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Damákhota do. Kapʼóža bdewákhaŋthuŋ hemátaŋhaŋ. Wíphe ka wóyuha wakáǧe. Wówawa. Até hemáčha do. Father / Author / Craftsman. ☭ 33

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#Vote2020 against family separations. #MakeAmericaHumanAgain #ThisIsTheWay
Retweeted by Huhá MázaMy politics in 2016 vs Now
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I am choosing to participate, to organize, to vote, encourage people — especially young people — to vote, because I…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaOne of the things that sucks being Indigenous is we always gotta be the bigger person. No matter what. Someone’s s…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaAnd yet another racist police murder of a black man in the US: Walter Wallace Jr. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Huhá MázaWhen Natives get their land back
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It hurts too much @TESOnline #TheElderScrollsOnline #ESO #TESO
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ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF BODY ARMOR. This is what Barr and Trump’s prosecutors are going after.
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uncle bumi uncle bumi uncle bumi
Retweeted by Huhá Mázapeople in fiction move around so efficiently. to leave the house, they just walk out the door. they don’t ever sear…
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this makes me weep like a baby every time i see it
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@stevejtrettel It’s devilry 🤘🏼keep up the good work @stevejtrettel Bro whatAccording to Trump's "Columbus Day" proclamation, past statements from folks within his administration...I am a Rad…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaIt’s exhausting arguing with colonizers, but seeing native men uphold them too.
Retweeted by Huhá Mázadaily reminder that the effects of covid would have been mitigated if we didn’t live in a capitalist social formati…
Retweeted by Huhá Máza @bigdaddyhaley One time I saw a crow with a Burger King sack held properly flying#ndninktober day 15: Land Back
Retweeted by Huhá MázaElder scrolls online soundtracks 🔥🤘🏼
Let me be as clear as I can be. Despite what Trump's extreme, right-wing Supreme Court nominee may believe, it is w…
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Weren’t you the same president who blocked relief for jobless Americans so you could ram through an illegitimate SC…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaI voted. I voted for Biden. And now I'm on a scenario prep call discussing how (should he win) we are going to or…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaLots of revolutionaries are motivated in large part by a deep, burning sense of compassion and love for other human…
Retweeted by Huhá Máza @JordenIronstar Miš damákhota do, kap'óža bdewákhaŋthuŋ hemátaŋhaŋ doThe last generations disfunctions are not yours to own. Let it roll past you.
Retweeted by Huhá Mázahappy indigenous peoples day! 💕 I’m a Cree, Two-Spirited illustrator and cartoonist! 💕✨ Lately I’ve been doing car…
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everyday i smoke my silly little weed so i don’t end my silly little life
Retweeted by Huhá MázaTonight, I’ll teach you the ultimate waterbending technique..... 🩸⁣⁣⁣ #31daysofHalloween day 11 as Hama the bloodbe…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaToday is not a memorial of what was lost. Today is a commemoration of 500 years of resistance and life. #IndigenousPeoplesDay
Retweeted by Huhá Máza"eskimo" is a slur, and like every group of Native peoples in different regions, Arctic Indigenous groups are not m…
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What people think #ADHD is: - “squirrel!” When ADHD involves severe difficulty with: - internal motivation - regul…
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Just putting more black elves on the timeline to piss off the racists❤️
Retweeted by Huhá MázaLooking forward 2 this
Retweeted by Huhá MázaGood morning, nerds
Retweeted by Huhá MázaLegolas🌱 & Thranduil🌿 #blacktober #Blacktober2020
Retweeted by Huhá Mázai was a competitive fencer in high school and spent 20+ hours a week training and many weekends at tournaments, whi…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaTrump’s event at the White House is for black people. He invited black people to the White House while he is infect…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaCecil Williams in the 1950s - and today. Cecil had his picture taken drinking from a "Whites Only" water fountain…
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when you zip like a bullet into Godzilla's gullet that's a voré
Retweeted by Huhá Máza#StopAzerbaijaniAggression IMMEDIATELY! Today an Armenian cathedral was shelled and destroyed by Azerbaijan, injuri…
Retweeted by Huhá Mázacelestial n8v
Retweeted by Huhá MázaImagine 6 American Muslims arrested for a plot to "overthrow the government and kidnap a governor" and not using th…
Retweeted by Huhá Mázasome people are just better at life
Retweeted by Huhá MázaNative women had spiritual, political, and economic power that European women did not enjoy. That power was based o…
Retweeted by Huhá Mázapeople will talk about how amazing it is that more "human knowledge" is created now than ever before because of the…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaJust love my big beautiful body art 🌸✨
Retweeted by Huhá MázaThe Green New Deal is and has been lied about nonstop, and yet is STILL popular. It’s a massive job-creation and i…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaRigorous ceremonial and cultural protocol is not more important than respecting the autonomy of women - Patriarchy…! @eIihal wanted me to make her a real traditional Native Alucard so I was happy to deliver! ❤️…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaMr. Rogers was a loving and supportive Indigenous Auntie. Fight me, I will die on this hill.
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*Normalize not reciprocating respect to elders who are disrespectful/rude.
Retweeted by Huhá MázaA Bug's Life (1998) is about an indigenous community uprising against colonial forces and reclaiming their ancestra…
Retweeted by Huhá Mázaeuropeans: what did you find? bitchstopher columbitch: you won't believe what i found e: what? tell us! bc: also, w…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaThis is why it’s so important to #VoteProChoice up and down the ballot this year. Find your candidate here:…
Retweeted by Huhá Máza @MightBeCuzins Chewy beverage, whatever flavor you want, 🤷🏻‍♂️In Dakhóta: Honáǧidaŋ still can’t get over how bad the climate change section of the debate was last night. This is the consequence of…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaDear @JoeBiden, @KamalaHarris, @VP and @realDonaldTrump, The majority of Americans don’t want #fracking. That what…
Retweeted by Huhá Mázaplease, never forget
Retweeted by Huhá Mázademocrats be like we believe in science and climate change is an existential threat... but we cant ban fracking 😌
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I love her
Retweeted by Huhá MázaThis is a textbook example of increased work of breathing. In addition to using normal respiratory muscles (the dia…
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@hopa_hokshida @uyarakq Yes, Santee lineal descendant here- many of our bands were across the “border” even before… Liban Osman, subject of Project Veritas alleged voter fraud story, tells @LydenFOX9 he was offered $10K b…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaThe State of Hawai'i will see a net population loss of 19,000 over the next two years of people leaving due to the…
Retweeted by Huhá Máza @TomiLahren Herman Cain would like a word with you, Tomato.
Retweeted by Huhá Mázaplease end the “Black and brown ppl dont read” takes. its so condescending. Sure people of all racial groups that l…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaLonnie Johnson, NASA engineer, invented the Super Soaker. He made your childhood hot summers fun.
Retweeted by Huhá MázaI think the White House staff who are not political appointees should walk out en masse. Unlike the Secret Service…
Retweeted by Huhá Máza#FreeHawaii UN says it is time we get to #flipdaflag
Retweeted by Huhá MázaJust a reminder that before Trump’s COVID diagnosis- Melania was on tape swearing and complaining about Christmas a…
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Retweeted by Huhá Mázabruh the economy isn’t even real, we literally fucking made it up, just let people have food wtf
Retweeted by Huhá Mázai’m mad so many of our lives were once centered around food, dances, ceremonies, and the seasons, but now they’re c…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaOkay, but saying “make america native again” is like “voting is sacred.” Ever sick
Retweeted by Huhá Mázait’s been 3 weeks since the story about mass forced hysterectomies in our concentration camps broke and...nothing happened.
Retweeted by Huhá MázaAs wonderful and idealistic as our younger generation is, it does not vote in large enough numbers. If young people…
Retweeted by Huhá Máza😤🏞🚫🐷
Retweeted by Huhá MázaHow is it possible that this tweet was sent literally on this day 6 years ago. What a world.
Retweeted by Huhá MázaE! Ináyaye očhíčide maší ka aníčhaŋze s'éče do (hey! Your mom told me to look for you and she seems pretty mad)… ȟápi kiŋ ačhéwasdi ihákab déčhed ibdábde do (this is how I’m going along after taking a dump on Custer’s gra…ŋná wahóši théča: Akhé Republican waŋží ‘Rona wóyazaŋ kiŋ hiyáhdeič'iye! Miyé: (Breaking news: Another Republican…áwiču takúku maší ičhúŋhaŋ déčhed PS4 kiŋ bduíde (this is how I turn on the PS4 when my lady is telling me what…Šúŋka nitháwa kiŋ wayáta abdéze kiŋháŋ (when your dog realizes you’re eating) #dakhodia #dakotalanguageŠúŋka kiŋ dé “Cookie” čhašyáthuŋ ehá he?? (did you say you named this dog “Cookie”??) #dakhodia #dakotalanguageŋpétug dé Fascist waŋží waš'ág'ič'iye do. Ništó? (a fascist worked out today. did you?) #dakhodia #dakotalanguage
Shaming people who believe illogical things just pushes them further into their radicalization networks. Disinform…
Retweeted by Huhá Máza @charliekirk11 He rode by while 30 people clapped, like a dog that just got comically elected mayor of a small town
Retweeted by Huhá MázaI guess -an NDN who don’t feel like arguing
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Retweeted by Huhá Máza @LammaticHama people, esp white men, really gave us a monster as president.
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Imagine of Custer got small pox and people from your tribe were all like, ‘no matter, we need to pray for him’ lol…
Retweeted by Huhá MázaImpressions of today's Walter Reed presser: a) Conley's mea culpa: “I was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude of…
Retweeted by Huhá Mázablacktober // princess mononoke
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Secret Service agent: “Trump has never cared about us.”
Retweeted by Huhá MázaNazis threaten to murder BIPOC, women, non-binary people, Jewish people and LGBTQ people: bird website sleep Boss…
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