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HPBC • OPEN DAILY @HPBCLeeds Leeds, Yorkshire.

arts venue / cafe / bar / music / books / talks / film / space • Open 7 Days a week • Walk-ins welcome • Bookings 07984449361

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@HPBCLeeds Ralfe after attacking the record player.
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYThe relaxed pleasure of a cat that knows it can destroy anything simply does not fuck with Scratchy. Those candles are playing dead. They know what’s coming. a great chonk! But what has he seen? What has he seen?, while we’re on Hyde Park Cats Club... This is Jack’s - looking on at disdain as he tries to write. The cat as… @HPBCLeeds Here’s my little arsehole #Moo
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYWith fan and coffee, this cat is set up for the day. A classic look of disdain too. This cat knows it’s place in th… @HPBCLeeds Cat and mouse
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYClassic cat - as - workmate here. Taunting Emma about futility of all that work. A Sisyphus that has stopped climbi… @HPBCLeeds
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYWho is this cheeky chap? Unhinged desire for what looks like sushi and Nemo’s head. @HPBCLeeds
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYWho’s up for HP Cat Club? Show us yer cats. What do think of Garry’s? I’m saying solid cat, looks like it has a tal… @PeopleofLeeds 😓So tough. So. Tough. @real_meaning Haha, shall we do it?Hyde Park Cat Club 👉🏼 this Tweet got us thinking about these words for the first time. for a proper coffee? ☕️ Open 10-9 today, grab yourself one to takeaway, sit in or much choice 🤔…
The second of my posts about the story of 'selling out': this one looks at the Clash, major labels and the value of…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY📢 Let's put culture on the agenda: Leaders of the five West Yorkshire councils have secured an ambitious devolutio…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY @stevo_bobcat Ahh you too mate! Hope you’re wellFeels like we’re getting into the swing of this now 😇 Thanks to all who’ve come down to enjoy a proper coffee, bee…
For 5 dollars I will come st*b your boyfriend to make sure he’s not a cake
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYIf you cut us, do we not bleed cake? @thechrisbarron @safc_biker That was a great gig, and great night!
This week on TSOTA: a new column from @bethanylklein; a meeting with BITCH Palace for our @Royal_Standard collabora…
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My bit on the Leeds music scene for @ClashMagazine
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY"Still, it’s the collective effort and comradery that makes the city of Leeds the place to be, albeit virtually."
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY @bethmaidurant Hey Beth, we are, we’ve had a bunch of things on this week. Let us know when you’re coming in and we… take safety seriously here 🧼 Staff supplied with PPE ✅ COVID-19 risk assessments ✅ Additional sanitation stat…
Marcelo Bielsa - lets just get it over with and rename the stadium after him #lufc
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY @comeplaywith @steve_haggis @ClashMagazine @Oportobar Still have our moments. Jack and his kimono... @steve_haggis @ClashMagazine @Oportobar @comeplaywith Ahh thanks man, always good to have you in! @garry_clarkson Hey, that’s @a_whist who might be able to help there. Great article isn’t it."This is the Leeds music scene in a nutshell: modestly selfless, not selfish."
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY @nymphsandthugs 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏼 You too! Let’s get these Livewire events back soon (if we can)! @a_whist @DuncanSeamanYEP @ClashMagazine @comeplaywith @Oportobar Yeah, great article 🙏🏼👏🏻Side before self - every time.
To save any further Qs about this... Table bookings Mon - Wed in August are available now!! 😂 love how on it some people are @HPBCLeeds I dream of you, and all the things you say.
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY @real_meaning What. A. Tune. Ahh man, that vocal. @LeedsCookSchool 😂😂😂😂Favourite language related Oasis lyrics? @liamgallagher singing this. Dreamy. @emilydoodles Yessss! @cgarside 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 YASSSS @HPBCLeeds In my mind my dreams are real. Tonight I’m a rock’n’roll star 🎸
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYToday’s book combo, The Philosophy or language & Oasis: The Truth. Any Oasis fans with lyrics that would cover bot…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYToday’s book combo, The Philosophy or language & Oasis: The Truth. Any Oasis fans with lyrics that would cover bot…
@leedsbeckett 🙏🏼 Cheers guys! Looking forward to next year starting 👍🏼👏🏻💪🏼🙌🏼Are you #CuriousAboutLeeds? We will be highlighting things you can do virtually around the city. Get your music fix…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYGreat piece by @NME highlighting the incredible achievements of @musicvenuetrust as well the recent news on governm…
When the jaws open wide and there’s more jaws inside, that’s a Moray
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYUPDATE // Siv Jakobsen (@sivmusic) has rescheduled her headline UK dates to March 2021! She has also added shows at…
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@loubietheartist Hey Louise, we’ll be open at 11am tomorrow / every day next week. Walk ups super welcome, but if y… @ruthsaxton76 Hey, let me check in. Yesterday we had some vegan chicken sandwiches, Emmentahl croissants & loadddss… just wanna day thank you! 😊 🙏❤️ Thanks to each and everyone of you that chose to hang out with us yesterday, We…
4 laptops and 3 tablets dropped off this morning. Thank you 😊
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY @ferretd69 @KTTunstall @BBCBreakfast Phil, you’re not telling cinemas to stay closed are you? Appreciate you’re try… @ferretd69 @KTTunstall @BBCBreakfast 👍🏼 @TonijBob She says welcome home Tony! @dawn_woolley Good to see you Dawn! Will pop you a message over about further coffee 🙌🏼Working my way through edits and anticipating my reward (cake and beer from @HPBCLeeds) for getting this long overd…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY @AntonSuli @PeopleofLeeds @LeedsIndieFood @LeedsIGS @NMBCoRefectory Nice, always qualityWhat other indies are doing ace things today? Where should we be visiting this week when we’re not here? #Leeds’re definitely back - MARY’S IN!! drop over the day over at @HPBCLeeds 🥰
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYHeading over to @HPBCLeeds to drop off some old tech for @DawYorks. I *should* be there by 12...
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY @ferretd69 @KTTunstall @BBCBreakfast 👍🏼 ahh cool mate, it just looks like an account built to push a particular ang… @ferretd69 @KTTunstall @BBCBreakfast The govt underwrote banks without knowing how they’d do. The govt pay into inf… @ferretd69 @KTTunstall @BBCBreakfast Cool, so you think the government should invest in small music businesses and… @KTTunstall @ferretd69 @BBCBreakfast Phil, assuming you’re not a bot... You obviously remind us that bankers didn’…
Even better than old devices, one's that you aren't using or have replaced. Phone's that are a bit broken also - t…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY🔊🔊🔊We’re super looking forward to hosting this discussion, around the launch of what looks like being an important…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY📢📢 SELLING OUT will be published next month by @BloomsburyMus so please join me for unabashed promotion, including…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYidk how to explain this but thursday, october, and 8:00pm are all the same
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY @ruthsaxton76 Cheers Ruth! X🚨THIS WEEKEND - Don’t worry about booking, you can just turn up this Saturday or Sunday. Walk - ups are of course w… staff will be trained in line with the latest safety advice and have access to PPE, and we recommend you do the… right now let’s focus on safety, because that’s the most important thing for our staff and all of you lovely lo…’ve all been busy behind the scenes the last few months, whether it’s building maintenance, marketing, sustainabl… we open our doors and tables again, but things aren’t back to “normal” just yet It’ll be table service on… drop off each Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 12 noon at @HPBCLeeds You can also get a coffee/tea/pastr…
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@stevejd1972 @BBCBreakfast @BBCNews @KTTunstall Northern Rock? @kelear31 @matthewmaltese That was a great show. Be great to see Matt back.I am missing live music so much 🎶 The last gig I took a picture at was @matthewmaltese at @HPBCLeeds
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY @stevejd1972 @BBCBreakfast @BBCNews @KTTunstall 😂 Sorry, thought you were being serious. @grouchy55 @BBCBreakfast @BBCNews @KTTunstall But this is different mate. It’s a wide scale public banning of events. @stevejd1972 @BBCBreakfast @BBCNews @KTTunstall Yeah, I’ll call them up thanks Steve. Lehmann / Northern Rock shou… @BBCBreakfast @KTTunstall Guys, you’re followed by loads of weirdly anti culture bots. @Gaz82890841 @BBCBreakfast @BBCNews @KTTunstall Bot @northernstock2 @BBCBreakfast @KTTunstall This is not the companies you’re imagining. And it’s an economy that has… @MykGee45 @BBCBreakfast @BBCNews @KTTunstall Who are you thinking of? @ferretd69 @BBCBreakfast @KTTunstall This is not primarily coming from multi millionaires. All due respect, but I’m… #saveourvenues 4 months ago @HPBCLeeds . Great night out with #drycleaningband . Venues and bands ne…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY#letthemusicplay Amigo the Devil @HPBCLeeds Feb 2020
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYListened to some fresh mixes from audio ninja @sharkestra of my group NOISY BOX live at @HPBCLeeds from March this…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILY @lunarsoundsband @duckband_uk @NERVOUSTWITTA @Big_Joanie 😢I can't imagine the world without these venues @Rock_City_Notts @RoughTrade @Leadmill @Nath_Brudenell
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYPlease check out this new campaign from @musicvenuetrust when you get a min! The UK's live music industry is in a d…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYit goes without saying that this needs our support and our attention. we can't allow live music to die 👇🏻…
Retweeted by HPBC • OPEN DAILYAs a fan of live music, particularly having seen some acts at @HPBCLeeds and other #Leeds venues, is be grateful fo…
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