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🂡 @hourlytetsuya he/him Filipino 16

Proshippers block me | Eng/Fr + more | cr: Toaru (Index, Railgun, Accelerator) | @onaminence @jaehafuckme

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@JoyUBD @mugiwarogue barely. @JoyUBD bro im a minor @ShenmueSav @JoyUBD ITS A GOOD JOKE @JoyUBD the feeling must be unBEARable @snowtoru call me miyuki at the end of s2 then 😊😊 @shardesu i feel so powerful @CATBOYM0CHI EXACTLY. THE ANGST BETWEEN KURAMOCHI VIEWING MIYUKI AS AN IMPORTANT FRIEND AND MIYUKI PINING TOO MUCH IS SOO @shardesu u(nft)believable @CATBOYM0CHI one sided krmy supremacy @starlieyed IM DYING FOR MORE SATOWA AND CHIKA CONTENT BUT I FEEL LIKE WAITING UNTIL I FINISH INDEX @CATBOYM0CHI a kaelynnie @021oser "thanks" @021oser kuramochi latching onto miyuki's back when @starlieyed i dont even do ongoing series anymore i prefer being at peace plus catching up over a period of time se… @starlieyed anything over 300+ chapters is immediately heading to the backlog of my "paused manga" listi think it's crazy how kuramiyu invented love @021oser "they're always together, it's almost as if they're joined at the hip" bestie i think you're trying to say… @021oser i hate it when they slays sometimes /reluctant @CATBOYM0CHI i kin you @shehryxr nah fr need to order some good origami paper soob @shehryxr USS WITH PARANOID PARENTS LFGGG @miyueij @furuhwa BRO PEOPLE REGULARLY GO TO MCDO NEAR THE SCHOOL OR TAKE THE METRO TO GO TO THE NEXT STATION TO DO SHIT @furuhwa @miyueij i dont play obey me but ill devour his abs like how he devours his food @miyueij @furuhwa HOW TFFF @miyueij @furuhwa YEAH?? I USUALLY JIS FOLD ORIGAMI THOUGH @furuhwa @miyueij im part of my school club that handles sound and im doing a dance show rn @furuhwa @miyueij both @furuhwa @miyueij BRO IM LITERALLY IN SVHOOL RNN @miyueij find out yourself @furuhwa @miyueij IM SIMPLY STATING A FACT @miyueij @furuhwa deserves imo @miyueij acting like this and you havent even gotten to the scenes where he shows his tits in full glory @miyueij you've gone off the deep end there is no return atp @khnubam SOBBING ON THE FLOOR I LOVE THEMWhen gintoki says he's fighting his inner demons he's talking about his bisexuality @zekreon if you like isin's other works youll def like medaka box, but even though its a manga it'a 98% dialogue @tohru_therapy I wish i was clean without facial hair @brainisrotten THEY DONT TRUST ANYWHERE IM KMS @021oser reason 45 on why i love him @TeoSeishuu sanada trying too hard @TeoSeishuu the realest @jaehaloml TF IS THAT @TeoSeishuu power so true @jaehaloml awee you miss them? @zurastimebomb his punk hazard clothes ATE though @miyueij ISTGG @zurastimebomb he looks like a crackhead that asks mfs "where my hug at"#Chihayafuru #ちはやふる
Retweeted by 🂡my twitter is fucking up again why do half of my tweets say "unavailable"Kumagawa's isn't that accurate IMO i have too many feelings towards him to express him in one word other than "minus"Sawamura - Development Yona - Courage Michel - Acceptance Kumagawa - Complexity Kaiki - Contradiction @ResurgentRex maybe they're scared of amazon or smt because they've been like this forever @tohru_therapy probably the reason why I don't like online shopping either, nothing beats going into the store and… @miyueij /neganybody else's parents think buying everything online will scam them and steal their credit card information and le… pause some anime that I'm watching and try to get back into manga. So with that out of the way I think it's…
Retweeted by 🂡 @TeoSeishuu YOOOO @khnubam THE WAY YOU COULD FEEL MAFUYU'S PAIN IN HIS VOICE IS JUST SO EMOTIONAL @Zurasclouds what does that have to do w me @snowtoru gnn @ShenmueSav night savvyygoodnight everyone 🤧 more disappointed the more i talk w qui every day @miyueij HOW??? @miyueij NO THEY DONT RHINOS LOOK LIKE RHINOS @miyueij A PTERODACTYL IS A FLYING DINOSAUR??? ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A RHINO @miyueij damn megan looks so good here @ShenmueSav sav... i advise you to stop @miyueij HOW DOES YHAT LOOK L8KE A RHINO TO U @miyueij my dad calls them back doctors @snowtoru masamune would be a coach too, or work in trades like welding, mima would be a farmer, ryousuke would be… @ShenmueSav i dont feel like being ratioed today @snowtoru crafts store @snowtoru raichi is the coach of the baseball team and socials teacher, mei being a chiropractor, carlos DEFINITELY… @snowtoru tetsu is the principal of a school, furuya wildlife surveyor, haruichi being a university professor, chri… @ShenmueSav yeah thats my job @miyueij the rest of the team to meii could call fata a childhood favourite bc im still a kid i realize lmaoo @khnubam this and fairy tail were my childhood watching anime on youtube @khnubam this song plays in a loop in my head all day @ShenmueSav fuck daiya fans those mfs blind as hell for having it over major @CATBOYM0CHI you're annoying me rn and thats not allowed @CATBOYM0CHI no shit she hates me @miyueij theres this @ShenmueSav so trueI blame Darc
Retweeted by 🂡 @miyueij WHICH SONG @CATBOYM0CHI WE ARE THE SAME AGE @CATBOYM0CHI AM I AN ANNOYING CHILDthis is how it feels to be moots with them
Retweeted by 🂡 @CATBOYM0CHI SHE BLOCKS ME OVER EVERY SINGLE MINOR INCONVENIENCE I CANT W HER @CATBOYM0CHI i supported oomf's ratio against her 😮‍💨 @miyueij is there anything you want translated from french or japanese i can try to do that for a present or smt @CATBOYM0CHI WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME @miyueij your birthday is in february right @CATBOYM0CHI neutrality will get you invaded see belgium for examples @miyueij i think its bc they used to be mutuals w a lot of people from shady daiyatwt? idfk @CATBOYM0CHI tl doesnt need tk we hate each other 😮‍💨😮‍💨