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Patrick Ewing @hoverbird San Francisco, CA

Vector of enthusiasm! Creative Director at Chance Agency, making @neocabgame. Past: @camposanto, @twitter. He/they. Be kind, be funny, be true.

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@josephxburke Aargh this looks amazing, I’ve gotta come back! Already going back to Cali...HELLO FELLOW HUMAN TEENS I HEARD THE COOLEST PLACE FOR US TEENS TO HANG OUT IS The Colossal Pillar of Wasp Eggs LET…
@jazzychad if only we could just figure out a way to send an electronic facsimile of these documents @jazzychad I believe this idea has been tried and the cost is way too high for this to make sense vis a vis owning…
nothing if not hyped for #Picard @SaraJChipps @aweissman ++ the Dispossessed, it will fuck you up (in a good way) @Liz_Wheeler @BernieSanders I agree, democracy has always been based on the idea that 1 land = 1 vote, and ever shall it be thus @danwrong I legit want to build it with you and/or just happen upon it in the woods someday @gnomeslair why_not_both.gifMagical late night drives with your favorite tunes. 🚗🎶 Dive into the process behind creating the music of Los Ojos…
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@danwrong Whoooooa dude! Show ‘em how it’s done. Also give me alpha access to whatever tools you build, I‘m-a ste… @aholiabbezaleel @Gay_AnBol @SolarpunkA basically both are outside the Overton window, and the norm is perception i… @aholiabbezaleel @Gay_AnBol @SolarpunkA Cool, cool. & I’m sure that’s true in some places. In my part of the US I f… @aholiabbezaleel @Gay_AnBol @SolarpunkA Yep, that’s the common view- the power vacuum in the rubble of a destroyed… @Gay_AnBol @SolarpunkA @aholiabbezaleel That is certainly the case. Every area had its own problems with communist… @Gay_AnBol @SolarpunkA @aholiabbezaleel I have a Chinese expat friend who’s super lefty, social justice oriented. B… @Gay_AnBol @SolarpunkA @aholiabbezaleel Maybe by synthesizing some of these ideas that seemingly contradict each ot… @Gay_AnBol @aholiabbezaleel @SolarpunkA Ewww no lol And yeah, as a symbol it’s older (like the swastika before th… @aholiabbezaleel @Gay_AnBol @SolarpunkA You don’t need to wave a tanking swastika to be a communist, but go off I guess @Gay_AnBol @aholiabbezaleel @SolarpunkA Because communism predates the USSR? And because while the USSR was a tragi… @aholiabbezaleel @Gay_AnBol @SolarpunkA These symbols aren’t for personal use, they’re for political organizing. So… @Gay_AnBol @SolarpunkA @aholiabbezaleel “Even if it was used by shitheads in the past” Can you imagine how alienat… @cabel
@timhwang fuck, those are two of Bellairs’ best. in an extremely on-brand move, I designed a board game inspired… @lazerwalker this is legit addictive MDon’t click this link if you were planning on doing literally anything else today @TechnocratGames Not harder to understand, just distracting. It trips your brain up a little when it runs across th… @mitchellvii we did a study and it turned out what makes the KKK bad isn’t the pointy hats @omershapira I wish you were wrong but you’re not, imoThe Thames Tunnel though (by the Brunels & Thomas Cochrane).
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This is insanely cool, and feels like something @robinsloan would dream up: a neural network encoded into a piece o… to our friends @nightcallgame on their launch today, and here’s to narrative taxi games taking over the wo…
Retweeted by Patrick Ewing @modernistwitch @iano Lmk when you’re opening that angel round @NRO @AndrewCMcCarthy Excuse me, is this your straw man? @legobutts it's also a troll, at the same time? reminds me of the timeless Nathan Barley quote, "Stupid people thin… @legobutts i'm calling shenanigans on the entire thing, from the homegrown bodyhacking to the "2 to 4 hours in the… @mcclure111 just FYI PhilosophyTube is a lefty/breadtube account and his videos are really smart and well-produced… to feel old? Good, there’s an app for you that’s wildly popular right now for some reason.
@McFilmany @cindysez @NBCNews The cheapest and easiest thing would have been an apology, but we all knew he’s incapable of that, so @mccv @wil @glowforge FINALLY @Stevie_SG @NotBrunoAgain The gatekeeper is why, to this day, I ask to be called “maggot” in bed @johnnemann Is “Shakira? Shakira?” considered one question or two...? ...shit @matasar @truebe that @atruepodcast is finally back for season 2. It's basically everything I want in a podcast- great story… @LeslyeHeadland @RussianDoll @TheEmmys @nlyonne So well deserved!! I’m foreseeing multiple sweet shiny babies in your future 🔮🏆 @brithume Hate to break it to you Brit, but if your dictionary doesn’t define racism this way, buddy, you’ve got y… @kessjrause inherited wealth is a hell of a drug @bugkid666’s been days since I played Déraciné, the twee, combat-free, hauntingly beautiful VR wander game from the makers… @matasar sorry you're not as wired-in as me @mrgan this is way better than baby-kissing imo. @ewarren 2020!HELLO WORLD. For two years I've been making a podcast. Today, the first episode is live. Now, I'm asking for your s…
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@iamleyeti just waiting for Neo Cab to earn enough creds to get dual phono ports jacked into the base of my skull. then i will be OK @jondkoon Congrats!!!(Both audio streams sound perfectly good, surprisingly)As a masochist who has to use a Mac and Windows laptop simultaneously (#gamedev) I find myself pulling this extreme… @goldman @iano there is an extended recaptcha goof in Neo Cab and it's like incredibly difficult to get to. tbh rig… @AMc built a ⏩ mode for Neo Cab and it's kinda hypnotic. It's been a huge help in terms of exploring branching stor…
Retweeted by Patrick Ewing @sferik “Starter” doesn’t have the bittersweet irony of the second definition of “founder”, either @VincentPerea Sir, this is a Whole Foods.Met a DnD player who played in prison. His dice for his character. #dice #prison #creative #DnD
Retweeted by Patrick Ewing @WillWArmstrong Well then. 1) thank you for telling me 2) please insert a jingoistic retort about the preciousnes… but why do this to a cucumber? sweet lady nature’s own shrinkwrap isn’t good enough for whole foods?
@GeraldoRivera Demand an apology for the remark, if you actually give a shit about your “friend” and what he’s doing to this country. @cjam Same! @cjam IMO its the individual variance between the inbox that brings you joy vs. the inbox that brings you dread (or… @Wallstormer as a guy who said he wasn’t gonna buy more decks, and then bought more decks... my thoughts on the matter are “buy more decks” @realDonaldTrump We demand you apologize to the congresswomen and the american public for this whole thread. It's p… @legobutts NO AND I WANTED TO OF COURSE but I JUST put 2 and 2 together and saw the Nirvana the Band the Show connection? zsdflghasdklg'hjf @legobutts these are all good, but the moon landing is by far the greatest Hollywood production of all time @fredbenenson @caro @RonenV And let’s not forget the civic fiction that NYC is one city. If Brooklyn were still i… @EmpressBeeBee @TwitterSupport THANK YOU for saying this 🙏
You've worked with a stubborn engineer. But have you ever worked with an engineer so stubborn, that to get them to…
Retweeted by Patrick Ewing @puzzletheory Hot damn, you sold me!Gonna start watching Hours Played at precisely 11:56AM Pacific today, for maximum immersion. Who’s with me? @jcummins JP said anarchism now, everyone @sayrer @sippey the best trump move is to state a point, start to justify the point, get distracted mid-sentence, s… @jcummins hell yeah! also while we're dismantling american power, let's massively slash the military budget as well
@sayrer Yeah, it’s certainly the sensible default for the vast majority of users. @evan In retrospect MAU (especially without a more rigorous elimination of spambots and new users churning in and o… @evan We certainly shipped several that moved things in the wrong direction. The Profile redesign that was just un-… @sayrer I'm curious — do you know if that heatmap stuff (favoring LTR, top to bottom) still hold true with a user t… @mcclure111 you're just saying that because the music, story, visuals and character design were all world-class @sayrer IMO the first job of the profile is to let the user /brand express what makes them unique/interesting. Then… @paarsec Yeah, its lost a lot of personality (i.e. the personality of the profile owner showing through) imo! @sayrer Yeah, I do actually like the side-nav and the overall snappiness (once I get dat fat fully pulled down) @sayrer This is my least favorite one, tbh... but it's very similiar to where we are now so perhaps I'm in the minority on this!But my parting thought would be: sometimes the web should be made of pages. The last Profile iteration wasn't a "vi… perhaps I just finally have enough distance from Twitter web that I can join the peanut gallery and dislike the… there's one thing I learned from the... hmm by my recollection, 8 major redesigns?... I was a part of during my… talk: been sitting with it for awhile now and while the Twitter web redesign is ~fine~ overall, squeezing the… @goldman There needs to be an AZ-5 button in the incident room that sets all the Deciders to 100Twitter web is down :(US citizens, please PLEASE educate yourself on what legal rights people have when dealing with ICE. You might be th…
Retweeted by Patrick Ewing @cabel when I’m doing a Business, it’s the only face I trust
@josephxburke 👌💋Taking comfort in the fact that both the video game and cinematic Spider-Man universes have embraced that J. Jonah… @hellbox @lumpleygames Yeah! And to be fair, part of what’s so amazing about DND is the depth and breadth of the lo… @hellbox I also just tried The King is Dead by @lumpleygames this week and it was excellent... very easy to come to… @hellbox I don’t have as much time as I’d like for TTRPGs these days, so I skew towards one-session games. I’d reco…