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If your HTML is crap, then let someone else do it.

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Less an opinion and more a fact, but boy, the lads don’t like it when you tell them HTML and CSS are programming la…
Retweeted by The HTML PoliceYou'll discover if your client / organization really cares about accessibility when an issue is found that isn't covered by WCAG.Developer man: "I'm not sure if I understand your [HTML] question, but now that I've said that... here's a bunch of…
A bug was found with your component when testing with this screen reader / this browser. dev: I can't reproduce it…
@dylanatsmith Dunno. Same thing different name. But also if given a 0 value, then the name doesn’t make sense :) @dylanatsmith what would that even do? need more context, as right now, I would agree it has no value ;) @POWRSURG all negative values, from a UX / accessibility impact are essentially the same as -1. so... sure? would… I think about the cumulative dev time lost to re-engineering spans into buttons with JavaScript and I rem…
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@wizzyfx Tabindex=“cut the crap”tabindex should allow for values -1 and 0. Only. I'd say "change my mind" but you won't be able to.
@evangoer don't forget your validator.And if you didn't use ARIA to do HTML’s job 🖖
Retweeted by The HTML PoliceHell, watch all of these. this
Legends rarely live up to their hype, especially when founded on no substance. @stylegehen Appreciate you looking for the silver lining.
"Use semantic HTML and you'll get accessibility for free" <input type=checkbox id=agree> <label for=agree> <h2 s… @rogerjmexico You’ve said some have no greater meaning than div. that’s false. What do you propose to be better?
@birkir_gun Oh you @ahmadalfy perfect @meduzen Checks out<ul class="form"> <li class="form__action"> <button class="btn" type="submit">Submit</button> </li> </ul>… @jasongradwell @stoiandan22 1993 was the first publication of html. Html 2.0 in 1995 was the first time it was prom…
@LeeTechTinkerer it warms my cold dead heart to know I made you cry (ignoring the laughing part) @justingeeslin yes. the code snippet is rubbish. It's adorable because the developer clearly had no idea what the… @LeeTechTinkerer Furthermore, would generally agree with your take here, if not for the fact that this is a hyperbo… @LeeTechTinkerer the people who make software can be intelligent and have the best intentions. software can still… web development: "If you just spin up an instance of Golden Goose on Elastic Clownshoes, then clone the flug…
Retweeted by The HTML PoliceIf you don't share this take, then delete that #a11yExpert hash tag from your twitter bio, now. @scriptexbg understand your joke. also nope. wasn't there.React Native: when you want to do a metric butt ton of work and still produce garbage... but across multiple platfo… @MichaelMistak would submit the real reason why we can't have nice things is because people who write junk like thi… @stoiandan22 not old. it's trash code. <a href=...>...</a> The way to make a link since 1995. @toddlibby facts are stupid. opinions/feelings are all that matter. reality be damned.<marquee> obsolete in HTML. role="marquee" a type of live region (set to _not_ make announcements by default) co… @wojtekmaj91 Can’t copy and paste the css rule set? @wojtekmaj91 Two questions: Shouldn’t you be really good at it by this point then? Why not write a reusable class…"we still need to support IE11" that's too bad. But if you need to "support" IE11, why are you trying to make ever…
<button type=link href=https...>...</button> Saw that on a website today. Absolutely adorableFor whomever needs to hear this: you can't have multiple autofocus attributes in the same web page. cut it out.
<portal> ... no that’s the joke.What did the full stack developer say to the HTML developer? Nothing, because they don't think developers that focus solely on HTML exist.What's your <main> concern here? What's your other <main> concern(s) here? Glad that nonsense got sorted.
@normansblog Mmm.... suggest looking those up in the specDo you know the difference between <s> and <del>? (psst... it's ok if you don't, I'm positive there are many that… @BrettJephson If only
modern web dev is an extreme overreaction to not liking some php
Retweeted by The HTML PoliceThis one’s got a data-shade=“true” going on Also hi. I resemble your remarks. @aardrian just want to make sure the facts are straight. @aardrian did you need "new" in there? @proximowebs @stevefaulkner eyes outside of a skull. disturbing.Look at me, repeating myself like a chump. Feel free to block/unfollow. I'll likely do this again. @lloydi real talk always sticks the landingwho wants to file an issue against the HTML spec to deprecate <input type=image>? While you're at it, deprecate ty…<small> remains in the HTML spec. <big> was removed. Seems to me <big> would have been great for things like "this… asked CSS to work this beat with me. Turned down my offer. Said it wasn't their style. @stevefaulkner that's a <b> statement Mr. Faulkner. Almost as if you know what the hell you're talking about but r… making a cake: "I need to use the correct ingredients here or else this will turn out horribly." Developers… <small> element. When you visually, and semantically want to indicate "no one will want to read this text" @rogerjmexico The html spec also has a long paragraph within a caption, giving a table a verbose assessable name.…
@bobrov1989 @EmmaBostian @Una This joke will go over too many developers’ heads. It’s unfortunateIf Trump were an HTML element, he'd be the <hgroup> a lot of bluster about how important it is and supporters that… @ThainBBdL @simevidas @stommepoes @ianjmacintosh Yeh. That seems an unfair assessment. Firefox’s a11y team does a lot of great work. @rogerjmexico @lonekorean However, per your example, if you use any semantically important element like a monkey th… @rogerjmexico @lonekorean Semantics are meaningful to developers (when used correctly). They are also programmatica… @rogerjmexico @lonekorean If all comments/content are wrapped in articles, then sounds like someone doesn’t know wh… toggle tip. Bye garbage tooltips @stevefaulkner what is this madness?? @daniel_siepmann @NamelessCoder icons that need "tooltips" are poor icons/design. And yes, it is incredibly diffic… @HTMLPolice And also, don't underline things that are not links.
Retweeted by The HTML Police<label for=name> Name </label> <input id=name placeholder="Your name"> The placeholder attribute, allowing designe… @dongissel @NamelessCoder no @dongissel @NamelessCoder Attributes There are no aria “tags” I’ll let you off with this warning, this time... @kaystrobach Not a bad tip. Just don’t display it in a trash bubble that appears over your face when people walk by, and you’re set. @NamelessCoder Sorry friend. But none of those actually make the point I think you were hoping for. Good effort th… @FatElvis04 Divs, it’s what’s for dinner.
What are devs learning about HTML in coding bootcamps? Hey Teach Me Later @Bobwise what kind of riddle speak are you trying to pull here?I'm conflicted on this... Bad HTML is bad. But bad HTML resulting in positive activities. That's... dare I say...… @ahmadalfy mine toothis tweet brought to you by: * the title attribute (trash) * the tooltip role (trash) * the compulsive use of "too… me a tooltip that isn't trash, and I'll show you a tooltip that is, in fact, still trash.
Step 1: Get underlined links with native rendering of <a href> elements. Step 2: Designer wants to "clean up the U… @vivekraj_kr Rather be <strong>
@RichardCarter Not my jurisdiction Just don’t get high off low grade markup @stevefaulkner Whenever you need oneTake a <br>
Telling a developer just to use semantic HTML is not enough. Understanding how to use in context, the ability to… @AndyKenward @lonekorean gross @supermegafedor @Rhys_Dyson @lonekorean except for all the important bits where they aren't the same. sure.Vue is a fad. Just ask React. etc.React is a fad. Just ask Angular.Angular is a fad. Just ask jQuery.
The correlation between people who are dismissive of HTML, and the people who are horrible at writing it is strong.Also who am I kidding... the idea of using ems over pxs ... that's hilarious.HTML: We should deprecate all the elements that are used for styling. Also HTML: let's let developers use the styl… @Gorsefan @krubner @lonekorean Dismissing that real world fact is ignorant or ableist. If ignorant, then that mean… @Gorsefan @krubner @lonekorean @Gorsefan your use of "AT" instead of assistive technology may be a reason why… development has no rules. ... Except for all of the rules that people consistently ignore when churning out th… @Jacob_Bogers @lonekorean well, no one that writes garbage markup at least.