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*no surprise God damn itcalvin harris new stuff is so fire, so surprise therethe only type of call worth answering in 2020 @hi_mija great work amber 👌🏾👌🏾 really dig this @mtvkribbs @ramzoidmusic i also think it’s nice to send everything in a project to one reverb for “ambience” and bl… @mtvkribbs @ramzoidmusic bc i saw someone do it once, tried it and liked how it sounded 😅 i like that it lets me p… @bukudatdude leave house to complete a mission , return to house after completion of mission
@ramzoidmusic compressor -> eq -> autotune then send to a reverb and delay separately @valerie___lee both but i put CP1 on my USB before i could finish listening to itpassed out cold. the audacity. am simply furniture to her @_djtk yeah def making me feel a bit of regret over doing POTM Mane but i’ll take the 4* WF 😅 @_djtk 👀👀👀 squad looking nasty bro @noahyoo shits fireeee imo @_djtk ayyy dude. packed HL nainggolan and saul, ended up selling my first owner TOTY kante along with some investm… @lucatimusic the most lucati tweet i’ve seen @itsnaderi extremely difficult music
that earthquake happened right after i finished my new single coincidence ? probably. serendipity ? definitely.anyone else feel that204BPM
@MYRNEmusic i can smell it from LAher meowing for an hour woke me up thanks @manilakilla @DaneAmar i haven’t but ableton convolution reverb is doing the trick for me rn!! 500 dollars for altiverb is a bit steep lolwhenever i get the reverb just right i think “i’m gonna cover the whole outside of my house in this material”uhh...okay? @kwonmakesmusic gonna master it and come downstairsuh oh aseem made a house banger @JayKayEl_ @_EXILER_ yaa u already know @gryffinofficial round 2 ?
@CalvinHarris yes father @BonjourErkai i really want to!! had so much fun last time. wanna play in a nightclub this time though 😃performing music has taken me to: 🇮🇳 🇭🇺 🇳🇱 🇫🇷 🇫🇮 🇩🇰 🇺🇸 🇲🇽 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇸🇬 🇮🇹 🇦🇹 🇧🇪 grateful for this and eager to add more to the list ! @iamKITTENS it’s so bad that its good lmao
@DaneAmar oh you international huh @GonzoSZN i was butt hurt that i didn’t wanna pay for the PPV until i saw this tweet @killthenoise ok
@David_Rudnick Tsujita for ramen @Midocamusic @DashGrey Yes
@eprombeats bro this is literally the best song of all time in my eyes @eprombeats america barclay james harvest (though BJH is kinda proggy) Camel (also kinda proggy)i learned a new word today it is PortatoON SALE NOW 🚀 @JaiWolfx's #TheCureToLonelinessTour with @KasboMusic and @hotelgaruda arrives in SF on Saturday, May…
Retweeted by aseem the dream @Swizzymack @DashGrey @DashGrey i know a guy but he only accepts payment in gabagool
me: “how much is this chair” DWR employee: “ many kidneys you got?”design within reach is the most misleading brand name because none of the shit is priced within anyone’s reach !!! @the_pieface get to the chiropractor sonnn @lauvsongs @Truman_Black @the1975 wholesomeharry potter and the philosopher’s glock @the_pieface what a glow up !! love to see it congrats dude @Groundislava beautiful! what will you name it @lilaaron911 i give it till march and then i bet the horny will resume
however in the wide words of maury, i am not the fatherTHE CURE TO LONELINESS 🚀 2020 TOUR presale password: TELEPATHY
Retweeted by aseem the dream @relativelydrunk @Skrillex photographer me would agree but outside of that context, i’m good !!me and my niece with that i bid you all a happy wednesdayonce upon a time when i was a young photographer padawan, skrillex was in the audience at the first show i ever sho… @Jauzofficial @Skrillex lol i was 6 feet to your left when this photo was taken. crazy times @Genius on sight @ZwebackHD shake shack is so much more upmarket than “fast food” though...not saying i disagree but it’s also a bit of an unfair contest 😂 @ZwebackHD dip the fries in the shake or nah @SGLewis_ the last 10% of a song seems to take 90% of the effort lmaoo
finding a new distortion plugin is like finding a new brand of balsamic vinegar @chaseoblack good morrowwhy can’t i find the wristband IG selfie filter am i not worthy ??good morning say it back @wearegraves @ithinkitsaDanny breathing you in... @JaiWolfx @wrabel yessss @the_pieface gg
you can’t spell “esoteric metaphors” without “aseem” just FYI @bbbostonbun yeesssd @JaredIsBasedd @JaiWolfx @BillGrahamCivic @yungbae @manilakilla @KasboMusic so are udrinking a pom of granite kombucha, good morning CURE TO LONELINESS 🚀 2020 TOUR 🌐 5.2 - CHICAGO ARAGON BALLROOM @yungbae @manilakilla 🌐 5.9 - SAN FRANCISCO…
Retweeted by aseem the dreamjoining my bro @JaiWolfx and @KasboMusic for two big shows this summer - see you in SF on May 9th and Seattle on Ma…
@elohimmusic correct @jamilaalexis verifiedmood: the key change in inspector norse @gjonesbass this has me laughing way harder than it should @KyleLeese__ no wayyyyy @robvalles1 more like pay to lose amiriteplayed against this team and scraped by on penalties as my opponent blundered a spot kick with TOTY messi 😂😂 feels… @Sweekuh ain’t nothing on my master channel but ozone hidden behind my head LMAOOZmultitasking
more impressive than calvin harris’s production chops is that he can make any genre and it becomes the most popping… @killthenoise “this generations 123 jump” is exactly right @DillonNathaniel same*one or more UAD plugins have been disabled* explains A LOT.Sean Paul - Dutty Rock LMAOOOO @bateson87 sir this team needs to calm downwow unreleased @hotelgaruda is flames on flames
Retweeted by aseem the dreammy new producer tag thanks to Freddy @LouisTheChild @dances hard agreehope you’re down for a bunch more songs with me singing on them even if you aren’t that’s cool imma do it anyway @kaysinmusic @CableguysTweets def !! i really like what it does for mixing as well...the stereo widening effects are so dopeshaperbox just changed my life thank you @CableguysTweets