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Cory House @housecor Kansas City

I transition teams to React. Founder, Author @pluralsight. International tech speaker. Seven time @microsoft MVP. #javascript #reactjs

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@markdalgleish If classes were proposed in today’s climate, maybe they wouldn’t have happened. They could have be…
Using a timebox for a tricky issue is a great way to avoid wasting hours churning. I was stumped on Friday. I gave…
@jimniels Oh agreed. I've worked with some amazing generalists. The point is, effective generalists still typicall… @darrenjennings @wesbos Yep just a little more code than the array equivalentThe world constantly tries to convince us to generalize. But being remarkable typically requires specialization. C…
@wesbos Big improvement for sure, though I wish it returned an array instead. Then I could more easily name the ide… @jgarplind @cypress_io @japhethobala Odd, it didn't show up. Can you try emailing housecor at gmail instead?My first instinct when asked to change a feature with no tests: I need to write an automated integration test arou… @brO_0keN No cooling issues. Fans nearly never came on for me. Runs cool on my lap during normal dev. @madnan_rafiq @jguadagno No issues. Like new. I took a picture of the only notable cosmetic flaw on the corner: 2 subtle dings.For sale: My 2018 MacBook Pro 15” 2.9 GHz 6-core i9 32GB RAM 512GB SSD Well cared for. Original packaging and…
Embracing short-term discomfort for long-term benefits improves nearly all other life aspects: Stronger relationsh… exercise benefits: 💪 Greater self-confidence 💪 Reduced stress 💪 Optimistic attitude 💪 Improved cr…
@marcusoftnet Good stuff. Thanks for sharing!Living *beneath* your means is a superpower. Financial slack reduces stress and increases options. Financial slac…
@dotnetmike Yep Apple has trade in program but doesn’t pay well
@clementsauvage Hrmm, sorry I haven't seen thisThe 2019 State of JS survey is up! 🎉 Get those votes in.
@aweary Yep, worth emphasizing. Avoid prefetching everything. Doing so wastes bandwidth. In large apps, the user…
TIL you can prefetch lazy loaded React components.🔥 create-react-app honors Webpack directives:…
@bubbafat Ah hadn’t seen that. Sorry to hear. Im thinking twice about using them now. Thanks for the heads up Robert. @mubitechnology @reactjs @pluralsight Wonderful to hear! Thanks! @McCrews @StachuDotNet Ah dang. That’s a bummer. Thanks for the heads upThis is good advice for working with useReducer as well. Summary: Dispatch actions that describe the significant… @gnapse @ryanlanciaux Not sure. Have only done audio so far @ryanlanciaux Yep. Yet another reason it’s pricing is impressiveListen to audiobooks? I just switched from Audible to Scribd. Scribd is both cheaper and unlimited. $8.99/mo. I w… of my favorite things about being independent: Freedom to work *when* I want. Today, we hit the gym and took…
@TestingLib Here's an example. The app had a poor, non-unique aria-label on a icon button. This hurt a11y. And it d…'m increasingly convinced that in order to build an accessible app, I need to tools that push me to do so. Writi… @marcoiks I’m independent so it’s out of my pocket. Typically every other year or so.Seeing the '18 and '19 side-by-side is interesting. They inset the '19 keys deeper to keep them from colliding with… my 16" MacBook Pro! Compared to my 2018 15": Superb keyboard - like 2015 Mac 😍 Richer feeling key material Bet… @oscarlagatta Nope, all courses so far use plain JS
@oscarlagatta Are you asking about my Pluralsight courses?
@paheimlicher Thanks! You could use React.lazy in the parent. @robdonncom @PhilJKearney @coog_ie Yeah I hear that concern now and then. That said, in practice I can’t say I’ve s… @spetryjohnson Agreed. Just a qualitative statement. Was noticing how I can build features faster on this well stru…
@spetryjohnson By velocity I mean: We can deliver faster over time by reusing existing, well-designed abstractions.In poorly built software, velocity slows over time. Poorly designed monolithic functions, components, and APIs figh… @sstauross I don’t ask permission to do my job well
@bobbyldowling Sure. The devil's advocate might also say "just wait for the users to report the bug." "nothing is… I've found that safety net empowers me to refactor with less fear when necessary. Without tests, it's harder to… maintaining tests feels annoying. Then a test catches a nuanced bug in my current work before I've even r… @joesmorgan Yes, all those things. I increasingly view TV as a mental virus. @jwcarroll What a dystopia. I would avoid public spaces altogether. @jgarplind Silent TVs are common here too, but recently noticing more audible TVs which is disappointing. @ardalis Yeah, I especially dislike social events that involve standing around a TV and pretending to care what's o… @fjmorant I'm sitting in a gym right now with a public TV on audible news. What's sad: Gal next to me trying to wor… @Korn1699 Wow, really? That would explain a lot. Because in an age of smartphones, I can't imagine many people actu… all agree: Watching video on a smartphone without headphones is rude. So why do airports, hotels, mechanics, e… believe the world would be better if TVs weren't in public spaces like restaurants, stores, airports, and gyms. T… @stuffbreaker I typically just lift state as neededWoot! After many years, ES module support for Node is finally here! 🥳
@Sawtaytoes Yep, good stuff and agreed. 👍 @joelkinzel Wow, that's quite the combo! @vlucas Yeah, it's still evolving but sounds similar @TheLarkInn @AndaristRake @webpack Good stuff and point taken. Great to hear Sean! @JimG_Patriots Yep, that's a nice lib too. Lot's of good options. I was looking for a demo of a table with sortable… @alexUX_UI Agreed, super impressive project! @JennyLang01 Thanks Jennifer! Yeah, I'm familiar with React DND. Was just hunting for example of draggle columns an… created a table with draggable rows and columns in React? I'm curious how others have solved for this. #reactjs @vlucas Sounds a lot like what is coming in React's suspense data fetching providers. @phillijw Yep, that makes good sense to me. 👍 @phillijw Yep, that's a good summary of the solutions I listed. Thing is, having the built in HTTP call can be usef… Environment settings - How does your component know which base URL to use in each environment? Solution: Many… Out-of-sync - What if multiple components display the same data? If they each make their own call to fetch data,… Redundant API calls - This is wasteful when there are multiple datepickers on the page. Each datepicker instance…'s tempting to create "smart" reusable React components that make their own API calls. This is tricky to do well.… @BogdanSoare Oh agreed. However there are still times I prefer a separate component for display only, such as when…
@schneidenbach @krisnova Wow, thanks Spencer! 😊 @DavidKPiano Sure, if you're using useReducer/xState, I agree. But the vast majority of code I see is still using u… @cwbuecheler I find the pattern is needlessly associated with Redux, just because @dan_abramov helped popularize th… it controller/view. Call it smart/dumb. Call it logic/JSX. Regardless, I find the separation useful. "View"…'m hearing "the Container/presentation pattern is no longer relevant." I disagree. Separating logic and JSX remai…'m using this pattern now to hunt down a reusable React component that's dragging along its own copy of react-dom.… @fabianfranz @digitalix Mainly Dropbox and iCloud @_soeik Same here. Frustrating, but I still like to write tests to document my assumptions. Free to change later as needed. @prpatel Nope, I just use a backpack 🤞Have an issue, but can't tell what line is causing the bug? Bisect. Here's how: 1. Comment out half the code.… @jodevan @phillijw Yeah, I use Jest, but I also use Cypress for integration, so no single spot to check coverage
Right now I'm trying to add tests to a feature written last week. I'm struggling to see what portions of the logic… benefit of writing tests before/during dev (rather than after): It's easier to assure I've covered all the… @sdotone I use Parallels @celo_fett Same here! I was a bit torn on whether to upgrade the video card but honestly, I've never gotten a sense…
@DavidWells Oh heck no. Max woulda been over twice the $. I don't need 64GB of RAM or 8TB @digitalix I currently have 512 and only use 350. I only work on one course at a time, and store the rest in the cl… @seanfitzg Pricey, yes. But for what it's worth, the new one is a couple hundred cheaper than the 15" 2018 Macbook… @mtravi Thanks Matt - Yep, someone mentioned this earlier, but it had no impact for me so I stuck with my simple pl… @ChrisTotty I don't know why I'd want to bump the GPU. I do video editing, but haven't found any notable slowdowns… @LashaKrikheli Yep, I've run a single MacBook Pro for everything since 2015. @NickBlair None. I do it all by hand in about 2 hours. I deliberately limit my customizations since I teach a lot. @LashaKrikheli The keyboard, followed closely by the screen. The 16 felt surprisingly larger, and I really like the… @toddhgardner Woah, that's a gorgeous display. Love the tiny bezels. I currently have this LG 27" and enjoy it. One…, after literally 10 seconds using the new MacBook Pro 16" I was sold. The 2015 keyboard is back! 🎉 Shut up and… @aweary Great points Brandon. Thanks for the reply! @gunnar_reinseth I don't believe worker threads are involved. But @dan_abramov would know for sure. @dan_abramov Agreed, that's fair. It improves perf by deferring loading and display of less important elements, agr… @mfpiccolo I've experimented with it, but that's a heckuva micro-optimization. And it technically breaks web semant…