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Hudson @hudsonwisler Scottsdale / Detroit

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@NullTruth Day instantly better @Avalanche100T @FaZeClan @FeverGG 10000% it had more in it @SesoHQ CLIMBING 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @FeverGG First thing I did when I woke up haha @Froste no chance you're serious man @PowerGPUcom @Symfuhny Looks amazing, congrats on the facility dude! Big things 🔥 @CouRageJD That’s awesome 🔥 @MKBHD @tim_cook Bro huge brain 🧠 @snopaii @imcoty What’s it like to be a non-VIP @NullTruth Lmao @Avalanche100T Yesterday @Banks happy birthday king @hitchariide @Zytrod TrueWell well well what do we have here @mckennnziee Sounds like $5,000 @oreeeo You’re so handsome
@TylerTeeP Amazing man, congrats to you guys @Froste in your corner bro ily2 @Froste you can do it man @Valkyrae You got this. Progress, not perfection 💜 @Oreologist @Froste Real friends how many @mitchtimms @eBeatzMusic 🥰🥰💜 ily man @Oreologist @Froste Used to be my favorite snack 😔 @Froste What the @Wipz PogAll I’ve done for the last week is watch Pokémon pack openings 😎 @JakeSucky LOL @Clayster we can only hope @lolYisus @xShawnThomas LMAO @Mxriarose Happy birthday 🤩💜 @CouRageJD That’s whack man, hate to see it @Avalanche100T Love you man, always around for you @BritanniJohnson WCelebrating my 26 year old sister’s birthday with a surprise visit from her favorite Disney Princesses 🤩🥰 They wer… @CouRageJD @MrBeastYT Killed it as always, so fun man @Nadeshot @MrBeastYT @KarlJacobs_ @ChandlerHallow @ChrisO2_ Loved seeing you on itwhat saving the Universe looks like each day for Gamora & Nebula
Retweeted by Hudson @mariss I’m sorry Riss Shark 😔
@ddoubledom1 @brookeab @Symfuhny I’m cryingA story told from two perspectives 😭
Retweeted by Hudson @scump Omg lmao that first picture @BiIlionaires BRO @doodling71 @realDonaldTrump Maybe, but I’m not wrong @Vitamin_D22 @doodling71 @realDonaldTrump Lmao man thought he did something @doodling71 @realDonaldTrump Look at all those masks and distance between people! Wow! @jackbauer600 @realDonaldTrump You’re aware that people standing in a crowd is not at all comparable to people walking in a March, correct? @realDonaldTrump Bringing together giant crowds during COVID, what a lad! @Froste Google calendar, I have to use it for everything @NitesTV @VideoEditBot @MyrddinLeFay @AnimalsWorId The greatest creation @BWAMatt @Froste @ChandlerHallow @CouRageJD @Electra @Mcgillligan You SHOULD!!!! @Mcgillligan @Electra They only had one available @Electra @Mcgillligan Just bought a life size death star planet on Etsy @MrAdamAp Tank @CouRageJD The disrespect to twee this lmao @SesoHQ In a category that you pushed for, huge W @brookeab Love to see that @Crudes Dairy Queen date again please @Class Man idk how I missed this but so proud of you @esperforge That’s exactly it @esperforge First of all, don’t do that, second of all, you deserve it @notchaselyons 😔👌🏽 @madisynxyz @NullTruth @KarlAlone5 @brandopvpi @HunterStevenC @h4llzie @benjaminlaflare 💜💜 @esperforge 🤠 @demosaint LMFAO @madisynxyz @NullTruth @KarlAlone5 @brandopvpi @HunterStevenC @h4llzie @benjaminlaflare It’s actually perfect haha… @Class @Nadeshot there would be so many “THEY GOT YOU IN 4K” moments LMAO @madisynxyz @NullTruth @KarlAlone5 @brandopvpi @HunterStevenC @h4llzie @benjaminlaflare Her and her sister nebula 🥰 @JoeDeLuca LETS GO @brookeab People make jokes but they don’t realize that these terrible things really happen, and these shitty peopl… @madisynxyz @NullTruth @KarlAlone5 @brandopvpi @HunterStevenC @h4llzie @benjaminlaflare The one on my head is Gamora @NullTruth @KarlAlone5 @brandopvpi @HunterStevenC @h4llzie @benjaminlaflare That’s rightRidiculously fun stream, thank you guys for all the love @Temperrr tank @SoyHornet LOL @iamresnick @TheeBicks @hudsonwisler bro im DYING
Retweeted by Hudson @lazaro @drdisrespect chat went nutsliterally rolling through teams in rogue company, haven't won a game that wasn't 7-2 or 7-1 in like 5 games... get… @ShrazeGaming LOLinteresting results so far
live and COOLIN, just got warmed up with a few. Come thru! @Joshstram @chhlss FACTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSWaddup gang, stream is live for the afternoon! Come hangout with me, gonna be playing some Rogue Company for a whil… @MLGPuckett @Maven @CGtwelve_ @SebPark @gkittle46 D. Adams needs to show up or I’m screwed @notchaselyons Bait me one more time @KarlAlone5 @brandopvpi @HunterStevenC @h4llzie @benjaminlaflare I love my daughters @KarlAlone5 @brandopvpi @HunterStevenC @h4llzie @benjaminlaflare @ReidGoCrazy Warzone map @ArktechFilms He can turn into a butterfly as wellThese four drop into Verdansk, who wins? @macawcaw123 Dude stop he’s already a pea @100Thieves @Yassuo LMAO @Class @Hantao yeah and you can quantify it so it's more of a fact @RedBSierra Sorry to hear, sending love @RedValoroso @QuantifiableTV @Mxdieee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @NoScopeJoe I’m so excited for you 🤩 @Huntrelol @LRichyyApex So aids man it was GT decision last week I need him