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✨SCARIEL VH✨ @Hug_bees Los Angeles, CA

Storyboard Artist (she/they) at Disney TV. Currently working on Big City Greens! Previously on | Star vs | Amphibia | (

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everything just feels numb to see our local best boy @PaperBoxHouse and check on him in the hospital! KEEP LENDING HIM YOUR ENERGY AND GO…
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I was able to type out this message for Alfred too, if you’re one of his buds feel free to reach out to him! voice: WE’RE IN news!'ve never set up art for charity before, so if there are people more experienced with this sort of thing, let me know if you have any tips!I'm working on a poster based on Amabie, the legendary japanese mermaid whose picture is said to ward off plagues a…
Update of the night.
Morning all. Here's our update on the situation so far. No news today as of yet, but I'll continue to keep you post… the fundraiser page, I can’t thank you all enough, I’m literally crying right now. You all are amazing. I’ve been sent home for the day after I was told he wouldn’t be coming home tonight. Will keep you all updated!
@enenkay Thank you so much, that’s super appreciated! I don’t live too close to Alfred so it’s always nerve-wrackin… @SnapsCube Of Course!! Love you Penny!! @sproutlysoda @AwestruckVox Appreciate your support!! @leticiamfox @ASnowflakeOwl It was over Starco and also over if Marco didn’t end up being trans. Unfortunately some… I’ve set up a a kofi that links directly to Alfred’s PayPal. If you can show any support, whether it’s a do… @RajBrueggemann Thanks Raj, you’re one of the kindest people I know!! @RajBrueggemann I’m setting up a kofi for him right now. I’ll make a post when it’s ready!It’s very scary because he no longer has the strength to even get back in his apartment. We’ve had to switch hospit…’s my sweet baby boy. He’s been suffering from a lot of pain, anxiety, and malnutrition. We’re at the Glendale… doesn’t have a go fund me, kofi, or patreon right now, but I certainly would be upset if someone were to make on… don’t ask for prayers very often, but if there’s any way you can show your support to my friend @PaperBoxHouse it… I’ve known others who’ve had worse. I’m not saying people aren’t allowed to face criticism by any means, but th…’ve had revenge porn drawn of me and my friends, assumptions about my kinks, threats to come to fan events and sho…’s always interesting seeing how people genuinely think the animation industry is just full of artists who want t… people outside of the animation industry making assumptions about people THEY DONT KNOW based on what they see… extremely important thread to read about judgment & perception of those in the industry by someone outside of it…
Retweeted by ✨SCARIEL VH✨Looking straight at @my2k @moonberry____ Thank you for the proper bipple appreciationwho's surprised that the stars have deemed me a true monster bisexual aura is leaking into real life it seems @jessiejuwono @spookybri Godspeed comraderelated maybe? but?? participated in a voter survey and??? what's liberal about my voice?? @RajBrueggemann You had me in the first half, not gonna lieI personally apologize for how I drew over this background
@Riley_AV It was a downhill slope too, like I rolled a couple yards. y2k goths riskin their lives every day for fashionI was this close to giving him tripp pants but I remember when I was a teen using my heelys I tripped over my baggy…, I finished the #halloweenocchallenge, and with your guys' input we have this emo garbage boy!… you ever just listen to O Sleeper by The Oh Helloes just to feel an emotion again @kritterart omg
Please friends let me try doing this in the animation industry doin a lil dance right now @cyaboron OH WORD LOL @SarahJSketches It didn’t even sound remotely like the character it was supposed to be...I don’t know how it got through 😭 @SarahJSketches GOD yeah i mostly sound like a noisy idiot or an infant it’s so sad,,,your story reminded me of som…
"Oh I'd totally be interested in voice acting" says the grown woman who sounds like a 12 year old fortnite playerI sometimes get to record scratch audio for an animatic or song demo for work (which I love doing, please let me do…
@GreyAnnis I knew these were your boards without even looking at the credits lol
Oh my can buy it great shitToday's #drawtober is another Tokyo Disneyland #スプーキーBOO parade outfit!! Of COURSE there's a cat girl!! And I woul…
i made this video like two years ago i think and i just found it again
Retweeted by ✨SCARIEL VH✨This witch pen I found is too good, new holiday profile pic @crhazelton1 YOU ARE A MIRACLE WORKERthis tweet took over an hour to sendwill not rest till I find this blanket
@my2k I'M NOT SAYING IT'S BAD I'M SAYING IT'S FUN AND EDGY @my2k Oh my god this is CN's Fusion Fall all over againnnnn
love @my2k @kritterart @arythusa mind if I just...peek In from around the corner on this one haha
@georgiahen17 @kiff_pippi @JcT_Jackson i'm comin for sue @kiff_pippi I’m sorry WHOMST???? @AlmondArcade OOP!! @srcpcsoha Ahhhhh thank you!! I’m glad people like my original stuff as well as my work stuff, I really like sharin… @mbrleigh YOU HAVE MY WHOLE HEART GURL 🥺💦💦💦 @niceytime thank youuuu see you in the zoom meetings budddd @rasta_orange Oh my’ve hung on since the dark ages, bless youHey pals! I don't usually ask for audience input, but I did get a bunch of new followers recently; I'd love to hear…
@SarahJSketches Nah it’s more like looking back on this post I don’t think all of my jokes are funny anymore HAHA @SarahJSketches Ayyyy thanks for the retweet! I’d like to remind anybody looking at this thread that most of the la… is this strange fellow #hlvrai you for liking her
I'm still working on my #hlvrai animatic!! I've needed to take a bit of a break from it because of work though, so… if I wanted to make a tf2 oc and what if she was the one who designs all the hats
Retweeted by ✨SCARIEL VH✨A commission for MullyWhizz on tumblr of Muffet from Undertale!! This was really fun to draw! #drawtober #undertale @RianSygh Just need more girl in fancy war hat gamethis cropping...i'm gonna kill twitter dot comwhat if I wanted to make a tf2 oc and what if she was the one who designs all the hats
Retweeted by ✨SCARIEL VH✨don't worry @childishgamzeno i see you and i gotchu there are things that shouldn't be donehmm. @spookybri Ugh I KNOWWWWW don’t even get me started in their dessert girl dresses, they’re so cute I wanna cry are so many good outfits just from this parade that I might wanna draw so uh....maybe look forward to thatThe girls in question!! I love the pumpkin buns and puffy pants so much 🥺 7/8: Started this yesterday but finished today- I’ve been obsessed with some of the Halloween parade costumes f…
@spookybri @mbrleigh no justice for us sad boys @mbrleigh Year of the ox more like year of the GOTHS AMIRITEMy calendar reminded me of the MCR concert I was supposed to go to next week with @mbrleigh that was postponed to n…
Day 6: Feelin very under the weather today so for today’s #drawtober here’s an old piece I did for an Over the Gard…
disgusting pog boy @wolfhard I know you love your porcelain pigs but have you ever come across one this stanky?? @montiray @EricThomasB @BCG_NoContext I’ve sunken deep into the earth and I can’t escape, I’m horrified yet complete
@EricThomasB I SCREAMED SO LOUD MY ROOMMATE WALKED INI did draw a tilly version but it was way too cursed, even for meday 5: template. MAke ur own BCG character!!!!! plz don't take credit though i spent 3 hours on this ;( @hudkips @spookybri Hahah brain go brbrbrbrb