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You'll find me @homebrew, Seed Stage Venture Fund w @satyap. Previously made products at YouTube, Google & SecondLife. Married to @cbarlerin.

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@whatdotcd @TaylorLorenz Never become the person your followers want you to be @zck dont even get me started on the fondant-dependency most cake-first startups have @zck Tired: Human-in-the-Loop Wired: Cake-in-the-Loop @eriktorenberg @arthcmr i'd say we're on a cycle of increased angel activity generally over the last few years and i don't think COVID has slowed it. @mattschaar i can see it in your eyes...*but* investing can switch you very quickly to looking at new apps, ideas, startups w $$$ eyes as opposed to you…'s wonderful to see so many new angel investors, from all different backgrounds, starting to write checks into st… @eriktorenberg better include dope beats @jkwade 🙌🙌🙌🙌
@mvzelenks Phase 2 @mikekarnj If you're price insensitive a Duxiana is absolutely amazing @esbrigham @soulstratsalon Generally we're trying to ascertain their combo of attitude and aptitude to be founders.… @stevesi Methanol? @lpolovets @semil Oh you set me up perfectly . . . My 'value add' as an angle investor is I'm always 'right' 📐 @benlandis welcome to clubhouse! @lpolovets @semil I am an angle investor. @DianaCherny @freialobo 💪💪💪💪💪 @venturetwins 11 months young! @Brewbom @ManuKumar Yeah really tough time for roasters and cafes. Back in spring i gifted a ton from my favorites… @andrewchen r u cake? This is something cake would say. @mims @mimsicality DMs are proof @mims @mimsicality DM me a screenshot of the protected account. I'm curious about what you say there that you don't here. @TurnerNovak @joshelman They're billions of dollars of invested capital in the hole so let me know when they're bre… @ManuKumar I'm doing all I can!!!!!! @goldman @seldo I recognize this from warcraft @dansinker for my dank wrestling meme fans @seldo I'd call you a 'tea bag truther' but I fear that might be misunderstood @waltmossberg 100% - we've been supplementing distance learning w teacher/tutor crafts, reading club. Not willing t… @subes01 @semil I think both are true. Offices closed, but social distance walk & talks, small meetings etc have started back up @Alex_Danco @Alex_Danco I did love that meme @JayKapoorNYC 11 months. Here's what two months looked like. look you get when the morning walk is more for the human than the doge @film_girl Goodness yes pls @chamath 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @garrytan @semil Homebrew's 2022 HQ 👇 @semil Some companies just deciding that giving team stability to make decisions for next 6-12 months beats remaini… @qhardy 10/10 @boop @BlairReeves Amazing !!!! @esbrigham Hmmm dunno. Pre-Homebrew I was pretty good at hiring. At Homebrew we care a lot about founder <> market… @jrichlive @Samirkaji @_PeterT_ Do you know what percentage of their investments are incubations, because seems lik… @staringispolite Thx! Feels like the biggest issue right now w TT isn't that we're gonna actually discover somethin… @staringispolite So you would ban all Chinese apps from US app stores? I'm genuinely interested - not trying to win a debate. @staringispolite I haven't seen anything other than "it's a Chinese company" Like, I understand the concern but i… @Thogori @Abbakidenda @KevzPolitics @donnyapiggott @comespeakeasy @thepinkcoconuts @Barbados 💪💪💪💪💪 @jhuber @KindraCotton The one true dream! @benthompson No, more that we really don't know that any of our data is safe. And that if we want to start caring a… @thatadamguy Hmm i usually pub same time. Wonder why that has the Medium link. Maybe I was doing an experiment or something. @goldman Burr, close the door on your way out @ijustine 🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭 @Samirkaji @_PeterT_ Yeah, I think our firm strategy is particularly well-suited to it but have never substantially… @Rob_Flaherty an 🐜 could clear the low bar we've set for 🍊 @Samirkaji @_PeterT_ Do you think it just comes down to LP needs or are there conditions that would make it more pa…
@_PeterT_ i think there are many VCs who dream of evergreen if the LPs would support ;-) @jenistyping I had this bad for a long time. Combination of things helped me - some pleasant (becoming a dad, some… @SarahLongwell25 just read the NYer profile. Ty for playing offense. @willjohnsonio 🙌🙌🙌💪💪💪 @seyitaylor The fact that in 3-4 months we couldn't solve for testing and PPE is astonishing. Neither requires new… @nbashaw Top 5 by end of summerIn light of the confusion surrounding #TikTok and the Chinese government, I've done some research and attached a li… @smartledore_ @bizcarson Don't know about personal but was referring to the @protocol one @bizcarson another great newsletter. Consistently one of my favs. But I guess I am the target audience 😄 @miles_k @msjpenn Praise Jesus! @subes01 @RandomEtc Oh goodness yes @alexstamos Oh that's interesting. Is Apple the greatest outlier there (in theory)? @cedfunches What do you think that cooperation could look like? @michaelmiraflor Do you think that's their competition or the politicalization of working at any time w the incumbe…'s an example of something net-positive for society that Apple/FB/Google/Amzn/Msft could do together (and likel… @mashagessen your pod w @ezraklein was great @joinClubhouse nice updates in latest releaseGoodnight friends. May your slumber be peaceful. 🐶💤 @alessandroroco @satyap I got Rocky road and he got stracciatella gelato @TaylorLorenz shuddering at the inevitable intersection of these two @semil @fromedome @jeffrey @BriannaWu Is that gross or net, because it impacts my answer @_danilo As a parent I think about the cohort of kids who are going to have the next few years as a period of dislo… @satyap and I got to take a walk and eat ice cream on Monday and it was nice. @fmanjoo @mekkaokereke True but also think the way it's currently done gives the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ deniability. Headlines more impor… @CBarlerin @WCKitchen So good!!!! @jeffmaysh tbh I think that premise would have made an excellent sequel to The Royal Tenenbaums @peterpham @rfradin @tiktok_us downloader for creators who want to save copies of their videos (just in case) @TurnerNovak @JoshConstine @ArlanWasHere @BrianBrackeen @joshk @ForerunnerVC new managers stick together @danpfeiffer Hunter screams "emergency pod Dan" while hyperventilating into a paper bag @UnsettlingStory need Giles and Willow to help sort this out @UnsettlingStory There's a striking kushner resemblance too if you ask me. Total slender man. Stone celebrating with friends after sentence commutation @polly So nice! @polly Oh my! Do you use chicory?
@polly Once per state I thought. That's why I've registered in so many. @polly Polly I'm gonna vote so many times on election day @dscheinm @MacConwell Same! @amdev now I really want an edit button @RomeenSheth @schlaf Don't recognize him @ArlanWasHere @BrianBrackeen @joshk @ForerunnerVC Already emailed back n forth 🙌🙌🙌🙌