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phd @ uc berkeley, editing @nplusonemag

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real ones know @BrendanCByrne yes! tho i feel like it’s more rubenfeld with chua publicity scapegoat—tho all the more to your point! @dyingoldhag nooooooo @rzhongnotes this dog? a prodigy @jaxwendy @amyrwong y!! @rzhongnotes hidden in plain sight!!! the true protagonists of her story!i finally read amy chua's book and dear god someone let me write a scholarly article about the chinese tiger mothering of domesticated dogsi tried to profile the late anthony veasna so:
Retweeted by Jane Hu @redford such a dramatic encounter!!!just ran into @redford on the street who recognized me by……my corgi i try to feed my puppy *right* after she wakes up, her reaction is always vaguely "wtf are you kidding me"…
@profitratedown i am! but we might all be regretting it 😂remember marxist love story lol? i had almost forgotten!! my braini'm dragging myself through the sally rooney discourse so you don't have toNever in all my 47 years have I seen Mt. Rainier not completely covered in snow. We are doomed and it’s coming fast
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pretty perfect puppy, Jane! Read your review. Have read quite a lot of both Ha Jin and Edith Wharton. I anticipated your parallel of…
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I wrote an essay for @BuzzFeedBooks about the way Anthony and I met (spoiler: Grindr), how chaotic my freshman year…
Retweeted by Jane Hu @kukukadoo @lisa_borst thank you, wonderful you! @BerlantBro @angelbyshaggy bc it’s an internet novel of ideas obvi! @BerlantBro @angelbyshaggy 1000000%!the essay on (academic) twitter and (Milton’s) hell you all need to read rn, by @kukukadoo ofc
@ericbsong hahahahathis review finally prompted me to read @limlouisa's brilliant, bracing book (which you should definitely read, if… reviewed the latest Ha Jin novel, which i wanted to -- but didn't -- love @evanaeskew !! would read! that intro music haunts me 😂 @S_Insley_H steph!!!!💔 💔 💔
@char_leelee thank you so much for it!"being permitted to fictionalize experiences which neither the audience nor the creators have direct knowledge of (… want to quote every line from this brilliant interview with anthony so — just read it yourself. on stereotypes, r…
The “uttering of any phrase or singing of any song that irks the government can now be deemed as among the most gri…
Retweeted by Jane Hu @winterjessica i’ve been replaced 🥲flouting all my responsibilities this morning to read my queen @kukukadoo @deephomework so exciting you’re doing this, Ryan! let me know how it goes! ✨✨lucky us! :)
Incredible @huahsu review of Afterparties. I really really wish Anthony could have read it.
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@suspendedreason oh, yes! @peligrietzer @Rivky_Mondal @literalbanana yes!! elitism trying to slum it always heightens cringe @suspendedreason @nosilverv @peligrietzer @Rivky_Mondal yessss — for me, cringe is about category error esp as medi… @Rivky_Mondal @peligrietzer @literalbanana right! but on social media, the most cringe posts often come from those… @glacialfurl pete, my fave!!!! @suspendedreason @nosilverv @peligrietzer @Rivky_Mondal fascinating!! this makes sense around the term too — cringe…, really, is just the failure of the gimmick 😭 @willyblackmore 😭😭😭😭😭this last year of social media really driving me to write my theory of cringe @brouillettese happiest of birthdays, sweet sarah 💞💞 @knadimintea 😘
freelancing my silly articles while on honeymoon……. unfort all mike white anti-heroines are based on my life :///white lotus prompted me to reread my old essay on enlightened — an essay i barely remember writing bc i’m that old,… @amyrwong @dora__zhang i got u 🥺if you thought you were Matilda in 1996, you’re a humanities grad student now @adriandaub ahahahahahahhahahai've always wanted a muse, i just had no idea it was going to be my corgi
Not really seeing people talking about this particular climate disaster, but the floods in my family's home in Chin…
Retweeted by Jane Hu @matthewharrison matthewwwwwwdear bay area, if i want to get this but with my corgi puppy, where do i go
@akasiaisakasia i want to read this!!what book is three volumes, all about capitalism, and has sassy footnotes? (crazy rich asians) @Rumaan rumaan i have a corgi breeder for you......There are literally no words to reflect the absurdity of, and the fear sparked by such arrests
Retweeted by Jane Hu @ericbsong truly difficult for me to tell if this is a joke 🤣
me: loves going to costco and buying bulk so i'll never be hungry again my bf, has never felt the immigrant trauma…"Weak theory, it turns out, is really hard to do well. It requires admitting that one does not, quite, understand a…
@andrebazinga 😂when my puppy poops inside……that’s outsider artthe takeout place had no tap water today, so i bought her......
rip anthony so my life is perfect
@catherinedamman a poet of zooming! @markkrotov mark, you know i’m good for it!!!each time a new mission impossible comes out, i’m personally offended none of my editors ask me to cover it @mystery_manners @peligrietzer @kukukadoo tk!
to read @kukukadoo on milton's hell is, uh, heaven
I've written a long piece on the George Floyd rebellion. In it, try to determine what was singular about this event…
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@AriBrostoff @jthomastremblay @TavNyongo @andrealongchu @CalebSmith 🥲😭💕i had the honor of helping assemble these incredible remembrances, & their fittingly Berlantian mix of intimacy & k…
Retweeted by Jane HuNew: Gregg Bordowitz, Lauren Michele Jackson, @andrealongchu, Anahid Nersessian, Tavia Nyong’o, H. A. Sedgwick,…
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@DearSplenda i know!!! it’s partly why i think it shouldn’t belong to any single person!laaaadies, who wants to go in with me on sylvia plath’s tarot deck (we can communally own it, which is easier done… @anguishreid unfort.....same @kylemcauley the whole thing is wild(e)!personally, i am still stuck on the life of olivia wilde's grandmother's charmed bildung @rwetzler @theprophetpizza isn't it wild!!! @theprophetpizza @rwetzler yes! her grandmother was a conchologist (which wiki disambiguates from "shell collecting… @rwetzler ahhaaha, we were on the wikipedia page for a bit -- sam describes her aesthetic as "white woman with floppy hat"“who the hell is olivia wilde?” — my bf this morning, finally catching up to the discourse @__seab 😂
this is phenomenal progress (barry unwittingly sits on bertie’s toy) @hubersamj 🥲
@iycrtylph they both love bones 😏😏 @ncecire 😂🎀 @deonteleologist @S_Insley_H ahhh hadn’t seen this, thanks! @S_Insley_H truly i’ve been wanting to but i feel not read up enough on the ins and outs of the current debate redu… @S_Insley_H no, i’ve been thinking about this a lot, esp around 80s ethnic canon / multiculturalism debates!