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I'm going to buy this coffee grinder. This tweet contained unintentionally ominous vibes.Soon... @itsstillalex
2020 other characters try to figure out my Dungeons and Dragons character's backstory. @monica_yng Basically a small Twitter account tweeted about how Birds of Prey would fail like Charlies Angels becau… @BookishPlinko Precisely, we could have blissfully gone about our days with less neckbeard exposure lmao @bdog1972 I've not personally been excited for a superhero or superhero adjacent movie in a hot minute but I suspect this one is gonna rule.David Lynch & Harry Dean Stanton
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz.Everybody's just gonna write the same tweet dunking on that nobody with his bad Birds of Prey take, huh? @sydneyjanexo To distract yourself think about a single bead of their saliva dripping down the thread from their mouth to your eye."jail isnt real," i assure myself as i close my eyes and ram the hallmark gift shop with my shitty bronco
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz.Boy, that account for The Splat has been dead for a while. The account they moved to is also dead. Nickelodeon coul… A film festival where they make everyone smash their phone with a hammer when they get there so that the c… The Adventures of Pete & Pete on a streaming service, @Nickelodeon/@TheSplat. @Humanstein Me thinking about the compass, which paradoxically has no origin, as it is passed between Locke and Alp…
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz.Me thinking about LOST @BenSapatka This is also an accurate image caption tho imhoEvery day my posts are bad. Every day 3 male critics that have names like Matt and Eric and pictures of them at a f… @terribleasshole It fuckin rips, for real. I love most of the songs on this playlist, I just think it's hilarious t…'s time capsule playlist slapped my books out of my hands, called me an emo freak, and then made fun of my k…
The first thing we ever learned about Walter White was that he didn't have pants on. That sweet mustache was a secret they saved for later.
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz. @brandmed @ZachWWMovies @ZachWWMovies I'm making a commitment to get my record setup where I want it in 2020. Right now I'm using the sound…, 1/28 a new raft of originals from Twin Peaks, Recursive, Criterion alongside more remarqued PARASITE, MIDS…
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz. @ZachWWMovies Cheers, brother. who's going to have a pleasant and restorative Saturday today Walt gets a sad birthday handjob while his wife sells tchotchkes on eBay. Pants Off Walt takes the express tr… Off Shirt On Walt is the most unpredictable of all Walts. He'll kill you. He'll kill himself. He'll give you… the pants gone, Walt's free to connect with his deeply human drives. He makes the decision to make his poison…, fine. The choice of pants and their donning and doffing telegraph key character traits for each party. Jr's p… @keylightblog I'll be the cinemasins of pants references, as they are the pinnacle of valid media consumption and critique.My phone is gonna die and I refuse to charge it in order to continue this. If there is more pants related hijinks i… you for following my Awful Twitter Account where I document pants-related content on Breaking Bad.Walt's moment of defiance towards the bullies mocking his son in the thrift store? Pants-centric.The first thing we learn about Jesse is that he is also not wearing pants.The first thing we ever learned about Walter White was that he didn't have pants on. That sweet mustache was a secret they saved for later. @DJ_Keyser He makes a smoke cube inside a bubble at the tail end of this and I was hooting and hollering. This is p… me, won't you, on a journey into pure imagination, REJECTED INSTRUMENTALITY! HE CHOSE THE UNBEARABLE PAIN OF ISOLATION OVER THE STULTIFYING EGO DEATH OF UNIFIC…
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz. @ReelBrew I mean like, my answer is: "at least half of them". @TimidWerewolf I don't know what's going on and I really can't place it because I feel like if somebody was making… @jacobisanadult Same but I honestly make something between 3 and 4.Read this like a poem, because it is a true expression of my heart.It smells like corn dogs outside my house. It has smelled like corn dogs outside my house for days. I desperately want a corndog. @LupineBookClub This look rips.I thought it would make a really good ride at a theme park .
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz.
@fathergore Man, that'd be a hell of a story to tell. @Humanstein @LetsGetLexi You crushed today, thank you 💪🏼
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz. @GeezerHatesYou He was the coolest dude, man. It was a great time and it was super cool to plant so many trees haha.Showing the kids how it's done. This has been a wonderful experience and I'm so happy that @texastreesfoundation,… trees at J.B. Little Elementary in Arlington with @hunterpence and @letsgetlexi today! This has been amazi… @ZachWWMovies Another favorite bit of mine! @Unrealized_Tomb He seems like he was a really neat dude. All the family stories paint him as a very generous, joyf… @bluetwentytwo_ Yeah, he was a real little guy. He also famously had Ford make him a special car with really long p… @timothuney While its an anecdote, I can tell you it's handed down as gospel on my dad's side of the family. He was… favorite family story: Proteus Steinmetz. Mathematician and electrical engineer. Socialist. Associate of Tesla. Instrumental in th… @CVasiento On a scale of 1-10 how goofy would it be if I brought a Magic the Gathering land card and had him sign it? @brandmed Thank you!This has been one of the most satisfying weeks of my life at work, interpersonally, and around the house, somehow.…
@Tilly_Repulsa @thats_trash @MannyHec Hopefully something like this can help day to day. I have a difficult time wi… Announces "Lady Bird" Pop! Vinyl Figure
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz. @einsteinsarcade The specific pair I got was the TaoTronics TT-BH22, looks like they can be had for 45 on Amazon ri… @Tessicat Not heavy: Amelie, Spirited Away Heavy: The Tree of Life, Upstream Color, A Ghost Story, Synedoche New Yo…"previously unreported" *has been on the public record for 45 years*
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz. @striderno9 I'd say underrated, mostly because people have kinda made it second fiddle to The Dark Knight. I think… @thats_trash @MannyHec Sure thing! The specific pair I got was the TaoTronics TT-BH22, looks like they can be had f… @MannyHec Thankfully these ones boast a supposed 45-hour battery and charge via USB so I can just plug them into my… this technology exists and they've made it pretty good. Still surreal to use. The craziest part is that a… new headphones I bought for work have Active Noise Cancelling and they're a trip. Without running audio through… @JoshHouchin I will definitely check this out! @GoldenBuddha19 @BottleneckNYC I think he's fishing with Jin if you look out in the ocean a little. @GoldenBuddha19 @BottleneckNYC I love love love the little details in it. Ben in the bushes. The polar bear in the… @ZachWWMovies Hahahaha hell yes!!! up this lovely print from @BottleneckNYC today, which spurred this. IN PEACE: Watto, of Star Wars fame, has died
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz.Time for a rewatch. (1983, dir. David Cronenberg) #LuigisMansion3 #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz. @A24 A24, I'm dyin', did anybody win the Furby? @danirat @A24 Hey this rules @Humanstein Cobain and The Crane Are Raging Inside Me
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz. @LightisFading That's also a key one for me too hahahahaKurt Cobain... Frasier... Always you wrestle inside me.
@clayfilm100 @RICHARDLNEWBY He's definitely not. He's rescued by Mandalorians wearing Death Watch armor and then ra… of my fee was the resurrection of P.B. Crisps, so when those come back, you've got me to thank. @dd_toronto hired me to assassinate Mr. Peanut. I'm the one who killed Mr. Peanut. @vhspuppet distant relative? @ThreeOranges Caption's a meme originating in a dude posting a picture of him crying on Twitter with that caption,… like pure shit I just want her back @timothuney 73, rather, but yeah @timothuney This is me guestimating. He was 30 when it came out so my assumption is he woulda beenlate 29 in Mean Streets. @PhilNobileJr really put some things in perspective for me. DMs