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Pro Fortnite Player for @TRNLGaming | 6.2k earned | 3x Grand Finalist | @cyfaree

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@MiddiFPS_ Thank you middifn hopefully! Goodluck tmr u will rock it @Izolol Yes @Reguletor @MiddiFPS_ @MooseGGsFN Moose* @Reguletor @MiddiFPS_ or @MooseGGsFN @Rucien2 U should see the dream stans @1Tidal @cyfaree Dms @glaceszn V @cyfaree 1st @1Tidal @cyfaree 😕 @BennyTheAsian @LucasIsBadBurn @Lxdesman4 @ImNedak @Reetlol No he is washed @phrazn Wanna trio next season @MooseGGsFN @FlawsFN Cringe for rt @MooseGGsFN @FlawsFN Ur the one to talk + ratio @MooseGGsFN @FlawsFN Aint u the guy that keeps on dying when we play duo arena ??😂😂 @MooseGGsFN @FlawsFN @4DRStorm @BigVinDin Go edit my video editor @FNCompetitive Dead game @dragoniwnl2 @YktvLewi @Rucien2 out placed by twitter @yuhtrix Insane @Cupseyy @EclipseFNBR_ Cringe @DannyHoldsW @DannyHoldsW why did u like @prollyfnx Yes 100% @DannyHoldsW Dont worry dannyholdsw u win some and lose some learn from this 🙏🙏🚀 @FNCompetitive @1beastfn @illusionfnbr @mitoofn Nice @BigVinDin @cyfaree Vouch we have free surge off spawn dont worry @cyfaree Cmon boss @ThreatsFN @dukezfn @ChapFN To easy
@mamabenjyfishy this reminds me of @BigVinDin @LucasIsBadBurn Ratio @BennyTheAsian 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️ @BigVinDin @foreswearwnl 👎👎 @socerbeast21 @LucasIsBadBurn @ImNedak @DannyHoldsW @DownbeatFPS @Chafferss @FlawsFN @Rucien2 @femetfn We good @socerbeast21 @LucasIsBadBurn @ImNedak @DannyHoldsW @DownbeatFPS @Chafferss @FlawsFN @Rucien2 @femetfn @TRNLGaming Leaking at 10 likes @ImNedak week after heats @MooseGGsFN he was holding out his charge @DannyHoldsW true @MooseGGsFN someone named TRNL moose7🚀🚀
@MiddiFPS_ how do u join them @Lxdesman4 @DannyHoldsW how much he pay @Rucien2 @5G_GamingLLC vouch @saloful @Wolfiez V @ItssNach @opsonnyy @JasBTwitch v @CoachTimmy not start late in comp @cyfaree @BigVinDin @ItssNach thank god i dont gotta play with middi @FNCompetitive dead game cod is 10x better @FNCompetitive cod would have gotten the tweet right + ratio @qtHoesay @dragoniwnl2 @cyfaree @BigVinDin @MiddiFPS_ u have to pay us in tesla's @cyfaree @BigVinDin @MiddiFPS_ 🙄 @cyfaree @MiddiFPS_ @BigVinDin what u thinking @DannyHoldsW @ManagedbyRy @TRNLGaming @HyperX vouch for dannyholdsW @EpikWhale 🔥🔥 @TRNLGaming @HyperX i could use a new keyboard @TwitterGaming @qtHoesay @JayFNBR @MiddiFPS_ @ImNedak @neekolulz kk @qtHoesay @neekolulz Vouch @ImNedak @neekolulz yo lmk when u want me to bring the tesla back to ur mansion i have it here at the house u bought me a couple months ago @yuhtrix @BigVinDin @cyfaree 🙄🙄 @ItssNach those are terrible @qtHoesay @BigVinDin @cyfaree Yo im down as long as we get a free tesla @FinesseBTW_ Ok im unfollowing u @BigVinDin @cyfaree @RamiFNBR @litzinio @BigVinDin @cyfaree Yooo @Koolmtbtw @cyfaree Ouuu im excited
@cyfaree hovis @blixfps ❤️❤️ @TRNLGaming @ScottyVFX W @Drew_Invests @cyfaree he keeps tossing my cash 🙄 @madebyvolts @TRNLGaming 🚀🚀 @LILUZIVERT no @HowdyFN @CYRZRR @fearedcn Gl see u there contesting glhf @DmileFN @TRNLGaming @ImNedak @BigVinDin @cyfaree 🗣️🗣️new video on friday :) @cyfaree 😭❤️ @captainyFN LETS GOOOOOOOO LKMFAOOO YOUR SO GOOD BROOOO @BennyTheAsian im sorry pls forgive me for my sins that i have committed @BennyTheAsian @BennyTheAsian wasn't being cringe on the tl @JuunVFX pls no @SwurvFN 🗣️🗣️heat 4 still going orchard w @cyfaree @HovFN
Retweeted by TRNL Hov @LucasIsBadBurn i didn't get mine @TRNLGaming @ManagedbyRy @TRNLGeneral @TRNL_Bart @TRNLpope @5PEHS pope to funny 😭😂NEW TRNL VLOG 🚨🔥 feat. All the owners of TRNL Watch HERE 📹:
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@cooper_fnbr nice btw it glitched at the end of the vid @JayFNBR @MiddiFPS_ @ItssNach @UnionFN_ @LucasIsBadBurn @HovFN @Trashyfnx @MiddiFPS_ @SDverT @Revo5G @BenPenTV @4fluent can u tell the big benpen to unblock me @iRewq1X :( @MooseGGsFN get on we need 1 for 8s @CeeBeaZ :( @Dylan799_ @BeckTHD @BigVinDin so easy @cyfaree @christfup stick to @snirot @CeeBeaZ lets go ceebeaz ur the goat @exefnx ok @MooseGGsFN lets go moose @ItssNach LETS GO BOSS