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No matter the time that’s passed since that fateful day in December, we must always reflect on and honor the storie…
We’re lighting the Capitol Christmas Tree, which came all the way from Oregon this year. 🎄 Watch now:
Retweeted by House RepublicansThere really is more that unites us than divides us. This is beautiful. Rest in Peace, President @GeorgeHWBush.
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“The American Dream means giving it your all, trying your hardest, accomplishing something. Then I'd add to that, g…
Retweeted by House RepublicansBriefed in 2011 about his funeral and lying in state, the 41st President asked with typical humility, "Do you think…
Retweeted by House RepublicansLIVE: @NBCNews Special Report: A National Day of Mourning for former President George H.W. Bush.…
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.@SenatorDole pays respects as President George H.W. Bush Lies in State #Bush41
Retweeted by House RepublicansPublic service is a noble calling, and we are forever grateful that President George H.W. Bush answered.…
A fitting tribute for a dedicated statesman who has forever inspired this great nation. #Remembering41 #Bush41 The plane carrying casket of former President George H.W. Bush arrives at Andrews Air Force Base outside…
Retweeted by House RepublicansWhat brings comfort to all is knowing that President George H.W. Bush has been reunited with his wife and daughter.… few months after our nation said goodbye to our beloved First Lady Barbara Bush, this country mourns for Presiden… H.W. Bush and George W. Bush are the first father/son combination to serve as President since John Quincy Ad…
Retweeted by House Republicans#Bush41 believed in a life of service to others and felt it was a duty and honor. His brother Jonathan reads this…
Retweeted by House RepublicansFor George H.W. Bush, a funeral befitting a war hero. Here are the details for this week's elaborate honors.
Retweeted by House RepublicansMission complete. #Remembering41
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Let me wish all my friends a most #HappyHanukkah. Chag Sameach!
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The hole in our hearts left by President George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara’s passing is filled with the joy of…
Retweeted by House RepublicansFair winds and following seas, Sir. We have the watch.
Retweeted by House RepublicansStatement by President George W. Bush on the death of his father, President George H.W. Bush
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Don’t miss this from @AP → “Consumers boosted their spending in October at the fastest pace in seven months, while… U.S. Economy Grew at Unrevised 3.5% Pace in Third Quarter.
.@RepTrey: Across Indiana, small businesses like these make up who we are. They give us success stories that fill u… U.S. Industrial Production Edged Up in October.
Today is Small Business Saturday, an opportunity to join in and support the small businesses in your neighborhood a…
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From our family to yours, #HappyThanksgiving! We hope you spend the day with those you love, remembering the blessi…
Today we recognize the many gifted men and women who are leading their communities as #entrepreneurs. Thank you for… National Entrepreneurs’ Day! America’s entrepreneurs are the engine of economic growth and job creation, so i…
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When someone joins the military, their entire family commits to a life of service to our nation. This month, and al…
The @uscapitol Christmas Tree is on it’s way. 🎄
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.@WSJ: Small-Business Confidence Stays at Near-Record High. Boom: Record high business optimism, need for employees at 45-year high.
.@CNBC: There are more than 7 million job openings, near a record high and way more than people unemployed. are no unwanted children. Just unfound families. #NationalAdoptionMonth
.@CathyMcMorris: Our veterans have met every mission we’ve asked of them. They are our heroes, and deserve a hero’s…, and every day, we honor all those who’ve answered the call to serve this great nation. #VeteransDay veterans have met every mission we’ve asked of them. They are our heroes, and deserve a hero’s treatment when t…
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Happy birthday to the @USMC! On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you for your immense service and sacrifice to pr…
Because of #taxreform→ Our economy is booming and America’s manufacturers are #BetterOffNow
Retweeted by House RepublicansUnder our leadership, we’ve delivered: ✓ Historic tax cuts that are saving you and your family money ✓ The lowest u…️⃣.5️⃣ MILLION → Jobs added since the election of President Trump. We are in the midst of the longest positive job…
Retweeted by House RepublicansNew from @WSJ → job openings outnumber unemployed Americans by an astounding one million:
Retweeted by House RepublicansDemocrats have pledged to take away your tax cut if given the opportunity. Here’s the problem with that logic:'s how the tax cuts are helping Americans in every single state. #BetterOffNow
Retweeted by House RepublicansDon’t miss this → 11 ways House Republicans have delivered on YOUR priorities. #BetterOffNow it's strengthening our military, growing a healthy U.S. economy, or keeping our communities safe, we've del…
Retweeted by House RepublicansAs much as the naysayers try, you can’t ignore our record of results that we’ve gotten for this country. Everyday A… is quite a lot at stake and the policies Democrats believe are #forthepeople will only move this country back…→ Consumer confidence is at an 18-year high. Because of our pro-growth policies, the American people a…
Retweeted by House RepublicansWe believe that everyday Americans know better than the federal government how to live their lives, run their busin… → The protection for community banks and credit unions from regulations that were never meant to be… voted against creating Opportunity Zones in the #TaxCutsandJobsAct. Opportunity Zones provide tax incenti… everyday Americans feel that now is a great time to find a job, Democrats scoff at these numbers. They miss t… →The bigger paycheck you received as a result of our pro-growth policies. Republicans work to make #taxreform permanent, Democrats who claim to be #ForThePeople are promising to take… Here’s How the Tax Cuts Are Helping Americans in Every State. #BetterOffNow made a promise to Americans to tackle the biggest challenges facing this country. Whether that be the burdensome…
Have you heard? Thanks to #taxcuts, Americans in all 50 states are seeing their utility bills lowered. This is a ga… than a year after President @realDonaldTrump signed #taxreform into law, we’ve experienced record-breaking eco…
Retweeted by House RepublicansFolks across #TX32 are feeling the positive impact of our booming economy thanks to historic #taxcuts. Even more…
Retweeted by House RepublicansRemember, the overall unemployment rate was 9.9 percent in 2010. Last month, it was only 3.7 percent. This economic…
Retweeted by House Republicans.@TaxReformer: Raising the corporate rate will harm the economy, slow job creation, and reduce wage growth. Followi… it’s strengthening our military, rebuilding our economy, or keeping our communities safe, we’ve delivered o… October jobs report! The economy added 250,000 jobs, wages are rising, and unemployment is at its lowest in…
Retweeted by House RepublicansOur economy is booming because of our pro-growth policies like lifting the tax and regulatory burden. As a result,…
Retweeted by House Republicans“Wages surge as US adds a robust 250,000 jobs in October” #BetterOffNow
Retweeted by House RepublicansPro-growth tax code + fair federal regulations = strong economic growth: ✅3.1% wage growth (highest in a decade) ✅2…
Retweeted by House RepublicansWhat would repealing the #taxcuts mean for manufacturers? “A repeal of every single provision that has allowed manu…
Slow growth is no longer the new normal in this country. We’ve delivered a Better Way to the American people, makin… holding our foes accountable and strengthening our military, Republicans are ensuring the United States continue… economy is thriving and thanks to our bold policy agenda, everyday Americans are #BetterOffNow. is a game-changer for the disability community. Don’t let naysayers try to tell you any differently.… you see this? → Wages and salaries rose 3.1%, the biggest increase in 10 years. The numbers show that our polic… leadership has delivered a thriving economy that is setting everyday Americans up for success now, and y… are saying that they are #forthepeople, when in reality their policies will only move this country backwa… are numbers that you won’t want to miss. → #BetterOffNow
Did you see this? Consumer confidence just hit an 18-year high. This shows that our pro-growth agenda is delivering… are the results that Democrats have been *forgetting* to tell you and your family about. #BetterOffNow’s jobs report was unquestionably positive: Wages rising, more Americans joining the labor force, and new…
Retweeted by House RepublicansOur pro-growth economy by the numbers. #BetterOffNow
Retweeted by House RepublicansWhat’s at stake? → Your tax cuts → Your bonuses → Your job opportunities’s no doubt about it, this economy is thriving: ✓ 250,000 new jobs added in October. ✓ 3.7% unemployment -- t…’ve kept our focus on delivering results, not rhetoric, to everyday Americans, making them #BetterOffNow.✅ Delivered: More jobs and bigger paychecks to everyday Americans. #BetterOffNow
Taxes Will Go Up in Every Congressional District if the #TCJA Is Repealed.
Retweeted by House Republicans#Taxreform isn’t Armageddon, it isn’t bad for women, and it isn’t bad for people with disabilities. These scare tac… numbers are in! @HouseGOP's pro-growth and pro-American agenda is working ↓ #JobsReport
Retweeted by House RepublicansWe’ve delivered the economic progress that families, workers, and business owners had been searching for →… jobs report today! More encouraging news for our growing economy.
Retweeted by House RepublicansAmericans are #BetterOffNow, but don’t just take our word for it. See what others are saying about the October jobs…
Retweeted by House RepublicansOur bold policy agenda has unleashed a booming economy that’s built for long-term growth. → 250,000 new jobs added…⚡️ “Have you seen the October #JobsReport? This economy is thriving.” #BetterOffNow Opportunity Is Coming to a City Near You. #BetterOffNow #TaxReform jobs & bigger paychecks. #BetterOffNow
Retweeted by House RepublicansThanks to @HouseGOP policies, our economy is built for growth & Americans are #BetterOffNow.
Retweeted by House RepublicansThe jobs market remains hot, and wages are climbing at their fastest pace in more than nine years…
Retweeted by House RepublicansJUST IN: U.S. adds 250,000, jobless rate holds at 3.7%
Retweeted by House RepublicansWith over 2.1 million jobs added and fastest level of wage growth in nearly a decade since our new tax code was sig…
Retweeted by House RepublicansBREAKING: US economy added 250K jobs in October vs +190K expected; unemployment rate at 3.7%
Retweeted by House Republicans.@CNBC: Payrolls smash estimates with gain of 250,000, wage gains pass 3% for first time since recession.…