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You'll find me @homebrew, Seed Stage Venture Fund w @satyap. Previously made products at YouTube, Google & SecondLife. Married to @cbarlerin.

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@jonnyliebs Ooooh looking fwd to hearing more @robhayes @JasonHirschhorn My wife says she'll give me a haircut but only if i let her shave my beard too nope @SuplexCasey
@JoshConstine you need to name this phenomena too :) @alexcornell Amazing @AlmostMedia @miles_k @AlmostMedia @cyantist #winner @miles_k [counts number of marriages] @TaylorLorenz i haven't played AC or watched TK 🤷‍♂️ @imkialikethecar @homebrew for sure..... @BradTonoff 😬 @BradTonoff Eyes on the cake my friend @mdudas Yes I am. Cake is nice too.Dr Fauci cake being auctioned for charity 😁❤️ @brettberson @DirectRelief That is fantastic @slpng_giants That is art @tmcleod3 @ryanvance uuh uuuh "crack" @psesh5 @bznotes That's fine. You remove it from containers. Wash your hands before and after. Renuke it if you're… @bznotes or there's like the Van Halen M&M test - if the restaurant has obviously paid attention to things like tru… @bznotes Funny enough, actually hasn't yet been any proof that it can be spread via food in that way, although I to… @bznotes anyone reading this can donate to @FrontlineFoods, where local restaurants deliver meals to hospitals hel… @bznotes we're doing a reasonable amount of takeout - for our own variety and their support it can be done totally safely!!! @klwines ty for the Sunday delivery. Essential provisions ❤️🥃 @jasoncrawford @longnow yeah, what was interesting to me was a) times when having both is 1+1=3 b) permission stru… @jasonlk i thought this was very good in the face of many unknowns @jasoncrawford you read the Wizard and the Prophet? @brennakL ty @eldescanso living the dream!many of my chats w founders this week shifted from discussing technical infrastructure to support WFH to the social…"Alsouqi, who has performed as an Ewok at Facebook for May the 4th Star Wars celebrations" wait, what? FB had Ewok…'m gonna have to say No @malcolmtyson @jaredkushner the other petty thing i dream about is believing there's a non-zero chance that some ti… @malcolmtyson @jaredkushner i know. it still makes me feel better :) @jaredkushner 🤡 @chaykak Screenshotting your tweet to make my virtual background @Propllrhead We do get tweets/emails meant for the other every once in a while and he's always very nice and kind in his redirects @CBarlerin 😘 @jbotsch I've been watching mostly all of the AEW and none of the WWE/NXT since AEW started. I go hot and cold on W… @jbotsch I wasn't that into it because (a) it didnt so anything new from a cinematic wrestling perspective & (b) I… @naveen @BillPotterNYC That's too good @holman 😬 @holman 😐 @mergesort @holman But seriously I haven't watch it. @secupp @holman What's Tiger King? @Loh It's Dad Life everywhere!I like being able to text people on a Saturday night and know they're home. @sriramk Those were the two best matches for sure. @sriramk Ha! Disagreeing about wrestling w other fans is 50% of the joy of being a fan @sriramk Yeah I was surprised by the twitter reactions. Was underwhelmed by the event overall, even given the const… @sriramk 😐😐😐😐 @SheckyGreen @JonahHill it was delightful @wingedpig twëët @McclaneDet Ron, this was really interesting. ty for writing. @wingedpig Warren is the candidate that would be owning the moment for sure.... :(
@Asclepius____ @meetglimpse zing! @LDEakman i just keep thinking this... @bmetrock @semil the challenge historically has always been very very low conversion rates and moderate/high fixed costs @ProfJeffJarviss what if we outfitted the homeless with n95 masks that were also wifi hotspots?💈The Good 💸The Bad 🔫The Ugly recent COVID-related trends identified by @meetglimpse @evancharles @semil Long polyamory @EverWardrobe @Primarydotcom that's her signature move, but her finisher is the "No I won't go to sleep(er)" @EverWardrobe @Primarydotcom Death metal version of "Do you know the muffin man?" @holman👧 Lucha Strong #WrestleMania @holman congrats u r now a VC @dansinker the 👧 somehow senses it's Mania weekend @AlfredSpellman Florida style @alex I'm going to vote against him so many times this November @joecardillo @davepell @davepell Eeeeeeeeeeek Statement @sferik Unsplash worthy @miles_k @jerrysaltz Extreme @Alley6spirits so excited you're shipping. just ordered a few bottles.... @AlxThomp @buggeroaf this is all just my long con for when "what color is your coffee mug" becomes a password account recovery security question..... @pedrosorren awww thanks @m3sweatt no judgment in the pandemic @om some beautes! @mbrianaepler @equatorcoffees YES! love equator. And i'm sure i'd love Excelsior too :) @DrinkingVessels @SaltGlassArt that freaks me out :) @44 @SuplexCasey i still can't believe it's pre-taped @HannahKaye OMG perfect @BMVickery love that table too! @zsims i don't have a tea mug that i feel is worthy of recommending to you @louisbookoff i respect anyone who chemexes @miradu @endtwist @JordanGal ahahahahahahahah @zsims the only ones we've bought multiples of are the east fork, although TBH, i like a bigger wider mug for tea @LitzenUp what the flock @miradu Haus bottle @tonx 🥰🥰🥰🥰 @jbyttow 8 mths @anwperkins @glenperkins Perfection @fmanjoo Cool Hand Luke them @jbyttow Hey! I'm a Swissie Dad @buzz @ggetLA pretty. Ive ordered (for myself and for gifts) so much coffee these last few weeks partially out of n… @WillOremus