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@pizzahut Bring back the Bigfoot pizza! @Dashiellllll @PleaseBeGneiss Ok, automobiles. Unless you mod the ECU (at the very least) you're not getting above 120 @ManipulateThis If I bash your head in with a mallet she's gonna fuck me up anyway @ManipulateThis What if I just stole your jacket? @PleaseBeGneiss @Dashiellllll Many cars are electronically controlled for a max speed between 110-120. Sorry to disappoint @NotFunnyJ @netflix That entire movie is fuckedDispatch: Tony's calling. He lost his credit card last night and now there's a $1,000 worth of purchases at…
Retweeted by Melodious FunkTis The Season Live Tweet Tuesday! (That idea was stolen)
I bought 5 Big Macs and 2 Filet O' Fish at this McDonald's and it fed 5,000 people
Retweeted by Melodious Funk @tacotruckerface Happy early (or belated) birthday! @chadopitz This looks like you're all high and you've got the "just try to act normal" pose
writer: it’s basically “Friends” but all the characters are Ross producer: didn’t everyone hate him writer: yea…
Retweeted by Melodious Funk @MrGeorgeWallace "Pick up your shit and leave" lollllllll @djbadboybill That Chi hoodie is 🔥 @NotFunnyJ @ManipulateThis I thought so, but that comment had me confused @djhollowpoint It's hilarious, then sad because the nfc east is atrociousAw shit I forgot about this one!
Retweeted by Melodious Funk @NotFunnyJ @ManipulateThis you haven't seen the wire? @ShanusMcAnus Ow my head the next day @shakewell your jaws
I'm fine with it. Big girl for sure @jpsoro Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! @djmarkfarina Legit looks like National Geographic photo @ShanusMcAnus Wait, really? What'd you think? @jpsoro I have 4 people and 1 group thread I text constantly, so they're always at the top. Nice feature thoughStill not over the results of the #NationalDogShow last year #DanielWasRobbed @TryMetafy I can hear the "bwooOOP" sound when you pick it up“Anyway, about my washtub. I'd just used it that morning to wash my turkey, which in those days was known as a ‘wal…
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Retweeted by Melodious Funk“Ah, cranberry sauce, a la Bart.”
Retweeted by Melodious FunkSometimes I think about 12 year old me pouring over the Service Merchandise catalog this time of year and wish my k…
Retweeted by Melodious Funk @djbadboybill Smashed it as always homie!10 hours of the remix? Hell yeah I wanna go insane within the first 55 minutes since I can't do it like a normal… showing up to Thanksgiving tomorrow like: @MrGeorgeWallace We love you so much we crashed your site and whatnot @eddiegossage @KevinLee23 @IndyCar @TXMotorSpeedway Dude that is a BONKERS deal @chapel3929 @ManipulateThis @NotFunnyJ U right...and if I go down I'm taking every last one of you with me @jpsoro The SE watch is really nice! I'm surprised how good it is. I came from a series 3 (42mm) and got the 44mm.…
Retweeted by Melodious Funk @ManipulateThis @chapel3929 @NotFunnyJ I'm not saying I don't enjoy it...wait that sounds creepy I'm an upstanding citizen! @jpsoro Avoid the M1 chip. It's nice, but it'll take quite some time for it to be compatible a lot of software
Clifford needs more red or it doesn't count @chapel3929 @NotFunnyJ @ManipulateThis Tbf I learned more than expectedI gotta stop watching horror movies and hanging out with @NotFunnyJ @chapel3929 @ManipulateThis because I researche… @tacotruckerface And if they don't like it they can leave @ManipulateThis Spiral is eh, but I'm super hyped for Candyman @jdouglas4 @IndyCarter4 @butleru @LifeAtPurdue @bsmevents don't want collegiate jealousy between you and the wife! @defectedstore @moussetofficial Banger @TryMetafy @jpsoro Shoulda kept my 2010...two months after I got the updated/spring 2019 model, they released the fall/16in model with better thermals @ShanusMcAnus How do you have British medicine?! @ManipulateThis That song slaps @ellewasamistake @DrakeGatsby @chuwie @TryMetafy Every 50 seconds... @Rube2105 Always love homie 👊❤️
Retweeted by Melodious Funk @jpsoro What year?Lights up! I got so into this movie I forgot to tweet about it. As quirky as it is, this brings back great memories… sequence was as awesome as I remember. Not to mention Marilyn in the end credits #LiveTweetTuesdayThat is a very well-built house if it can take that much damage. Or they have manners @chapel3929 and we LIKED IT @NotFunnyJ I forgot I was supposed to be tweeting this because it reminds me of when I was younger"He'll be back" I was expecting him to say "and in greater numbers"I love this movie #LiveTweetTuesdayJohn as Clown as a cheerleader is something I'm not a fan of #LiveTweetTuesdaySpawn is just Leather & Spikes Kink Spiderman #LiveTweetTuesday
Retweeted by Melodious FunkDO A BARREL ROLL #LiveTweetTuesday"You remember her right?" "Yeah she pegged me and made me screamed like a pig. Best $200 I've spent in a long time." @NotFunnyJ It's about results, not dress codeThat CD player is awesome #LiveTweetTuesdaySorry, fresh out of normal people #LiveTweetTuesdayCGI was better in the 90'sUnlike your now ex-wife, your dog won't forget you #LiveTweetTuesdayOMG COME ON WITH THE ADS #LiveTweetTuesdayHey kid shut the fuck up #LiveTweetTuesdayReally? All the stupid quips in this movie and he didn't say "See ya later, Al...ligator" #LiveTweetTuesdayThis is the entire reason why he got what he got. No seatbelt? Go to hell #LiveTweetTuesdayHE'S NOT WEARING A SEAT BELT #LiveTweetTuesdayHey fuck you, that dog can bite your balls that, Charlie Sheen? #LiveTweetTuesdayFuckin a this intro is so 90's and I'm completely here for it #LiveTweetTuesdayAh, the pre-9/11 days where you could just launch rockets at an airport #LiveTweetTuesdayIT'S SPAWN TIME LFG
Damn right. Fav Christmas movie ever. And Eddie was always a bit off, so it fits his narrative @TryMetafy !!!!!!!!! @PleaseBeGneiss @DrakeGatsby Not Mancy @TryMetafy Is there Tekken 7 and/or THPS compatibility?I can hear this skit @Kristileenews Any visual changes from last year? I know Lilly is closed and it's a one-way for walkingThis made my morning*shakes wife awake* *whispers* Karen. Karen! Don't make any sudden moves...he's back again.
Retweeted by Melodious FunkParler is gonna be ripe this week with racist jokes from uncles who can't share them at the Thanksgiving table this year
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@TonyKanaan @JimmieJohnson @CGRTeams @NTTDATAServices YES"My time has come to let The @undertaker Rest In Peace." #ThankYouTaker #FarewellTaker #SurvivorSeries
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#OnThisDayInWWE 30 years ago, The @Undertaker made his WWF debut "Holy cow! Look at the size of that ham hock!" -…
Retweeted by Melodious FunkTo The @undertaker, Thank you for scaring us as children, entertaining us as adults, and allowing us to relive our…
Retweeted by Melodious Funk @ManipulateThis How'd it go?"Burnt man walkin"