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hi, you’ve reached nita! ( i answer dms on ig ↓ )

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@9abriellaa omg YESSS i rewatched it last night if u saw me on ur acct o___o @9ulys sooo excited for us 💘💘💘 @9ulys can i get an owa owa in the chat? @9abriellaa will be windmilling my arm LMAOOO @9abriellaa so thankful bc it’s been impossible to get in where i live ☹️IM GETTING MY FIRST DOSE TMRW, MAKE SOME NOISEEEEEEEE @bigdaddyiris 😞“the secret world of arietty” is one of my favorite movies bc they’re tiny people who borrow things and im a 5’0 girl who shoplifts @kingofoutcasts she deals w so much misogyny as beibers wife + there r so many vids of him being rude/mean towards her on live lolif you guys start crediting all french pastries to me, we can eliminate the french with no cultural loss @incelrepellent “babe i WASNT TRYING” LMFAOOOO @CHERRYH3AVEN they need to stop going live all the damn time @mollieestark definitely needed that rest but it couldnt have waited 3 hours? 😭i dont want to feel bad for hailey beiber bc she’s rich and white but DAMN her married life makes me sadjust woke up after falling asleep at 8pm. missed like 5 deadlines, cool cool
@3poison33 i usually do sushi or charcuterie and ofc fruit and desserts— i pack it into boxes and bring a board and… @3poison33 like what kind of tips? @hotgrIz thank you 🤍my sister asked me to stay logged in to her instagram so i can make her posts for her; officially a social media manager! @coffee_eyed dont be mad at me but i kinda get it .. it’s the eyebrows mostly @iwaslikeheyy ive had this happen LMFAOOOO @serendipitifuI im CRYYYING @serendipitifuI this happened like 3min why is the screenshot from 2015 @swrongwitme i blended strawberries, sugar, lime juice, and some ice— then added some pink moscato and finished with peach sparkling water!! @megnrnee thank u bae!!!!🤍 @peachcrisis omg ive been listening exclusively to this all weekend @sabapack maybe they’ll stop censoring nonmen’s nipples now!!!!! @angeIoona very cool feature! if u click under 18 it restricts you from viewing the profile! @dehimbofication watch this series on youtube once and it’s over u get sucked in for a lifetime @woosexuals im cryinggg how did they even see that tweeti want to tell my parents to watch parasite but there’s a sex scene and i dont want them to know i know what sex is
Retweeted by so no one was going to tell me they put me in a koreaboo article @sabapack 😈 lets godrinking warm honey milk at the same time as ponyo and sosuke for a 4d movie experience @bunneeskimchi ive been meaning to watch princess kaguya! im just rewatching faves tn tho @notxruby Girls! Get THE best vibrator here @cIowneko just finished howls and now watching ponyo! my siblings nd i pitched a tent in our living room to watchstudio ghibli marathon tn im so happy @pinkyringz can’t wait 🤍 @perlucidum LMFAOOOOOOOOOomg thank u to everyone who dmed me their hbo log in info @jimanfa LMAOOOOOOOO ive posted them on my story and finsta!!! @perlucidum superfluous reallyi hate my followers i really do @jimanfa no i just found it funny that u didnt know @worshipkittie @douxgf LMFAO YES I CAN SHOW U SCREENSHOTS he said it was a joke but i was like ??? what @SpaceNerd27 in that case im good! @jimanfa that is my sibling. @hypermegavirgin this is a warning. next time i will block you. @jimanfa ??????
@BOTOXFAIRY what happened omg!!if i post flowers from a man on my instagram just know that story is hidden from at least 3 others @perlucidum LMAOOOOOOOOOO @camkarda this is giving me tingles @camkarda omg this is magical @ynotkms LMFAOOOOOOEJFJHFJF
Retweeted by @vxk23 could figure out the math if i wanted to but knew someone else on twitter could do it faster! @kingofoutcasts people are saying it’s like a minuscule FRACTION of a penny @ToumikAsatoori2 thank u for crunching the numbers!!!! @Mirthematician YES THANK U but what the fuck i am going so insane @vxk23 show ur worki think i could gather enough rage rn to beat the life out of his body until his bald head was deflated like a basketball @ToumikAsatoori2 ARE YOU SERIOUS OR PLAYING WITH ME @peachcrisis @mautcabforcutie thank u for calling reinforcementssomeone who is good at math tell me how much $50 would be relative to jeff bezos’s wealth compared to say... someone with a $50,000 incomeUp late playing with my worm thinking about how we used to play with each others have a really funny draft but it requires a victim @lesbopisces and thats why i love u sm @divinelyfucked ANGELLLL happiest birthday to u 🥺 im sending u so much love!!!!! @soulington yea.. little lego man @nabsouI if it gets there ima start panicking LMAOwhen u smoke so much u start moving like a lego @NYDOLLAZZZZ @FINEGRLOFFICIAL GET THEMMMM...... your ad is so much sexier @alyssaerenee i told my mom about us @abrilluisarios because u were already too perfect. now u can bake too??!SHE’S A LIBRAAA GET LIKE MEEE @crosshairkitten i need to see it those are the best ones @lavafairys eating his body and drinking his blood too 🤔 @sthmft @OREOS how did this never blow up @queerm0m MY angel u are so beautiful~~~~~~hey~~~~~~
Retweeted by @bigdick396 LMAO THIS IS SO CUTE @Iovekkura EWWW I GOT COCK CAGEit’s every week that i wish i could go clubbing
Retweeted by @bigracks idk if there’s a faster way but i just crossed out letters for every frame @angeIoona the sip sip makes me laugh @camkarda about an hour and a half LMAO “look too good” was the hardesti had to make my own @sIugparty oh my god??????? im about to propose @jimanfa hope they d*e
Retweeted by @khrosy_ sending rn 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 @wociio bet im sending rn @jimanfa da cutest ily“babe can we pleaaaase have normal sex tonight?” no. now put the bunny ears on and turn around. @crosshairkitten this photo is about to make ME pull a prince philip @mumu_eater it’s so much less work to make the bed afterwards too.... moving all the pillows and plushies is too muchthat dm reminded me of the time that my ex posted this photo of himself and someone commented “why” and it was enough to make him delete it