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@billyjarrettugh @GeezerHatesYou @ZachWWMovies I agree with all of this. @bugxjoy i wanna go back @ThoseWhoDwell I've had it saved for ages and have never had a place to deploy it so thank you lmao @ScottPJThoughts @ZachWWMovies Skate Kitchen also rules. I haven't gotten to their show yet but the movie is great.… @ThoseWhoDwell @Jordamus_Prime @JimmyRGeorge @NOFSpodcast This'll be a lot of fun! I think taking some structure to it is how we'r… @ZachWWMovies Still need to get to this. Might prioritize it this week before I shift into spooky mode. @ZachWWMovies Hell yes @JimmyRGeorge I have absolutely watched like nothing all year. I'm thinking I'm gonna go hard as hell and try to do… @ZachWWMovies Yeah it's pretty close to that. Literally everyone is in it too, either as a skate double or a member… @ZachWWMovies Hey bud. @moneymunson1981 Lmao next level @brandmed Honestly this is basically the "if I do it, this is what I'll do" plan. I'm honestly considering it becau… feel like the solution to my needing money during an election year is figuring out how to grift excitable liberal…$750 in taxes? Drumpf spends that much a year on hamberders! Like, Retweet, and Covfefe for more #Resistance fire!! @brandmed @ZachWWMovies Lol I experienced exactly this as well the other night @ScottWamplerBMD An even better and hornier version
@danirat To clarify I don't disagree with what you're saying, that's basically my point. Just that dropping that on… @danirat Sure but that's not why he tweeted it or the engagement he expected to get and is getting by and large. If… @danirat It's preaching to the choir for engagement, imho.Even by the standards of lukewarm and agreeable takes this one is tepid. @pettyintrigues Gonna be able to lay completely still in even the most physically inhospitable environs.When it's safe to leave the house again I'm going to bring planking back and you can't stop me. @GneissPetunia Exactly. Pretty much everyone apparently is just going back to normal at least if you go off Instagr… 200 of Quarantine Mood Board following me into my car) Sir sir. You look like shit. Whys your head look wet. Sir
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz. @BDavisCollins I'm ready for my late night television gig.New York mutuals be like "bodega" LA mutuals be like "earthquake?"There is like nothing that plays more to my niche interests than Ethan Hawke as John Brown. Buttigieg Custom Funko Pop related images @HauntedDriveIn Oh for sure, I'm less saying she's indicative of believers and more just frustrated that any opposi…
It really doesn't matter though. The Dems already gave up and the closest thing to opposition they'll muster is a v… right would prefer you focus your energies on attacking the nominee because of her religious views since they c… save data looks intact. If it isn't I'm going to hurl myself off a roof.My digital copy of Red Ded Redemption 2 is corrupted so now I have to download install all 108 gigs of it again.'t wait til it gets colder so I can really start dressin 😈 @ChrisTweetsLLC I generally do not much care for ketchup but do like whataburger's spicy ketchup @GeezerHatesYou Yeah but no phoneSome of y'all need to stop taking this place so seriously sometimes and go take a walk.Political cartoon: A guy in mediocre Batman cosplay shoving David Ehrl*ch into a locker. @firewalkwjaime A guy in mediocre Batman cosplay shoving David Ehrl*ch into a locker. @firewalkwjaime The nerds shouldn't be able to play the "tired of being looked down on" card anymore considering th… @PhantoMantis @timothuney You can be Klaus @timothuney @PhantoMantis I did buy the exact antique Russian watch is my wonderful wife @boringcutiepie's birthday today. She's my favorite person and I'm so grateful to have her… this woman says is just straight-up uninformed half-assed pandering. Make her talk about the climate pla…'s just skip the whole "get to know you" bullshit on this one since nobody cares and just ask about the issues.…
This isn't an Apple household. I bought a refurbished Macbook because it was a cost-effective way to get the kind o… unreal that the Apple ID password recovery system took 2 weeks to process my request because I didn't ha… @thediegocrespo Happy birthday!!!! @thediegocrespo Since it is your birthday: no. @Xzyliac I had to get a new computer and the wait has been frustrating. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get quite… @SaraSorrentino They can afford it because I bought both cookbooks. I'm basically responsible. @PhantoMantis Hmm perhaps I can do it in the style of binging with babish @girljoys_ Lmao I looked up the years but I did know it was a Nelvana production, because I was pretty sure it was Canadian and it is @girljoys_ Lmao "A Close Examination of the Modeling of Masculinity in Nilvana's 'Franklin' (1997-2004)"I'm finally going able to get my first "real" YouTube videos going this week. I have a topic-based video ready to f…
Autumn is that magical time of year when our fingers are constantly stained orange by pumpkin flavored things inste… @jacob_posts (replying to you reading a news headline) the onion is obsolete now cuz the real news is even wackier @letsnotmeetcast A fair and rational appraisal imho @GoldenBuddha19 I think you'd dig itThey're $20, Laura. Duked! is like Chekhov's Gun: The Movie is what Pete Campbell's story arc would look like if Mad Men were about digital marketers., uh, I lost all 20,000 of my followers today because of, uh, a Twitter glitch so, uh, hey, uh, you better tell al… @Lulamaybelle @filmguy619 There are issues where people are being locked out of their accounts and when they reacti… @therealaaronk Something in the air tonight @OkSteev @ZachWWMovies @TylerMoliterno Lol you sir win the Internet todayuwu mistuh wibertarian you awe vewy scawy and tuff uwu you hab misundewstood evewy ewement of youw powitical phiwlo… @saturnvelvet I distinctly remember a lot of football player ones growing up. Still with the beard tho. @Joeyaucoin @girljoys_ This has killed meOne time my Halloween name on here was Frank N. Steinmetz and a bunch of people ended up thinking my name was Frank… are more unsettling to me than scarecrows are tbh @HorrorMovieBBQ Folks are getting locked out and it's causing a glitch where they're "not following" anyone for some time. @BenEcker @ZachWWMovies That's true. They are older than me now cuz I was born the day the first live action movie came out. Boom. @rileycat19 @JoshRaby He's eager but in a cloying and self-serving way @BDavisCollins @JoshRaby The more I think about it the truer it feels. I have been swayed. @ZachWWMovies Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck @JoshRaby You are one of the most insightful human beings I follow on here my dude @thediegocrespo @Mendonative I concur @WilliamHPerkins I think this is my answer tooWhich Ninja Turtle do you think is the gentlest lover?
Please consider donating to the Louisville Bail Fund if at all possible. @IsaacsHauntedB @lousywithghosts Hopefully those accounts revert and we don't lose contact with anybody but here ar… not be necessary but better safe than sorry, imho. @IsaacsHauntedB @lousywithghosts you tweet about all the followers you lost...
Retweeted by Nathan Steinmetz.In case it isn't clear, access that first menu by clicking your profile pic in the top left corner of the app. Note… up: Twitter is being really overzealous and locking people out of their accounts. Looks like when you regain… @Brundle_James Heads up that it looks like you got hit by the unfollow thing that's going around today.Louisville made a calculated decision. They knew there'd be outrage and unrest in the wake of the decision about…