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Happy birthday to @TheKekeCoutee 🎉🎈 @Kroger | #WeAreTexans to Jon Kay of North Shore High School on being named the @MethodistHosp Coach of the Year!
A look back at the 2020 opponents. @RedDiamond | #WeAreTexans
Cal McNair joined @TexansVoice to discuss what the #Texans have in GM Nick Caserio. day at NRG Stadium is in the books 📚
Tonight @ 11 on @abc13houston. @jharrisfootball, me & YOU on #Texans360.
Retweeted by Houston Texans.@DoughertyDrew gets to know Nick Caserio and what he will bring to the role of GM.'s ahead for new GM Nick Caserio? @TexansVoice takes a look. @FedEx | #WeAreTexans GM Nick Caserio held his introductory press conference today and addressed some important questions on the…
Retweeted by Houston TexansDay 1️⃣.@jharrisfootball takes a look at what kind of talent can be found at the Senior Bowl. @RedDiamond | #WeAreTexans
Strong values come with the new #Texans GM, Nick Caserio. goes 1️⃣-on-1️⃣ with Nick Caserio to learn about: ▪ His leadership style ▪ What he's looking for… a convo with GM Nick Caserio. Talked next HC qualities, assistant coaches & more. 👂:
Retweeted by Houston TexansA special edition of the @DeepSlant podcast 🔊 Deepi Sidhu spoke with @BenVolin of the Boston Globe to discuss Nic… McNair welcomes Nick Caserio to the #Texans organization. LIVE presented by @HouTXFord » Cal McNair introduces Nick Caserio as the new GM of the Houston Texans. LIVE as Cal McNair and Nick Caserio speak with the media. @HouTXFord | #WeAreTexans
Touched down in H-Town ✈ #WeAreTexansThe #Texans have announced a roster move. down the addition of Nick Caserio with @TexansVoice and @jharrisfootball 🔊 does Nick Caserio bring to Houston? @DeepSlant takes a look. @RedDiamond | #WeAreTexans his days as a college QB to his time in New England, get the full bio on new GM Nick Caserio.’s special Thursday edition of Water Break Wednesday presented by @CrownRoyal with @DeepSlant and @DoughertyDrew! McNair on the #Texans new GM.️⃣0️⃣ things to know about our new General Manager 👇 on the #Texans choice for GM. #WeAreTexans the new General Manager of the Houston Texans: Nick Caserio! #WeAreTexans
Which of the #Texans 2021 opponents had the best record in 2020? A look at next season's slate. Texans have met with Trent Kirchner to interview for the General Manager role.Romeo Crennel shared his thoughts on the highs and lows of the 2020 season. @RedDiamond | #WeAreTexans ahead to the 2021 NFL Draft. Texans have met with Joe Brady to interview for the Head Coach role.#Texans players took to social media to share their thoughts on the end of the season. Texans have met with Omar Khan to interview for the General Manager role.Several players spoke about what characteristics they'd like to see in the next head coach of the #Texans.… have 8 picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. 📰:
Retweeted by Houston TexansMore on Deshaun Watson's historic 2020 season.
DW4 took his game to new heights in 2020. players have been signed to reserve/future contracts. on Cunningham's season. was a tackling machine in 2020 💪 on what comes to mind for him as the season comes to a close. LIVE presented by @BMWUSA » Romeo Crennel speaks with the media. is rewriting the franchise record books 📖✍ LIVE presented by @Verizon » Tyrell Adams speaks with the media. LIVE presented by @Verizon » Nick Martin speaks with the media. LIVE presented by @Verizon » Deshaun Watson speaks with the media. LIVE presented by @Verizon » Brandin Cooks speaks with the media. a look at the 2021 opponents. sun came up today and we have much to look forward to. @jharrisfootball and I talk about what happened and what…
Retweeted by Houston Texans#Texans fans, thank you for all of your support this season. #WeAreTexans from the #Texans following Week 17 🔊, video, articles and more from #TENvsHOU. In Case You Missed It, presented by @Hyundai 👇 shares his thoughts on the 2020 season and what comes next. @FedEx | #TENvsHOU Unlimited LIVE presented by @Verizon » Romeo Crennel and players are live at the podium after #TENvsHOU.
Retweeted by Houston TexansReaction from today's season finale. #TENvsHOU | #WeAreTexans Unlimited LIVE presented by @Verizon » Romeo Crennel and players are live at the podium after #TENvsHOU. 2020 season comes to an end. @HouTXFord | #TENvsHOUALL TIED UP! 18 seconds left in regulation! something happen! 📺: CBS 📱: last TD puts the #Texans in front. @HouTXFord | #TENvsHOU #Texans are on 🔝 📺: CBS 📱:
💪💪💪 #BudLightCelly🛑🛑🛑 Got the stop on fourth down! @MattressFirm | #TENvsHOU a score! @HouTXFord | #TENvsHOU behind that drive. @HouTXFord | #TENvsHOU escalated quickly! #TENvsHOU | #WeAreTexansThe #Texans scored two TDs and now you've scored free @JackBox! Purchase a large drink and get a free Jumbo Jack t… bird? A plane? Nope, a touchdown! 📺: CBS 📱:'ve got ourselves a ball game here 👀Another one! DW4 and Brandin Cooks stay hot 🔥 📺: CBS 📱:🏹🔥🏹🔥🏹 #TENvsHOU | #WeAreTexans Legend Andre Hal is today’s Homefield Advantage Captain! trick play. @HouTXFord | #TENvsHOU this one! #BudLightCelly plays are fun. Trick plays that lead to touchdowns are even more fun 😏 📺: CBS 📱: 👀 DW4 finds Cooks for the TD! but not out. @Kroger | #TENvsHOUTexans drive stalls, Ka'imi Fairbairn kicks a 43-yd FG. Titans lead 10-6 w/8:15 left in 2nd quarter. 11-play drive…
Retweeted by Houston Texans⚠ FAKE PUNT ALERT ⚠ 📺: CBS 📱: tied up to end the first. #TENvsHOU | #WeAreTexansKa'imi Fairbairn's 24-yd FG ties game at 3-all. 1:42 left in the 1st quarter. 11-play drive went 72 yards and lasted 4:59.
Retweeted by Houston TexansDW4 finds Keke Coutee W-I-D-E open 👀 📺: CBS 📱:’s 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ yards on the season for @brandincooks 🏹 #TENvsHOU | #WeAreTexans minutes away! @Gatorade | #TENvsHOUThe unofficial depth chart ahead of #TENvsHOU.Week 1️⃣7️⃣ and the #Texans are ready to rock 🎸 @Bose | #TENvsHOU is locked in 🔒 #TENvsHOU | #WeAreTexans #TENvsHOU! 📺 » 3:25 p.m. CT on CBS 📱 » Texans App 💻 » now on items such as this mural to benefit the #Texans Foundation!#Texans Unlimited LIVE presented by @Verizon » Watch the #TENvsHOU live pregame show. last arrival pics of the season 📸 #TENvsHOU | #WeAreTexansDo you know how you're watching #TENvsHOU today? Check out all the ways to watch! ⤵ @Xfinity | #WeAreTexansToday's inactives for #TENvsHOU. the fresh fits into 2021. #TENvsHOU | #WeAreTexans huge thank you to #Texans fans for their support! @Verizon | #WeAreTexans you had your picture taken walking into work, how would you pose? love to see it ☀️ #TENvsHOU | #WeAreTexans, Nicole! Y'all are our #HomegateroftheGame winners! Check your DMs to claim your $200 @HEB gift ca…