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Slowly getting over the fear of speed bumps

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"I’m not your therapist" is that how some of you speak to your friends? Because yikes.
Retweeted by HumbLYou cant blame shaytan for your actions because on the day of judgement he will say: "I had no authority over you…
Retweeted by HumbLOnce you realise that EVERYTHING is a test , all the trials and even seemingly little decisions will source out of…
Retweeted by HumbLOne day the good you done for others will somehow come back to you. Spread kindness always. If you help others, Allah will help you.
Retweeted by HumbLJust found out what sex is. Y’all are disgusting 🤢🤮😷
Retweeted by HumbLUni 9ams feels like it’s 5am.
Retweeted by HumbLsometimes you gotta stop seeing the good in people & start seeing exactly what they show you.
Retweeted by HumbLNo one other than me is allowed to bully them
Retweeted by HumbLThe amount of revision I've done all year
Retweeted by HumbLme during a test when im cheating and the teacher look up and i pretend to look stressed out 😭😭
Retweeted by HumbLHow MUAs choose condiments
When you look back at your life, you realise that every thing that happened to you was nothing but a blessing from Allah
Retweeted by HumbLOur beloved Rusool ﷺ said: “The most perfect of the believers in faith are those who are best in manners and attit…
Retweeted by HumbLHope you all find pious and amazing spouses In Sha Allah 🤝
Retweeted by HumbL“Hey are you okay? Me: Yea, why? “Your tweets...” Me:
Retweeted by HumbLLooks don't mean shit to me, if we vibing and you make me laugh I want it.
Retweeted by HumbLIf you don’t make me laugh like this then idk for you but we can’t be friends 😂
Retweeted by HumbLAre we sure 2017 actually happened? I cannot remember one thing that happened that year
Retweeted by HumbLDo you ever pray for someone in ur prayers and then feel bad so you suddenly decide to include the whole population?
Retweeted by HumbLprofessors teach entire courses on inaccessibility to healthcare just to ask for a doctors note when you miss class…
Retweeted by HumbLmuslims out here looking for their soulmate but won’t work on their soul, mate
Retweeted by HumbLWhy do buses and trains cost money, like you're going that way anyway give us a lift g
Retweeted by HumbLNiggas want be funnier than me under my tweets? Deleted. Now nobody gets to laugh
Retweeted by HumbLMe looking around in class to see if I’m the only one that doesn’t understand it
Retweeted by HumbLwhen all the msa board members end up marrying each other
Retweeted by HumbLSee if I like a girl, I don’t give a SHIT about her history or who she been with. I take her and improve her, I giv…
Retweeted by HumbLWhen you see a Muslim couple have a baby 6 months after marriage
Retweeted by HumbLbro do u wanna like delete ur entire existence off social media with me and like move to a cottage up north bro, we…
Retweeted by HumbLDudes who don’t play video games and don’t really care for sports >>>>
Retweeted by HumbLSomeone said “I never got on rides at a fair.. how tf you just pull a roller coaster out a suitcase” ... And that…
Retweeted by HumbLthese photos were taken before and after someone told him “wakanda forever”
Retweeted by HumbLMe When I have 4 Essays, 17 Worksheets, 5 missing assignments, and a test Tomorrow.
Retweeted by HumbLMaybe I shouldn’t tweet this but I never knew that when you take your driving test it’s on real roads? 😂 I thought…
Retweeted by HumbLi am officially off the market. i’m not in a relationship. i’m just tired of y’all lmfao
Retweeted by HumbLuni is coming like one psycho ex . always on my neck man leave me alone r u obsessed with me or something ??
Retweeted by HumbLI took this girl on this date one time and before I took her out, I told her that we were getting some “different”…
Retweeted by HumbLwhen it’s been 23 hours and he still hasn’t viewed your story
Retweeted by HumbLme seeing a snap from my mcm just to open it and see a black screen saying streak
Retweeted by HumbLKid after gym class: " YO WTF SOMEONE STOLE MY PHONE!" The dude that stole it:
Retweeted by HumbLMe whenever a cat meows at me on the street
Retweeted by HumbLAyee who else part of that 3.7% 😌✊🏼
Retweeted by HumbLI just want all my friends to know that I am NOT that friend...
Retweeted by HumbLNever ignore the bad in someone just to keep them in your life.
Retweeted by HumbLIf i carve into chicken and its cake i’m causing a scene
Retweeted by HumbLSo apparently the people on TikTok don’t mind loud chewing so I’m dropping this here 😭
Retweeted by HumbLBURGER KING is testing a sandwich with nothing but french fries:
Retweeted by HumbLAre you on the verge of giving up? Don’t! Stay patient for a while longer. The Almighty wants you to know that the…
Retweeted by HumbL
“I heard you and ....... were speaking“ Me:
Retweeted by HumbLfriend texts me: hey it’s been a while how are you me, lying on the couch w popcorn down my shirt & haven’t shower…
Retweeted by HumbLJust a reminder that Dua changes Qadr
Retweeted by HumbLsending a w-2 form to everyone who was in my business last year
Retweeted by HumbLI acc liked working in dominos but to my fellow muslims just putting it out there that the cross contamination is n…
Retweeted by HumbLIt’s like... the problem is not the wrapping... but it’s the ants.... hmmm 🧐
Retweeted by HumbLMe waking up with temporary memory loss after a long nap:
Retweeted by HumbLUs Muslims are gonna have to sit this one out
Retweeted by HumbLQatar Faculty Of Islamic Studies. Allāhhumma Barik
Retweeted by HumbL“Did you eat” “Get home safe” “Good morning” “I love it when I’m with you” “Did you pray” “I make dua for you”
Retweeted by HumbLI can’t breathe
Retweeted by HumbL📣Fun fact: I'm allergic to shrimp and crab legs
Retweeted by HumbLIt’s all good both situations
Retweeted by HumbLwhy am i so sleepy
Retweeted by HumbLWhen you’re eating at a wedding and they put the camera on you
Retweeted by HumbLAnyone who believes in God and the Last Day should heed this: God will find a way out for those who are mindful of…
Retweeted by HumbLthis is destroying me
Retweeted by HumbLThe Qur'an teaches us to 'Speak Good to People' [2:83] - not just muslims.
Retweeted by HumbLMe watching my younger siblings do something I’d get in trouble for, whilst my parents are letting it slide
Retweeted by HumbLi just know a lesbian alien did this for her gf .. hope they stay together
Retweeted by HumbLNephew on punishment for the rest of 2020 😭 somebody come look at this
Retweeted by HumbLNOT BOMBACLAAT......
Retweeted by HumbLNot a secret, just not your business.
Retweeted by HumbLMe: mum I can't find it Mum after two minutes of looking: It was right there! Can u not see it
Retweeted by HumbLA series
Retweeted by HumbLI tried to play hard to get so I stopped responding. Now she got a man
Retweeted by HumbLIf you have a credit card and a kid. Add your kid on as an authorized user and pay the bill on time. By the time th…
Retweeted by HumbLOh yeah? Could a depressed person do THIS? *lays motionless on my couch for 5 hours*
Retweeted by HumbLSick of the dunya but not ready to meet Allah swt
Retweeted by HumbLToday I left Christianity and converted to Islam
Retweeted by HumbLIs this even on earth wdf???
Retweeted by HumbLCant trust no nigga who exist twice
Retweeted by HumbLMy mom tried to stop me from twerking on my wife
Retweeted by HumbLMe ignoring my incoming calls until I gain enough energy to be social again.
Retweeted by HumbLWhat does Allah love? How can I be among the ones He loves? Thread~
Retweeted by HumbLHold your Iman, because the day you lose your Iman, you lose everything
Retweeted by HumbL @Marrr1ah Yes it does require patience @Marrr1ah PatienceIt hits hard when you realise Allah has blessed YOU to be able to see the signs and reminders He puts in front you,…
Retweeted by HumbLO Allah, I seek Your shelter from worries that sadden me, thoughts that make me restless, information that bothers…
Retweeted by HumbLsome of you act like you’re gonna be in this dunya forever, don’t get too comfy
Retweeted by HumbLDying with my sins outweighing my good deed
Retweeted by HumbLMy customer service voice vs my real voice
Retweeted by HumbLme watching my mom cook my favorite meal
Retweeted by HumbLWhen the chai starts overflowing out of nowhere
Retweeted by HumbLme creating scenarios in my mind that will never exist:
Retweeted by HumbLthis semester feels so weird. it's like i barely have work due... but i got so much work to do
Retweeted by HumbLI dislike being told “it’s up to you” because I’m an indecisive person. You just choose pls, it’ll save us both.
Retweeted by HumbLme doing my part of the presentation
Retweeted by HumbLschools be like: bullying: 🤷🏻‍♀️ racism: 🤷🏻‍♀️ homophobia: 🤷🏻‍♀️ chewing gum: 🤬 wearing hats: 🤬 shirts that show your shoulders: 🤬
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