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streams coming #soon - editor - 21

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@Wqterz Deserves a lifetime ban for trying to brain wash other peoples kids @KnownAsLit @Gavpai Jfc @may_wedda @TTfue Who tf are you talking too? @ShannonAW98 Hiiii @chaselyons You literally called yourself a popular loner the other day @itsWaddles_ 😹😹😹 @dannylp0305 @AIexIoI @okleslie I was there @okleslie This is clearly fake... @crust_ow esports ready @MichaelLiterus @Mako @Froste holy shit this is old @oFabz @itsWaddles_ oh you meant human age I thought you meant dog age hehe @oFabz @itsWaddles_ 147 @Avalanche100T 2014 @oFabz @itsWaddles_ ARGHHH ARF ARF GRRRR ARGHHH ARGHHH @MPleasing72 @Spartan pretty sure they're in his personal order @Spartan @MPleasing72 .... @VinnyCantFight welp @MxjdTV bro he downed that shit in 2 seconds
@LazasBautista same @LazasBautista @100TJackiee @HarryButAverage He turned himself into a cake @grownpapa At that point you’re just a loser @WhosBreezyUK @CrypticNo post your stats @oFabz nah i mean't fat i have literally grapsed it @oFabz how do you sleep knowing your ass is fat? @VinnyCantFight Better win in Apex today or the owner gonna be pissed @VinnyCantFight what game @MPleasing72 No one is ever starting a super team in Minnesota @golddeath @ImMadnessTV @NRGgg This team has won more than the last team moron @MyFavsTrash You @KaleiRenay @Flozies They decided to make Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 instead lmao @GRlNCHIE Ok @ShannonAW98 GO GO GO
@ezDrob @DeelanRH say it aint so bro @nmgreen57 @gilly_fn im on the ipad @nmgreen57 @gilly_fn fine dude ill get on @oFabz OM NOM NOM NOM NOM @Froste @IceKaguya I just had a fucking stroke @dMaAnRiSeHl @Ballin810 @DwyaneWade @thetournament He isn’t better than Devonte Graham @dMaAnRiSeHl @Ballin810 @DwyaneWade @thetournament Name one @KnownAsLit @BasedGothlol @AIexTBA2 Dudes him his chat saying ggwp after a spike rush game @BasedGothlol @AIexTBA2 Silver 2 @Boltslol @SamManlol It @Leo__ffs @CFC_Ant LMFAOOO @Boltslol This draft needs to hurry up @wtfshaay @SamManlol @wtfshaay @SamManlol iconic @CrypticNo Alex Jones ones are hilarious @veefroggy Well @Ultra15151 @CrypticNo @notchaselyons I tagged him bc he tweeted he forgot to sleep sweetie not bc he did anything wrong 💅 @CrypticNo @notchaselyons @TitansGreg @TitanfallBlog LINK @oFabz You know 😼 @notchaselyons that shit always happens to ms @cerealrockets @TylerAustinGOAT Fair enough @JokicWRLD @BucksFan023 @BR_NBA Ok maybe not that one but you can get a 70inch TV for around $600 @cerealrockets @TylerAustinGOAT You literally said “Y’all had prime d will joe Johnson KG Paul pierce and brook lopez 🤫🤫🤫” @cerealrockets @TylerAustinGOAT Why even mention KG and Pierce? They were clearly past their primes @cerealrockets @TylerAustinGOAT None of those guys were in their prime on the Nets LMAO stop @bunbalI my bad @bunbalI how is a bathroom sweating
@Ultra15151 @ParachuteToot @MyFavsTrash Sorry I don’t eat at Nobu all the time bro @itsWaddles_ @Nadeshot @100Thieves Never heard of him but congrats @itsWaddles_ @Nadeshot @100Thieves Who? @oFabz 😈 @Ultra15151 @ParachuteToot @MyFavsTrash We literally ordered sushi and fish idk why you’re lying 😭 @oFabz You’re fun sized 😼 @ParachuteToot @MyFavsTrash We got scammed... order was like $40 @ParachuteToot @MyFavsTrash We shared fish sticks @ownagesauce @ParachuteToot Nope we ordered fish and sushi @ParachuteToot Daniel is slandering me saying I was disgusted when I ate the sushi at TC. Tell him I ate it normally so he will shut up @PaulTweetz2Much Any version of LeBron @PaulTweetz2Much @Boltslol and I had like 10 minutes worth of footage of Harden and Capela abusing him in PnR @PaulTweetz2Much Gobert useless bro @oFabz You’re 5’5? @LazasBautista @oFabz Same reason for me @SkreetMan @oFabz You had to use Laza’s dad’s phone number for a twitter account you aren’t fucking anyones mom bro @oFabz I get you just I have dealt with a lot of shit recently and its nice to vent on my private and have my frien… @SkreetMan @oFabz You couldn’t even make one if you wanted too @Boltslol @Blankzy_ @Mako @SamManlol LMFFFF @KnownAsLit @SamManlol @wtfshaay @Mako Stop bro... @oFabz Talk about things I don’t feel comfortable talking about on this account. I don’t use mine for shit talking like some people do @oFabz As a child right? @Froste @100Thieves @neekolul Thank you! @PaulTweetz2Much I went to a Westbrook game during his 2017 run when he went 5-30 vs the Suns @may_wedda @Mako @kanyewest 0 replies 0 likes 0 retweets 0 impressions @KnownAsLit @GRlNCHIE what do you mean by this??? @KnownAsLit @GRlNCHIE Ratioed 😹😹😹 @KnownAsLit @GRlNCHIE 0 replies 0 likes 0 retweets 0 impressions @Ahadify Tomorrow? @Ahadify get an editor @notchaselyons Ok?
@notchaselyons @may_wedda Hope you get raided in Rust first day of Wipe @may_wedda MMMM SO YUMMY!!! FANK YOU ^_^ @crust_ow HAPPY BDAY @optiuh @MyFavsTrash You’re talking? @LegionHoops Looks like a normal hotel room??? @wtfshaay i respect this @PaulTweetz2Much Zero chance I make it through the rest of the night