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I mostly post horror book covers. I also write horror books, like this one: Represented by @LiverpoolLit.

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@KhaledElawadi @PeoplesMomentum If you've only had a quick look, how can you know anything fundamental about it? @atlastours12 @bigmart92 @PeoplesMomentum Okay. @KhaledElawadi @PeoplesMomentum This is an excellent book on the nature of debt: The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary… @KhaledElawadi @PeoplesMomentum That 'things' can effect currency values is a given. Issuing money to alleviate the… @MikeHMMT @KhaledElawadi @PeoplesMomentum Absolutely. @KhaledElawadi @PeoplesMomentum Issuing money to deal with (for example) a pandemic won't harm the value of our cur… @MikeHMMT @KhaledElawadi @PeoplesMomentum Great book. By continuum, I meant simply that government debt/private wea… @KhaledElawadi @PeoplesMomentum Such as? @lay_jim @TheTripp21 @ron_clinton @RealmsOfNight1 @bookmovieguy @Authorfan @HorriblePete @EdLaabes @Charrlygirl @KhaledElawadi @PeoplesMomentum But 'future generations' is just another way of saying we borrow from ourselves. We… @KhaledElawadi @PeoplesMomentum And who do we owe this money to? @atlastours12 @bigmart92 @PeoplesMomentum Nationalising key services is cost-neutral in the short term and saves mo… @atlastours12 @bigmart92 @PeoplesMomentum Details? @KhaledElawadi @PeoplesMomentum In debt to whom?Playmates by Andrew Neiderman. #horror @serialsemantic Can't argue with that! @tonyd21a @PeoplesMomentum You're right. It's literally the opposite. Government debt is private wealth. The only w… @amwalker44 @Raffiatim @PeoplesMomentum Inflation is caused by *too much* money chasing *too few* goods and service… @serialsemantic @BrandonScottAu1 @ChristyA_Horror @terrorfiction @jill_girardi @disneynine @EdwardLorn by Mark Manley. #horror @SadieHartmann @Night_Worms @ScaryJASullivan So many great quotes. "Oh my God, they cut off his bowling fingers!" @ScaryJASullivan I love Tucker & Dale! @sinderinister I might steal your atheist RE teacher for a character. @flameswallower I feel like such a fraud... @CeeChampion Mine's pretty embarrassing. I wrote a YA fantasy novel as a side-project and I had the Dark Crystal so… the time someone wrote 'Wezzy is a cool dude' on the blackboard and our RE teacher asked, "What is a... dyood?"Why is 'Thalidomide' trending but 'half-witted flat-earthers' isn't?Just had a conversation which boiled down to, "So, you're a writer? Name all the words. I'll wait."Born on this day in 1937, horror writer Brian Lumley, author of the Necroscope series and many others. #horror virtual advent calendar. 2nd December. *Opens the door* It's Brundlefly!
@vmenendezb Charles Laughton. Michael and Mark Polish. Don Coscarelli. James Parrott. Alex Cox.The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. #horror Twelfth Child by Raymond Van Over. #horror @BDisgusting @PatricProAuthor Five. @bert_stanton I think you're right. @B3tt3r_Th4n_U A great film.Post Mortem: New Tales of Ghostly Horror, edited by Paul F. Olson and David B. Silva. #horror #goodreads review of @HorrorPaperback novella, Things Not Made. Another great read! Highly recommended.
Retweeted by Michael Sellars | Horror Writer | Wear a Mask! @serialsemantic Wow. Thanks, Catherine! That's such a lovely review. So pleased you enjoyed the novella. @B3tt3r_Th4n_U That's quite a find! They can be pricey. @RonEarl I know, I know... @Leslieoo7 @Glenn__Kenny My story's set in the future? (Maths is stupid.)It's 48 years later. The Thing escaped to the USA in '82. Nobody knows it's The Thing, so nobody's tried to kill it… @serialsemantic Cellotaped together!Detention in US school: A bunch of quirky characters come together, clash, learn and ultimately bond during a serie… @DaveCenobite @WritesTc *rethinks entire strategy* @rihanna Waiting for the follow-up tweet: Autocorrect. Stan. I meant Stan. @WritesTc Noted! @c_hughes83 Lost count of how many times I've watched it. @LPCarnell Might have overplayed my hand!Think I might do a monster-themed virtual advent calendar thread. 1st December. *Opens the door* It's the Graboi… by J.N. Williamson. #horror Opener of the Way by Robert Bloch. Cover art by Anthony Roberts. #horror Opener of the Way by Robert Bloch. 1945 Arkham House edition. Cover by Ronald Clyne. #horror
@SadMarshGhost Shogeyman. @WesSouthard It's like The Hills Have Eyes went to the beach.Firebug by Robert Bloch. #horror @Greebohobbes If you're a rock, the last thing you want is to pulsate. It detracts from your essential rockiness. @Greebohobbes You're just going to gloss over the pulsating part?Blood Beast by Don D'Ammassa. Cover art by Jim Thiesen. #horror Shadows by Michael B. Sirota. Cover art by Alan Ayers. #horror by Robert Bloch. Cover art by Jim Thiesen. #horror Walk the Night by William Sloane. #horror @AmpSulphate Is that the one with the skull/match?Psycho by Robert Bloch. #horror @ScifiandScary Yes. @Benjamin_Percy Christopher Walken.Night Monsters by Fritz Leiber. Cover art by Bruce Pennington. #horror @educated_educ8r 1. @GNutsofHorror @shanedkeene @ScifiandScary @EnigmaticElegy @EdwardLorn @LisboetaIngles @ThomasWJoyce1
The Monster of Prophecy by Clark Ashton Smith. #horror @kaizoku_tenshi Maybe it *has* worms?The Valley of the Worm and Others by Robert E. Howard. Cover art by Chris Achilleos. #horror #fantasy @phil_sloman Thanks, Phil! @phil_sloman The first draft of a novella called 'Choking Hazards' that seems to want to be a novel. @kurtz_conrad It is! @phil_sloman Not bad. @SadieHartmann Pacifically = Specifically. @Spacemonkey907 B. @serialsemantic Thank you! @serialsemantic Hope you enjoy it!Lost Worlds, Volume 2, by Clark Ashton Smith. Cover art by Bruce Pennington. #horror #fantasy #scifi @Essexorcist And there's a recently published sequel, Progeny. @hermannkarlovic The attack on welfare is a blunt, divisive tactic. It's a way of getting people who occupy the sam… @hermannkarlovic They can be good at constructing arguments around their ideas. But, because they've never challeng… @JamesStoorie I do love a novella. @hermannkarlovic I think he's never challenged the prepackaged ideas he received as a teenager. He's just repackage… @toddstarnes Obama was preceded by Bush. Biden was preceded by an incompetent, orange man-baby. So, yeah, it tallies. @hermannkarlovic He's a fantasist. He thinks because his fantasy is laced with callousness and cruelty it can pass… Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde / The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables by Robert Louis Stevenson. Co…
Spawn by Shaun Hutson. #horror @CJReau @david_dewinter @Anders_Kingsley @InkDisregardit @SPOFarrell3 @witchhusband @COccupants79 @dailywisdomwrds @NasserRabadi13 @Emily30Red @jondelarroz Unblocked. Not sure why you were blocked to be honest. @CursedMorsels It's fantastic! @CursedMorsels Matthew M. Bartlett's Gateways to Abomination. It's a collection of short stories, but it feels like… @KevinMKruse I have a Magritte joke but it isn't. @whatonnetflix @paperbacksnpugs Good luck.