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@nickfourtimes but so far only to make sure I'm not missing stuff after a 20 minute journey that I don't want to redo @nickfourtimes oh I have been @nickfourtimes I'm so...lost...this is a hilarious joke for that section of my followers who love myth, physics, and/or Outer WildsOrpheus' Quantum Wife send tweet @nickfourtimes fuck @nickfourtimes ok but same and uh, it wasn't the end?????update on my Outer Wilds playthrough: made friends with a tower, made enemies with a moon @GameDesignDan good baby @GameDesignDan Dan @aurahack angry cute small is like my entire ideal aesthetic tbh61. The whale shark!
Retweeted by Kate Gray4. *wobbles towards you*
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Retweeted by Kate Gray @legobutts I've learned how much Brits use subtle tone of voice to modify things and uhhhh Americans don't so yea… @Salmikawolf this sucks and I'm sorry :( have this big pile of love: 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕an absolutely perfect unit
Retweeted by Kate Gray @CMGaldre it was very watery it is trueScottish Highland Cow eating grass
Retweeted by Kate Gray @HopeErin @spacetreasured this is true, they shouldn't have called it that. also adult mac and cheese is just.... mac and cheese @spacetreasured read the comments if you want to beef with a bunch of strangers:, I did not care when everyone got all angry about people not washing their calves in the shower but now a…
@kukubee I might have to when I apply for a visa and I'm not allowed to leave the country and the only place I can… @kukubee you are not a bad friend!!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕 @Seemo can I complain about it being too cold? @spacetreasured pigeons hate Boyz II men, Kyle!! THEY HATE THEM @spacetreasured Kyle it doesn't count if you sing 90s R&B hits at pigeonseagels: £195 malk: £fitfy malk: £1 pls help my famly is dying,,?? and I lov it
Retweeted by Kate Gray @spacetreasured you're a Disney Princess nownever knew this -- it took a newly-hired (gay) programmer, oblivious to office drama, to implement gay people in ba…
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@appleciderwitch I thought this was a desktop background and tbh I wouldn't blame youTOUUUUUUCH MEEEEEE IT'S SO EEEEEASY TO LEEEEEAVE MEEE ALL ALONE WITH THE MEEEEMMMMORY OF MY DAYS IN THE SUN
Retweeted by Kate Gray @SilverSober what's that second one I want itttt
We are the future, Charles, not them.
Retweeted by Kate GrayHuge, huge thanks to @DNoizes, @SymetricalGay, and @ThornyViolet for talking to me for this piece. Inspired by…
Retweeted by Kate Gray @HopeErin YEAH in what?? are they trying to tell us cats aren't real????? @Voxels dogs yes @HarrisFoster fallmeowt @MonsieurEureka @HopeErin look at this healthy boi over here @LucieViatge @HopeErin please make this and bring to work so I can learn your ways I will bring snacks in return @HopeErin oh god also it's totally an acquired taste but I fuckin love toasted pita strips & taramasalata (fish egg paste) @HopeErin bear in mind these are only my faves and I love many other snacks also. and also sometimes I fill the voi… @HopeErin -shortbread of literally any kind -honey butter chips are GOD -a whole bunch of british-specific things I… @HopeErin k I'm actually gonna answer now -japanese rice crackers -anything with garlic, including actual pickled… @HopeErin *rubs hands together*I know I write about a lot of weird, silly sex stuff in The Sims, but there's a reason it's become a playground for… @Marri where is the good dim sum I need to know for a friend the friend is my stomachI've been in a relationship with this guy for 2 years and recently I asked him if he loved me and he was a bit evas…
Retweeted by Kate Gray @acvalens oh yepppp I have had this exact experience! I was going to replay it recently to correct my views and I s… really need to talk more about crunch in games journalism. Because it's totally a thing, and not just at "conten…
Retweeted by Kate Gray @acvalens ALSO I'm so mad at people offering shit rates for a 2,000 word piece that requires loads of research. I'm… @acvalens and you can't offer a quality of life review if you played the game for a solid three days!!! I reviewed… @glenoneill more like timBUTTS
Retweeted by Kate Graygod DAMN IT
Retweeted by Kate Gray @DrewMarlowe for reference, it is like an internal hard pinch/twist and it is Not Nice @appleciderwitch @beccahallstedt I was more thinking about the organic mushroom farm brunch zone :D but it wasn't meant to be an insult!!!my Kotaku work is finally messing up my internet experience: I just got a weird porny advert about a bathtub with t… @beccahallstedt I... I think you just got hipster bingo but also I want itcrying at the amount of Big Furniture on the set of Cats
Retweeted by Kate Gray @notsoseriouss glad I'm not alone at least 😅you know what's super fun is when you sneeze and your ovary decides to join in @JonBolds my stickysona @Lemondaurora HE'S MORE LIKE A PUDDLE AFTER WHAT YOU DID MUGGLE PUDDLE MUGDLE PUGGLE YEAH @Lemondaurora NO U ARE BANNED AFTER WHAT U DID @ktp4life oh no but also oh yes, am slug @SilverSober my hair problem: I love 2 have short hair but my internalised misogyny keeps telling me that men only… it possible to have a slug as my fursona send tweetWe’re not monkeying around, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD rolls onto #NintendoSwitch on Oct. 29!
Retweeted by Kate GrayThis is one of the most profound & moving things that has ever happened to me as a lecturer - and will hopefully sh…
Retweeted by Kate GrayAnd paint job is DONE. Time to cover this sweet boi in clear glaze and final firing!
Retweeted by Kate GrayKeanu Reeves Naruto running through Area 51 in an Old Town Road music video with the yodelling Walmart kid is the e…
Retweeted by Kate GrayImagine your famous pop star sister writes a whole ass song literally named after you about what a stoner jobless l…
Retweeted by Kate GraySTEPS TO BECOMING A GREAT WRITER: - sleep schedule is totally fucked - constant night terrors - convince self ever…
Retweeted by Kate Grayducks
Retweeted by Kate Gray @macgillivray514 OLD LADY ARI LOOKS KINDA LIKE ANGELA LANSBURY??? @spacetreasured eyyy it's papa kyle with the pastas, gotta lil parmesan for you kiddos
@kobunheat I'm currently playing Baba Is You with a pro controller because I need my movements to be PRECISE @kobunheat me too :( @twitgera did you ever put stickers.... on the pets? @AJBenson09_Art is this a dream, or an excellent movie I would watch? Both, it's both @betterthemask my favourite time was when a guy came over to me and said "hi!!! excuse me!" and I, out of 50% annoy… @betterthemask who is teaching these men that asking for directions is a great segue into fucktown because it's got… @stephcask can you even imagine a ceramic cafe without plants? no it's impossiblealso if were truly making this the dream: I have a bunny farm out back and I am a witch who can perform plant magic… want to run a ceramic café where I make all the baked goods myself. I spend all day eating cookies and painting t… Kotaku piece is up! I created a world of only women and Marge Simpson is the most eligible bachelorette in town…
Retweeted by Kate GrayI hate this. I hate this like I haven’t hated anything for years. I hate this like I was born to hate this.
Retweeted by Kate Gray @EiffelArt ahhhhh!!! @StephPanecasio 😊 thank you so much!!!
@maxfolkmax 😈 @catacalypto I DID ITfinally revealing my plan Kotaku piece is up! I created a world of only women and Marge Simpson is the most eligible bachelorette in town… found them all right here! The other two were The Legend of the Lost Keys and Earth Warp! @edenthecat I'm analogue baby @AlexRoseGames @acccent yes!! @OllyWrites @SamMGreer YES I knew it had "warp" in the title! @acccent right????