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hunter @Huntrelol Austin, TX

21 - editor - rocket science major

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@Boy1drr man @ezDrob @optiuh hell nah why are yall interacting on my TL i’m goin to bed @fucksherwin @dr2xter @SamManlol Bro Tate really lost to oxygen bro smh @dr2xter @SamManlol Bro I was laughing for a solid 5 minutes shit was fucking hilarious @optiuh gn sexy @fucksherwin @ezDrob Them shits were gargantuan @ezDrob i saw his icon moving but his ass was not talking bro @JoeyTheSuperJew i know you're geeking bro LMAO @_miyamoto__ @ezDrob no :/ @ezDrob sherwin just started beating off mid valorant game with his mic unmuted @JoeyTheSuperJew Lets gooooIm never playing this game again
Retweeted by hunterplaying spaceman game with @SamManlol @Boltslol @fucksherwin @tatertote_lemon
@Froste 240hz monitor for poker and among us @shivisdumb I would destroy you in hand to hand combat @Froste Jeff Bezos aint need that money anyways @soapthelord on god @soapthelord I have a logitech G640 but it has a crease in it bc my mom folded it when I was packing lolI hate everyone who replied to this @shivisdumb Pog @prizzy_69 @TenZ_CS how did you get 4 diamonds in the lobby that's wack @prizzy_69 @TenZ_CS brooo I just watched that POV on his stream your Omen should have just ran to TP @may_wedda bet ill check it out tyAnyone have any good mousepad recommendations for my G Pro? @LazasBautista You got spoiled last year lmaooo @jdmREDx @emmyuh You’re obviously uneducated and either very young or just delusional. @jdmREDx @emmyuh “if sexual harassment is the only way we can get a compliment we'll take it” what a weird ass thing to say man @jdmREDx @emmyuh We? @Cuhmmando Happy bday!! @aweynu @optiuh he has to buy out both emergency exit rows in the middle of the plane to balance the weight in the plane @optiuh @aweynu you think they let him on airplanes? lmao @optiuh @aweynu You probably have the tab muted you moron @penguuuuins____ @MPleasing72 He’s a loser @aweynu hello @MPleasing72 How is that a foul on Theis @Leo__ffs @100TJackiee You love to see it @ezDrob It’s gonna happen tonight @ezDrob please tell me this was in kittens discord @Leo__ffs I need to stop doing quests by myself I’m still learning
@_miyamoto__ @LazasBautista im blushing omg @LazasBautista I like my glasses @brgridiron @CameronNewton @Leo__ffs @ezDrob Come play supraball @ezDrob LMAOOOO @HarryButAverage @nmgreen57 burger planet vibes @lemiwrap I could understand Gm but Gn???I'm in disbelief how the fuck do you accidentally type Gmail @aweynu dude @ezDrob Whoever gave him twitter stories and audio messages needs to be arrested immediately @Leo__ffs Gn @aweynu Gn @chaselyons normalize you having a job @JoeyTheSuperJew @100TJackiee That’s literally you @okleslie Pleassssseeeee @okleslie can you take us to the best spot if we drive down at some point @worryie you got me with the next valorant pack? @okleslie I literally ate something like this yesterday @FlSHSAUCE @emmyuh you cant even drive @iPurrple @JoelEmbiid What is this quality jay @sinatraa Let’s fucking go
@Boltslol Ratioed gorilla lamp STREAM ON THIS GAME OMG pcPLAYING ANIME GIRL SURVIVAL GAME think my AT2020 died 2nd time this mic has stopped working for me Pog @aweynu BRO WHAT @cinnabarphos WTF IS THIS @xHitan Good morning (woke up at 7:02am, I’m not a bum like the rest of the TL!) @notchaselyons @Blankzy_ @SamManlol @aweynu @Boltslol It says "Blankzy" @SamManlol LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO @SamManlol @aweynu @Boltslol @aweynu Wtf???? @aweynu Yo @aweynu bolts wont stop talking about you in VC @Blankzy_ wanna play something tomorrowgood lord we are losers
Retweeted by hunter @OMGItsBirdman Alright cock calculator
@shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew LMAOOOSomeone please clip all the times we slandered Jackiee and make a compilation LMAOOO @100TJackiee @shivisdumb You were slandered that entire stream @nCaustic_ Yo @SamManlol @ohshhay LOLI was in McDonalds and saw @SamManlol propose to his girlfriend @ohshhay !!! Life is so beautiful ❤️ @fandomhuub It was 2 big ass pieces of chicken and a ton of sides @w3ngy LMAOO @aweynu Ok I will LOL @w3ngy Bet @w3ngy I’ll buy it @w3ngy Nothing at all @itsWaddles_ @JoeyTheSuperJew POV you are Joey’s wittle kitten @w3ngy YOU THINK? @w3ngy Did u actually buy this @aweynu Should I make this a donation goal on my stream LMAOOO @FavsPriv We are at a mexican restaurantMeant to tweet this on my priv...Ordered ✅