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@adam_shniderman Very nice. Traditionally conservative but distinctive.👍We use "Orwellian" too often. But: 1) In March Cuomo issued order sending COVID patients to nursing homes. 2) By…
Retweeted by HumphreyBohun @BarnasJoe @jordanlperkins @AndyGrewal Had totally forgotten. Never paid much attention tbf. @SeanTrende It’s been contested but we know. Per FF. @RafaeldeArizaga @Vermeullarmine @GrayConnolly Don Philip did his best. As I recall he was supposed to go to the Ne… @wrdcsc @RickGarnett @chrislhayes On this, completely agree. @DanielWhooley @ibflorea
Merrick Garland didn't pledge to recuse from 2016 election cases. This is a ridiculous point to seize on. It's not…
Retweeted by HumphreyBohun @Philip_Huff @WFosterConLaw Your wisest observation yet? @WFosterConLaw @Philip_Huff Still no regrets about about abstaining from the top of the ticket. @Vermeullarmine Honestly, Trump’s claim that the virus has disappeared more believable. @Philip_Huff @WFosterConLaw Sen Hawley would have a fit. @WFosterConLaw And while you can’t disaggregate it, willing to put “Trump’s appointees” against hypothetical HRC/JRB ones. @WFosterConLaw Democrats whine about legitimacy, but aside from raw numbers, intensity matters, too. Not a problem… @wrdcsc @RickGarnett @chrislhayes Not defending Trump on Covid. We could have done better, and he bears a lot of th… @ibflorea Josh Hawley is on Fox talking Court @BarnasJoe Depends on the city and the suburb, but as a rule. @TheRealTDB @JoeSilverman7 Milady! @ellencarmichael Definitely. Have been. @Philip_Huff You were doing better yesterday @ms_peaceweaver @Philip_Huff @IanPGunn Thank you!Joe Biden was mendacious, evasive, and remains a hostage to his left flank. But you know what? None of that matters…
Retweeted by HumphreyBohun @Vermeullarmine Mia culpa. Didn’t do the reading. @Vermeullarmine Yish. Obviously Bostock doesn’t require this, but predictable. @becingber Same @thefactualprep Is she going off on ACB? @Philip_Huff Indeed nomination, at least in part, almost certainly also a subtle effort to reach out to our allies… @Philip_Huff Our European allies would probably be offended. Why are you trying to help Trump destroy NATO? @Philip_Huff Dunno but if so great way to start @Philip_Huff @fedjudges @MajorDenihil Have been thinking about exactly that since I saw your tweet. A stretch at best @Philip_Huff @fedjudges @MajorDenihil Better institutional resolution for sure. @fedjudges @MajorDenihil @Philip_Huff Probably not @fedjudges @Philip_Huff @MajorDenihil RBG dissent tho @Isabell52226737 It’s a metaphor.So far so decent @thefactualprep @JonMIPol 🥃 💯 @Philip_Huff Sticking with Kaiser Karl, Entschuldigung.Big winner tonight is Karl von Habsburg.
Retweeted by HumphreyBohun @adam_shniderman Amy Barrett, contemplating distinct possibility she might have to decide an election between these two, roughly same. @yuanyi_z Weirdly enough, my TL seems to be reaching a consensus.👑Ask yourself: how much worse could absolute monarchy be?
Retweeted by HumphreyBohun @Philip_Huff Judge Barrett is a fan of Federalism, you miserable wretch! @JoshuaJPrince Less enthusiastic but of the group clearly the only one who should be permitted to come within a mar… @JoshuaJPrince I mean Pence is awful, but the only one of the 4 in the universe of acceptable. @YPractitioners @ewarren There’s one being elevated as we tweet and these non-elite...gentlemen (?)...debate. @adam_shniderman Shame you can’t DVR all of them for repeated viewing. @wrdcsc @Philip_HuffWe’re back to 3 Justices 👨‍⚖️👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️This is a mostly civil debate.
Retweeted by HumphreyBohun @GrayConnolly Trump is a huge mess but (it would seem) Trump is winning. @Philip_Huff Constitutional? @TheRealTDB @adam_shniderman Not mutually exclusive. @TheRealTDB @adam_shniderman He looks like a carpet. @tom_mende @GrayConnolly Whatever, there’s a thin slice of Austria. Have driven Munich to Guarda and back on numero… @GrayConnolly @greggnunziata Acknowledge the costs of restrictions, assess the dangers of opening, make a choice, a… @MaybellRomero @YPractitioners Baseball has contracts, too. And an Antitrust exemption. @YPractitioners @TheRealTDB @adam_shniderman @TheRealTDB That just happened to me @wrdcsc Don’t disagree with your characterization of his statement, just suggesting tangentially-but relatedly-that… @ibflorea The Xers are coming to rescue America! @wrdcsc She never said so explicitly but her (incontestable) assertion that the statute couldn’t bear JGR’s avoidan… @adam_shniderman Same! @adam_shniderman Downhill from here.The Constitution, what is it? @TheRealTDB @Vermeullarmine 🙋‍♂️ @GrayConnolly Graf Istvan Tisza a very hard Calvinist as well! @GrayConnolly Catapulted into the national lead by Covid restrictionism. Bavaria on Italian border, hardest hit, fi… @andashleysays *Everything* is a scandal. 🙄 @acbscotus @RickGarnett @McCormickProf @EdWhelanEPPC Top marks all around tbf.
@fedjudges Safe assumption with that citation.Another Distorted Account of Barrett’s View on Stare Decisis It sure seems that ACB's criti…
Retweeted by HumphreyBohun @GrayConnolly 98% of the attacks on her are ridiculous. The answer “I disagree with her judicial philosophy, in par… @LuisSeg7 Gerrymandering not unconstitutional but it’s bad, @JerryDunleavy I agree! @smmarotta NYT reporters not as sophisticated in the legal terms and legal institutions, nor as precise in their us… @Philip_Huff Just!The King 🤴 (or Queen 👸, as it were), never dies. Le Roi (La Reine) s’est mort! Vive Le Roi 🤴 (La Reine)! @robincaphill She lost @ANNVYSHINSKY @TheRealTDB @adam_shniderman Nah. He’s fine. Was going to say he looks very neat @wrdcsc @MaybellRomero @ProfRobAnderson I should and will refrain from alternative suggestions. @jr_bohl @AviWoolf Definitely. Covid hard in the midst of political acrimony, and exacerbate it gravely. Especially… @MABlumenfeld This stuff is annoying and definitely not helpful. Inclined to err on the side of reasonable caution… @jadler1969 @RameshPonnuru @bopinion Still railing against the *ACA (and treating the suit as a valid legal challen… @jadler1969 @RameshPonnuru @bopinion In fairness, Trump and GOP still railing against the suit, irrespective of leg… @jonathanurick Look like a great event nonetheless. Pandemic sucks but access to events like this-suboptimal though… @Sheadixon @TheRealTDB @RafaeldeArizaga Think she actually discussed civil law in one of her articles, and cited to Louisiana as the paradigmatic example. @RafaeldeArizaga Don Philipe, El Re @WFosterConLaw @baseballcrank If you’re a conservative good arguments against Justice Barrett thin on the ground an… @davidharsanyi And yes, economic and other considerations, and by those parameters US clearly near top in the 1st w… @davidharsanyi Krugman and Cuomo terrible, of course. But US “2nd” waive worse than Europe as a whole, and so far e… @thefactualprep 🏆 @WFosterConLaw @JoshuaJPrince Think more than those 2 might strike the mandate, *if* they find standing, but would… @JoshuaJPrince Or Alito. @YPractitioners @espinsegall @josephwrio First part of that is fair (William O Douglas went to Columbia!!!), secon… Even if Barrett were to hold it unconstitutional (BIG IF), striking down a penalty of $0 does little, an…
Retweeted by HumphreyBohun @yuanyi_z @SalemLola Yeah, not much of a dilemma. @DIorioNathaniel @SalemLola One almost wants to say that American pizza is to Italian pizza as American follow to C… in Our Sunday Visitor: Amy Coney Barrett understands, and embraces, the role and responsibilities of a judge…
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