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Cory House @housecor Kansas City

I transition teams to React. Founder: Author: Developer. Teacher. Speaker. 7x @microsoft MVP. #javascript #reactjs

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@alexandrudanpop That’s fair. Though nearly all apps should likely handle these things. @sergiodxa I agree. But it is another dependency and thing to learn. And it's overkill for simple apps. So depends on the team and context. @pniedri Agreed, though I typically handle that via an integration test.Here's a codesandbox with examples of the 4 levels:'ve started thinking about a maturity model for handling API calls in React. I propose 4 levels of maturity. Leve… @maraimalais Here's a repo with my suggestions: @maraimalais Check out the React dev toolsGreat read. Summary: Does it make sense to unit test a method that calculates solar times using a complicated mat… a seasoned programmer a simple task, and he/she will find a way to make it complicated. Examples: "We should… pervasive risk for programmers: "The more expert we become at any subject, the more complexity we prefer." - D… @queroumavodka Interesting. How would making a bed protect from respiratory issues and insects?The lower my expenses, the greater my options. The less needless stuff I own, the less stuff owns me. The more I… one of these is popular. Why? Culture. Culture is filled with needless habits. "Live above your means via de…
@jezhumble I enjoyed “Make it Stick” recently on this topic. Highly recommend it.Want to read a media query in #JavaScript? window.matchMedia is your friend: as a dev: Every few days, I learn something that makes me wish I could go back and improve my previous code.
@Ali_H_Ghali @code As needed. @saltnburnem @code Unrelated. GitLens is for source control. This is for upgrading npm packages.One of my favorite @code extensions: Version Lens. After installing it, click the "V" in the top right. It shows t… @Silvereddie101 Sorry to hear. Please post on the course discussion for support. Be sure to include a link to your… @BrandonRockhold 🙂👋
@jo_enr Sorry can’t share detailsI was always puzzled by semantic versioning in @npmjs packages until I came across this wonderful interpretation by…
Retweeted by Cory House @twwilliams Yeah clearly many people agree with your distinction. I’m weird because I care if the rest of the house… @twwilliams No one sees my bed either @_AshConnolly I saw that talk long ago and found it silly. There's nothing magical or even inherently useful about… @twwilliams Much like a bed that's made and covered in fancy shams and pillows that must be removed before sleepingI enjoy writing software, and the last few days have been especially rewarding. I'm working with a client to quickl… poll: Do you clean your toilet every day? @cwoodruff @saltnburnem I'm working up to it :) @CtchngAvocados I prefer exercise @saltnburnem @cwoodruff This is ground-breaking research guysRelated poll: Do you tie your shoes after you take them off so they look nice while you're not wearing them?Poll: Is making your bed each day important? @Chinonso_ig Can you please email Pluralsight support so they'll investigate the issue? An…
@kaybi_7 Thanks! You probably wouldn't use Redux to store data requested from React query because its cache makes… @jguadagno @ardalis @jekyllrb Yeah, I love the idea of static pages. Makes tons of sense, especially on static content like this.Posted: Four Ways to Fetch Data in React ⚛️ If you're calling RESTful APIs, here are four options to consider. 1.… @pavsaund Good call. Thanks Pavneet! @ardalis Yeah, I'm fighting similar battles @ardalis Oddly, I've run Lighthouse on a few Gatsby blogs, and well-configured Wordpress is equally fast to first m… @theDiverDK Thanks for pointing that out. I made a few performance tweaks and it's a 96 according to lighthouse. 2.… @joepetrakovich Interesting. I hadn't considered that. Are you saying it reduces deliverability?Poll: What domain name should I use for my blog? I own all these. They all redirect to the same site. Which is best? @ardalis Yep, totally agree. And good call paying someone. @ardalis I'd prefer it, but decided I didn't need yet another distraction from actually blogging. 😜 PHP was one of… @crimhabsfan Thanks! I see what you mean. That's odd behavior, but not code I wrote. The menu is built into the the… @ardalis Wordpress. <insert cobbler's shoes reference here> @jguadagno Fixed! Thanks Joe!Oh, and I've configured a mailing list sign up for future posts. You can sign up at the bottom of any post. I'm eag… complete! 🎉 It's been 10 years(!) since I redesigned my blog. Just spent the day updating it since I'm star…
I can’t create a positive feedback loop if my health is so poor that I’m struggling to survive. I can’t create a… First Law of Ecology: You can’t change just one thing. Everything Is connected to everything else. So negativ… habits create positive feedback loops. Sleep well Exercise Eat healthy Focus during work Save money Habits… @coridrew Yep the move to functions is a win, but a big shift for the whole ecosystem
@coridrew Unfortunately all that changes in v6. I'm enjoying the Beta. It's a breaking change, but to me a clear step forward.Takeaways: 1. Sometimes intimidatingly complex is actually needlessly complex. 2. If it’s hard to understand, dig… poorly-designed solution may seem impressive. Why? Because it’s complex and unapproachable. So it looks like it w… @giovannibenussi @dhh @kurko Wow great post 👍
@dustinsoftware Slick! Yes, this is a requested feature: But your solution looks great in the meantime! @dustinsoftware Nice! Yep, that certainly works too, though a little more code. Thanks Dustin! @ryanlanciaux It's still odd to me that this isn't baked in, but your idea seems to work great. Thanks again Ryan! 😃 @ryanlanciaux this little tweak of running the useEffect when the location changes seems to work well! 🥳 @ryanlanciaux Thanks for digging Ryan! However, the useEffect with an empty dependency array is equivalent to runni… @dustinsoftware @ryanlanciaux There’s no way to plug into history in v6 so noJust finished upgrading a large site to React Router v6. Love the new API! 👍 I only found 2 downsides: 1. Need to… @sergiodxa Yep, though then I start to wonder why withRouter was removed at all @mjackson @ryanflorence Yep, makes sense. I always use functions for new components but wanted to avoid having to c…'m guessing the answer is to either: 1. Convert class to function 2. Wrap the class in a function so I can route…'m enjoying the new React Router 6 API. (In beta, but well documented! @mjackson, and yes, it's possible (though rare) to take composition too far. For example, left-pad:… @virtualkirill Arguably this: Also consider the Fairbairn threshold: @0b11111 You're ignoring all the other state that is not using localStorage.Composition is why I'm such a huge fan of JavaScript components (Whether React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, etc). Same… @0b11111 Only 2 pieces of state in that app are in localStorage. All other state isn't. @0b11111 Those branches have subtle changes to specific pieces. Note the PR diffs. localStorage is merely one way I… ❤️ composition. There are many composition tools: Functions Classes Components Libraries Packages Composition… @dev__adi Superb post! Very well explained. 👍
Undo is free @elkykelyn I share them via npm or an internal server. I also have a course on this: @a_v_berezkin haven't tried @DerekMT12 Bixby Bridge near Big Sur on California Pacific Coast Highway
@Bereketethio1 Wonderful to hear! Thank you for the feedback 😀 @ampsantos0 @Microsoft @MVPAward Yep, exactlyYep, after 3 years I still prefer using a single monitor. Though I upgraded to a 27" 4K USB-C model. I occasionall… @hardkoded @Microsoft @MVPAward Ha, one of my fav things. :) Got it shortly after SO launched. Was at a conference… to be a @Microsoft MVP for my 8th year! 🎉😀 Thanks @MVPAward! When building a React component library, I build the docs site using the library's reusable components. T… Using the tool you’re building for others. Dogfooding is powerful. ✅ Catch issues early ✅ Assure the… @peppesilletti Agreed. I typically write tests first for that reason. But I don’t necessarily follow all three of these rulesWhen I don’t do “pure” TDD: - I’m experimenting with APIs or designs - I’m temporarily helping a team that doesn’t… Sometimes, I write tests after I write code. Sometimes, I don't write tests. Often, my code coverage is…
Love SQL? Wish you could use it in Javascript and Node? You can. #javascript @0b11111 It's 8 different ways to do 8 *different* things. @G_Abud Many. That's what the course will explore. @Dopamine_Driven Ah, yep! Fixed by adding a slash to root (sorry, I'm tweaking this fast today so regressed some th…
@Dopamine_Driven Fixed. Get latest on main. Thanks! @pat_scott The First Law of Ecology: You never change one thing.Options are risky because they feel "free". But they're not. Every option means we have more code to write, test,…