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British cocoa grower, chocolatier, hotelier and restauranteur @rabot1745 #MoreCocoaLessSugar

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@PPStortford Beautiful on the inside and out! 😉🐧 @CocoaBeantown We'll pass your comments on as we'd hate for you folks to miss out! Hopefully you'll see a local sto… @AmyRollitt Now this is some smart thinking Amy - we like your style! 😉🐧 @oddbydefault Hello Talitha! We're so pleased to hear this lovely feedback. I'll pass on your comments so this memb… @and_got Hi Andre! I've passed your comments on so hopefully we will see both issues resolved in the not too distan… @ladykmw We're so pleased to hear this has been resolved! Please let us know if there is anything else we can assis… @Kelsey_Taler Hi Kelsey! We're so sorry to hear this. Please drop us a DM and we'll look into this for you. We'd ha… @tpavdeja Hi Tara! We haven't got any products like this available at the moment. If you're looking for dark chocol… @bestgrandmato6 We don't blame you Pauline, these are too tasty to resist! 😉🐧 @MrDamianKing Hi Damian! We're so sorry to hear you're receiving unwanted emails. Please send us an email at help@h…
@vickistarlet Hi Vicki! Our Penguin Selectors do not contain nuts as an active ingredient but please note that all… @tweed_and_tea Hi again! We're sorry to hear that your email hasn't received a response yet. We've followed you so…’s back. 40% milk chocolate, filled with ooey, gooey molten caramel. Taste on us today and everyday up until Chri… @tweed_and_tea Hi there! We're so sorry to hear you haven't received your Birthday treat yet! Please email help@hot… @ladykmw Hi there! We're so sorry to hear you feel this way. Please email with more details… @teaforpterosaur Hi Hannah! We wouldn't want to ruin this Birthday Surprise for people! 😁 If you are a VIPME member… @mrsrachie Hi Rachel! Can you please email help@hotelchocolat with your query and VIPME number so we can look into… @pammypig Hi Pam-Bright! Our seasonal cafe drink at the moment is Salted Caramel and Clementine Hot Chocolat 😍 @duke68012 Hi Ben. We know how you're feeling right now! Fingers crossed this returns in future 🙏 @neilgarner13 Hi Neil. We're so pleased to hear this! I'll pass on your thanks on so Umo receives the credit she cl… @ndunlavey Hi Nick! Here's our slavery statement - If you have an further queries, please… @dianne1967 Question is, can you resist sneaking a chocolate before the 1st Dianne? 😉 @MummytoRawd Hi Kerrie. We're so pleased to hear you enjoyed this lock in event! 😁 Can you please email help@hotelc…
@rasdevil22 How could you resist?! 😍Our Guide to Christmas Etiquette rule no.1: When giving a gift… be sure to let go. See more @FoodNetwork_UK or 👉… @worcsbridge Hi Joyce, please drop us a DM or email with which store you visited so we can a… @stevenshone Hi Steven. Can you please send this information to us in a DM, as you your information is personal to… @Ian_Williams89 Hi Ian, we've received your message and sent a response. Amy@ChocolateHQ @stevenshone Hi Steven. Not to sure why this hasn't been accepted! Please drop us a DM with your VIPME details and… @WilsoRnon Hi Rhiannon, we can post a card out to you if that's easier? If you would like to drop us a DM with your… @Ian_Williams89 Hi Ian, we're sorry to hear you've lost your VIPME card! Drop us a DM and we'll sort a replacement for you. Amy@ChocolateHQ @SarahWells_ We're sorry Sarah! Perhaps we can tempt you with our Caramel Milk Jolly Santa or Dozen Roly-Poly Robin… @LisaRtweeting Your friend is very lucky! 😍👏 @MNavyPrincess Hi Larissa. We're so sorry to hear of your disappointing experience at our Bond Street location. Ple… @GracieJ1983 @thonoir This definitely put a smile on our faces here at HQ! Enjoy 😍 @pumpkinkeely Hi there. VIPME gives you VIP early access to discounted shopping days and sale. Please feel free to… @SarahWells_ Hi Sarah, regrettably this is true. I will pass your comments on for review as this may be re-consider… @robyncarter6 Hi Robyn. We've received your message and sent a response now. I hope this helps! Amy@ChocolateHQ @LisaValo This is pure dedication! How long will this last? 👀😂 @ToxHelen @benjamin_horner Sounds like you've been spoilt! 😍 @tw_Adamsid We're so glad you love them! I'll pass your suggestion on 👌 Amy@ChocolateHQ @BenPowick You lucky thing! 😉 @SmidgetMidget92 Hi Samantha, I'm so sorry to hear this order hasn't arrived. Please DM us with your order number a… @KirstyHodgson Oops! 🙈 Thank you for flagging this, we're looking into this right away. Thanks, Amy@ChocolateHQ
Hot chocolate: the official winter warmer. Even @SundayBrunchC4 says so. @scarecrow_dream @SundayBrunchC4 Glad to see @simonrim loved his Hot Chocolat velvetised...
@Isolde1960 We're glad you love it! 😋 @pumpkinkeely You do get an initial 15% discount when you join our VIP ME programme! You also receive a little treat on your Birthday 🤗 @janekleimunt What a lovely tradition to have too, Jane! 😌 @CocoaBeantown It really is - grab yourselves some quickly! @robyncarter6 Hi Robyn, sorry to hear this 😞please do send us a DM and we will investigate further. Thanks, Daniel@ChocolateHQ @tw_Adamsid They're available in all of our locations and also online! 😊 @leahsaysboom Sorry to hear that Leah 😔can you please give us a DM with your VIP ME details? We'll take a look in t… @_richUK You'd be BANANAS not to 😉(We're not even sorry about that one!) @karenwright66 @Beccalam509 Best get yourself a pack quick, Rebecca! 😃 @MikeTyldesley @zoe__morris @MrsTyldesley Now THAT is an impressive selection of chocolates - enjoy! 🤗 @GracieJ1983 Whyever not? 😉
Limited edition Caramelised Banana won't be around for too much longer. Have you journeyed through these 3 lavish l… @worcsbridge Hi Joyce, we're so sorry to hear this. We have replied to your last tweet. Hope to hear from you soon☺️ @AlexVangeen @guidot42 @KrakenRum Coconut milk adds natural sweetness - we think it's delicious😋 @Asha_Dowe Hi Asha! It seems like a negative was met with a positive - it's what we're all about. Thanks so much fo… @worcsbridge Hi Joyce. We're sorry to hear this! Which Hotel Chocolat did you pop into? Izzy@ChocolateHQ. @neil_pettifer Hi Neil, no voucher or discount codes can be redeemed against the Velvetiser. Take a look at our pro… @AlexVangeen @KrakenRum Keep us posted, Alex. @HelloLoopel Hi, we definitely offer our Taste of the Month in all locations. You can also ask at the till point if… @SunderlandDiane This tweet is enough #FridayMotivation to power us through the day. Thanks Diane, for your kind words. @trench_monkey What's your go-to flavour Jess?! @SianW86 @HBUKLtd You're bound to make people jealous with these shots Sian! Enjoy😋 @jordfcs @BaileysOfficial Amazing combo. We reckon you should check our Chocolat Cream Liqueur out though - 😏 @AlexVangeen @KrakenRum Now this is a combination we didn't see coming, Alex! Have you got anymore Hot Chocolat ideas?! @toots199 You're more than welcome! We hope to see you ladies again soon😁 @ElleEStevens If you're after the perfect mixture of chocolates, we advise checking out The Everything Advent Calen… @megsta_uk Hi Maghan! Sounds good to us. It's certainly open until 9pm👍 @pammypig Everyday is Hot Chocolat day Pam?!
@hancock_j Something to look forward to everyday... for a whole month?! @StarTurn_Ents @CampHopson Sounds good to us! @FoodNetwork_UK Couldn't agree more 😏#ThursdayThoughts the countdown to the countdown is on. Open door no.1 today to start a whole new one December 1st😏… @Mcmillanchef You're more than welcome🙈 @GHampered @ines_siefers_SN We'll leave that up to you, Ines! What was your favourite chocolate?😋 @shellsuit87 You are on the nice list after all Dr Harris! Our fingers are crossed for you. @SohoPRGirl @TheHotelStLucia @beatriceaidin @Travel_StLucia @stlucia @SaintLuciaUK @VisitSaintLucia Thanks for stop… @JaynePhipps @Primark Counting down the days, Jayne?!🎄 @VeltaMaguire @Rachelvz123 Enjoy, Velta🤗
@CJ_Harrogate We're so happy to hear they went down well👍 @WendyAb20326322 To directly answer your question, if you were to buy our Hot Chocolat and make it in a saucepan, i… @WendyAb20326322 The whisk heats and whisks the chocolate together like no other to create a luxuriously silky-smoo… @WendyAb20326322 Our Velvetiser is calibrated to work with our graded size and weight of real chocolate flakes – pr… @ClaireLJames89 If you would like to find out about BBE dates, we advise dropping us Facebook message! We hope this is ok?! @annie_jamesMD @mogersdrewett @SOLLA_Sean @StuartDoughty Enjoy, Annie and Team🤗 @Quizziard There are 129 chocolates in total! 😀 @AnnaMetekohy We've noticed a Praline and Champagne theme here, Anna! We reckon you'd love our Chocolate Oysters an… @ciare29 Hi Clare. Drop us a Twitter DM with your VIP Me number and email address. We'll look into this! @AnnaMetekohy Top 5?🤷 @stdesign95 Great stuff Simon👍 @Redveerenmus We're all ears, Craig! @TayloringBeauty We look forward to seeing your Velvetiser creations, Vanessa👍