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@NejireeKun That is an insane number congrats πŸŽ‰ @caminhiding I agree
@judaaime Congrats πŸŽ‰Who is your favourite character in your favourite anime?
Retweeted by π’‰π’–π’π’Œ | をレックス @MOC_dude Luffys iconic punch πŸ₯Š @TheHeroOfSeinen W
Retweeted by π’‰π’–π’π’Œ | をレックス @shizwannabe Check again @ro0550 @ThePhantomStra5 @chxrIzie @__UchihaSama__ @hulkgamerspamz They asked first and I don’t like to switch up @maryjosanchezz It’s so bad… @ro0550 @ThePhantomStra5 @chxrIzie @__UchihaSama__ @hulkgamerspamz He asked first 😟 @chxrlzie @ro0550 @ThePhantomStra5 @chxrIzie @__UchihaSama__ No @yuujiiiss Weirdos @enzobandz1 W @StDwightRamos Hi @chxrIzie @__UchihaSama__ @ro0550 Stfu weirdo +ratio
Retweeted by π’‰π’–π’π’Œ | をレックス @StDwightRamos … @WojoIsHere Go ahead @enzobandz1 There’s enough chapters to binge tho πŸ„β€β™‚οΈThis app makes me lose faith in humanity… @Unkept_pLeX It’s number 1 by far for me so enjoyable @kaylaphobiic Sorry I forgot naruto is the main character of Code Geass @_LuminousShadow Masterpiece fr @yessirslatwoo It does @yessirslatwoo It only gets better πŸ”₯My favourite part of one piece is when Naruto went to find the dragon balls and fought Aizen @BlackManDownBad Berserk started off slow but became a top 10 for me πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ @BlackManDownBad ? You’re judging a whole series based on 1 chapter that’s pretty shallow but you do you ig @LuluMugetsu Yes it is and they are adapting an amazing arc over the summer. The manga is still better tho. @BlackManDownBad It’s so good you’re seriously missing out just keep reading πŸ’― @AlchemistSD W @BlackManDownBad ? That’s such an L the first chapter ended on a cliff hanger @HaleemDaDream W @Dunni_mv @NixkSempai Yessir @monsterf4iry @hulkgamerspamz This account is still ok
@yuujiiiss 10K or above @maryjosanchezz Facts us small accounts need to stick together πŸ₯· @MOC_dude Raptors 😟 @PJRaptorSZN W @NelsonSlice W he has so much depth @nankiller77 😒 @maryjosanchezz W @RedLightning_69 L @Sonofsparda9000 Common knowledge @GalaxyX01 W @taekwondooba Bleach is just a copy of Caillou sadly πŸ˜” @FireFistAux Average hulk tweet 😟 @OverallOtaku W @StephMvpSZN30 @Klow7 hi πŸ‘‹I was so sad to find out Naruto copied the masterpiece known as Lego Ninjago πŸ˜” @TheHeroOfSeinen People actually believe you 😭 @SidewaysDCU I’ve watched naruto no one needs to tell me 😟 @ManarAlanci Yes @Boondocks4YO Who are you? @MangaAsura Peak fiction @vJuubi Take care Juubi πŸ™ @shmiotsuki I know that….. @Akrun472 😭 @immortal_hamad Congrats πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ @bumassdude 😭 @ascinhiding @flackoohh It’s the truth @ascinhiding @flackoohh Jimmy neutron is overrated @SlasheerrKing It’s not still a solid series tho @kaylaphobiic He probably dreams about that wondering why he did something so cringe 😭 @maryjosanchezz πŸ₯ΆIf you did it in elementary school it’s not bad but if you naruto ran in highschool then πŸ’€ @JourneyDbz Did you do it in highschool? πŸ₯Ά @Black_Thunder35 NoMfs used to Naruto run in school and blame anime for the reason they got bullied πŸ’€ @MOC_dude This is a huge W the story, music, and characters of Vinland are so good πŸ”₯
@astrotoofer Congrats Theo πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ @SlashBeuh 😭How should we tell him 😭 @IjichiZenin @LuluMugetsu 😭 @CodeineWaifu Too bad they were irrelevant in the story πŸ˜” @WillSimpsRin I’ve watched naruto I know already @SlashBeuh This was the best image on the top of googleEveryone talks about Sakura and Tsunade being the best girl in Naruto but what about Haku πŸ₯΅ @caminhiding Ass>>> @flackoohh W every chapter gets better it’s my favourite new gen by far @flackoohh @ascinhiding @baidensmanager The anime censors some things that were in the manga but it’s doing a good job besides that @nankiller77 16 @ascinhiding High school of the dead is peak fiction @VinnyOnThaTrack @mrichardson0624 @HumbleTravisss @Abykvn The manga is phenomenal and in my top 5 personally. The art in the manga i… @CeoOfTakingWs W @MOC_dude Suns and Bucks would be interesting @StDwightRamos Scam @StDwightRamos Answer @StDwightRamos Hello yuutaHow Mfs feel after they call an anime mid for the 100th time @gondadisgon 😭
@Asta_5leaf @CEOofTsurumi @_soulhashira_ I don’t even know who this dude is @NoahN23 @Ereenwasbanned2 He was not the only one on my TL I saw who complained and even tho there was not many who… @NoahN23 @Ereenwasbanned2 I was clearly point out how ungrateful some of the mha fandom was which is true. I did th… @Ereenwasbanned2 @NoahN23 I said β€œthese fans” are ungrateful not all mha fans are ungrateful the OP needs to learn how to read @HumbleTravisss @Abykvn Yes it’s one of the best anime I’ve watched @Dsnothere12 Thanks πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ @saimbtw Thanks πŸ™ @SunnoonReborn Thanks πŸ™