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21| I agree with everything Morrissey has ever said

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@CastratoWannabe Based, I'll be back in new york in like a week @CastratoWannabe Fag @HomoIdiot Actors deserve to be in work camps
Watched Ascenseur pour l'échafaud today. Very good, the miles davis soundtrack was awesome as wellI've never seen any of these people, sorry
Retweeted by charlie @CastratoWannabe Become a Safari on PC guy @CastratoWannabe Just giving you some topics for discussion @CastratoWannabe How does he think Bama is gonna do this year? With all that talk of Saban leaving, who knows if they can pull it togetherMetro Detention Center had to transfer out 6ix9ine because they couldn’t ensure his safety but they’re gonna keep G…
Retweeted by charlie @daveloach2 Dave Loach's secret boyfriend (because he's gay) @PotionSlurper Yeah you do, me, and it's after you @humbled_fag Tbf, most of them probably could beat him upLove it when guys who look like their daily lives haven't changed under quarantine from what they've been doing for… killer that only kills glee stars
Retweeted by charlieI'm an adult, I don't do random math equations @CretinousHomo story in 3 parts @888W1TCH3RY @HomoIdiot Hey, I noticed you have 88 in your handle, are you aware that that is Nazi shit. #JustSayin @creeptwin @AssBoss80085 @WhatIsAJiminy @TerribleRat QT @Avakian_Spontex I'm gonna find the doctor who did it to me and beat him up
Retweeted by charlie#jewishprivledge is getting head as a baby. Lucky bastardsChip Butties are delicious, thoughThe British will eat french fries on buttered white bread and then call Americans children @GarlicCorgi Liechtenstein, fuck that dumb ass country and it's hard to spell name @GarlicCorgi Funny that they put the effort in to mark Luxembourg, but not Lichtenstein or Andorra, Malta, any of the other microstatesSucks that in both of the Shaft reboots they made the new Shafts cops @Lowenaffchen It's all been downhill since Savage Animal#NewProfilePic
Retweeted by charlieThere's cool uncles and gay unclesIn 2007 you couldn't escape Citizen/Soldier by 3 Doors Down. I was too young to understand the Iraq War, so I think… @nickusen Currently playing LA Noire for the first time, I had no idea he was in it, and his performance in it is definitely a highlight @nickusen Like this list. I'd also add Patrick Fischler. Guy brings so much to even his minor roles, and I always love seeing him in a movie @HomoIdiot That's what they call all the men that bust inside FreddyI think everything Morrissey said is correct, only that it's should be about black people are the enemy of the proletariat
Retweeted by charlie @HomoIdiot @CastratoWannabe I don't have anything to say, but my friend here does'm gay and I love Hitler #MyTwitterAnniversary @HomoIdiot Wow, people are having a normal one today. Are these people actually laughing? Methinks notIt's just one of those days
i am doxxing President Trump address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC phone number: 202 456 1111 lets get this viral
Retweeted by charlieLots of people arguing as to what constitutes cinema. It's obviously that girl that the guy from that Skrillex song was singing aboutAlways, hunty!
@protestantwind @CastratoWannabe Achey* @protestantwind @CastratoWannabe It's insane, every day one of them is all "tummy a hey >~< 👉👈"Really hate the new UI for like notifications
Retweeted by charliePulling a Matteo on the word lesbian as it seems to have no clear meaning. Lesbian now means homosexual maleI'm a gay male lesbian @d0vish Wait, I didn't even watch the whole video, 75 fucking dollars?!? Fuck off @d0vish If someone served this at a BBQ, I might eat it. Not going to a NY restaurant and paying 15 bucks for it, thoughThere's only one cool way to be a white Muslim convert, and it's to have a near death experience, see the light of… @AnimeSerbia @barndingus What(gay guy trying to sus out whether a dude at the bar is gay too) Gay guy says what
Retweeted by charlie @CretinousHomo @CastratoWannabe While this is adorable, please untag me before you start e-fucking @CastratoWannabe @CretinousHomo I mean, it seems de facto at this junction @CastratoWannabe @CretinousHomo Oh my god, just officially start dating, Jesus christ @CretinousHomo @CastratoWannabe 😲 @ByYourLogic It's just jealous J-Pop (Jeffrey Pop) stansTrending #AlanDershowitzIsOverParty @AlanStanAlt 20 min ago LMAO it’s soooo pathetic th…
Retweeted by charlie @CastratoWannabe He should instead send pictures @CastratoWannabe It's so true, I'm almost positive me and Nick had just had sex before he posted it and I was rting those @CretinousHomo SufismGamer Stuff: ‘I’m bout to go hard! Game time!’ Game: 'Update Completes in about 4 hours, 42 minutes….’
Retweeted by charlieLA Noire was ambitious, so I understand somewhat, but its biggest flaw is that its voice acting is kinda dogshit
There's booze in the coffee @disc0p You're the moron. Go listen to beefheart (no disrespect to the trout mask king) @disc0p Stop signing your tweets @AlecsAccount Best city in da world, baby! @HomoIdiot Cool guy, I don't even know mine @CastratoWannabe Well, I bought the annotated version at the strand like 5 years ago, so @CastratoWannabe I'm gonna read it after I finish the Long Goodbye. I tried to read it in 10th grade (read portrait… @disc0p That's a mirror @studer_hayden Some people don't like him. Maybe some later stuff, sure, but the older jazz based stuff it so fucking goodI don't understand people who hate Tom Waits Noires radio station makes no senseloving these names of Merina (old Malagasy kingdom) monarchs @HomoIdiot @SADEINJAPAN All the lonely island guys movies are pretty good except that's my boy @HomoIdiot Fable 3 was so bad that it was funGuys what's stopping you from dressing like this 24/7
Retweeted by charlie @Discourse_Stu It's been free on YouTube (censored, unfortunately) for like a year now, I watch it every few months @PotionSlurper No, the Nic Cage movie, Lord of War, where he's an arms dealerHe becomes a fake Jew and an arms dealer to impress a girlTop 5 Nick Cage movies for sureI love Lord of War, one of my favorite movies @thefakebevan I don't have the screenshots, but she is know to have creeped on women in DMs and replies. Also was r…
@priv_kid @CastratoWannabe I unfollowed, he has thousands of followers, he won't notice, don't care enough about his follow anyway @JSomm_ @del_thebigdog @Guenboozy29 They should know his ma will always come before other gals @del_thebigdog @JSomm_ @Guenboozy29 He was just so obviously Italian! play LA NoireB3c0m1n6 4 L33t Sp34k 6uyI just remembered that web series "the online gamer", lmao @nobuddyasked @jinpaynus Ugly pussy ass bitch, hate him so much. Most pointless story line in season 2 as well @CastratoWannabe @HomoIdiot Get some wireless headphones, you can find some good ones for cheap nowadays @CastratoWannabe @HomoIdiot Well... I tried to help