style !!!! @CheersIan Benoit is my second fave theme of all time @HOVAAA Was it the Mania after??hoping Bayley and Sasha main event tonight. That should be a fun match to watch. This whole show is gonna be fun t… LOVE the red Cell.100% @timlybarger Yesssssss!!!! CAN I GO OUT AND STING TONIIIIIIGHT?!?!?!? was just top level amazing. And to see that entrance live at Raw in 98 was incredible. @WCWWorldwide “Hey bud, let’s party!” @JoshCultureBlog YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! I still need a Dyna Girl!!!!! That line was so much fun, I wish it would’ve continued!!! @LPizzle NGl those fries look incredible.This song is still a banger @WCWWorldwide I like that. I can definitely get behind that!!!NGL, this could be my new favorite basic release ever. And the scale is perfect. @WCWWorldwide What’s your holy grail? Be it video games, wrestling, etc?"Your Night To Howl!"
Retweeted by Chadoween Havoc BBQ @MJGIV79 @FullyPoseable I only had one and I used it @frightrags How’s the transfer?Toy geeks: Target circle has 25% one toy purchase and big lots has 50% off all toys today! @FullyPoseable I need more of those WHY stickers!!!Ari Lehman @Spidey004 DOWN IN FRONT @DouceyD @FreddyInSpace @JoeBiden At the same time I wasn’t wrong @HOVAAA may think she is, but where do you stand on Charlotte? Is she the GOAT? I too think she’s the best. @FreddyInSpace @JoeBiden @DouceyD Me: @FreddyInSpace @JoeBiden @DouceyD Mother...fucker. Appreciate the correction, John @JamesGunn @SuicideSquadWB I swear if it’s not King Shark, I’ll cryYaaaaaaasssssss to 2012 and Timmy Ho’s brought the spookiness! @ovppodcast Yessssss🎃
Retweeted by Chadoween Havoc BBQ @OtherMikeH Oh yeah that’s what my bee holy grail will be @OfficialEGO Enjoy your rice cakes with a side of smark tears! @CheersIan aaaaah yessssFirst r rated movie I ever snuck downstairs to watch with my brother at age 8. Always love for this movie even if t… DOOFY.’ll be at the MM event at the @MahoningDriveIn next weekend vending and selling fun toys, movies, random odds and… @DeadAirJeff @frightrags Been saying for ages this would be the best “versus” movie. @frightrags I still need a crossover movie between Mary Lou and SAMMI. @HauntedDriveIn @JPVriess I didn’t get that either. I see a few missing sadly. I tried it about three times and it gave me the same thing.Because I owe one to @JPVriess here’s my circle thing I suppose. Seems right. Truly a best of the best. @JPVriess Keep the quarter it may bring you luck old friend @JPVriess in all seriousness, Don’t worry, I’ve got another one I can send to you that hasn’t been mangled or destr… @JPVriess where it belongs. In the toilet. AND SOMEHOW SOMEONE GAVE ME TWO OF THESE THINGS @JPVriess @Trasufoma CRAP BELONGS IN TOILET @allthedamnvamps Breaking news: cake alert @allthedamnvamps Hi it’s me I’m Colonel Cake because I love cake @JPVriess I can’t hear you over the sound of this in the paper shredder @frightrags @DeadAirJeff @BloodyPopcorn SAMMI CURR LIVES!!!!I found this crap in a box and now I’m gonna throw up. HOW DID IT GET HERE 🤮
Hi this is great @ChadShaft @CeeHawk Katharine Hepburn there ain’t got no kids that died from COVID They died of polio back in the g… @SludgeCentral @WWEBrayWyatt So badass!!!!One of my fave discussions with one of my fave people!!! opened a Pepsi can and it reminded me to voteSince tonight’s #TerrorTweet is the immortal Trick Or Treat, I thought I’d reshare my experience of meeting the one… @em_jeff90 YEAH BUT @NotMooseBigelow @ovppodcast Thanks much appreciated! @BKilby When those hit 5 bucks they’ll be gone @em_jeff90 SirWE WERE FUCKING ROBBED. @NotMooseBigelow @ovppodcast Not interested in the graphic itself just the background @em_jeff90 Ohhhhhh damn @PeterMelnick @JaimsVanDerBeek I do @ovppodcast It took me forever to get a screenshot of the background btw process is gonna be fun Bride.
Retweeted by Chadoween Havoc BBQ @doubledumbass @Jordamus_Prime Definitely want the stickers! @MIDDLEMANBRAND @pickett_shaun Sadly they only had one of each but I’ll keep an eye open @pickett_shaun I gotcha