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aseem h_g @hotelgaruda los angeles x mumbai

producer, dj, remixer, singer, songwriter, gamer, etc etc /// inquiries

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every now and then on a day like today i am reminded that Sylenth1 is GOATed @brasstracks j bass or stratif it isn’t crank that soulja boy you’re the worst liar i ever seen @dances omfg @dj_danl no like rush MY SONG lmfaowho can put RUSH in cyberpunk 2077 please thank you @KachorInTheRye you get what i mean, yes. @JonahBaseball dude that’s hilarious 😂😂 it’s like as soon as they realize that they import all the heat, they retre…
@hi_thvmper consider that even though baseball and hockey have fans and players from all over the world, the percep… @hi_thvmper to answer your question, yes i do think it’s silly that the stanley cup winners are also pronounced “wo… @hi_thvmper you’re making my point for me ahahahah but go dodgers im happy for LA sports @hi_thvmper to your point, i don’t disagree the MLB has the best players in the world. but since they compete in a… @hi_thvmper the best players in world soccer play in multiple different leagues with the english, spanish, german,… about how many times my neighbor has seen me through his window screaming at my computer screen “HOW BRO, WHAT GUN DID HE HAVE” @cyberiagenesis yea but same could be said for european soccer teams..ya don’t hear any of them claiming “world cha… remix by my dudes @ActNaturalMG out now !! so hyped for this flip, they killed it ! @lophiile it’s honestly wild disrespectful to any sporting contest that actually is global lmfao @manilakilla america !why do they call it the world series when only american teams play lmao @lucatimusic i know right ??? @mikeyjoyce 🔥🔥
@TASH__P this is rude, i like it @sanholobeats very nice san thank you !i’m Big Mad his winning remix here : you to everyone who submitted entries to my remix contest !! after going through all the submissions , i’m pl… @maxschramp now that’s what i call Super Rare
thinking about how the drop in the baauer remix of roll up is LITERALLY a cough drop @JERICHO towel warmer 🔥🔥i got my bros @ActNaturalMG to flip RUSH and it’s one of my favorite remixes of my work ever. can’t wait for you to… @travismills let’s run it soon @GRRLmusic it’s more like either you can wear AF1s or noti’m about to be a “two desks in one room” kinda guy smh
@richtechexec piss @chordslayermaxo can confirmlmao sick racism bro @NetflixIsAJoke fix it
I am voting for the candidate who forces the preset designers to remove reverb and delay from ALL patches. I will not budge from this stance
Retweeted by aseem h_g @ThatEricAlper call of duty modern warfare “team wipe” sound is forever imprinted in my brainfollow me on @AudiusProject soon we will YEET on edits and tunes galore about how my cat resembles a bat @lophiile i laughed harder the second time i read thisgf : “wanna rewatch gossip girl?” me, out loud : “uhhh yea sure” me, internally : “let’s fucking gooooooo”spend ten hours on drums only to replace them all with Oliver samples
@Jauzofficial @chrislake @Lorenzosbeats omfg @Jauzofficial apple earbuds over everything @lilaaron911 love mine had them for 4 years @billcs @BrettBlackman thanks bill, good looking out 👍🏾can i put some sort of treadmill on my back so that my Korra (pictured) can run out her zoomies while giving me a m… like everyone is 100% confident that the candidate they already liked objectively won the debate
Retweeted by aseem h_g @TheKaiserlife under utilized imo !moderator today was so much better than the last two debates but still...MUTE BUTTON“i know more about wind than you do” sickTHE LEAST RACIST - finish drinkcoyote -not on my bingo board, but drink anywaygoing to eat a slice of the milk bar pie that must not be named and scream into the voidmalarkey -drinkmood out the new Borat movie on ABC news @Hipster_Trader bill ackman and bull, 2020debate in 6 mins, get the ‘luudes
@richtechexec @ryanmarks @RAC is he twerking or teabagging. the world will never know @HexCougar and yes i know it’s weird that i have that list ready to go 😂 @HexCougar house, teeth fixed, cure for epilepsy, house for parents, house for brother, cats, stocks, crypto, gamin… @manilakilla @maxschramp sus @maxschramp renderneedless Title Case makes you look Dumb
gonna go get bulk toilet paper anyone need anything? @chancetherapper ur not missing out, all them trash @richtechexec yours, obviously @richtechexec 1 fintwit accounttreat remix stems with respect ...and then fuck them up @DrFresch is that the worlds biggest punch bowl....punch tub?NFTs are the next wave @skylar__spence this is...the greatest tweet i have ever seen @jimcramer yes i do my work while sitting on the roofMe during the pandemic I’ve launched a nutcracker brand Tap in for Authentic NYC vibes…
Retweeted by aseem h_gMangaokar 2020: I downed one but his teammate got me @HexCougar Chord Callouts can eat my shorts
@zerohedge the two aren’t mutually exclusive 🥱extending the RUSH remix contest to Sunday night at midnight PST. enter on @SoundCloud ! @asaprajy absolute power moveextending the RUSH remix contest deadline to SUNDAY night at midnight PST @SoundCloud @NorthmanTrader thanks sven very cool! @bandeauxx rugs lamps and plants @WOAHKiLL stop thisso they did a “let’s not and say we did” to the new Autechre as i scream into the void @maxschramp great piece of shit imo
made a vapor wave today @diplo depends on whether your keys and phone are the key and phone to rule them all @brasstracks what? can’t hear you over all these LUFsgenre names are dumb as hell @jay_da_dawg @rareprixt we’re making the same argument dawg , i think the iphone is better despite singular tech ad… @jay_da_dawg @rareprixt better technical specs that’s all. everything else about it is dudu imo @rareprixt android is “better” but apple will always be the standard in smartphones idc @theknocks same tbhproducers be like “i have so many sick drum loops”me making beats on stream too much Coffee