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Ooft @TheTerrorAMC really lives up to it's nameAdded ballchain to this piece for more of a utility feel, this cheeky numero is sold now but more similar coming so… @DasGiftBerlin Aha yussss Rachel, she takes no prisoners :-DRTn to bookmark @Bobcluness It's been done to deeeeeeeaaaaaaaaathOK can we stop now with that 1998/2018 prank/rapper meme pleaseThis is magiiiiiiiic
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@simhutchins I drank way too much of that straight once a million years ago as a teenager, so generally a no, however margaritas..... @LightingMonkey 100%Bloody hell, just no words
Do an end of year list of May fuck ups, might turn into a book thoughMay getting locked in her motor, what an absolute clown shoesThere is someone dressed as Santa standing at the chamber doors, peering in. This place just gets stranger...
Retweeted by clair crawfordHazel Scott playing two pianos at the same time, with ease.
Retweeted by clair crawford @motherboard They either stay at home with mummy and daddy, or they're rich enough from other income not to care,… @LukeTurnerEsq It's bad 😞 I should just come off the sitesI've turned into one of those arseholes that constantly ghosts people from dating sites @weir_matt Tylenol pm, I just got them in the supermarket when I was in TexasMy sleeping pattern is fucked, time for those pain killers that make you sleep you can only get in the US again then 😢
If I read another “thanks for streaming me! It’s been a great year! I love you fans!” Type post....
Retweeted by clair crawfordGenesis P-Orridge: fantastic transgressor or sadistic aggressor? @yesthisisross :-DGotta love the smell of burning fine hair when you catch yourself on your blow torch #jewelleryhazardsI can explain it in one tweet you hapless fucking idiot: my lover no longer feels welcome here & has no security ov…
Retweeted by clair crawfordSuspending @tazbuckfaster on twitter for calling a racist a racist, really @Twitter ?Theresa May calls off vote on Brexit deal after massive opposition from Tory rebels
Retweeted by clair crawfordMy little studio has been used by many electronic artists over the years, including Grammy nominee @SOPHIEMSMSMSM,…
Retweeted by clair crawfordMade three music videos this year and all were in official film fest selections no hype (some hype). Might conside…
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They were indeed tremendi and self loathing in Glasgow @Lone Parallel universes
My beautiful friend agirlcalledjenn wearing my Ivy no.1 piece, inspired by a close friend's great auntie Ivy who tr… @LukeTurnerEsq Happy birthday matey! XxDear dudes, learn to communicate better (she shouts into the abyss)
Terribly sad news. RIP Pete Shelley.
Retweeted by clair crawfordA new tool that lets you send a letter to your MP in just a click of a button, asking for positive action against B…
Retweeted by clair crawford @KrystalKlear @HudMo Calm yir knickers, you not get out much or something? @MelonyKlein 😄A boss ring i bought in Texas in May then thought I'd lost in the street in June just fell out of a wee storage th… @happn_app dating app please stop trying to sell me Paco Rabid Rabannejust wanna show off my beautiful family
Retweeted by clair crawford @mikeservito @MariahCarey Odd random fact, she covered my friend's dad's song 'without you' 😄 @HudMo You're a beansprout @maryannehobbs But Brexit means Brexit etc! @HudMo Wrong, it's a cruciferous vegetable which means it's far from useless @JDTwitch Jealous
@yesthisisross ExactlyUghhhhh criiiiiiinge - PETA just compared using animal idioms to racism and homophobia and the backlash is real anyone whose ears were traumatised by that New Wave Of British Heavy Metal mix last week, this may be the antid…
Retweeted by clair crawford @Everyday_Man Ughhh, like the ones who drive there but only live a few blocks away @JDTwitch @rrose1921 Ayahuascacic
Trophy babies
@jameshood2009 😭 @LukeTurnerEsq Yeah he's good at that ehI need to start tweeting more about dried grapes. It’s all about raisin awareness.
Retweeted by clair crawfordBingo !
Retweeted by clair crawford @eddiecointreau I have the Mic off, and some things it's targetting at me I've not spoken about or typed @LukeTurnerEsq Douglas *droooooooool*I swear the internet reads my mind sometimes judging by adverts, so creepyJeezo @panoscosmatos's #Mandy with Nicolas Cage is seriously wild stuff, belter brutal psychedelic B-movie, probabl…
Chunky 'My own little boat' solid silver #unisex pendant, this one carrying silver and copper 'cargo' detail. Desi… talk
@RegionalBiasFM 😄 @TheBlackDog Could have knackered it in worse places, count your blessings etc @TheBlackDog OuchGotta love accidentally hitting yourself in the face with your laptopReally disappointed with the service by @yodelonline - saying that they couldn’t access the property although 2 of…
Retweeted by clair crawfordIt is clear from her answers that @theresa_may believes her primary duty is "to deliver on the result of the 2016 r…
Retweeted by clair crawford @trevorjofficial @Jamzbal @bassclefbass @NTSlive Hope they have his remix of Fox the fox's Precious little diamond on itHow about Theresa May stops using independence to avoid questions and responsibility for her Brexit mess?
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@WeAreSTV Your streaming service is pants
@sho_business @hyperphelan 😄 @hyperphelan @sho_business 😄Jeez lol at the 'euphoria banger' with bagpipes included coming from the spin studio todayRip #bernardobertolucci another genius director gone a few days after Roeg 😢
Jeezo facebook, a library of grim depressing newsWhoa Black Betty Anagram Boat belt wacky Anagram Black Betty had a child Anagram Hatchback badly tiled Anagram
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@Tallah Jeez mate been there, some arseholes out there xx @I_Skream CBD in a vape @BeakBristol @jetfury Damn, was out of town at a family do, this ig story just showed me how caring you are though's 18 copies left of the @BloodEverywhere tape. Huge thank you to all who ordered one so far
Retweeted by clair crawford @eclairfifi Probably inner ear infection or labrynthitis, try grargling with a sinus tincture blend like eye bright…
Rip #NicolasRoeg you absolute genius
Happy buy nothing dayGood morning! It’s Delia Derbyshire Day! Check out and @DeliaDDay for a host of online events starting at 10am.
Retweeted by clair crawfordFinished a dream off this morning laughing so hard with friends it was a silent laugh, then finally got the laugh out when I woke up
@r_ibeka Hope you got that B-vitamin complex. Maca root helps as well x#Brexit #Austerity @Bobcluness 😄Gotta love being stick by relatives for being single
🙄🤑😭🐖 @LukeMcCourt2 Trying to change race
@WendyLavonne 😄What a shame on Twitter who beg for people to follow them, something seriously wrong there @iainlives 😄 @francisclaire_ 😄💕