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Dad:Calla&Bryn; Ass't Sup't; UMich Alum; Loyola EdD; ManoAMano Board; Harvard #HGSE_LEV Participant & #GEII Invitee; Relationships/Culture/Equity; #makeitmatter

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@Run_San_Run @Antioch34 Feelings and excitement are 💯 mutual. Cannot wait to start building relationships, engage i… @IPALake Thank you, team!Take a min, close your eyes, inhale a deep breath. Hold it. Exhale. Whose life will you change tomorrow? Ope…
Retweeted by Dr. Bradford Hubbard @LcglickmanLynn @Antioch34 I have heard! Incredible leadership and supportive colleagues up here, for sure! @Andilyn94 Thank you, Andrea! @MrsMJFriedman Team @LoyolaSOE! @tebotweets Appreciate it, Tebo! Remember talking about this on a patio in Helsinki, said I was ready…
2020 to bed after reading this incredibly thoughtful and warm welcome from the @Antioch34 BOE and woke up to this s… @LichtMeg @Antioch34 Thanks, Meg! @jjanczak Appreciate that and you, Jason. @LcglickmanLynn @Antioch34 Thank you, Lynn. Looking forward to working together! @ACHSBaseball1 @Antioch34 LOVE this picture and so appreciate that moment. Still have that framed jersey and I stil… @ManuelScott Thank you, Manny! I really appreciate it. @MrPStrunk @Antioch34 My guy, Phil! Thanks, friend! #makeitmatter I am going to start making #challengecoins that… makes the learning and experience stick. Well done, Becky! I want more adventure stories! @ChadRusk @Antioch34 Herr Rusk, thank you! @Dan_Coles Appreciate it, Dan! @Doc_Nik307 @Antioch34 Thank you, Dr. Law! @BerrieRL116 @Antioch34 I appreciate it...thanks! @npolyak @sequoitmedia Appreciate it, Nick! @Ronald_P_Davis @Antioch34 Appreciate it, Ron! @JeffFeucht @Antioch34 Thanks, Jeff! #inittogether @mikelubelfeld @MrsKristenPaul @sequoitmedia Thank you! @DrVickiLarson @Antioch34 Thanks, Vicki! #Team200 @mikelubelfeld @MrsKristenPaul @sequoitmedia Much appreciated, Mike! I’ve got many to look up to... @DarrinPeppard For sure! Thanks! @DarrinPeppard Appreciate it, Doc! #timetogettowork @_mcfernandez Thank you, friend...I appreciate you! #TeamPC @Joshua__Stamper Thank you, Sir...means a lot! @TsGingerMom I appreciate this and the support all these years! Thank you... @DebHart4883 @Antioch34 Thank you so much! @MLowrance2002 @Antioch34 Honored to serve this community! @walterberringer @Antioch34 @hgse Appreciate you, Walter! Trying to be the sum of my great influences and influencers, like you. @bbbullis @LoyolaSOE, colleague and friend...thanks! @MStoraasli Appreciate it, Mikkel! @mearnshaw158 @Antioch34 Thanks, friend!So excited to see @hubbardbradford continue to inspire kids everyday. As someone who went through district 34, the…
Retweeted by Dr. Bradford Hubbard @JohnBeerbower @Antioch34 Thank you, John! Honored and proud to serve...and to have colleagues like you! @TheSeaver1 Thank you, Ben! @kbempringham @Antioch34 Thank you, Kyle! @jmaraldo Thanks, Dr. Maraldo! @LoyolaSOE @BrianWalter87 @Antioch34 I appreciate that, Brian! Hope to stay connected as we collectively work to #makeitmatter! @jeffreykubiak #onedropofkindness #timetogettowork @APPrzybylski @Antioch34 Thank you, Mike! Zip-loc omelets to celebrate! @illinidad24 @Antioch34 Appreciate it, Eric! @AllysonApsey @Antioch34 I appreciate it, Allyson! #challengecoin #makeitmatter @scaschwa Team @LoyolaSOE! @RKallison11 @Antioch34 For sure! @MrKnappD70 @Antioch34 Thank you, Jeff...I’ve been so fortunate to be surrounded by great leaders... @michaelkpurcell I appreciate that, Mike! @Phil_Georgia Appreciate it, Phil! @MrSquishy_II @Antioch34 Yes!! @BBANT Appreciate it, Brent! Thanks for the support and vote of confidence! @Rholst10 @Antioch34 Thank you, Rebecca! Appreciate you. #makeitmatter @jonbartelt @Antioch34 I appreciate it, Jon! @gLIFEnbard87 Thank you, Raquel! @sheehyrw @Antioch34 Thanks, Ryan. Blessed to be connected with amazing educators and leaders. #makeitmatter @mradamwelcome @Antioch34 Thank you, Adam. I’ve benefitted from the support of many, you absolutely included. #makeitmatter @Joe_Sanfelippo Appreciate it, Joe! Cannot wait...I’ve got plenty of role models... #makeitmatter @ABaronello @Antioch34 I am honored and grateful...thank you! #makeitmatter #timetogettowork @MissSoberano This. Thanks for the kind words, Madelynn! You will do and be great! #makeitmatter #onceasequoitalwaysasequoit @BillMac79 Thanks, Bill! @nankr1120 I so appreciate this, Kristen! #confidentvulnerability #makeitmatterProfoundly humbled and deeply honored to have been selected by the @Antioch34 BOE to serve as the next #D34Pride Su… @MrsKristenPaul @sequoitmedia Thank you, Kristen! @TeacherFit19 Appreciate it! @kirs10i Appreciate it, Kirsten! @teresa_lance Thank you, Teresa! @RyanKeag12 Thanks, Ryan! @humann_kim Thank you, Kim! @kdruben @LoyolaSOE Thanks, Kevin! Would be here without y’all! #makeitmatter @JDbekind247 That’s, JD! @amwashington313 Anthony!! Thank you! #makeitmatter @drphilcampbell Thanks, PC! You’re my guy and you’ve helped build my skills to assume such a huge role. #makeitmatter @Run_San_Run Beyond honored! @KyleThompson643 My guy! Thanks, Kyle! @schuyler_gina @Antioch34 I appreciate that, Gina! @valdonnan Likewise! Thank you! @LizPotterNelson I appreciate that, Liz! I’ve been blessed with amazing colleagues:-) #makeitmatter @Feldman1Steve @Antioch34 Thank you, Steve! @YesyMSanchez Thanks, Yesenia! Looking forward to staying in touch and working on behalf of all! #makeitmatterThanks, Hans! Appreciate you! #makeitmatter @JonSalaban @Antioch34 Thanks, Jon! @JoriBowen Appreciate it, Jori! Great partnership that will surely continue! #makeitmatter @MuellerLCHS Thank you! Our work and partnership continues! #makeitmatter @Antioch34 @MurrayACHS Thank you, Grant...I’ve been blessed with and will continue to have a great team, awesome kids, and an… excited to continue serve this amazing community and continue a partnership with my colleagues in #D117LIVE @ACHSSequoits Thank you, Eric! Excited to continue a great partnership with #D117LIVE!
@JeffBenes @Your3652 Thanks for giving it a listen! You’ve summarized the message really well and I appreciate you…, humbled, and super stoked to have had the chance to tell more of my #makeitmatter story on Michelle Bronso… for the listen and shoutout! Your endorsement means a ton, Darrin. #makeitmatter fun! Super proud of @Lakes_Cheer & @AntiochVCheer for their huge performances at the #NLCC Cheer Championships!… sidekick and I made it to the #NLCC Cheer Championships! First up, #SequoitPride and #BeAnEagle JV! #D117LIVE for listening! #makeitmatter
@realrapreynolds We are STOKED to publish your incredible manifesto, CJ!! And, that🔥🔥🔥!! Let’s do this…
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@Adventuresinfl3 @PapaJohns #HubbardSistersWhen a district makes their own holiday!!! #D117live #BeAnEagle @melissa_cross @LakesStuCo
Retweeted by Dr. Bradford HubbardTo celebrate #D117Day, #D117LIVE, and @LakesEagles, we are hosting a #BeAnEagle day to kickoff the morning up at…