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Subhan Allah il ‘azeem wa bi hamdihi 🌴

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cat owners will be covered in scratches and scars and just be like these are little love marks from my handsome boy…
Retweeted by HumbL“Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people”
Retweeted by HumbLAt this age, being in drama should be embarrassing, find peace and be successful
Retweeted by HumbL‘Allah doesn’t reject, He redirects.’ i just heard that line in an arabic poem. that hits like crazy subhanAllah
Retweeted by HumbLWho tf sits there and thinks hmmm I’m gonna watch anime ?
Retweeted by HumbLSaying yes is a good thing mostly. But learning how to set boundaries & say no when the need calls for it is key to…
Retweeted by HumbLEven if I become the loneliest of the loneliest, there is still God.
Retweeted by HumbLWhy is everyone flexing their ugly ass home screens? 😂😂😂
Retweeted by HumbLjust realized when you get married everyone looks at your side profile the whole ceremony so that’s gonna be a no from me dawg
Retweeted by HumbLmfs be putting more effort into their homescreens than their homework
Retweeted by HumbLEveryone’s getting engaged, married or pregnant and here’s me getting a cold 😂
Retweeted by HumbLIt’s kinda sad when you realize the person you used to tell everything to, now has no idea of what’s happening with your life
Retweeted by HumbLThey think you mad, whole time you just lost respect for them
Retweeted by HumbLthey only see you pushing people away; they never ask why you're doing it
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No man is perfect. But a trying man is everything. Realize their efforts
Retweeted by HumbLDon’t lose yourself in the Dunya that’s only temporary.
Retweeted by HumbLThis is mesmerizing..
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ok bye my heart 🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by HumbLpressuring a girl until she says yes is r*pe btw❤️
Retweeted by HumbLDis who y’all find attractive-
Retweeted by HumbLThis life is temporary, don’t stress, never stress
Retweeted by HumbLgod made us twitter mutuals because they couldn't handle us as lovers
Retweeted by HumbLthe sexuaI tension between me and disappearing forever without an explanation 😍
Retweeted by HumbLThe older you get, the more you’ll realize how important saving is.
Retweeted by HumbLeven if im busy imma text her back before i go to sleep because at the end of the day i’m a simp
Retweeted by HumbLoh Allah if he isnt meant for me make him for me
Retweeted by HumbLwait so boys don’t do the scenarios thing at night ???????
Retweeted by HumbLWhen Katy Perry said do you ever feel like a plastic bag...and we didn’t question does that even mean
Retweeted by HumbLDo men realize how creepy this is
Retweeted by HumbLcan’t believe months ago rapists were being exposed, and some of y’all went back to being friends/working w them li…
Retweeted by HumbLgood evening, aqueous solutions
Retweeted by HumbLI just realised relationships work when the guy loves the girl more than the girl loves him.
Retweeted by HumbLCollege is a scam. Yes I’m enrolled. But it’s still a scam.
Retweeted by HumbL @tonygucch @imaybebored I’m at work rn 💀Don't nobody be on Twitter more than a employed person on the clock 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by HumbLMay Allah accept our duas
Retweeted by HumbL😭😭 My dad was giving a lecture to literally anybody that will listen to him and was talking about marriage & the su…
Retweeted by HumbLLook back to your situation from a year ago. Whether that be financial, mental or physical. You’ll actually realise…
Retweeted by HumbLWhat does jeff bezos do before bed? He puts his PJAmazon😹
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Tokyo Lights
Retweeted by HumbLMy back hurts from carryin the weight of being the funniest sexiest most amazing person to exist
Retweeted by HumbLHow do people eat breakfast I have 0 appetite when I wake up I just starve untill midday
Retweeted by HumbLYou ever misspelled a word so bad autocorrect don’t even help you out.
Retweeted by HumbLSTOP being okay w everything. You deserve to be treated right.
Retweeted by HumbLDon’t be disillusioned with life. Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them. Don’t be discouraged as there…
Retweeted by HumbLThis behavior is not very PS5 of him.
Retweeted by HumbLIf she’s independent, the only thing you could impress her with is your personality, believe me
Retweeted by HumbLgirls will be like i hate children and then date an arab man
Retweeted by HumbLAlmost hit a Tesla today... my whole savings flashed before my eyes
Retweeted by HumbLthe only thing i wanna see on my tl are islamic reminders and hadiths, that’s it
Retweeted by HumbLevery text is a risky text when you have anxiety
Retweeted by HumbLGetting him an empty ps5 box and filling it with a 1000 reasons of why you love him ❤️
Retweeted by HumbLI’m officially off the market. I’m still single. I’m just giving up.
Retweeted by HumbLNobody has ever went all out for me. Like everrrrrrrr. That’s one thing I CAN say.
Retweeted by HumbLThe ick is a real thing with friends btw
Retweeted by HumbLGirls driving big boy whips is so attractive
Retweeted by HumbLme when he opens the ps5 box to 100 reasons why i love him
Retweeted by HumbLI hate Muslim Twitter sometimes I really do. How are you lot mocking a sister’s Mehr price of £146??? Y’all are sic…
Retweeted by HumbLSome girls actually be having good hearts and get treated so wrong it's so sad
Retweeted by HumbLheavy on "having full tawakkul in Allah" whatever is written for me will never miss me and Allah's plans are always…
Retweeted by HumbLgirls be like “happy birthday to the craziest person i know” and it’s just sarah
Retweeted by HumbLmen fall asleep so quick bro what’s the secret 😭
Retweeted by HumbLWhen you decide to move ahead in life, you may need to let go of people from your past. Why? Because they’re normal…
Retweeted by HumbLDon’t understand how people my age have children. I’m children
Retweeted by HumbL“MoNeY CaNt BuY hAppINeSS” id rather be sad and rich than sad and poor
Retweeted by HumbLEmotional intelligence is so important man
Retweeted by HumbLthe world should’ve just taken a gap year for education bc wtf😂
Retweeted by HumbLmen that use “🥺” are pure evil btw be careful
Retweeted by HumbLDo you ever think about your dreams & goals and get scared for a bit. Like damn i want that
Retweeted by HumbLIslam is perfect, but muslims are not.
Retweeted by HumbLHow are you gonna give advice on keeping shit halal when you’re in a whole haram relationship? Make it make sense? 🥴
Retweeted by HumbLDon’t be scared to try.
Retweeted by HumbLIf you watch rick and morty hi lol we’re friends now
Retweeted by HumbLForever grateful for those kids that willingly respond to the teachers questions so the rest of us don’t have to
Retweeted by HumbLWe embody what we talk about. If you’re always having a negative mindset, always complaining, doubting, making a bi…
Retweeted by HumbLI need to ask “jatt question” so if I can ask you like please.
Retweeted by HumbLthat's quentin tarantino
Retweeted by HumbLBreath-taking
Retweeted by HumbL“If you avoid the major sins which you are forbidden, We will remove from you your lesser sins and admit you to a n…
Retweeted by HumbLi miss being 12 and escaping reality by reading books
Retweeted by HumbLlife’s too short to chase people, chase the bag
Retweeted by HumbLIf he doesn’t want to go to Japan with me this isn’t gonna work out 😔
Retweeted by HumbLDon’t curse delays. No matter how much you hate it. It’s human nature to want things to happen when we want them. B…
Retweeted by HumbLProtect your daughter?! Nah bro, just educate yo son. That’s it.
Retweeted by HumbLu ever killed your own vibe from thinking too much
Retweeted by HumbLIf I attempt to communicate with you and you give no effort back, you’ll acc never hear from me again
Retweeted by HumbLThe more people i meet, the more i realise how well my parents raised me
Retweeted by HumbLDo you know what happiness is? Happiness is a state of mind. Yes. Oftentimes, we expect everything to be perfect fo…
Retweeted by HumbLAllah guides and provides, man gets and forgets
Retweeted by HumbLLooool I could never, unless you’re my husband you ain’t getting no PS5
Retweeted by HumbLMe: *Opens Facebook*لا تحزن ان الله معنا La tahzan innAllah ha ma’ana Don’t be sad, Allah is with us
Retweeted by HumbLIf 2020 is telling us anything, it's telling us, enjoy the moments you have and don't take any day, anything, or anyone for granted.
Retweeted by HumbL😭😭😭
Retweeted by HumbLnobody: me in a math tests:
Retweeted by HumbLClick on the elephant 𓃰
Retweeted by HumbLI’m such a “why” person. Like I just need to know why
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