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feeding the well
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it would be so funnyDetention should still be a thing in higher education @BiscottiDom oh fuck @BiscottiDom he's gonna be at the zoo too?“Hot cicada summer” etc etc to the zoo on sundayJust thought you should know
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinoa rare example of a perfectly designed website (ty @HanginOutOnline)
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino @Ginadrawshere I’m into it
@WarronBebster Look at this flâneur right here @DanielHShaffer Keep mixing discourses like this and @jack is gonna ban you @DanielHShaffer That discourse is on the other app, sir @DanielHShaffer Time to quit art ig @zapfriend Really?!? Doubt it @pablostanley Nah @nickiluzada Alright @thedaintyheart I mean, same @zapfriend I’m trying to be more controversialIf this isn’t the realest thing @BEENATHEMISTRY Thank you!! I stg they did something when the 2020 version came out and it’s sooooo much better. Before: a nightmareUnpopular opinion but Adobe Illustrator is good actuallymy senior thesis in college, and then there were none by agatha christie. the plan was to show each of the characte…
Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoGarfield-shaped phones have been polluting the shore of the Finistère coasts of Brittany (France) for 35 years. The…
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinoit's dangerous to go alone! take this..
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino @hames426 Sry it’s all gone now :(Snack
And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinoshocked and appalled that i feel like trash at 5pm after eating nothing but cookies for breakfast and lunch
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino @parismartineau This is too relatable except for me and 5 ricola and 20 almondsHey if you have work in progress with the New Yorker please consider asking the AD not to publish in the event of a strike.
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinodaria is the persona to beavis and butt-head's shin megami tensei
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinoactually, your value and self worth IS tied to your follower count
Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoLady Gaga’s Born This Way is about being Italian
Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoUnpopular opinion: The best thing young people can do early in their careers is quit their jobs to breathe life int…
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Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinothe personal pizza was a breakthrough. the personal computer was a mistake
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinothe best thing about the beach is u can do nothing and feel like u accomplished so much
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino @netghoul Yes that is definitely true. But maybe there really is a group of people who are literally just vibing. What’s that like??Folks, if you’re gonna lie about something at least make it somewhat believableRecently I’ve met a couple of people who said they’ve “never been anxious in their life” and “don’t have anxiety” Sounds fake to me lol @leekassen NeatYOU are the Little Dude Of The Day [June. 11, 2021]
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinoi remember there was this study with elderly people at care homes and they were asking what their biggest regret wa…
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino @glanderco Very normalHi all, I'm going to talk for a bit on my observations switching from drawing on a traditional tablet, to drawing…
Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoDeleting dating apps so I can find love the old fashioned way (creating a parasocial relationship with a shōjo mang…
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino @NicholasGazin Past(a)My room has good lighting Ciccoricco
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinohow is this a real picture
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino🪴✨
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino @sophieyanow It rlly cannot be overstatedThe life-changing magic of having a dishwasher in your apartment
You never see women with ‘free hugs’ signs and that is because they have a naturally capitalist mindset
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Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino @PrettyGoodJames Wow that ruled, thank you for sharing!Probably time to watch Revolutionary Girl Utena, innitI am crazy. but I am free
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinorevealing the depths of my psychosis by doing a forensic analysis of what products January Jones actually uses in t…
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino#2021年自分が選ぶ今年上半期の4枚
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinoheyoo I did the art and animation direction for this!! Give it a watch ☺️🏳️‍⚧️✨
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Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoNo Quarter, 1/2
Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoIN LIMBO (2023)
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Old sketchbook pages from 2014! Back when I had just moved to San Francisco and was starting to make connections in…
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinolighting candles
Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoThis s the reality of Prop 22 passing and Gig work in general. Notice all of your drivers are Black, Asian, Immigra…
Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoPracticing feminism today by manspreading on the subwayCoati-kun, a coffee-loving coati with no arms, is the mascot for the “Coati Break Project”, which encourages people…
Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoWhat could go wrong?
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinohave long loved these calendars by Eugène Grasset, 1886.
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Can't wait for season 2 of my favorite documentary series, Emily in Pariskinda crazy that so much of modern life is figuring out how to brand and market yourself on various digital platfor…
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino"81-year-old Ky man glues toys to car for attention -- and to woo women" #KentuckyKicksAss
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino @RLopezOrtiz Would RUN to the nearest movie theater that’s showing the summer hit, 1-800-DIVORCE @RLopezOrtiz Yes!! Exactly. There’s something epic about itFound my favorite ad of all time @newyorkerunion is forced to strike, this is how they’re asking illustrators to honor their picket line. Suppor…
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino @kevinjaystanton Definitely. I think they’re best enjoyed in small chunks and the inherent pressure of them melting gets in the way of thatSips 1-4 of a milkshake: this was the greatest decision of all time, I am a genius, this is so delicious Sips 4-25… @jukeboxcomix harsh @jdebbiel :___)100 year old rhododendron and the woman who planted it.
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino @jdebbiel Sooooooooooo cute 😍
I don’t need Google my wife knows everything graduating in 2010... proudly wearing your SEN10RS merch... what an exciting time
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Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoI won’t lie babes it’s been a tight month . Anything quick or cheap will do juuuust fine 😬
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentino"im so fucked up"
Retweeted by Jackie Ferrentinoreality is a social construct
Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoCruella is a perfect example of liberal sentimentality where a character's cruelty is retroactively justified as 'r…
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@merrittk yesssss the very presence of the attention itself is a byproduct of a climate that views women as sexual…
Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoYou can’t possibly grasp what it’s like to have literally every interaction underwritten with fear unless you’ve li…
Retweeted by Jackie FerrentinoI think some men look at the attention women receive online and feel like women have it easy, but they don’t realiz…
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hi! i've never done this before! let me draw something for you??? I need to pay vet bills + bought a bunch of bind…
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