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These stupid motherfuckers need to have a stimulus package passed, and signed by that orange motherfucker before lunch tomorrow.
@blurbette It tastes good tho.I just did me some fish and spaghetti. But I ain’t posting pics because I don’t have nice serving dishes like you r… @mharrisonair I’m probably finna watch it again today.Need @hairmetalhenry Me neither. It’s terrible. But it’s cheap as Hell.One 12 oz can of this produces 14.7 gallons of pee. Don’t @ me. It’s science. @LoveThePuck HA! Walking niggas directly into the worst headache of their lives. @hosienation Hey..... I made pretty good money off them back in the day....
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarokI just saw an old man walk out the store with a case of Natural Ice underneath each arm. His day is finna get exponentially worse.Walmart is PACKED. People are trying to get it in before that mask think goes live on Monday. @slowmobster On YouTube. A lot of funny comedians. I’ve done 3 today already.Why ain’t y’all niggas tell me about Drybar comedy specials? This shit is hilarious.Yesterday was the four year anniversary of Kelly Price singing As We Lay at the Gospel Expo. Time moves so quickly
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @no_cut_card I’m pretty sure his name is Tuberculosis.
Started P Valley. I would like everyone involved to be arrested.I’ll be glad when this day is over. did Fatal Affair... 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
For people who want to wear masks with dick holes in ‘em... gotta find something else to do. @mltaylor13pt1 Lewis County.I hate it here. run me a new phone. What’s the insurance for anyway?Me: I dropped my phone off the Eiffel Tower @sprint: Good news! Your phone maybe able to be fixed. @RealBigSol @blurbette Basically @RealBigSol @blurbette I might have got caught up for a minute. I ain’t eem do nothin’.
@6PHENOM5 They back now. But I woulda been fine either way.No more live TV for me until after all the political ads have run their course. @edjustdid He might be back in “✌🏿&✌🏿”... @josifus77 I figured. Ain’t nobody finna give a nigga SHIT.How much is it? I’m finna get an apartment there. remind me not to attempt “Open Arms” ever again. My head hurting like a motherfucker now. @hairmetalhenry That’s $123,827 worth right there.Having to do all this extra shit because I’m Black has taken its toll. So I won’t be doing it anymore. Whatever happens, happens.Since there is a coin shortage, I have 63 pennies that I’m selling for $57,000. Hit me up.I have news for you about BET.
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarokSprint and T-Mobile have joined to form a Volton of shitty coverage and terrible customer service. @heysis_ They need to round everting down to the nearest dollar and be quiet.
@no_cut_card You need a pan and some grease. @MaryLittleton That’s what I’m trying to figure out.Lewisburg Police: Officer injured in shooting at Franklin Avenue apartment complex. After reading, I’ve determined… @jmorrisMCM It was on @FOXNashville. Crazy shit.I’ve been laughing for 17 minutes since I read that schools are asking teachers to sign Covid-19 waivers before com… @Montana615 Finna do some Darth Maul too.
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarokWhat's wrong with you?
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok my shirts. Now can’t nobody tell me SHIT for a while.’m pretty sure one of my legs weighs more than Daystar.I’ll be done doo doo’d all up the side of that mountain. 🚫🧢
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @edjustdid Sounds like that algorithm from Office Space to me. @FrazierFir @MisterLebowski Wow. I wish I hadn’t.10 or 11. @Fesluv Absolutely not. @CaramelPanther It’s pissing me off too. So I guess it’s working.The only reason I watched Power after a certain point was my hope of seeing Tariq die. I’m not falling for that shit again.When you hear “ hey twitter world” and see OJ sitting in this
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarokThis is completely intentional, but it’s still the worst (and BEST) ever. @SoloChills It’s probably his. His little-bitty ass need it. @MsWilliamsWorld The younger son and the white dude next door are funny tho. Real funny. @LoveThePuck I’m sick of his shit, to be honest. I’ve had enough.Don’t Want-ish
@MeWeFree_ “Big Mama, your arm!”Somebody is giving Dr. Manny a lot of money to run these ads. Y’all stupid. @TrimGoEMAW @Fesluv I need the real shit.This sounds like a bootstrapping, and I will not be in attendance.’m finna go get ALL my $13.67 out that bank as soon as it opens tomorrow.So I finally got it corrected. I called the SBA today and they said they ran out of the advance money on Saturday.… I found out what happened, I went back to the bank to get it corrected. Same dude said, “It won’t let me chang…’t get my stack from the SBA because the jackass who opened my bank account put “3RD” and not “III” as my suffi… @TMikaMouse Do it with a stick that longer than 6 feet tho. @GeorgeFoster72 I kinda did. It seems people have made up their minds that it’s safe.Y’all sending your kids back to school? @MeWeFree_ NauseousI say that ass somebody who did that, got fired, and I probably need a back transplant now. That company is still rolling tho.All I see is somebody who is probably an hourly employee, and won’t see an extra DIME for going that fast. And if h… order shit so I can get good news in my notifications sometimes. & Rudy...both trash. Dont @ me
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok“Serendipity The Word Sayer” done hopped up on the Summer Jam screen? @edjustdid I got one more bad loan they can make tho.Don’t wear a blue mask today, niggas. Trust me. @SoloChills The only thing that would be worse is a Walt Jr spin-off.She’d say, “You’ll feel better during the course of the day.” I never did. @MeWeFree_ That’s a guarantee. When, is the question. @cgravlee Sounds like what I got. And ended pretty abruptly soon after graduation. @Kyle_Tasman I missed a total of 5 days from K-12. 4 in the 5th grad for chicken pox, and I’m sure it’s just becaus… From people who would deliver ass whoopin’s for my getting a B? That’s hilarious. mama definitely woulda sent me to school in this. I was only allowed to miss school if I was dead. @SoloChills I don’t know how dude ain’t blew up yet? He makes nothing but the highest quality of R&B. @bigbluemachine I’m failing to understand that if shit is worse than when schools closed in the first place, why th… walking-back this school reopening yet or nah?🤦🏾‍♂️ some people are just so ungrateful. It's crazy how you can clearly be the best wr in two franchise's history,…
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarokPac shoulda turned it down too.
and you still be dirty on the outside
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @DDGetRight @4TheCulture____ I am disgusted. @TMikaMouse That’s genius. I hope her cashapp gets full as shit.Y’all... my daughter’s birthday is July 25th. Why did she put this sign in the yard YESTERDAY? Because she’s a Leo.…
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @DjFunkyBluez