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@Vanityxz team secret vs KRU finals as we all expected @gedster3 yes me too but @gedster3 very sad for VS but C9 are true American heros @SOClALFN @KanyePodcast Blame Game best kanye song ever @kopinski08 @ScreaM_ @Nivera__ critical reading skills are necessary @BennyTheAsian Because it’s correct @MikesHD_ @gutszera he was right all along
@gedster3 actual best val series I’ve ever watched so fucking intense @garfshots SEN Asuna next year sadly they need a duelist that’ll show up in big games 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ @JoshNissan @KRUesports MASTERMIND @KingFPS__ @JoshNissan @T1 there’s still a non-zero chance @stirnite all of them @FionnOnFire @aEvilcat and if you do it over two days monetarily it just doesn’t make sense to rent out the venue f… time I find a piece of media that I like I watch 300 reaction videos of it on YouTube so I can feel validated for liking it @h1dron garrett had the best qb of all time and still couldn’t call plays @h1dron I’m a beast at madden I’ll have them scoring 85 a game @SvBreaker @FionnOnFire @BennyTheAsian it’s YOU!
@DonHaci @ValorantEsports @KRUesports @FURIA we need to contact bolsanaro and make him pay the KRU players as much… @garfshots F1 race of the year is on and you’re watching Jazz vs Cavs @garfshots send keznit to a good region @sullycasts this is advanced humor @garfshots tac fps in general are the best esports to watch, also so happy that Saving isn’t as viable in Val as it… @garfshots Brazilian influencers with millions of followers accuse 16 year leaf of cheating and send their fans to… @garfshots you obviously have no idea what it means to be a Brazilian @garfshots hundreds of thousands of Brazilians spamming KKKKKKKK in twitch chat every time zombs dies is more important than your pickems @garfshots you’re not a real man if you think KRU is gonna win we need FURIA to win so we can see the FURIA SEN rematch @DonHaci @ValorantEsports @crazyraccoon406 @teamsecret you want Japan to hate you now too????? @DonHaci in the wise words of Asuna @FionnOnFire @MikesHD_ maybe TSM can step in instead of these teams @SideshowGaming what does this metric really tell us tho if someone has a really good ACS online and still has a re… @CurryLifeTTV @Dronecsgo @DonHaci marketing tactic to increase viewership for SEN vs FURIA 760k first match riot said they need a million for the rematch @slowdiiive @ArianaGrande I think I’m god @slowdiiive @ArianaGrande those are big words idk what they meani don’t think god is a woman actually @ArianaGrande this isn’t true @Dronecsgo It was ALREADY the most viewed game of the tourney so far
@SOClALFN just being married to Marjorie Taylor Greene @garfshots North America needs to start importing EU players like LoL it’s OVER @garfshots gambit won already garfshots @DonHaci no that’s just the power of the zombs nation @garfshots all 3 BR teams making it out of groups FURIA is gonna beat SEN in the rematch @garfshots in groups too @GrembloMale @dmitry02067 @KingsmanJay312 @Iam_Arth36 @McBiryaani @GeorgeCGed the rate is decreased this is a fact @KingsmanJay312 @dmitry02067 @Iam_Arth36 @McBiryaani @GeorgeCGed no it creates a lower rate of transmission too @hatrilex @GeorgeCGed Stockholm has different laws to Berlin. Berlin has very high Covid case count atm. They decid… @GeorgeCGed So no KEYD game today? @valesports_na @Envy @VivoKeyd bro I think you missed a memoNew voice just dropped @Avast_o how does someone who goes to anime conventions have 35 friends that has to be fake news @SideshowGaming all this to stop mwzera @DonHaci I’m so confused as to why they used it tho they very clearly know it’s a glitch and two different teams ha… @CrowdusDekel @DrairFX @kroK_CS @madkingsesports @eztalent1337 @pokiman88545075 @morgenowsky @thereneux @NessZyy7 @BennyTheAsian AGREED @BennyTheAsian what’s ur aoty @BennyTheAsian Sour is better than 30 but AOTY????? @BruvPerca we have one of those and one of people sleeping in class
@BruvPerca they think they’re so quirky and cool @aEvilcat I unfoIIowing mimi no shot she goes CSGO....CSGO come on mimi u betray valorant how ccould u do dis. If i… high schools “bad fits” page has posted a public apology this is a monumental moment in history @garfshots Gambit getting boomed by Brazil tomorrow too 🤷‍♂️ @garfshots SEN beating Liquid tomorrow sadly @KingFPS__ I personally liked the one where VS took a then Fnatic tried to retake through the flank @garfshots a lot of liberal middle aged people are super anti “culture war” political correctness @garfshots @avatrillingfan I don’t just hate successful women I hate all women they are evil @No1sNoah they’re just not losing to KRU or Furia they’re def making it out @BennyTheAsian = by Ed Sheeran my goat 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️
@benshapiro Very true ben @GeorgeCGed Keznit is the next s1mple @spookyaddison @jrush512 I mean if the gear isn’t working you can’t play you can’t really lie about it like you can online @garfshots it was their map pick it’s ok @Cryptobro420 favorite Taylor album? @garfshots @GambitEsports real men will watch the Sergio Aguero costream on twitch later for the Liquid game sucks for you 🤷‍♂️ @soulcas_ no see if you sova drone then use a viper and sage wall then play post plant from back yellow you can pla… @garfshots @GambitEsports if Secret didn’t have visa issues and actually made it to the event they would’ve won Ber… @C0Mtweets Confirmed Gambit fluke Berlin run if Team Secret didn’t have visa issues they would’ve won the tourney without dropping a mapif team secret beat gambit Joe Biden should send a stimulus check to every Filipino Citizen @avatrillingfan respect evermore @slowdiiive the park. TAPE OUT NOW !!!!
Retweeted by sw oo sh @BennyTheAsian clean ur roomskip bayless. @garfshots RJ BARRETT @katieiskindaok CIGARETTEEEEE DAYDREAAAAMSSSwhoever manages this account needs to tweet more stuff like this instead of that “America is back we’re getting thr… abortions now exterminate the human race I’ve seen one too many youngboy accounts on twitter @garfshots no critical thought at all in those people brain jsut empty
@garfshots real men use @garfshots unserious spike gg user @garfshots just wait for leaf to wake up @DonHaci generational judge gameplay right there @garfshots team secret worse @MikesHD_ I heard 100T are LF1if crazy racoon don’t win this match then I’m offing myself @crazyraccoon406 my blood will be on your handshey @youtubemusic RELEASE YOUTUBE WRAPPED @BennyTheAsian they don’t know I use youtube music @BennyTheAsian virgin