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I write horror books, like Hyenas ('Genuinely frightening' Kirkus Reviews). Get it here: Represented by @LiverpoolLit. He/him.

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@manylittlewords If it's the one I just watched (woman, package, plane), I really enjoyed it in spite of... everything. @Greebohobbes They were all major motion pictures back then.Hounds of Dracula by Ken Johnson. #horror Devil's Night by David Jacobs. From Scholastic's Universal Monsters series released in the early 2000s. Cover… @phobophore Great one! @benjaminpahlr That would be a challenge! @lukewalkerbooks I often follow people into a screening of a film I know I won't enjoy, sit down next to them and tell them they're a prick. @ScaryJASullivan Good one! @dthompsonauthor That's a great idea. @eerieyore Great choices! @kennnethd Had to look this up! @penofhorror A remake would be interesting. @penofhorror Great film. @typewriterhead Good choice. @manylittlewords He keeps snacks in his bellybutton.If you could write the novelisation of any horror film (which doesn't currently have one), which would you choose?… @AlexEbenstein I wouldn't worry about optics. If you think the work has merit, and you'd publish it if it came from… on this day, Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893). Here's Tales of Supernatural Terror, with cover art by Josh Kirby…
@davide_mana by Clive Barker. French edition with cover art by Clive Barker. #horror #horreur @flameswallower "People at the back of the centipede just didn't work hard enough." @JeffWritesWyrd CoacHELLa.Capitalism is at the stage where it's just people fighting to be at the front of the human centipede. @ScaryJASullivan You look great! @wesstreeting But you don't have a socialist message. You're tinkering at the edges of a status quo that has been i… @adamfgodfrey Absolutely. @eerieyore I think it's been reissued by Valancourt. Love Jim Warren! @Mister_Woodo I think that last sentence sums it up really. @TJBrownauthor But nobody's being forced to consume bucketloads of Corden. At least, not yet... @Mister_Woodo But I don't think this is known to the vast majority of people who regularly pile on though? @categardner I knew it had to involve some kind of baby animal. It's the only thing that makes sense!I'm not a James Corden fan or anything, he's okay, but why all the hate? It's relentless and weirdly disproportiona… Things by Michael Talbot. Cover art by Guy Kingsbury. #horror
Angel of Darkness by Samuel M. Key (AKA Charles de Lint). #horror profumo dell'incubo by Lisa Tuttle. Cover art by Ivo Torello (I think). #horror #orrore @EveHarmsWrites @SadieHartmann Thanks. My wife's Indian. I can't claim any credit! @SadieHartmann Grate some cucumber and garlic into it, add a little chilli powder and lime juice, and you've sort o… @Matt_Wildasin @StephenKing Lisey's Story. @arkhamlibrarian Well *I* like it. It's... different. @serialsemantic @insomnicole I like the look of this. Great cover, too. @MattStottWrites These are the same people who tell us Shakespeare said "neither a borrower nor a lender be" to justify being a tight-arse. @tomasinmanila That goes without saying. @typewriterhead Clarkson is dull. So dull. Profoundly dull. You'd have to be monumentally understimulated to find him remotely interesting. @mpsunday There's definitely a connection between blonde hair, bangs and evil children. @ArtDreamtime It's amazing. All his books are. You're in for a treat. @penofhorror A Shadowland series would be fantastic.Jonathan Carroll's Bones of the Moon. @AubryAndrews Thought I'd eaten all the Pom-Bears but there was one packet left.The Dead Hours of the Night by Lisa Tuttle. Cover art by M. S. Corley. #horror 5am start, and 1,300 words added to the manuscript before work-work. @slimyswampghost Definitely. A low-budget clunker can be elevated by wild ideas and passion. Nothing can save a big… Presence by Yvonne MacManus. Cover art by Lee MacLeod. #horror
@eerieyore Definitely. Why take any chances? @Greebohobbes Seems like they missed a trick with that title.The Wells of Hell by Graham Masterton. Cover art by Terry Oakes. #horror @MadeleineSwann You can actually feel the stupidity.Pitch. Like that Danny Boyle film Yesterday but instead of 'writing' Beatles songs he 'invents' hummus. @VillimeyS Thanks! @VillimeyS Hello and thank you. Here's mine:! Really enjoying Mariko Tamaki's run. @irishrygirl It's a complete mystery. @CJ_liberte They didn't say those who object are guilty of 'hate'. Only that they would block/report those who did… @BLERoom1 I enjoy research but, man, it can be a real time-drain!I've been writing since 5:30. 1,000+ words added to the manuscript. Pleased. A little smug, even.
They Thirst by Robert R. McCammon. Cover art by Rowena Morrill. #horror @Serena_Spencer @folk_horror @Markgatiss Thanks! I'll watch that later. @MattStottWrites Jonathan Carroll writes contemporary fantasy with horror elements. And he writes beautifully.The Horror in the Burying Ground by H.P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald. French edition with cover art by Christian Bro… @KitGonzo My favourite kind of terf is the male variety who only ever mentions 'safeguarding women' and 'women's ri… @Greebohobbes by John Farris. Cover art by Phil Parks. #horror @semoorhead Nine in total. A couple of surprising ones. No sign of a mass exodus as yet. @semoorhead Maybe five. Could be natural wastage, though. @hettilovespizza @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett Sure. @hettilovespizza @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett You're still a terf. @born_feminist_ @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett Sure. @FrankieJack69 @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett If you're only concerned with women's safety when… @hettilovespizza @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett terf @EdwardLorn It's a sausage. They're all bumholes and bellybuttons anyway. @bobbit2001 @tobytarrant @GNev2 Your taxes don't pay for anything. #MMT @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett Look, there's a Safe Space somewhere missing its attendant Lion.… @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett Do you ever, as The Lion of Women's Rights and Safe Spaces, do a… @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett What else are you doing as the Lion of Women's Rights? You, know… Softly by Richard Laymon. Cover art by Jill Bauman. #horror @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett You seem to have moved off the topic of 'safeguarding women' (wh… @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett Wouldn't the last two suggestions protect women in private space… @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett But you're the Lion of Safeguarding Women. You must have come up… @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett But you haven't answered my question and you *must* (that's how… @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett But you haven't answered my question and you *must* (that's how… @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett But given your priority is safeguarding women (that is your prio… @Berathe @janeloe3 @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett Almost certainly. Barfing on about 'safeguarding women'… @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett I don't think abusive people attack their partners in changing r… the fact I believe trans women are women means I also believe in Santa Claus. The terfs have spoken. @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett If you say so. @SeanMElliott Good advice. @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett But what actions should we be taking to 'safeguard' these women… @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett Do you think trans women should be forced to use facilities in w… @MorbidCur @aidansevern @neilhimself @rhipratchett I only really think about the subject of trans people when it co…