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Listening to all of the songs that ever hit the Billboard Hot 100 and posting ones that seem interesting.

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@KidsWriteJokes Okay, Terrance Howardtrumps going to promise to build a wall in every state and then only do a couple just like sufjan stevens
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Listening to the emo/wavy rap of 2018, it seems like Kanye’s biggest influence will end up being 808s and Heartbrea… @tompsee @Bretontheradio “It’s is in the middle of the state. It’s big, so big. Some people say it’s the biggest in…’m surprised and a little confused that Eminem’s Kamikaze is a decent album @MiekeEoyang So, and correct me if I’m wrong, there’s a worry that one of these dudes will plant a listening device during this stuntIt’s sad to listen through 2018 and be reminded of Nicki Minaj’s Queen album. The cover art is ridiculously gratuit…
@fsponge Honestly, I at first thought there was some old, forgotten musician named Joe N***er because it didn’t eve… those drums in the first few seconds sounded familiar. Guess I never looked up what sample was used for Cra…’t listen to the Jackson 5 anymore since you watched Leaving Neverland? With enough liquor in your system sounds…’s Joe Fucker? @gotobedjordan I agree with you that we’re hearing the antonym version of what people really think of Trump, and th…
@MikeDrucker I just love the idea that QAnon folks are gonna take this typo to mean that they need to learn the universal language
@Bretontheradio This is in my bathroom because I’m potty training my kid... your tweet is all the excuse I need @MikeDrucker The streak of letters starting with “Lets make a good deal!” going directly into the trash remains intact.
@kath_krueger @ByYourLogic That’s totally fair. Also, Cars 3 is a legitimately great movie about stepping aside and… @Bretontheradio The physical format: no. But I do miss the idea of an album. Lots of artists still do ‘em, but I’ve… @IwriteOK There’s gonna be so many bad parodies of this. Comedians need to just leave it alone. You can’t put a hat… @pixelatedboat you’ve outdone yourself @RepStones @willmenaker We’ve narrowed down when we evolved past endorsements to a 13 month windowI was not expecting a Post Malone song to be one of my favorite alternative rock tunes of 2018 (Stay) @gotobedjordan @knowledge_fight “Blood in the wind” isn’t a phrase outside of, like, a Mastadon song, right?
I can’t say “when did Charlie Puth get good!?” because I know exactly when his singles were released, so I’ll just… “Rufus featuring Chaka Khan” being nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame open the door for “... featuring… @alorakid Counter: not a great point @alorakid @Danielbpalka Isn’t Musk’s hyperloop essentially Train X?
@willmenaker It makes sense that a man who created an Instagram/Spotify app that was all about him was fueled by a… @willmenaker I’m not sure if it’s a meta joke, but all the characters on the show (except Baby Billy) turned out to… Yodel kid’s debut single is pleasant, but it really, really, really (I can’t add that word enough) ignores the… of the oddest things about listing to hits from 2018 (after missing most pop music since I had a kid in 2016) i…“At least if I just listen to the Hot 100 singles I’ll never have to listen to an entire Post Malone album”, he tho… from another song that first hit the charts on 1/2/1971, or, as I’m beginning to know it, the most morbid we… sort of get how an 8 minute prog rock song about dying in a plane crash could make the charts around Halloween, b… thesis of this whole project is that pop music from every era is essentially a mix of good and bad, transcenden… @UweBollocks This tweet really made me want to celebrate Christopher Wallace today. Time to revisit some Biggie classics
@Bretontheradio Truest think I’ve seen on twitter in weeks
@annadrezen Troy @Bretontheradio I’m sitting at home, trying to get started with work, and I keep getting distracted because I look… @HonaCostello This Is How We Do It is a better song than anything Drake’s put out, but if we’re going whole catalog…
So did Pitchfork not include Baby because it was recorded in 2009? @UweBollocks Read that once when I was a teenager and I still think about it 20 years later.
Lots of people are gonna second guess Pitchfork’s top 200 tracks list, but there’s one think you can’t deny: Goldli… it’s with great sadness and a lot of shame that I must admit that I kinda dig 6ix9ineWait... something that sounds like Staind covering the Cranberries was one of the only rock tunes to hit the charts…’ve listened to about 4 months of 2018’s hits, and it’s with some sadness that I must admit that Logic is really, really talentedBlake Shelton’s ‘I Lived It’ is just your grandpa’s “back when we were kids we didn’t wear seatbelts and we all sur… someone who missed most of Rae Sremmurd’s slower tunes, I’ve gotta say I’m impressed that Swae Lee turned himself into a good R&B artist @gotobedjordan Just got to Steve’s portion... I do love how his call for a military coup to remove Obama from offic…
@UweBollocks Feels weird to say on such an open ended question, but that’s absolutely the right answer
2019 out spent the time between releasing Big Balls and Moneytalks getting waaaaaaay better at double entendres’ve tried many times to express how in 1990 there was a battle for the identity of rock music, and I think Novembe… @amandamull Or when you have to borrow a long ladder from a neighbor to change a light bulb
@pixelatedboat You’re moving in on Huckabee’s turfNothing could live up to how kick ass this album cover is, but Winger didn’t even come close...“Music when I was growing up was just better than music today” -40 year olds who all sang and danced to “Wiggle i… Hammer sampled When Doves Cry for his tune “Pray”... One more example of how Prince was everywhere in 1990 even… @MaraWilson Risk Assessment
@nlyonne Such an interesting breadth of work... lovely songs with Randy Newman, some perfect pop songs on his own,… @der0wlpunk @UweBollocks You’re absolutely right, but I still think that Don’t Like the Drug’s is way better than e… Ice Ice Baby hits the charts 9/10/1990: I had memorized all of the words and made up a couple of dances to impress my friends9/8/1990: Warrant’s Cherry Pie hits the charts, giving strip club DJs a much needed marquee song besides Pour Some Sugar On MeMotley Crue cheered on a lesbian wedding in Same Old Situation? ... like, I’m sure they were into it because the gi… @UweBollocks Also, I Don’t Like the Drugs is so much better than any other Marilyn Manson song @UweBollocks The Black Parade is one of my favorite albums of the 2000s, but I have no interest in listening to any… @nickmullen Toast the bread a bit, dudeAccording to Wikipedia, after this song hit big their manager “established a 900 number that for $2.50 a minute, yo… @MikeDrucker I grew up in Chicago, and I thought I’d never see anyone hang on to a victory like people hung on to t… slept on Migos Culture II... the beats on CC, Auto Pilot and Emoji A Chain are really cool and spaceyI hadn’t listened to 6ix9ine’s music until I started this project; I knew him only as a pedophile and a famous snit… @gotobedjordan @knowledge_fight laugh out loud moment from today (luckily I’m working from home): Alex telling his… @pixelatedboat I would have loved to spend a week working up a detailed cost estimate for the snake moat
@TheRealDaveLong @evilangela @gamespite Thanks all! I didn’t realize that Donley Kong had a luck component @evilangela @TheRealDaveLong @gamespite How would using an emulator help him? Is it just that he could save a good… @UweBollocks For three years my wife and I have taken our son to pick pumpkins at a farm with a giant maze, and for…’m a sucker for a good Beatles rip off, even if it comes from New Kids On the Block @Bretontheradio I’ve heard that the Aurora theater won’t be showing it. @TheRealDaveLong @gamespite Yeah. I was a little lost in the technical parts of the article, but it sounds like he…
@gotobedjordan On the one hand, he’s threatened to kill a whistleblower and said impeachment could lead to civil wa…
@Hbomberguy Hamlet 2 @TheDweck It’s like a Brewster’s Millions scenario where he needs to spend every bit of good will he got after 9/11 before he dies
@alorakid I haven’t felt the urge to skip any of the songs, so I’ve gotta agreeDid the studio pay Bon Jovi to write songs for a Young Guns II? Were any of the songs used in Young Guns II? Or did… @gotobedjordan There’s a comedy civil war going on? I worry about the comedians I enjoy, cause Jeff Dunham has a wh…’s a testament to Prince’s perverted genius that I’m gonna have to resist the urge to sing this song out loud for… Sinead O’Connor was, like, really goodWhy did G-Eazy, Logic, and NF all take their inspiration from the later period of Eminem’s career, when the beats w… @billboardcharts did y’all change what was tracked for the Hot 100 on 12/5/1998? I noticed that there were around 6… I’ve enjoyed listening to from 2018: Lil Xan, Charlie Puth, Florida Georgia Line... I may have avoided mode… @gotobedjordan @knowledge_fight you almost made spit out my coffee with “well, no president was impeached quite as… far pop songs hits 2018 mostly are dudes with face tattoos rapping over trap beats and dudes with guitars singin… 1990, country was essentially a dead genre on the Hot 100 charts. By 2018, it had basically replaced rock. I h… @nachdermas He’s wearing a mechanical time piece in the picture @amandakim529 Just saw this chyron on Tucker Carlson: “Biden Scandal Leads To Trump Impeachment”
Why is Diplo ripping off Kid Rock’s look from the early 2000’s? @BillCorbett “That’s a big remark!”