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aseem h‿g #BLM @hotelgaruda los angeles x mumbai

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@saralandrydj @VNSSAofficial big facts @dances love that show yeswhat am i gonna watch tonight famcalling slowed + reverbed a “remix style” should be a felony @SUBPAC on my damn way @chaingangof1974 quit it with ya fooling around 🤪Very stoked for this. I had the pleasure of co-writing one of the tracks (which you’ll hear soon).
Retweeted by aseem h‿g #BLM @JSTJR my press photos were taken in @elohimmusic ‘s backyard 😂
i wanted to make the music i heard in my head rather than trying to please people who expected a certain kind of th… debut EP is out in two weeks ! I’m so stoked to share this collection of songs with you all at last. A little cl… @dances tiffinbox trapper !!! vibe to this @dances yea basically. except instead of pastry on the outside it be like...brioche or something @dances uncrustables breading but egg washed and grilled in butter @ZwebackHD just in time to watch him silence PSG 🥵😭😭😭 @Japanesehouse but hear me out....truffle mac n cheese uncrustables 🥵 @bot106 @ErikTheJetpack @Migueltall1 exactly lol i’m not caping for this “pizza” just sad they did birria dirty like that @AndrsnMusic @bot106 strong agree birria is the best @bot106 @ErikTheJetpack @Migueltall1 the bastardization of birria (and pizza) has gone too far @bot106 imma need @ErikTheJetpack @Migueltall1 to deliver a ruling on this one
i don’t know all the way how i feel about Kamala Harris but i sure cannot wait to see the VP debates...finna be juicydissolving in the new @Khruangbin 💆🏾 @ErikTheJetpack @goodtimesahead just tryna say what up to the enemies in the AO 😢 @ErikTheJetpack @goodtimesahead i see you, and raise you @goodtimesahead attack was my shiii growing up @SGLewis_ way too much at 10am @GRRLmusic i need the visor 😍 @GRRLmusic flame @lophiile strong agree @lophiile mans really uhh...hoofing it down virgilgood morning los angeles mom was concerned about me because she saw me tweeting less i’m like,,,mom you should be more concerned the more i tweetuhh warzone bug where it turns into a flickering minecraft looking screen needs to be fixed asap what is this nonse… some past participle houseto contextualize the EP i’m gonna make a mixtape of all the songs that inspired me in the process. all kinds of stuff gonna be in there 😈the concept of “home” and “away” NBA games in the Bubble 😂just played fifa 20 for the first time in months yep game still shoddy
@CosmoBaker yerr @annalunoe do itttt. an excellent film , metaphors for days, endlessly applicable to the human condition esp w current social issues @NoahKahan good for digestion !! @maxschramp the obstacle is the path
@TroyBoiMusic excellentwould that it were so simple @Its_Warden one must exude brilliance @Its_Warden no haircut gangalso it’s got a remix from the GOAT of remixes so you literally can’t tell me shit, everything i’ve ever done in my career was worth itmood didn’t say it but i been thinking it you remember the first time you heard colt 45 by afromanbig OST energy @mrcarmack the empty AO is lootless @generik_dj i’ll sendthe lead single from my ep is my favorite song ever. tame impala x disclosure vibe lmao @Bout2gojam fammmmm @manilakilla aren’t you supposed to be djing right now @Johnny_Boy7894 biglywhat song are you most excited to hear live when shows come back? mine is chemicals by sg lewis @meeshk0 it’s the lights @lucatimusic rampart
@GRRLmusic extremely NFS beat @ianpozin @goodtimesahead matt get in here @ianpozin let’s say hi to them i’m On my way! @the_musicc seriously tho - could see him succeeding rakitic given the opportunitysergi roberto playing CDM is the stuff of FIFA dreams @ZwebackHD same @truthxliesmusic man literally sat and scored.that is why messi is the GOAT @prodbyangl i seent it ! @Ookay with my ears @goodtimesahead 🧐 @mjvulch haha man maybe tomorrow @prodbyangl ya bro i’m looking at doing that long term. performance is always getting cheaper ! @ErikTheJetpack “two tortas fighting” sent me @prodbyangl correct @yatesinvesting who’s your favorite musical artist at the moment ? @motti books
@lophiile have* @dj_danl ice! @asaprajy 😍😍😍 thanks babu @maxschramp trackpad got big IBM in the 90s vibebuy some tunes on bandcamp today, all proceeds go to artists as the service and labels are foregoing their cut of s… @maxschramp hue lights are nightmare if you have dimmers built in to your wall light switches! might have to change… @maxschramp not enuff screen @theknocks @baharkhadem wear bib @TASH__P love this journey for youtwo words : ez keys kaluuya oscar incoming
movies to watch in surround sound ? drop em 👇🏾 @ryanhemsworth ok @itsnaderi mind blown @itsnaderi 3 boxes @AlexUlrichh @this_vid
@dj_danl blessed be the day @lophiile @NI_News sickkkI haven’t been poring my art on twitter as much lately cause y’all seem to actually get it but here’s one I made ye…
Retweeted by aseem h‿g #BLM @TeamBandL surround sound setup arrived just in time for this 😍😍😍