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I think there should be a global trophy hunt on the one holding the gun.
Retweeted by clair crawfordOh looky looky @Vesselsband are playing at @OranMorGlasgow later, tickets still going I believe @Ellis_Samizdat 💜Which chat is the most boring?
Retweeted by clair crawford @iamnightwave @djfood Up for two days? Wardy by chance? @iamnightwave 😃 @simhutchins woooooo
Who on earth pays 5/600 quid for one track to be mixed and mastered? @inkke I did the same last week, hated myself for it @TichWatson 😄
@eriksandberg82 I know, couldn't even do my good deed for the day without being harassed @jacobiteabroad 😣FFS JUST NO @Jennie_Cook Gahahahahahaha @Jennie_Cook I know, I'm sure this is a very non pc thing to say, but not really caring about this @Kahniche 😂When you have to call an ambulance for a dude who's fallen off his bike trying to do stunts, then wait with him for… @JDTwitch :-D I'm just gonna pop in for one, so won't be privy to him coming out to plaaaaaaaaaaaay either @JDTwitch :-D You're missing the giraffe tonight! @JDTwitch Until you turn into a pumpkin Keithos?I don't like eelsBrilliant and interesting stuff
Retweeted by clair crawford @eclairfifi Eu de Mezcal by Fifi has a certain ringCan anyone share this month’s secret password that gets music journalists to open your emails? Is it still DominoWarpNinjaXL?
Retweeted by clair crawfordIt's a very odd sensation finding one's self is now a museum piece. At "Rip It Up - The Story of Scottish Pop" exh…
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@IonaFortune @carinabdula @Dark_Mofo @BerlinAtonal @PederMannerfelt ☺👐#Worldcup special with G @machinesHeaven & Mr Peaches for @SubcityRadio A track from all 32 countries in the World… @IonaFortune @Dark_Mofo @BerlinAtonal @PederMannerfelt 24 hrs + eh, Ughh, Be worth it though!£12.27 import charge on a £29.50 order from the U.S, dicks @graxmx I hate that as well, you need to get a grip @IonaFortune @Dark_Mofo @BerlinAtonal @PederMannerfelt OOft how long was the journey? @c0NZ 😄 @rimmerjourno 😄We’re in this
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Retweeted by clair crawfordFFS typed in youtube on my browser just there and this song came up, wish you were still here George Michael
@rimmerjourno Did it die?me adding rowntrees ice lollies to my mums online sainsburys basket
Retweeted by clair crawford @ajtracey Serious businessGuys, you need to get that jogging with black half calf length socks on isn't a good look
Art and culture cannot exist without spaces to propagate them; Glasgow must save the Art School and the ABC or risk…
Retweeted by clair crawfordI can offer some one2one DJ or production lessons in Glasgow over the Summer if you know anyone interested, girls i…
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#nowplaying - MONKOORA - Polly Anne Morris Indigoguy - Dug A Hole And Jumped Right In blood blood - Flyby…
Retweeted by clair crawford“These pills are shit mate” *5 mins later
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Me tryna fold a fitted sheet
Retweeted by clair crawfordNeed a cure for vampire diaries addiction @posthuman @PhilipSherburne @modeselektor 😄 @dharmabum013 @bloodbloodgla_ @DecodedMag Correct @PhilipSherburne @modeselektor I wonder what on earth that could be?!*ICYMI this is a great read - @bloodbloodgla_ #interview with @DecodedMag Talks about women in the music industry,… for the @Spotify users @bloodbloodgla_ #BlackTarot #Newmusic #Glasgow
@jacobiteabroad Oh I know, I had to navigate through them on one hour's sleep trying to get home one day, my mate h… of tourists around here at the weekends do my tits in, it's like walking through a zombie hoard to go buy a mangoThis is also a serious blow to Glasgow’s nighttime economy - all the ABC staff from Box Office to the techs, gig an…
Retweeted by clair crawfordBilly Caldwell went 300 days without epileptic seizures. Since his cannabis oil was seized at customs he has had 5…
Retweeted by clair crawford @RiotousRockers @instagram aha I know right, #firstworldproblems gotta be tackledYo @instagram I've got an annoying bug on my account where the txt tool keeps doing this thing where it won't stay… @r_ibeka Ughhh yeah someone made a joke on my fb today about it as well, not cool. @joeparry can't work out if this is a proper middle age tweet or pornographic @geraldnstrother whuu? cut them offThis isn't a day for conspiracy theories GlasgowCan't stop staring at pictures of last night, just dumbfounded @iamnightwave 💔 @HudMo It's really bad :-( @MelonyKlein @c0NZ Sad sad day @iamnightwave Just awful x
@shaunvitamins shaun the art school is on fire really badly :-( @MrGaryPaterson me and you both @MrGaryPaterson It looks insane from mine :-( @sho_business Yup I believe so :-( @ses2 If it's the Mac building again which I believe it is, yeahDoes anyone know if peolle are safe? #Artschool #fireThis is really bad 😣 #Macbuilding #artschool the Mac building #artschool #Glasgow is on fire comments control filter on automatic in instagram is a pain in the tits
Retweeted by clair crawfordFriday's special DasGift cocktail. "The EU Withdrawal" Nobody knows how to make it, sorry.
Retweeted by clair crawford @LightingMonkey @Johnny_Crash @samsmernicki Fully aware of that, too idealist, but if it still boils down to him or her...