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Instead of begging people to make an album #1, it would probably be better to be thankful that even ONE person bought that trash.Namond Brice: Has a mother who made Precious’ mama look like June Cleaver by comparison. His daddy ain’t shit eithe…*mutes Selena*Season 4 of The Wire on a Saturday (for the 37th time) ain’t never hurt nobody. @terrill Chiefs is talking straight cash. They better win. @mopatton_sports Way better than one of his brother.’s going on here
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarokWell I’ll be mf got damned. I asked Sanaa what’s wrong & she said she don’t wanna be a mommy no more bc her baby do…
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @that_bird She made me this way by being too nice. @terrill She got me fucked up today.I will not budge. Remember. There was “NOTHING” in the grocery store last time I went. And there won’t be this time… is back on her bullshit today. So am I. @GeorgeFoster72 There is a pattern of behavior here that makes me think HE thinks he’s a tough guy. He’ll eventuall… you a comedian looking for some free press? Let's chop it up on the #ComediansTakeOn podcast. I promise not to…
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @theyardsaleking It is also trash. I only fucks with Big Shakes for hot fish. @HarlemMC Jail, most likely.Legal Twitter: My heat isn't working in my apt, landlord said they won't fix it until at least Tuesday. It'll be ab…
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @misslezlie I still need it for a penny. @ChadTheCoolcat I need to hurry and get over there to watch in person @Fesluv I ain’t been in years. High key trash.Memphis got them one. I see something in the store priced at $0.01, somebody finna have to sell me them shits for that price. 100 of t… @hosienation There is only two good places west of Memphis that have good BBQ and they are both in St. Louis.
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok
@tng8r And you are now #BLOCKEDT @Nashville_MMA Dude is conflating the 2. He’s an asshole. @jhueser1439 I’ve eaten others in a pinch, but never again. @MeWeFree_ It’s hilarious. Them together is stupid as Hell. @MeWeFree_ Have you seen the episode of his show where she plays his marriage counselor?I’ve never had BBQ from west of Memphis, because there is really no reason to. @SheaInIrving @David_Leavitt You right. But Tori still trippin. Just ring and bag my shit up so I can go.I just read to make sure the offer was for Prince’s and not one of these imposter ass brands. @SheaInIrving @David_Leavitt I’ll allow it. I’d also take it to every Walmart in a 50 mile radius to get them to ho… @GeorgeFoster72 @JacquezGreen Shole is. And I respect the 11 rings and whatnot, but Bill Russell ain’t got no busin… actually thought this tweet made it better... are the LAST people you need to be worried about acting “professional” at the White House. @615SouthSide He’s the motherfucker who took my order and entered it into the computer.My Judge Judy viewing experience is being ruined by her commercials being a shill for Mike Bloomberg. @LA_FUPACABRA Run it. I’ll be waiting. @LA_FUPACABRA HA! I ain’t seen one yet.These practicing handing people stuff videos are hilarious.Recruiter: yes he runs a 4.2/40 and had a 100 tds in high school but he also was a coke mule with 3 domestic violen…
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @Droopy_34 He’s really the only answer. Maybe Big Al #2. @hosienation My name was pronounced as “EYE-RON” at Panera the other day. I looked around thinking it might be actu…
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @DJPooh 16,000 days in a row it’s happened.Again. People don’t have a problem reading: Rosie = RO-zee Posie = PO-zee But somehow... Hosie= José? I am beyond tired of this shit.Sounds like he ain’t learn SHIT at school. and dude at @ChickfilA who is looking at my name on the receipt, holding my food, and calling out for “José!”: won’t be so vain as to think so. @JenWayneGacy It’s the only way to get ribs into the theater undetected. @JenWayneGacy It’s basically me wearing a slab of ribs under my shirt like a cummerbund.Is Bad Boys III worth my time? I need to know if I need employ the Cummerbund Method ™ this weekend.Go peep Titans rush stats vs 8 in the box, and get back to me.
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarokIf someone died at a party you chaperoned, you failed at chaperoning.
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @BrokeJackjonson That tomato made the burger trash.Headed to Westhaven for some of that good old fashioned extended-pinky finger racism..."Eminem is really the only one still making real hip-hop."
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @KathyMariselle Such crass behavior is extremely on brand for me. @Gooch_goEMAW @KWCH12 This is concerning. Especially since I’m the one who should be singing background.You can use my Cummerbund Method ™ to get ribs into anywhere. Work meetings. House Closings. Bar Mitzvahs. Air Plan… walked into that theater with a cummerbund made of ribs. A dude in there said he was gonna go tell. We told him t… Friday at the theater 25 years ago. I took whole slab of ribs into what is now the AMC Antioch 8. Yes. I was hi… @MsWilliamsWorld *daughterWhy won't Eminem leave the listening public alone?
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarokMarshall Mathers is desperately trying to make Skyler Grey a thing. It’s not working. @blurbette I’m a styrofoam enthusiast.Em put Black Thought and Q-Tip on a track. It piqued my interest. The beat was so bad that I jumped ship before hearing them.Look like niggas in Paris to me. could go to KC for Sunday and have a free place to stay. But no thanks, BUCKO! under 30 Twitter thinks a 43-yr old woman should look like
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarok @MeWeFree_ All you need is a Delorean back to the 90s. @MeWeFree_ Last time I got a haircut they were $8.Thursday Friday @terrill I was out after the Marshall Mathers LP. That’s 20 damn years. @KathyMariselle You right about that seasoning. That’s what made them slap. I ain’t ever had their hot pocket thing… @QuadCityPat Hunts tastes like a tomato with confectioners sugar poured into it. I HATE it and Roy Clark for telling me it was good. @QuadCityPat It’s the only ways they are acceptable. And only Heinz ketchup, as my well documented #FoodIssues won’… @themelaniedione One of the best.I don’t eat tomatoes unless somebody has made them into ketchup or spaghetti sauce. But is it important for them to… @JT1045 We had them 29¢ and 39¢ burgers. I didn’t get fat at the time because I was walking fiftyleven miles a nigh…*lived offI will say from about 1999-2001 I lived of the McDLT’s bastard child, The Big & Tasty. They had them hoes on the do… else remember this? Stupidest shit ever. @BrokeJackjonson So did I. Dude had everything. Including a live nigger action figure. @ChocnessMonsta I had no idea at the time. But Richard did, and he should not have done it. @josifus77 Dude is crazy as Hell.They unearthed Dick Cavett to show his disgust at not being able to call Black people niggers to our faces. #RichardPryorI guess I’m gonna get somewhere and tell strangers all the fucked up shit about myself, and see what that’ll end up paying. @dwright1906 It shouldn’t have been funny to the grown ass niggas who had to take us to see it. @dwright1906 I get sick every time I think about how hard a laughed at that movie.I’ve talked about it before, because it affected me horribly. This is what happened when I was old enough to realiz… @terrill That thang doing numbers. She done had to see it by now. I hope she’s ashamed of herself. @TMikaMouse They showed dude try to make him tap dance on TV. I could see the despair on his face. @HarlemMC I’d rather be dead than age that way. But that’s what he gets for fucking Ann Coulter. @TMikaMouse He started out that way, and it’s is very hard to stomach him doing Bill Cosby jokes.I’m watching. And I’m being punished by having to see Jimmie Walker’s face. This nigga looks like he’s been embalmed. Dynomite my ass.what good is a $50M NFL contract if you can’t have outside babies? MY COLUMN:
Retweeted by Thor: NIGnarokCan’t watch anything on Pryor that will be censored.