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🦷 Jordan Shiveley • Writes for games/weird fictions/designs shirts/Caring into the Void podcast • • He/They • Queer

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I am biased but you should play this.
Retweeted by Dread SinglesAnyone want to buy some trad games? Because I want to sell some trad games.
Retweeted by Dread Singles @SkiffilyPodcast Very pleasant consonants @pamwishbow @oldgodspod I love it 🖤🦷🤓 @frostyplum These are not HORRIBLE! these are my precious bbs @pamwishbow Listened to @oldgodspod yet? @andizeisler **stares uncomprehending, eyes softly unfocused and head cocked like they’re trying to hear a sound just out of range**Almost out of time to preorder this! What are you waiting for!!! almost a year of working on iterations that weren't quite right, I've finished my first playtest draft of Blo…
Retweeted by Dread Singles @AlexWard777 fascinating stuff 🖤This hasn’t gotten any less weirder as it has progressed... I love: febrile writhe mewling carrion silence glisten keen thrum sallow drift @sapphomancer I did the same mewling over a very pretty midcentury modern wristwatch last week @sapphomancer Have you finished all your other overalls? @sapphomancer Clarke no absolutely not, close the windowfinished Bly Manor and spent the rest of the evening making furious declarations at my husband. "HAUNTED HOUSES AR…
Retweeted by Dread Singles @astylepixie Just say: Hey that’s rad we should be friends 🤓 @sapphomancer THERES SAP IN THAT SKELLIEevery word whispered harshly under blankets idly over dry toast and echoing amidst grey mornings tally together t… @sapphomancer So back in the preClarkeian era humans used to....twitter is just slow graffiti @sapphomancer We only record on the side B of demagnetized cassettes @sapphomancer Slow Death Hand Wave is my bands name @sapphomancer Nope?For when you’re too busy for Death™️....TempDeath™️! Available wherever you buy SlowDeath™️ and DeathTurbo™️ availa… @tanaudel Ahhh so goodTempDeath™️Melancholia: What if Inland Empire Made Sense @Trungles It makes perfect sense to me 🖤🦷Wow. That was beautiful. Absolutely loved it.Now I want meatloaf @scumbelievable Fuck yes fuck yes @MykeATL WHAT IS COINCIDENCE BUT PROPHECY UNEXPECTEDThe lighting on these lawn scenes 👌👌👌👌👌fuck you I won’t do what you tell me... you imagine the fucking shot list for this filmKiefer has no chillI still wish this movie had just been classical music and weird art tableaus for two hours and changeI think none of these people should be allowed to give speeches...ever...God I love the word FEBRILEThis feels like a more cohesive and less febrile Inland Empire? @kaetoromik SHHHH THE ART IS ON 🤓 @Britterson @jenocracy @TorDotComPub @tordotcom So how many decades of friendship before you stop calling me “some rando” 😜 @kaetoromik but it had like haunted bride on the cover @TeeVeeBen @erikaishii Narrator: The reason they would eventually find out was...snacks... @jenocracy Watch them all in a row heard @Electriceleni Eleni you’re gonna get haunted watch out @TeeVeeBen @erikaishii hey...can I borrow a cool mill...for...reasons @peopleaskingwhy FORBIDDEN CAT @dd_toronto Yeah that intro was super SUBTLE @EldritchGirl He’s like a pony @dd_toronto Oh I’m not stopping lol I just thought I was going to be watching a haunted house movie @see_starling You got this @dd_toronto The cover misled me @erikaishii Lol all your profits are going to charity wtaf are they talking aboutI’ve been ambushed by AN ART apparently...who woulda thunk itYou gotta warn me if it’s going to be poetryWAIT IS THIS POETRY AM I WATCHING A TONE POEMI mean not that making any more sense than the classical music video beginningOh so the horror is just rising anxiety okay got itNarrator: It in fact did not stick to its gunsMelancholia (2011) I have no idea what is going on and I hope the movie sticks to its guns and is this for the whole two hoursBUT WILL THIS STPRY HOOK ITS WHOLE ASS FINGER OVER THE FINGER OF THE READERS PERCEPTIONtfw you’re in the middle of a project and you can see the end and you feel MEBBE it’s actually kinda good but you d… @rejectionlit done
Retweeted by Dread Singles @hwhittenwrites I need to watch it again
@hwhittenwrites I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The HouseThe end is nigh... days 26, 27, 28, and 29 of #yeehawtober 🤠🤠🤠🤠
Retweeted by Dread Singles @hwhittenwrites The Tranfiguration, The Ritual, The Taking of Deborah Logan @tootiredbyfar I haven’t had it since Sagu but chili cheese fries and loaded taquitos @sapphomancer So how many bags of cement should I pick up? @jenocracy @TorDotComPub @tordotcom So coolI am going to have to label a whole shelf in my library the “@jenocracy shelf” 🤓Oh holy shit just got the best surprise gift in the mail from the ever generous and thoughtful @jenocracy ! I can’t… truest sign that all is meaningless and the Abyss waits for nothing more than the momentary blinking of your ey… @MarissaLingen **dips head and touches forehead** oh surely not your honur I never would imply such a thing no I wouldn’t @joshourisman I just want to put it all in my fridge and cackle like a goblin over it’s hoard @joshourisman One sitting but only a few bites of each thing @modernistwitch **tear stained cheeks as I start deleting all my timeline**you don’t have to get every tweet it’s cool to just walk on by @angmarim **points to timbits in the chart** @MikeKiggins They did @angmarim I unironically love it...because of food Stockholm syndrometfw you get a response email about a story submission and your heart leaps into your throat and you click on it wit… @angmarim Okay if it wasn’t imprinted onto your brain as a child you might be extremely disappointed @angmarim I can do some zuppa tuscana all you can eat damage @tootiredbyfar IN THIS ECONOMY?!!! @angmarim yesI watching a video of a guy eating the entire Jack in the Box menu and I know this isn’t the intended reaction but I’m just jealous? 🤓😎Let's get these stretch goals funded so we can read those good spicy words! Interviews, October 2020: Christian A. Coleman (@coleman_II) talks to C.L. Polk (@clpolk) about her newe…
Retweeted by Dread Singles @effies I honor and consume all picklekindWith Halloween around the corner, can I entertain you with the story of the loneliest haunted house in the world? O…
Retweeted by Dread SinglesI love Junji Ito so much
Retweeted by Dread SinglesWTAF sounds interesting Bay can go suck a fuck. Just sayin'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm do me a favor and read thru this trust me
Retweeted by Dread SinglesOh man fugue state insomnia night. Not the most fun