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Lana Del Rey on her Instagram:
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Ts Madison retweeted me today,💦💦💦
Retweeted by 🥩 @Vahzilok it was my brain protecting itself probably so,, thanks for ruining of these instructors has a little moogle tattoo teehee one: Me after eating: mm I need something sweet
Retweeted by 🥩 @Agneas_Arrow one of the GOATs bc it’s like.. so entwined w that world. breathtakinggraduations, weddings, funerals @Agneas_Arrow this soundtrack..... hiiiie serotonin welcome back
Retweeted by 🥩......... @crabsgonewild yes!!.. . yes!!!!!! @morgthemerrier me neither but she crushedme watching this space making sure he gets to 75 free @megstalter @jansportnyc
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Retweeted by 🥩like samemy favorite thing about capybaras is that they are extremely docile and friendly creatures that always have a c*nty… @doncheedingus this gave me an idea
Retweeted by 🥩 @Agneas_Arrow @vesperbay it isgm“Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell on the Mama Cass Show on January 18, 1969 🎶 Some music makes you remember a cer…
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Retweeted by 🥩By sharing Martin Luther King Jr. in color, it reminds folks that the civil rights era was not that long ago. The b…
Retweeted by 🥩 @lovablelopmon surprisingly, I’m more of a 1v1 kinda whore very satisfying, but sumn about these SCREAM orgy to me @tanoopsie I knooow and it was so cool looking, like I rlly tried to step outside my comfort zone w it 😢 @travi_XCX I wanted to try that one initially, but they were out of stock last time I ordered from them! 😭Foot Fetish Friday….@EvaLongoria , that woman’s feet are sexy!
Retweeted by 🥩I’m going to try it again but like maybe using a setting spray beforehand + using my fingers instead of the applicator..?last night I tried to do a makeup look w this gloss I purchased specifically bc you’re supposed to be able to lay i… @dahngrestt @acvaIhalla tape a pushpin to the wall and STAB that bitchmy guitar is out for delivery........... have a Studio Ghibli box set and it comes on right after Howl’s Moving Castle bc it’s on the same disc which is SOOOOO shadytried watching Tales from Earthsea just now and nobody told me this movie is unwatchable like.. @gameofmikey she don’t deserve sh*t, she bought that Tesla and all those cat corpses w Britney’s moneykeep your pets out of the garage and away from dangerous vehicles you fuckin psycho!!!!?? is seriously one of the most beautiful PLAY ARTS figures like.. wow’s not lying, this is me before and after the vaccine. not enough people are speaking up about this…
Retweeted by 🥩when Sophie cries in the rain after Howl’s tantrum triggers her bc she never felt beautiful in her entire life.....… @kaboomle sound like 2 gay islands but o.k.Final Fantasy XIII - Sulyya Springs
Retweeted by 🥩She once said: In illustrating for children, what I relish most is trying to satisfy the constant question in the b…
Retweeted by 🥩Japanese-American illustrator Gyo Fujikawa wrote & illustrated over 50 books. She was recognized as being one of th…
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it was so much fun performing at STUDIO 2054!
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Retweeted by 🥩being pretty is nice and visuals can def play into a body of work, but it has zilch to do w making good music. it…
Retweeted by 🥩 @vesperbay everywhat little clothes.. her little boots I need to buy another Sakura Miku before my other one even comes in the mail..................… on this page is so beautiful and cool........ by weiwesleywei
Retweeted by 🥩’m gonna cry, she’s too beautiful look at this, A couple years ago I suddenly got appendicitis when my family was in a very tough financial sp…
Retweeted by 🥩 @vesperbay ty ❤️ she doesn’t @vesperbay who????what 5 years have done to me @kaboomle you get it!! best burger you can get at Five Guys as follows: little bacon cheeseburger + bbq sauce + mayo + grilled mushrooms @mahoufruit it’s giving me $$$ but make it as tasteless as possible
@Agneas_Arrow literally my first thought 🤢grotesque.. the laziness.. like maybe they would’ve justified it if they did like a banger dance mix34+35 didn’t need extra verses and I HATE when a “”remix”” has barely been remixed, it’s just like.. extended
Retweeted by 🥩I feel like crying for some reasonI just bought a guitar..
this literally could not be any more up my alley........ insane is sexy.. this is sexual. @xxxngel 1A# @Vahzilok but what if we did make the rules @vesperbay you are too insecure to admit that you want a fem top in your life, you don’t deserve one babey LYIN ““masc4masc ‘T0P’ guys”” always in my dms calling me pretty........... I can smell the crusty skid marks… @bandochando *then @bandochando the his walkie start buzzinI’ve had like 6 shots of espresso, don’t look at meit’s the year of the cow, so naturally it’s time for all of us to grow big ole moomoo jugs tiddy milkers gozangaga… I’m a Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons girlie doethis is everyone playing stardew valley
Retweeted by 🥩 luigi mansion went off on this @Azulmuu
this version in particular just kills his ass pics to my phone so I can remember why I put up w bullshit