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BAFTA award-winning writer. @OnestoWatch_TV 2020/21. Father to two beautiful girls and one ugly girl. Rep'd by @MinghellaLouisa at Blake Friedmann

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@_rpflynn Honestly that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard?
@erlking My money is on 49. @rmdbutler Did... did it work? @Daisy_Swain @GovanhillGo @southsidehap I saw them this morning! Absolutely obsessed.I joked the other day that it was only a matter of time before we got a celebrity-endorsed hand sanitiser but Shang… @ultrabawl @Conortroversial Don’t come for my gal Amanda like this. rip in peace bb girl gone but not forgot.Show me your teeth
Retweeted by 🎄 Michael Lee Richardson 🎄 @sillyolddaniel Mariah, what do you think of Miss Piggy? @pixieglas I had no idea this existed til now but this is incredible? @morganmpage From start to finish! It's still one of the best pilots there's ever been, I think they were just rode… Jessica Parkicer sings 'Let's Have a Kiki' with Shangela then Lea Michelle bursts in with 'Turkey Lurkey Time'.Everything that happened in Glee was like a weird fever dream
We’re watching the Dolly Christmas Netflix thing and the guy from AJ and the Queen plays a Christian pastor called… @whaddagem Oh, I'd haunt you any day of the week, hon @acereject Of course you weren't, they're LIMITED EDITION.The First would win Snatch Game.
Retweeted by 🎄 Michael Lee Richardson 🎄 @alasdaaldor Oh, that was a different story altogether (feeling v called out that I basically have 3 stories I tell over and over again).Elusive not illusive, sorry, I didn’t go to school for spelling!I also told an amusing story about the time I had an interview at a soap a bunch of you all work for.Me, @HxOvAx and the illusive Garry Mac sat down to talk magic, witchcraft, hexing the moon and whether Beyoncé is n… Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones during a pandemic is a trip - Torrey Peters is a fucking genius, I ca…, via @uhh_kate, has blown my mind @skewblogs Oh, wow! I bet that was a time capsule! What's on it, do you know?If you can't handle me at my CD2 with 4 honking remixes on it then you don't deserve me at my CD1 with 2 b-sides.I think my accent is fairly nootch until I talk to @reececargan on Zoom and go full Vera Duckworth @acereject A new challenger appears: we called them Johnny Spinners in Northumberland. @jenlouisey_ @sillyolddaniel Homophobic.You messed with the wrong witch just friggin' love these books @ElaineCramond1 Lots of bouncing about in the 70s!God, check the nick of me, sea salt crackers. I've changed.You absolute sea salt cracker (me responding to @_rpflynn's spicey Whatsapps) @nevereverDave David, your responses always make me chuckle. 'More chance at a séance' 😂 @abbybarras Oh, yes, without a doubt, but as a big-faced person I'm just glad to see the big-faced community represented for once.This is lovely @NonBinary68 I'd gone with the Kay's catalogue, but have switched from Barbie to Sindy 😂 @abbybarras I love her big beautiful face!Help, I'm writing a thing: top 70s Christmas present and the catalogue you'd be looking at them in (UK, specifically Glasgow). @pennyb Well. That's a lovely surprise. @EdgeofE17 I know I've got my tree up early but I was just trying to bring a touch of whimsy to the discourse.It’s not even 9am and I’ve already seen trauma after tragedy after trauma lobbed over the barricades at people who… I died - and I never intend to, obviously - but if I died, and I saw one of you throw my death like a bomb into…
My kingdom to the streaming service that had the Whitney and Brandy Cinderella, please.Me meeting Princess Diana in heaven’m watching the Taylor Swift Disney+ thing and for those of you playing along at home I stan Taylor again, I will… @Nataliealana87 Oh god, 50 would knock me out but I might go with 10! @Lighthousebks No, you are! January but with me buying books.This is a @Lighthousebks appreciation post! For anyone doing their Christmas shopping - or just looking to give t… @DebbieBMoon Ha! It's an abomination. @cloeuf_ Remake the whole thing but with different fans. @SMFRecords CGI Princess Leia.Thanks, I hate it question, obviously, they are all real.iii) Sam and Dean get trapped in a medical drama called Dr Sexy, MD vi) Sam and Dean battle a pagan god who has sto… of these is fake? i) An old TV transports Sam and Dean into the world of Scooby-Doo ii) Sam and Dean enter a… Zoom quiz where I just read the synopses for different Supernatural episodes and ask if you think they are real o… have had 10 weeks paid work this year and was #ExcludedUK from all gov support. I’m trying to create opportunitie…
Retweeted by 🎄 Michael Lee Richardson 🎄 @adamfelixobrien Yes but I want more, Felix. @DebbieBMoon Paltrow - and daughter Apple - in Partick, Glasgow for Simon Pegg's wedding. (2005) Pic: Media Scotland.
Retweeted by 🎄 Michael Lee Richardson 🎄Ryan Murphy has a new Netflix show every two weeks and yet he STILL hasn't done an American Horror Story: Coven spin-off? Disgusting. @johncox88 It's PERFECT.(Don’t come for me, we’re in lockdown til my birthday and I’m a bitch who needs to have a project.)Is this the week I’m going to do it? Is this the week I’m going to start watching all the Treehouse of Horror episodes in order?choose your giant popstar fighter
Retweeted by 🎄 Michael Lee Richardson 🎄 @ciaraaa12 It’s hard for me to watch American Idol because I have perfect pitch.Glinner arriving on Mumsnet like
@ciaraaa12 Every emotional plane yet, somehow, exactly the same episode over and over again. Perfect. @evilniamh Right?! He makes me want to cry, he’s so adorable! @evilniamh I don’t think so, but they’re pretty prolific on Instagram is something incredibly, incredibly comforting about the (genius) format of this show that just hits my sweet spot.We're living in the golden age of television, I'm really lucky to be working on some incredible drama projects, and… @whaddagem Going to be a wine Mom vlogger by the end of the week, bottoms up, hun!Just set up a 12 month standing order of a fiver a month to support transfems and transfem causes - I know not ever…'m not even that big a drinker but I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to buy a whole bunch of Dracula-themed booze from… joy I feel every time I see Sarah Michelle Gellar. Call that Sarahtonin.
Retweeted by 🎄 Michael Lee Richardson 🎄It seems to me that Suzanne Moore's problem was that she *wasn't* cancelled, she was just disagreed with. She ended…
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Do me, do me know you all knew it would still be ongoing, experienced virologists and doomprophets that you are, I just like… tweet brought to you by the experience of realising I still have Jujubee in my calendar for next month, ticket…’s been an ongoing joke that gigs I have tickets for - Janet Jackson, TLC, Nadine Coyle, Kim Petras, everything f… was not prepared for the amount of face-slapping in the first five minutes of this movie. Is slapping your chum's…
Retweeted by 🎄 Michael Lee Richardson 🎄 @kaitewelsh 4, C and I’m going to say the denim jacket but not THAT denim jacket?The Rita Ora 5G advert is mad, isn’t it? #adsofbakeoff is winning this, girlies #bakeoff @Chrisrubery ...that makes... more sense. @Chrisrubery ...Ricky Martin? @cincodemayoMike I think I just look at his nice tops.When Noel said, ‘I’m 47’, that wasn’t a bit - goths don’t age #bakeoff @IshbelMcF’s run was accompanied by this phenomenal episode of Maintenance Phase on anti-fat bias which I *neeeeeeed* al…
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Retweeted by 🎄 Michael Lee Richardson 🎄About time those chuckling fucks got called out Studios, Thousand Films launch diverse writing comp - Televisual
Retweeted by 🎄 Michael Lee Richardson 🎄 @emsler I'd hoped we'd at least get a film, especially after that finale! @cloeuf_ I only watch sports anime when it seems like they might be gay, though @sillyolddaniel It's homophobic is what it is, Daniel. @Daisy_Swain Oh, you're in for a treat - the finale is bonkers. @sillyolddaniel I feel like they could do with someone curating that trove? I never know what to watch on there, th…