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I know we barely know each other and yeah, somehow I wound up in your bed so where we headin from here?Ah So you haven’t subscribed to my baby girl’s channel? Then what are you doing? You let’s just take it as if you h…
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳Ei 14k followers??? Enti monfii me??? 😂you? You’re scrolling past? Go and subscribe. Waso s3 wele
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Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳Nah village life be different Jesus Christ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂This woman has given birth to 14 kids for this man, now my man say he doesn’t like again!? FOURTEEN CHILDREN?! Herh😂😂😂Please patronize and rt🥺. It cost $0.00 to retweet. My client is on your tl fo sureeeee. Thank you❤️❤️ Accepting pr…
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳Hellllleeeeewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, here's a very big attempt at being serious 😂😂. If you're very keen on applyi…
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳Yessir 😅 @MsCrentsil_ Too late 😬This @KevTheTopic ❤️AcccrrraaaaaMillzigi!! Happy birthday baby girl. God bless you ❤️🎉 @JeSuisDAMN__Happy birthday baby girl ❤️🎉@D3lah_sayhardly home, always touching road.
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳ @ab0ateng_ @boateng_og @benhin_bb oh you barb @VolkswagenGhana @omithehomie 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Welly @boateng_og ah kwasia. You sef you like am @omithehomie Fam! You’ll drink raw gari saa no one will tell you to go and print your C.V @SUPAGAETA 😂😂🤘 @_staque_ @boateng_og Don’t even 😂😂😂😂 foolish boy. I don’t cheat
@_staque_ 😂😂😂💀So far out of 40,000 dollars we have been able to raise 24673.99Ghana cedis for baby Joseph....let keep supporting…
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳But really, a single retweet could be major for a small business. Help us grow guys. Our customer might be on your…
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳ @_The_Glover heal @_thejema 🤘 @king_mantey 🤘Got another angel in the sky now.. Watch over me closely till it’s my time too ❤️🕊 @NaaDei____ Thanks boo“chale Skido, kill am @NaaDei____ Lmao isn’t it witchcraft🙄😂...also, borborbor and slight twerking pls 😌🥺💙 always be your ownGuys!! I’m taking orders for tomorrow. Please RT. My customer may be on your TL🥺🥺🥺🥺🤲🏽
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳Man, I’m so exhaustedNEW VIDEO UP ON MY CHANNEL 🥳🎉❤️ my very first video with these girls and i swear it wasn't easy 😹😂 also, we reacted…
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳love of my life 💙 @KwakuSugar 😂😂😂 dem sleep @RaiderIsThaName heal 😂😂 @carl_NB @kaf__h 😂😂😂 most of my shirts are from his wardrobe @found__felix simple @Koffy_9 😂😂😂Siasem“Uncle please e do aa send me dressing allowance so I can wear mini skirt for you okay”I’m taking orders guys. Please buy for me. I need money for my lipo 🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳4 extended family members have called me infront of my mother to complain about the way I dress. None of them send… must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am runni…
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@theonykablaque 🥺😍 @_A2kay @mich__d_a 🤭 @mistameister @MutomboDaPoet 😂😂😂😂Shine your eye Accra we live in @_A2kay @mich__d_a but are you now?
😆😆😆 knows I work my ass off.
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳😂😂😂😂 project! Watch this with earphones, you'll love the experience!🔥🔥🔥💎💎 #McNelHouseMixtape
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳ @Arafat_jnr AlrightYour weekend starts here 📍 @garage_ghana
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳Please, a relationship is actually the last thing on my mind. There’s work to be done.
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳Good gracious God I’ve seen beauty before b3t this is a discovery 🥺🤯🤯😍😍 @Arafat_jnr @Arafat_jnr Hmm🤧 @_staque_ If you send me a picture of fresh vans I’ll block you EdwinAnytime I get an email from vans then my heart cos meni sika🥺 but still Tumi nyinaa wura ne owura Jesus🙏 @Riscellaneous 🤭 @Drevillle#SundayNightLive @DjKrept
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳Post your built burgers with the Hashtag #BlueCheeseLorraine... Best picture wins a free meal next week. Let's Gea…
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳📍 @yo_niq See😂😂😂 @elikem_tay Lmao crazy! I was on my way to Volta 😂 @pk_sage 😂😂😂😂 @IvyEnyonam_ 😂😂😂 the map saved me hm @IvyEnyonam_ I wan cry 😭 @HildaKudz oh I didn’t see any 😂😂 Ei hm @_asakie this be what you people Dey do for here 😂😭🤧Okay I’m going to turn at prampram 😂😂Yo I’m going in circles 😭😭😂😂Lmao Herh Tema roundabout 🤯🤯Playlist!! Check us out ⚡⚡
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boredom🇬🇭❤️ My Story Visuals out! Watch Now! #Leaks1
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳ @martinrost_0o 😍🥰🥰for the wrong person again 😔 ⁦@gasmillawins⁩ @martinrost_0o Doritos @ZzzromzzZ 💯Fake vim from the bolowe are open for business , tell us what you’d like today ...... “ locate our shop on the main upsa road close to…
Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳By popular request, the Lamb Cheese Burger is available for this Friday's #BlueCheeseLorraine. Please fill the form…
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Jammin 🔥🔥🔥
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Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳Hard shit! 🚀
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Retweeted by SUPA SZN ⏳ us this Friday for the first edition of our BBQ night. With GHC49 you can enjoy the new garage combo meal with…
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