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Radio Producer & Host, voice artiste, m.c. who is trying hard to practise the timeless art of present moment awareness!! opinions are personal.

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Sanaya is there at the end of this video. Enjoy! @nsanayairani @SanayaIraniWeb @SanayaIraniFB @sanayairanini @zigzackly @SachinKalbag Hahaha that would be the day 😂🤣#Exorcist & @michaeljackson loving #Lucknow boy who debuts in @TheVikramBhatt s #Ghost ! @shivambhaargava tells me… @zigzackly @SachinKalbag Not allowed to bro - music companies will sue us to heaven and back. We have the rights fo… @SachinKalbag exec. editor @HTMumbai @htTweets talks to me about @mybmc redesigning select junctions… @vickyahuja74 Sorry wrong answer vikram but wonderful that u tried. I’m grateful. They are all artistes performing… @pshycedellic Sad but trueVoter turn out across Mumbai & suburbs on Monday. @SachinKalbag executive editor @htTweets @HTMumbai has all the nu… without ads @abhijitpshah_ head mktg, digital &customer experience @ICICIPruMF on using data & custo… @ebonyhoffman16 - ur fabulous!
Check me out with one of the best in the business @HrishiKay 🎶 🎼 🎵
Retweeted by Hrishikesh KannanHead marketing, digital & customer experience @ICICIPruMF @abhijitpshah_ talks me through his passion for running &…
My pleasure I’m glad u enjoyed it @MarianLatif u ! without ads & songs. @kunalrao on being an introvert,on ‘finishing’ tinder, pushing 40 & also doing… Video Of Interview @nsanayairani @SanayaIraniWeb @SanayaIraniFB @sanayairanini @SanayaIraniHC @sanayairaniforu #SanayaIrani speaks to me about her all time favourite tv show, bagging @TheVikramBhatt s… midlife crisis plays out onstage in a @PrimeVideoIN special called #done ! @kunalrao live instudio telling me a… @Vahishtai Thank god for that
#VideoOfFullInterview @TheVikramBhatt explains the concept of souls vs spirits to me & how #HorrorFilms are created…
#VideoOfFullInterview @ebonyhoffman16 on the training required to play pro #basketball , her time at @IndianaFever pls help. Thank u @Vahishtai for bringing this to my attention. Hope & prayers that he is found soon. chat @cypplOfficial @aanandlrai @ErosIntlPlc @SaifOnline @saifalikhanFC @SaifAlliKhan @SaifAlikhan3 #JackSparrow vs #LalKaptaan ,the return of vinyls, Indian history during the… Radio Producer and Host @HrishiKay speaks about his collaboration with AVID and his views on our d…
Retweeted by Hrishikesh Kannan
Enjoy this @cypplOfficial @aanandlrai @ErosIntlPlc @SaifOnline @saifalikhanFC @SaifAlliKhan @SaifAlikhan3 has a fine sense of history & rock n roll (amongst other things). Always so much fun talking to the Nawab with p… this @nsanayairani @SanayaIraniWeb @SanayaIraniFB @sanayairanini @SanayaIraniHC @sanayairaniforu got so much covered, the lovely #SanayaIrani & me. Chatting about @bomanirani @TheVikramBhatt (all vibrant good… @SuhanaSafar121 Ur number urgently pls ? Dm meThanks @vickyahuja74 I’m glad u were able to get some cool takeaways from my show the eloquent #SaifAliKhan this morning at 9 talking #BattleOfBuxar , Naga Sadhus, the erstwhile Nawab of Benga…
#FullInterview @SachinKalbag @htTweets @HTMumbai discusses maratha agitation,advancements in chemo to prevent hair…’ve made my day @naikdb 🤗thank u @sxxyniknoit Check DM pls ?. @SaifOnline @saifalikhanFC @SaifAlliKhan @SaifAlikhan3 @saifalikhan88 @SAIF__AliKhan @SaraaAliKhan @TPataudi in #chemotherapy tech & now #cancer survivors can hope not to lose their hair. @SachinKalbag exec edit… Catch the nawab with the pizzazz #SaifAliKhan Fri 18th Oct 9-10 am talking to me about his upco…
#UploadedInterview without ads. @TheVikramBhatt talks to me about his horror film #Ghost , enjoying working with pr…! Thank you @HrishiKay
Retweeted by Hrishikesh KannanHes definitely one of the most interesting characters in showbiz @TheVikramBhatt is! He tells me he is rational eno…🤗 @BhavanaIssar @caregiversaathi
#UploadedInterview without ads @BhavanaIssar @caregiversaathi on running support groups for parents of children wit… instudio talking to @BhavanaIssar about psycho social support for caregivers with her @caregiversaathi . Its a…
Catch @BhavanaIssar with @HrishiKay (Hrishi K) talking about Caregiver Saathi: Companions for caregivers on Monday…
Retweeted by Hrishikesh KannanCheck this! @ZeeMusicCompany @RSVPMovies @roykapurfilms @IvanhoePictures @PurplePebblePic @TeamPriyanka Its the definitive @priyankachopra chat with me in which we talk of her dad, @nickjonas in as we discuss 100 days of Modi Government 2.0 highlighting Auto Sector Reforms, Historic Merger of Public S…
Retweeted by Hrishikesh Kannan#VideoOfFullInterview @IamKirtiKulhari @sobhitaD @ItsViineetKumar & @Jaiahlawat hang loose with me sharing tales of…
@gkad69 @priyankachopra @nickjonas @FarOutAkhtar @U2 The evening - don’t worry I’ll put up the link here GinaEnjoy! @ZeeMusicCompany @RSVPMovies @roykapurfilms @IvanhoePictures @PurplePebblePic @TeamPriyanka @ZairaWasimmm think its so cool that she says to me “I want to learn how to be a good producer under the tutelage of… with u @priyankachopra are like a riveting motion picture🤗❤️Guys-she tells me about handling pain with h… without ads. @RahuldaCunha producer @RageProductionT , #RajitKapur the actor amongst actors,…
@KasturiB25 Ok @DookaraneA @_therunningsoul Just follow me on soundcloud and youtube bro. There’s stuff I put up everyday…’m so glad my show was able to provide some entertainment whilst you were on ur run #Parul @_therunningsoul @BrianMendes04 Sorry Brian music company royalty issues for songs being played. So that has been discontinued for n… @seemas2408 Yes hes fabulous. Thank u seema
The @WNBA legend @ebonyhoffman16 talks to me bout an eventful career with @LA_Sparks @IndianaFever & @usabasketball @Reachme_kev Ur full name and number ?? Quick#MosambiNarangi stars #RajitKapur #AjeetSinghPalawat its a @RageProductionT producer by @RahuldaCunha & directed by…
#FullInterview without ads. @MantriSanjeev executive director @ICICILombard on motor own damage insurance & the mis… @BilalS158 tells me about his beginnings & writing #BardOfBlood plus #KissOfLife with… Bald Bandicoot of comedy returns for a fortnight on my #SpeakersCorner & he shall be overshadowed by his proge… @HIRAMEHTA3 Thank u hira
#FullVideoOfInterview @Vaaniofficial on getting her cyr wheel & swing pole dancing right for #War #Ghungroo , how h…
Looking forward to seeing u this evening for our radio interview #PeeCee 🤗 I love how you call me “hrishikaaay” wit… @EmraanFC @EmraanHFilms @Emraanians @emranhashmii @TeamEmran @EmraanHashmiFC @EmranHashmiFC @EmraanUniverse @EmraanFC @EmraanHFilms @Emraanians @emranhashmii @TeamEmran @EmraanHashmiFC @EmranHashmiFC @EmraanUniverse @emraanhashmi & director @ribhudasgupta on the making of #BardOfBlood , @iamsrk s phenomenal… @shilparao11 tells me about poor jokes & great food when working with @VishalDadlani @VishalDadlani @ShekharRavjiani on collaborators @AbhijitVaghani @blackstratblues , paraglidi…
Enjoy @HrithikRules @HrithikInspires @HrithikWeb @Hrithikdbest @HrithikUniverse @hrithikfanclub @HrithikRoshanC for the full interview click here . @iHrithik telling me about meetin…❤️🤗 @iHrithik you @iTIGERSHROFF 🤗❤️ too good @desal1974 👏👏thanks for ur belief & most importantly sending the show & Podcast to so many forums.
@iSangitaC @Vaaniofficial @War_TheFilm @yrf @yrftalent he didn’t do a short video for me this time because the prod… @iSangitaC @Vaaniofficial @War_TheFilm @yrf @yrftalent Check my timeline bro @dopinionatedin @iHrithik Will do bro - ya super slick film @Rebecka_Shroff @vivekchauhan962 @iHrithik @iTIGERSHROFF @War_TheFilm @yrf @Vaaniofficial @yrftalent Nope not this time unfortunately
@HrithikRules @HrithikInspires @HrithikWeb @Hrithikdbest @HrithikUniverse @hrithikfanclub @HrithikRoshanC @iHrithik u have just taken the action genre to another level! Thank u for another brilliant performance… she hot or what?!🔥❤️Thx @Vaaniofficial for some super conversations over the last week. I owe it to you to have… nice 1 with @shilparao11 in which she sings #Ghungroo for me acoustic,tells me about recording sessions wit… good humoured & good natured this man. Thx @ShekharRavjiani for a super conversation on working with… always get a lot covered when Im with @VishalDadlani ! We speak about #SiddharthAnand teaching @shilparao11 to si… without ads & songs. #KrutiKhemani on rehab post #cardiacarrest / #heartattack as well as recovery f… without ads & songs. @ashwanibhatia62 MD & Ceo @SBIMF on debt linked savings scheme not coming thro… without songs & ads. Holistic health & wellness never sounded better! On my #WorldHeartDay Spl Dr.… without songs & ads. Remarkable conversation with #SachinJain President @forevermark @ForevermarkIN director & ceo of @SBIMF @ashwanibhatia62 talks to me live instudio about the current economic slowdown &…
Mere dost @ItsViineetKumar love you bro #WorldHeartDay #WorldHeartWeek specials with @vshivdasani on stress, sleep & good & bad cholesterol. L… director @forevermark @ForevermarkIN @debeersgroup talking grading, design & more live instudio🤗❤️ @Jaiahlawat
🤗❤️ @sobhitaD around pre premiere! Have to say that this is next level experiential marketing. Some shootout games, a lie… loved his #Te3n *ing @SrBachchan @vidya_balan @Nawazuddin_S & he now helms #BardOfBlood - @ribhudasgupta tells me…