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I've been thinking a lot about how much I love dioramas, and it reminded me that Sachiko Adachi is one of the most…
Retweeted by Kate Graythree video game guards living in an apartment
Retweeted by Kate Gray @JenuinePanic I VERY MUCH DOyou can buy them too!! this is not sponsored I just think they're cute
Retweeted by Kate GrayI just bought a set of (unofficial) IKEA tarot and I love them
Retweeted by Kate GrayThe Major General
Retweeted by Kate GrayI love this, because it illustrates something very important: being a great artist, or writer, or any kind of creat… as someone who can occasionally afford nice things, I would be happy to pay more tax for the privilege of…
Retweeted by Kate Gray1.2 MILLION young people have registered to vote in 18 days *but* Only 74% of 25-30 year olds Only 68% of 20-24 ye…
Retweeted by Kate Graygod bless you Pokémon surprise trade angels, sending me Galarian Ponytas and Charmanders in return for a wet Cheeto…
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Retweeted by Kate Gray @mousefountain this is a very GP-specific baited trap. didn't your mother ever tell you to never pick up mystery shapesI can't attend more industry lunches where reps cheerily talk about "more girls in games" and "going to the schools…
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@michaelhazani but... who... wants thatI bought the new(ish) Diet Coke Feisty Cherry, thinking it would be, yknow, Cherry Coke. IT IS NOT THAT. IT IS SPI… @AnnaHollinrake Anna I understand that you have a holy mission but please do not slay me, I am but a peasant 'neath your divine blade🚨 Soko Loco Deluxe just released on Steam! 🚨 It's my first big, commercial project 😳 Please retweet/buy the game! ✨…
Retweeted by Kate Gray @rubna_ @GameDesignDan DAN. DAN DAN DAN. DAN ARE YOU SEEING THIS. DANget facts is a Pokémon stan, sorry @aurahack @kuraine YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY 💕💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️♥️♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕💕💕♥️♥️♥️Caught a Budew. Named it Snowdon. It's a mountain 'dew frens now
Retweeted by Kate Gray @legobutts sometimes when life is exceptionally tough, ask yourself: am I looking in my trash folder
i want everyone to see this
Retweeted by Kate Gray @sophmallinson put them inside shoes! @stephcask your takes are the spiciest and your memes are the dankest @sophmallinson I've seen this tweet so many times and my brain still thinks it says "yorkshire puddings". the menta… fact: the Greek on Asterion Moloc's cloak reads: "THPHSLOPSTHPHSLOPSTH"
Retweeted by Kate Gray @GamesWriting and Bautista is Glossu!can't wait to find out how sexy the sand worms are gonna be @alexhern we've heard the complaints about this mafia protection racket, and we understand your concerns! don't wor… @scully1888 I knew you would!¯\_(ツ)_/¯ another one for anyone who misses Byker Grove deep British TV cuts here allows you to put in your: ICQ number AIM screen name and fucking MSN Messenger name
Retweeted by Kate Gray @TimesNTroubles hell yeah @Lemondaurora !!!!!!! I just named my owl "WOL" after the sign above Owl's door in Winnie the Pooh, this is an exce… Say No! More – a game about saying NO in situations where we usually say YES! Developed by…
Retweeted by Kate Gray @aurahack @LimitedRunGames @SukebanGames ahhh I l just love seeing you do cool shit!!! 😊It’s announced!! Super happy to say @LimitedRunGames and @SukebanGames asked me to do the artwork for this release…
Retweeted by Kate Grayputting a corporate sponsorship for cheap sandwiches behind an award for indie devs sure is a weird choice
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cus she looks like a goalie's outstretched arms. and she's a barnacle, so she's from the sea. this one has layers,…'m naming all my Pokémon after British things. This one's called Madness because he has baggy trousers we real-life friends? do you have Pokémon Sword/Shield? DM me, I'll give you my codes, let's be Pokéfriends!!! 💕 @JonahD this is a good frame for a story! a young person beats... *roll* capitalism to dust with... *roll* the pow… who goes out of their way to disrespect, threaten and attempt to bully game devs of colour out of a space th… @laurclinn are we frens on FB??? I would like more pokefriends for sureI can't wait to play Pokemon Bork and Blep when I finally get it #PokemonSwordSheild
Retweeted by Kate Graythe best thing about my apartment is the immortalised cat paw prints in this brick. permanent small bean vibes in t…
Retweeted by Kate GrayI GOT THE POKÉRUS!!! DECADES OF PLAYING THIS GAME AND I AM FINALLY INFECTED AAAAAAA I'M SO EXCITED @meowza @BCSPCA ah friend you are so good <3nominating studios for being "outside of the traditional publisher system" in the same breath as listing their publ… @xpatriciah I love Ball Guy!! He's so happy and I'm happy for him @Lemondaurora people need to know about the catbrickI'm a Pokemon gym leader from the early part of the game. I have two Pokemon, both level 15 or below, neither of th…
Retweeted by Kate Gray @macgillivray514 BWAAAAAthe way i’d drop dead on the spot if i witnessed this
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It's been 5 years since Dragon Age Inquisition, the game that kicked off my fascination with, & hope for, romance i… up with Gloria and Wooloo. #ZettaiAbsolute #anivember #animation #PokemonSwordandShield
Retweeted by Kate Gray @LucieViatge I forgot to show everyone at the party hehmy biggest take away from seeing everyone's decade photos comparisons.
Retweeted by Kate Graythere's another bonus one up higher, too 😊 @bombsfall just think, one of the ten thousand bricks you have might have paw prints... on the backthe best thing about my apartment is the immortalised cat paw prints in this brick. permanent small bean vibes in t… #PokemonEspadaEscudo #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Kate GrayNo one: Anime villains that think they have won:
Retweeted by Kate Graythis game looks SO beautiful 💙 @GameDesignDan god dan (damn)hello here is a short story i wrote for a competition i didn't win. enjoy
Retweeted by Kate Gray#PokemonSwordShield I've seen people talkin about pikachu's dynamax cry, but have you heard this big baby in gigant…
Retweeted by Kate GrayI love pikachu's dynamax sound
Retweeted by Kate Grayjust fought a Large and Angry Owl in a storm on the outskirts of Fake Birmingham. This new Pokémon game really gets British cultureive never seen a pokemon give less of a shit
Retweeted by Kate GrayThere’s a blind dating show where the couple are taught a dance separately and they perform it together when they m…
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@ianwexl0rz I was also toying with 666 because im scaryO 3 O @eiko_bear wayyyy more cinnamon. usually it's unflavoured in the UK but here it seems to be cinnamon by default? @legobutts SO many!! @legobutts so fluf @legobutts WHAT @MattGambell I don't know 😭 @HarrisFoster I guess they thought that was a good stream :/ @bryanrieger Cake here is TOO SWEET. Too much icing or caramel or fussy toppings. and I want a proper scone so bad aaaaahhhh @UrdnotHorner in the UK I never ate Pot Noodle, but now I can't have it (and Super Noodles too) I crave it like MAD @AngelosLH oh my GOD when I went to Exeter university, the number of southern dickheads who would make me stop mid-…'ve lived in Canada for two years, and I still feel this a lot. When I can't find eggs because they're in the frid… few things that they don't tell you about moving abroad, a thread:
Retweeted by Kate Gray @OxyOxspring beeme: can you dust my wets? server: you can just ask for Parmesan cheese me, confused, lifts all of my spaghetti wi…
Retweeted by Kate Grayhe doesn't play Pokémon, so in order to draw them for the canvas, he had to search things like "small flat round ha… made a list of my favourite Pokémon in anticipation of the new game, and my partner categorised them all into ORB… @lucyamorris lucy!!! they ROLL!!!! THEY ROLL AND THEY GROWL AND I LOVE THEM THEY ARE SO ROUND