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@Birneybau @SteveDore1982 But Chris is extremely visual as you'd expect. I learn so much from him even just when we… @Birneybau @SteveDore1982 All good - tbh before I'd been on studio sessions I didn't understand how a lot of produc… WORLD GOTH DAY Question: hypothetically if we were gonna do another listening party which of our albums would… statement about the future (or not) of Loud And Quiet. Subscribe to save us:
Retweeted by The Horrors @LPLiveTweet I don't know if I would change anything about Strange House but I wish we'd done a live EP at the time… @zahidf Not in studio but live it did feel very different the first time we played Primary Colours songs.. it was a… @kellNworldpeace Ha ha no I think I got that too @CarmenBathory2 there's a good chance we'll come to Peru at some point soon - we did have an S Am tour planned before ⛔️ @wardrope4 Hard question to answer because we all come from different directions .. began as 60s garage/psych puris… @jetfury I really changed my mind about Lost in Translation the second time I saw it.. I liked it a lot more
@DilyaraLova @BobLogIV @Birneybau Yes! First three albums I loved. Chris C got me into them as they are one of his favourite bands @TheHorrorsMx Lindstrom actually did one for us.. will post it one day @marliesfeytens Didn't really think of it like that at the time - it def got us into doing longer songs @Birneybau intellectuals slouch forwards not back @D_Sloey We had to stop it from being too bouncy on the recording.. it could have gone too far @Nightingalemare I discovered them through us being compared @Indiegirl28 he def does wear all kinds of insane things in secret @bigpaul401 We were trying to do a song a bit like Rocknroll suicide by Bowie @DrLulittle I prefer to draw them a picture because less awkward & more fun @Birneybau @jetfury to paraphrase the Fall @Scullabogue We were thinking more Velvet Underground - White Light White Heat EP @JoMB16375660 It's really hard but I always try to tap into that feeling and go with it @PaulGramo I have one for Who Can Say as well.. and some demos Chris and I wrote together @intothetreeees Definitely will try to make that happen @wesley_stockton Oh yeah you mean the end bit - that was an accident. As great as Joy Div are I hadn't listened to them since college @Birneybau The blend of synths on PC & the bending upward sound on Three Decades were very much down to his input -… @seannwalsh No way that's cool man thanks @Ascully1980 MC5 were a big one for me.. the live albums are stellar @BobLogIV @Birneybau Nikki Sudden & Rowland Howard - Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc.. brilliant album @MarcialCambi Because I am disorganised @Brightscarf Thanks so much x @keaymike24 They are all trapped in our band lockup unfortunately .. more news soon @ShockRock3 @Tim_Burgess The first stone roses album was a big influence in terms of sound/atmosphere @Pampes_IV Always the last thing that gets decided @RiveraRhettKun @rajscheijen Just came out - it's on our band camp @LauraEWebsterr yeah sure message me on the catseyesworld Instagram @MafNeill It wasn't really - we wrote it towards the end of the album sessions. But hearing strange house and then… @LauraEWebsterr They're a fantastic band. Really really talented @LauraEWebsterr Actually one of the songs I did with them just came out today @LauraEWebsterr I was up there doing pre production for the ninth wave - I think I bought loads of sugar @rajscheijen would like to. In some ways the sound of the band live is more representative @AY67Chatten love that venue @Lutang__ we are currently having a huge band argument about all the track titles ha ha @steriletortoise if they did something I loved then definitely @no_thyself No problem man - I used to find taking photos with people really difficult/awkward so I tried to make u… @ChrisBeano I'm just gonna say yes without giving away anything else @kellNworldpeace Yes! Thankyou I still have it @b0yinacoma Next time I promise not to daunt you @crryingpunk Def the weirdest. No one knew who we were & we were playing after an ACDC cover band @LuvPainted I haven't scored a single point for two months @CarmenBathory2 We love playing there! I esp loved Chile when we went.. and Argentina @wardrope4 Whom @BGinksART Skying ten year anniversary isn't far away.. @musathird We were trying to arrange a show to do that - we are still trying to. Hopefully next year @mario_brots We decided it was too close to Primary Colours in tone so we went with PC @jmsbrydon We have the same manager - the Manics are kind of an older brother band to us. James really liked that s… @lvciddrms Very weird especially because I didn't expect it to be so emotionally intense @DCfromN17 Pretty sure Josh did and maybe Rhys. I got into them I think a few years before third came out @ShortTermEffect No not at all! It was an accident - my polaroid camera is broken & we were at Sundance in Utah - I… @Birneybau We are incapable of planning @Tim_Burgess Thanks so much man @jetfury @Tim_Burgess Thanks Geoff! See you soon I hope Also you never got back to me about those tracks I sent you you dickWe were actually supposed to release new music already this year - but our new songs will be coming very soon #TimsTwitterListeningParty @jetfury I've got some great photos of Craig wearing hats I should have dug them outTHANKYOU so much to everyone who has been listening... I'll keep tweeting for a bit if you have questions ... and o… that was intense. So weird how clearly music can transport you back to the time you first heard it.. or made it… favourite song to play even if it's also the most difficult #TimsTwitterListeningPartyThat's Craig Silvery everybody #TimsTwitterListeningPartyCraig Silvery & @jetfury #TimsTwitterListeningParty Within a Sea early lyric page #TimsTwitterListeningParty to give Tom special credit for figuring out how to trigger all the Sea Within Sea stuff live and introducing s… Sea Within a Sea the demo is more or less the same as the finished version although we weren’t happy with the d… @jetfury @Tim_Burgess Yeah because I remember Josh wrote the solo part at state of artI practiced this song so much with Rachel from Cat's Eyes - she effectively trained me to do it live because it was… Within a Sea is the song that we released first.. Douglas Hart did the video. The guy at the beginning is his f… man this album is short #TimsTwitterListeningPartyPrimary Colours synths have a bit of a Cure/disintegration feel listening now .. not deliberate. Love that record/… & Joe wrote a lot of this one.. the first demo of it I think we used a sequencer & no guitar #TimsTwitterListeningPartyPrimary Colours as I said was one of the tracks Chris Cunningham produced - I love the balance of the synths.. some… & Josh. We stopped Josh from wearing that again #TimsTwitterListeningParty this today after Tim suggested I look through my sketchbooks - early can't control myself lyric page /f… love the phasing on the drums.. one of my fave parts of the album #TimsTwitterListeningPartyOk enough of that. The funny thing is when we used to play this song at festivals it really separated the casual ob… have to thank @jetfury as I was really nuts that week and he listened to me talk endlessly about all the horrible… @jetfury @Tim_Burgess Is it??? I remember doing that vocal week with you at state of artTo be honest - and I've never said this before - it makes me physically sick hearing this song as much as I love it… Only Think of You was a brutal song to record. My gf at the time had just overdosed. I spent a week just me Geoff…'s a polaroid of Tom patching #TimsTwitterListeningParty love playing scarlet fields live because the chorus is usually filled with strobes #TimsTwitterListeningPartyRhys on the Whole New Way video shoot. We decided to leave WNW off the album because it wasn't quite right by the e… fields was a fucking nightmare to get the vocal sound right. I sang this one at Chris Cunningham's house ov… @jetfury I mean they did drop us after hearing three decades soHere's Josh with Douglas Hart from the Jesus & Mary chain - Douglas shot the videos for Who Can Say & Sea Within a… & Joe during mixing #TimsTwitterListeningParty @jetfury New ice age one take wonder / vocals anywayI was definitely really into the Fall at that point but Rhys always said he thought it kind of had a public image t… New Ice Age Josh came up with a great guitar sound on his pitch shifter pedal. The vocals were recorded in one… Cunningham & I/ F #TimsTwitterListeningParty Cunningham Produced three decades and primary colours but he also helped me out so much practising vocals at…