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By 2029, I'll be drinking moon juice with President Johnathan Taylor Thomas!

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Penn Station 8th avenue between 40th and 43rd Literally any of those chain bars with the free happy hours day for this couple lmao
Retweeted by ///Does @TuckerCarlson want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America?
Retweeted by ///Definitely still has DeBabylon blocked LOL
Dunder Mifflinites be like, "I know a spot" and take you to their favorite New York pizza joint.
Retweeted by ///look at this comparison and tell me the Yankees aren’t bad for baseball
Retweeted by ///Only early afternoon, and I’ve already ran into two F’n Karen’s. #Karendemic
Retweeted by /// @JForma Amazing
Still waiting to see and check in with my main man @NYPost_Mets!
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Retweeted by ///For my good people with back problems
Retweeted by ///Don’t worry it’ll starve to death.
Retweeted by /// @metsfanmurph2 do you think she purchased him boat shoes and made him wear them?
Tony Soprano, Silvio Dante, Paulie Walnuts and Christophaaaa are THRILLED. when Pence went to see Hamilton and they gave a heartfelt plea to him? (Even asked the audience to not boo… Darwin was spot on. Davis Conforto Alonso Cespedes Cano Ramos Rosario Nimmo If I got to call the shots.'s kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy!This is what Mike Piazza did to stay in shape during the baseball strike, apparently
Retweeted by ///Remember if @TheRealSmith2_ can wear a mask and play first base, you can wear a mask at the grocery store. 😷…
Retweeted by /// @danreilly11 Been to both of those locations hahahaha. @steve_markham @hokiebeccaCFS @katiek485 @STR0 I'm the same way. I avoid active player gear. Never works out.Stroman just turned Puma into ashes. @metsfanmurph2 I want a team that celebrates prideI'd love to see the Indians change their name to the Pride and just do rainbow as their team colors. I'd buy…
Covid 19 be like has a bunch of dreams. But was he awake or dreaming? Welp, we don't know. I watch Hamilton today, to make it feel like I’m in Times Square, I paid a person $80 for parking, ate subpa…
Retweeted by ///He should be forced to pay the Mets back with interest. @MetsWes @Mets Keeps me up at night. @NJD107_ I learned from the best. #faceofmoney @thejulianbass The world’s gonna know your name!!!
Retweeted by ///if y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
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@free_dowlin_ I wouldn't say she's 100% correct. You can balance it. But expect panic attacks and lots of insanity. @free_dowlin_ Charlotte's daycare teacher is a sweetheart. She's been video chatting with all of the kids through a… @free_dowlin_ Heavy limitations. Only doing 2 kids per day care teacher rather than 5 so they're hiring extra peopl… @free_dowlin_ Our daycare center isn't available right now, unless we can sign up for full time, which we don't nee… @free_dowlin_ I do agree though: it has been insanely difficult. I can't imagine what parents are doing with multip… @free_dowlin_ Hahahaha amen.Found a bunch of BBB gift cards and coupons. 40 dollar air fryer/toaster combo for the new house. LFG. @metsfanmurph2 @JoelMetsNY Why would I waste my time driving 9 hours round trip?LMFAO. you gain eight yards on 3rd and 24
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Retweeted by /// @JoelMetsNY Nah. My couch is fine.After 20+ years of wearing a mask, he's sick and tired of them. @post_game8 no, that's his secret identify. Rally Man is still cool. That's how this works, right?Rally Man @Cavey10 @MetsHomeRunGuy these days, I use the air fryer and toaster oven the most haha. Hence why I'm going to get…
@Cavey10 which one is this? send it. NOW.
Retweeted by /// @Metsochist4Life Get it. It's great. @PSLToFlushing Already shopping for a high end toaster/fryer combo @Kid__Craigi Worth it. Got a 40 dollar one from Walmart just to try it out and it's great. Going next level for the…'s be real: this air fryer is fucking amazing. I'm buying a high end one immediately.Hey @MrMet, first to blink loses.
Retweeted by /// @TomiLahren I just cut the seatbelts out of my car. I won’t be part of the left’s narrative about keeping some peo…
Retweeted by /// @TomiLahren Either smoke alarms work or they don’t. If they work, get rid of firemen. If they don’t, we should all smash them.
Retweeted by ///Either masks work or they don’t. If you’re requiring them because they stop the spread then reopen everything. If t…
Retweeted by /// @dmnck_dgstn @Yankees Yeah, but you can barely play wiffleballThere are doctors and nurses that wear N95 masks for 12 hours a day with no break. I suggest you get tested then as… finished my rewatch of The Office. They really did such a good job with the finale.
No sarcasm: I really wish @realDonaldTrump had decided to sell #Trump2020 masks. Think of all the lives that could have been saved.
Retweeted by /// @7thInningZO Well, they said they would be here first thing in the morning. So that was great. @7thInningZO Oh yes. They showed up yesterday at 1pm to get it.
2020 Mets after making all their signings today
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Retweeted by ///this sopranos reboot sucks
Retweeted by /// @jquadddddd Respect @7thInningZO I know. Young and dumb. @7thInningZO It's pouring. And back in my place. -___- They're getting a uhaul tomorrow morning. At least they paid me.
@deanmcgowan They just came back. Bringing it back here. Sigh. Hahaha.They are coming back. Asked me to bring it back in. Dude lolol NO. This is where I go to buy records and fun stuff. that Mike Henry has consciously given up the role of Cleveland,I am publicly starting a campaign to voice the r…
Retweeted by /// @7thInningZO salvageable. they're gonna have to do some stucco or something and then spray paint it. it's currently…'ve told me they're going to try to get a uhaul and come back tomorrow. But idk if they're looking to bring it… they can't get it in their car. They came in a Hyundai Elantra or something like that. This is bad. Idk what th… one of dressers online for sale. Dirt cheap to move it. A couple came and completely ate shit with it. Back cor… is tough. Inception or Django. @DrunkAtdisney Do they have reef donkey at animal kingdom?I miss the old days when a Karen was just the woman who flushed all OUR COCAINE DOWN THE TOILET, KAREN. WHY DID YOU…
Retweeted by ///Masks are for sheep
Retweeted by /// @smugJLM You still never told me your shoot name.
@AyyCotay I did a brief Marshalls run myself. Got some discount shampoo and soap hahaHow to second term
Retweeted by ///To work Kimberly
Retweeted by /// @AyyCotay They sell felines?I choose to wear a mask because it POSSIBLY will make my 6 y/o daughter’s life a little safer. Am I right? Who know…
Retweeted by ///this kid’s Star Wars impressions are next level
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Retweeted by /// @JoeBiden We are probably not prepared for the meteor either. How about we focus resources on the daily problems we…
Retweeted by ///We are not prepared for a pandemic. Trump has rolled back progress President Obama and I made to strengthen global…
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Did some turkey burgers and asparagus on the grill tonight. Can't wait for a backyard to do all of this!Wear your mask. Not difficult. @free_dowlin_ I don't want to get my hopes up haha. @free_dowlin_ Alonso too. Dom Smith came into his own. Would be very happy with him at 1B. @free_dowlin_ 1000000%