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Hoverbirb @hoverbird San Francisco, CA

Creative Director at Chance Agency. Play @neocabgame on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch & Steam. Past: @camposanto, @twitter. He/they. Be kind, be funny, be true.

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@chadfowler I’ll be fine. I am really worried for the protestors though.Armoured truck failed its advance on footbridge above Hung Hom tunnel tool station in face of Molotovs and blasts.…
Retweeted by HoverbirbIn HK. Turns out my hostel is just a few blocks from #PolyU which is now completely surrounded by riot police, all… @kongpigsavehk Absolutely. @lazerwalker @WritNelson So excited for the Nintendo Top and Nintendo Bottom to be released this Christmas... my Switch is so lonely
@ericflo Legendary @kittyballball Yeah! I think I’m going. I can always bump my flight up if it gets too intenseOne of the tells that defending Trump is getting harder is his defenders' frequent forays into water bong existenti…
Retweeted by Hoverbirb @tenderlove @evan You’ve long had power of attorney over my life Aaron @alexqgb Quite good! Good enough to slalom these Stonehenges? perhaps not really really really don’t want to cancel the Hong Kong leg of my trip, like everyone is telling me to ☹️ I’m no…
@liamwong Aww, you’re too kind! Thanks for being such an inspiration to our team 😊 @LeslyeHeadland The way Leonardo has his hand on splinter’s back murders me 😭Wandering back alleys in Shenzhen, trying to pull off my best @liamwong imitation (with only an iPhone 😂) @LeslyeHeadland THANK YOU for remembering me to myselfwhy did 1 glance at this make me tear up. is it just the idea of Master Splinter passing on or do I actually give a… @brookshelley God I hope so @skeptech Amen, brother @PassionPopSoc /cc: @JayMFernandes @kderosa @utfootballgirl7 @jaketapper Yes, that’s how you‘re meant to read the words that come between quotation marks. @sayrer Tethering isn’t working here in Shenzhen, for whatever reason.Combined with the fact that I can’t read or understand Mandarin, your boy hasn’t felt this illiterate + offline sin… of my personal & business email, plus cloud storage, is Google-based, and I’m in China, where it’s blanket-bloc… @catacalypto 2019 season? It delivers imo @truebe I know this isn’t what‘s in your heart, but this almost sounds like a well-known anti-lunite talking point
@githubbers So good.GREEDO grabs for his blaster- he shoots first, but barely misses! Cut to HAN SOLO, who fires back in the blink of… @BillOReilly there was no Ukraine election corruption investigation... just a shadow government policy to extort a… personal algorithm for city-wandering: change levels vertically whenever the opportunity arises, with a bias tow… @eugenegu You are just like him, tho (in terms of being a fraud an abuser of women, at the very least) @ollymoss I make a lot of focus playlists, but this is the one i use for white-knuckling a deadline: @goldman @sacca Rogue One established that wireless data transfer speeds in the Star Wars universe are approximate to a 14.4k modem @truebe @robinsloan The Hu owns @robinsloan @truebe If the life isn’t motorcycle cattle-driving, yurts and traditional textiles I’m not interested @WillWArmstrong Fuck I’m pissed this meme came after Halloween, woulda made a great costume. And by next Halloween… @truebe @robinsloan i wish I’d be been born a 21st century Mongolian to be 100% honest @ptychomancer @johnnemann We touch base, but do we ever touch... our hearts? @lenazun > GET STICK
@goldman Mmmm, goat pills, the new ketamine @robinsloan I didn’t realize until a couple of days ago but I think that’s subconsciously been my reason for this e… in the Capra Capsule hotel independent creators
Retweeted by Hoverbirb @mbmusgrove @Namastaywoke @ccprek Someone should help you with your grasp of linguistics. Specifically that nearly… @goldman Wonder if they included this so it could plausibly be tagged as a “Let’s Play” and capture those sweet Twitch impressionsMy flight out of Hong Kong in 10 days is looking like it’ll be more and more of an adventure 😅* one time I folded an omelette over perfectly @bhaggs I was so bummed to miss this!! Hello from China O.G.s! @AndreTI @ericflo In a JUST world they just leave the picture in its original aspect and give you a series of optio… @jeeyonshim @keightdee i’ll cleave to that
@lazerwalker You’re a tough but fair DM emGoodnight Guangzhou, see you soon Shenzhen! pig brain goes into the hot pot. It will be ready in ~2 minutes. Tastes like soft tofu and you immediately get… @kittyballball I made it up tbh. I’ve never even hung out with someone as cool as a fake David spade @zerofiftyone_ @legocrimes Yeah, that’s a lot. On the flip side, I wish my parents would text me at ALL (they basic… @kittyballball one time I saw David Spade on a plane I was on. but then it turned out it was just some other guy @dril a new low for the digimon discourse @LeslyeHeadland fucking... fuck. you could be teaching a graduate seminar for dual film/political theory majors @Lil0qui I’m dying to start it but I’m traveling with only a Mac laptop 😢 @LeslyeHeadland this is such a good thread les!
@truebe @MikeIsaac play more gaeme, for brain better
@NumbersMuncher the ratio on this tweet suggests that perhaps NOT “everybody knows this” @ldubs liberate radish cake imoI wonder if Joe Biden will still be considered the “most electable Democrat” after he loses the primary to a candid… @lshultz82 @neocabgame @robinsloan Stay human, Lindsey! @catacalypto jessica, only child / illinois chicago @superamit @djbaskin I’d like one Blood train ticket to Blood station leaving at Blood o’clock, please @goldman the anthrax here is exquisite, has the nuttiness of durian without that particular smell @fncischen I love the signage in parks here- whoever does the English translation is an actual poet’m an ignorant American, and I’m trying to order Dim Sum using Google Translate’s live camera feature. It’s like… @k I need to go! And everyone tells me Shenzhen will be even more intense, cyberpunk-lighting wise.
Why go to Burning Man when you can go to Guangzhou about this 17th century boomer comic
Retweeted by Hoverbirb @johnnemann @ben_304 fuck yeah dudeI’M ADDICTED TO WATCHING PEOPLE FLIP THE CURSOR BACK & FORTH & BACK & FORTH TRYING TO DECIDE ON A CHOICEThis city is cyberpunk af but the people are all wonderfully human. SO MANY narrative games fans here! L O C A L… @MarcStarvaggi @Alipay It’s saved me so much hassle since I activated it! No one even carries change anymore. Only… logistics surprises from my Guangzhou trip: * everyone told me I’d need to pay with cash, but @Alipay just in…
@goldman Shoe update: everything is OK again. Where Nike and Adidas failed me, a new and totally legit brand came t…
Retweeted by Hoverbirb @zedshaw I just lucked out with a knockoff pair! They feel amazing... as long as they don’t fall apart in the next… @goldman Shoe update: everything is OK again. Where Nike and Adidas failed me, a new and totally legit brand came t… @kylev My host even tried to online order me some new shoes and somehow they still didn’t have my size? It’s wild. @zedshaw Thanks for the tip! @goldman Oh noooooo! I’m starting to fear this is the case and I legit need new shoes, or else I’m gonna be like ep… @YaoMing: NBA great to NBA great, where can I buy shoes in mainland ChinaStopped by a Guangzhou mall to buy some better walking shoes. I went to Nike, Adidas & North Face and got laughed o… @JigxorAndy RT if u agree @the_strix @neocabgame Yay! I’m so glad you liked it. Would love to get the full download of your experience someda…
@timoni if I tell Tae he will prototype this in a weekend 🤣 @s6t2e5f Yep adding this to our Kickstarter stretch goals... go on... @goldman just went from joking to deadly serious. heading to Shenzhen now to begin prototypingI get that everyone wants to feel like they got value out of their $60 purchase. But then I look at the achievement…
Retweeted by Hoverbirb @sandofsky It totally depends on the field you’re programming within, I’d reckon? But also the question is very nearly tautological imoDone with messenger bags. Now in the market for a high-performance tactical hobo bindle, if such a thing exists @lea_rosen I am jealous of your problem... let’s start a support groupGuangzhou is incredibly rewarding to the wanderer. None of these sights were sought, only stumbled upon. @shonboppin @neocabgame Stay human, Sean! So glad it hit you that way. @lenazun She’s like a composite of 5 actual worst friends ever. No real person is that manipulative of a friend (I sincerely hope) @lenazun NO WAY YOU ARE THO @legobutts @bombsfall Minneapolis does this! @lenazun if it weren’t for the Savy’s in our lives we wouldn’t fully appreciate our actual friends, eh?