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@blackmadonnachi I could tell you some tales, next time you're in Glasgow sleep paralysis story swop! @blackmadonnachi Yikes! Oh I know about the sleep paralysis...awful x @blackmadonnachi Details please :-D
So happy to have @hotgemtunes artists @Monkoora and @MachinesHeaven on this alongside some wicked artists, lots of…
@lukesolomon Ruthless #lifelessons
Follow crazed Trumpie Twitter comments back to their pages and chart the inevitability that these accounts were opened Summer/Fall of 2016
Retweeted by clair crawford @joemuggs That @ZummWit numero is such ear candyPerfect Sunday listening @joemuggs @spiritland #Mix #songs #downbeat
St Paddys day, the day that steamin Irish / wanna be Irish people keep pressing your buzzereverybody - and i mean everybody - should read this, and also because you're here on this website right now.
Retweeted by clair crawford @darkoutside Is he mega special? @mbootyspoon Martyn Domspoon @darkoutside No copying allowed then? @blackmadonnachi As much as this goes against all my beliefs, I wish they'd just put him out of his miseryFuck Trump, fuck Putin, fuck Farage, fuck Banks – lol, fuckbanks – fuck Rees Mogg, fuck Johnson, fuck Dacre, fuck t…
Retweeted by clair crawford#Fuckit Tantrum doughnut x 2"BLOCKHEAD" screens tonight at @CCA_Glasgow for @GlasgowSFF's late night freak-a-thon "Round Midnight: Violence".…
Retweeted by clair crawfordMake a gluten free, nut free, dairy free protein bar, then pack it with 14 grams of #sugar #foodindustry you suckthis brilliant video essay dissects 'call me by your name' via @i_D
710pm and I want bed 😣8 different facebook pages adding the same event to fb at the same time isn't annoying at all right?“Indietronica” could describe so much mainstream music in this world, but the most interesting projects are happeni…
Retweeted by clair crawford @eclairfifi @ClashRobin Heeh my timeline @eclairfifi Mac pies are killer, if I wasn't one of those gf freaks I'd be tannin them constantly @DavidBennun Aha they'll be lining up @DavidBennun Many more breakages to come I'm sure, he's made his bedI also did this because I am a dork.
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GAME ON Special counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed Trump Organization in Russia probe via @WSJGet your reggae on right now Regrann from @MachinesHeaven - Tonight Welshy… @JDTwitch @wrongisland @affinerecords @Mixmag The word 'eclectic' makes me feel nauseas @JoshAJHall *shudders* @Independent The Church of England should just fuck up and leave people to do what they want to do as long as it do…
@Kris_Curran Someone was hangry 😄 @Kris_Curran aha harsh, maybe they've just been working hard and tired? @darkoutside Do I get a presentation case when I complete the whole set?
Retweeted by clair crawfordLoyalty is in your actions, not your rhetoric.
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@Mark_Lyken I think that's a thing people do, like they go travelling and leave gnomes places @Altered_Natives Is this a bad new film or a club night? :-D @LukeTurnerEsq I'm the same, tons of sea salt on everything @ssseannn No idea if they do home delivery, it's just next to my gaff so walk in for me @ssseannn New'ish, it's been open for a while, but I think their budget has been low, so small menu, but it's been… @duROLL Volume 3 is : @_nearfuture @Monkoora @MachinesHeaven @calinasmaria @StefMerchak @claudius_me @NixieSavage
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@SunnyGRadio @pHATSAM303 @fletcherpost @Monkoora @hotgemMGMT one of monkoora's finest, true trance,i'am not talking…
Retweeted by clair crawfordTrying to stick to a diet of sorts when your gaff is surrounded by some class eating joints is a task #FirstworldproblemsThat Mr Ls cafe bar and deli( Kelvingrove) does a mean salt n chilli tofu, also does a make your own soup option, Y… from a friend: we're kicking out the brightest and the best. What a desperate shame this is, for him and fo…
Retweeted by clair crawfordA 56-year-old woman in Medina, Tennessee, managed to drive up a power pole and get her car stuck hanging from the p…
Retweeted by clair crawfordTwo piles left, one pile for the post office today.
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Ugh old firm game so bleeurgh @darkoutside @MachinesHeaven got awesome female drummer Melanie Dutton now, she's an absolute boss
@LukeTurnerEsq 😄🐒 @LightingMonkey @frenchbloke @LukeTurnerEsq I am under the duvet on the sofa, want snax @LukeTurnerEsq Nesting, children next @eddiecointreau Why? What's that got to do with my original tweet? @eddiecointreau 50%Especially when the guys you're working for are white male, and dominating industry in your cityPeople still using #Internationalwomen's day to promo for their / their boss's business, seriously fuck right off,… @waynedevro Yup @MrPaulGallagher 100% @MrPaulGallagher Aww thanks <3 I'll be ok, life a bit of a challenge right now, it could always be worse though! xx @chaywdmn And they tend to think it's not a 'real job'Picking yourself up after going through some shit has to be one of your biggest accomplishments because I know it feels like it’s impossible
Retweeted by clair crawford @LightingMonkey <3 @danielmarkavery Ach shanner I missed you in the Gow, was working last night, next time!Sometimes it's not fun being the black sheep of the family, the weirdo that goes and does their own thing in music,… god Branson, you piece of shit, taking what is pocket change to you from the NHS @dharmabum013 Aha feel like I'd prefer to be in a deep comaLife is making me very tired right now @RuthESaxelby One for sorrow two for joy etc @allie_conti Bet his tears taste like vinegarlast chance to order a tape to get it for Monday... or order on Monday get it Tuesday/Wednesday and so on
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@pabsdebussy Did you forget to wear pants?
Hi @theresa_may since it’s International Woman’s Day could you maybe help this girl out in Saudi Arabia? Or is sook…
Retweeted by clair crawford @jackorowan @RTS_media I wouldn't fuck with you in Born to kill
Lost count of how many journalists on Twitter wrote for NME before it became shite😄Still vibing off last night's Amsterdam party - out to the dancers, out to the DJs @deena0deena dropping some…
Retweeted by clair crawford @iamteefo @LaLaLoney It's dogtastic in thereFfs C'mon Eileen @thequentinletts Oh dear, you pathetic little poor excuse for a man