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Who knew you could make it to the Supreme Court without ever trying a case and being a judge for only 3 years. Whit…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)The Supreme Court has signaled tonight that if you have not yet mailed in your ballot, either do it tomorrow, or vo…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @TrulyRural #Vote has only been a judge for 3 YEARS (Trump appointed her). She’s never tried a case & barely practiced law. Her O…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)They don't think Democrats are Americans.
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation is the first time in 151 years that a Supreme Court justice was confirmed without…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)For those who may have thought my post last night might have been hyperbole... #VoteThemAllOut it may be our last…, I needed a laugh. #Vote for #BidenHarris2020 must be overwhelming. Allow the #OrangeSkull #Trump no of hope. The #Election2020 ni… level of anger... How can this be acceptable?
#EveryDayIsHalloween Day 25: Deathgasm In Australia they say the Babadook, in New Zealand they say DEATHGASM!… @cenkuygur @karaforcongress You know, that's not the worst thing. If these people who pretend to be Democrats are f… the moon. #dnd #ttrpg #Cthulhu
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)The 30th Anniversary printing of the old WEG #StarWars #ttrpg is up at a steep discount on Amazon right now. Over 2…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @oh_theogony As language changes, there are artifacts from earlier times that I fear do not age well. Like the movi… @johniadarola Not enough credit?, give me those good horror book suggestions. I want to be scared to leave the bed at night. I want that cre…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @Zlanier21 Oh, I feel this one. This account started as a place for promoting our gaming and comic material, I thin… whistle, meed little drummer boy.
@Rivetgeek @SummerLGlau Strangely doesn't narrow things down that much.#Drawlloween day 25! Hack-O-Lantern - #art #drawing #hack #horror #jackolantern #pumpkin #halloween #jason
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @Rivetgeek @SummerLGlau That's awesome. They take the time to explain a combat system, and even show it off a few t… about it, the movie may be worth watching for @Peter_Dinklage alone. Day : Knights of Badassdom Made it a week. Typically I avoid any flick w/"gamers summon demons… @GoldenLassoGirl displayed above, read the adventure for art by @JakePerezArt and see Spider Jack!Patrons get access to bonus content like, more on Elder Speech, an alternative to fighting Spider Jack, and new opt… Seed: Adventures of Spider Jack Halloween is looming. Kids are telling stories the man who lives in the w… are all Dylan Moran
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @jenniebreeden Um, can we have these cats teach mask safety? @HyveMynd Living the parent life. Got a five and a half year old, and it is a constant barrage of questions and bei… Day 24 - Monster Arcade - #drawing #drawlloween2020 #arcade #cartoon
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)In December of 2001 a guy tried to ignite explosives in his shoe on a flight. No injuries. No one dead. Nearly tw…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)TTRPG folks: have you played games that don’t feature a DM/GM? How did you succeed in sharing narrative control? Wh…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @XiranJayZhao @GoldenLassoGirl ... much less happy the Americans have shown up to help.
an easy way to know if you’re on the wrong side of the “separating children from their parents” debate: if you’re o…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)Was happy to be a part of this project. we can figure out how to let people vote from space, requiring someone to drive 300 miles to cast a ballot is de…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @KrisGiere @kelly_j_baker More than good! @kelly_j_baker Started a web comic with a great artist inspired by a game we published last year.The Beta Bullpen: Sanity Checks Designed for games exploring supernatural or macabre themes; Sanity Checks give GM… @Blackmoor_Film @AT0MlC_BL0NDE Hoping that there is an overwhelming landside so that it's clear on day one, and tha… Day 23: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark We tried to find @TheRealElvira's Haunted Hills, but cou… @radiofreecoven1 @2xproficiency @WiszJakub @unrulyian @olbuddycreates @MTWestfall @robertbohl @HalflingCaravan's who we're following this fine #FollowFriday. You should, too. @2xproficiency @WiszJakub @unrulyian
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @jenniebreeden Well, at least onceWe are LIVE choombas! Come join our Cyberpunk cast for episode 3! @ohadelaide @AninoGaming @heavensnite
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)Super spreader in chief. @isaprty Reading this, all I can think is... @Jewish_Rogue @DnDGoblin At only 4 options I can see how they get left off. There are too many bars memes for me to… @Jewish_Rogue @DnDGoblin No Jack of all Trades option? The last character I played was an ice controller, who prefe… is a game well worth watching!
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)#drawlloween day 23! Tomb Bop - #art #drawing #digitalart #digitalpainting #artchallenge #artist #halloween
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)
@TrulyRural Agreed.#EveryDayIsHalloween Day 22: High Tension They set up a twist early on, but then throw things off just based on log… @KrisGiere @JakePerezArt Wait until Sunday for it's release, or later today for #Patreon. It feels like I may have… would we want it to be difficult to vote? @HyveMynd Is the idea to get out one of each type, then bounce that cleric in and out of play for life draining goodness?“I take full responsibility. It’s china’s fault.” - Trump on covid #PresidentialDebate2020
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @TrulyRural Side note, I thought about this game a lot while working on the Metahumans Rising series on martial art… @TrulyRural Street Fight was like World of Darkness goes to therapy, starts taking their meds, then goes back off t… @TrulyRural @Chaosium_Inc Games read, enjoyed, but never played, Aberrant and Exalted come to mind. Both had detail… @TrulyRural @Chaosium_Inc I remember reading this game and thinking it was a fun premise, but the system didn't rea…'s who we're following this fine #FollowFriday. You should, too. @2xproficiency @WiszJakub @unrulyian
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)Chill guys, it's cool, these people are making money. #debates #Debate2020 #DebateTonight #PresidentialDebate2020
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)#EveryDayIsHalloween Day 21: Killer Klowns from Outer Space Another fun flick from the 80s. This movie is a great e… wrapped up the Adventure Seed for this October. Looking forward to seeing people's reactions, and I hope we di… @JakePerezArt @johniadarola held 39 rallies for @HillaryClinton and they said it wasn't enough. @BarackObama so far has held ON…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @HyveMynd We started watching it, I think the number that we were counting is how many times the camp should have been shut down for safety. @JakePerezArt Now tell me Arnold does the Terminator voice.
@jenniebreeden @TheInfinitySock That's the thing though, technically all three of the weapons I listed are daggers, or knives. So,… good way to show your support for trans people is to hire us for fair wages
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)#drawlloween day 22 - Say Yes to the Possessed - #art #drawing #drawlloween2020 #haunted #spooky #scary
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @TheInfinitySock That's not fun, why can't my dagger be something like a haladie, katar, kpinga, or other similar weapon? @TheInfinitySock While I'm biased on this, there are other game options. Also, you can always reskin existing weapons. @TheInfinitySock Nice! The image below is a Kobold from 2nd Ed. This was one of my favorite pictures from the Mon… @JakePerezArt Day 20: The Lost Boys The vampires sparkle on the inside. One of them is Bill S. Preston Esq.… you've never heard why Mr. T choose his name or why he wears the gold chains
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)#drawlloween day 21! Labyrinth Laboratory - #art #drawing #drawlloween2020 #digitalart #digitaldrawing
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)Can someone persuade him not to vote for Barrett? Asking for a nation.
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)YESSS! Y'all won't want to miss this!
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My father, @MelBrooks, is 94. He has never made a political video. Until now. #MelBrooks4JoeBiden #BidenHarris
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)Any PoC animators/animatics wanna fall in my inbox with samples and rates? Shoot your shot be…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @TheInfinitySock 1. Rat Flail 2. Swordchucks 3. the Win 10 Hammer 4. Swiss Army Axe Am I doing this right?, please meet the new Queen of Sweden. @HyveMynd Do you get the Legendary creature for free? Because the chances of drawing that seem really low. @HyveMynd How long has it been since I played Magic, I don't know what Commander is.IN OTHER NEWS: Elliott Broidy, a onetime top moneyman for the GOP and President Trump, pleaded guilty to a secret f…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)Renegade Sheriffs Say They Might Not Enforce Ban on Guns at Michigan Polling Places - VICE
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him) @HyveMynd Playing at lunch, any co-workers join you?If you get an invite from a Facebook page claiming to be me and asking you to enter some kind of giveaway, please r…
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)Over on @DriveThruRPG my pdf "Modern Magic Items" (along with a few pieces of #stockart) are part of the #Halloween
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)Jesus.
Retweeted by Dave S (He/Him)#EveryDayIsHalloween Day 19: The House with a Clock in Its Walls Please make a sequel. Please. The books well pred… @ASaintAndSinner I'm guessing, if they give them enough money to endanger everyone at the park.