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my theatrics will never end

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me at 5am when i realize my daily promise to myself that i'll sleep at a normal time is broken again @tellmeimbello OMG!!! I'm trying to plan organize a game in AC for when people come to my townways america would be different if britney spears were president ✨
Retweeted by jakei love quarantine ! i just drink jose cuervo and wear sweatpants @ronnelallegedly I just printed my literal map out tho @crazystupidthik We need to play again omg I dont think you ever saw my final town </3 Miss you
Retweeted by jakeYes Ive been drawing on a printed out map of my animal crossing town for 2 hours trying to plan out what I want to…
@CoolDotCom MADOKA @jovepedemic It is poison do you know how much raid I sprayed in there @jovepedemic &-&,&1&&,@2@;@1@:'cksfuck u jake garner! now you will pay im serious.
Retweeted by jake @coonaverse cant wait =)♥️♥️!!Not my villager I had a meltdown over the other day moving into my friend's town 😭😭😭😭😭 @coonaverse NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LMAONOW LIVEEE going to terraform my town and more on animal crossing!
@Libesb Im not talking about Trump weirdo ! @Abalisah Idt unless people are added as best friends now that they can take out shovels or axes @Abalisah Digging up their fossils is worse omg @Libesb Exactly she cant keep getting away with itme with my magic wand on animal crossing please confess.. who else can't stop making banana bread latelySo why was he against it until 2012 🙂!!!!!! All my life I had to fight crossing you may be my favorite game but your starting to piss me off .Yes the rumors are true I made my town tune Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie @girlscocky Calling it animal crossing language is cuter I know about animalese and bebebese obvi 🙄Our school system is broken and corrupt. They need to start teaching animal crossing language across America @IiIac CUTEEE that backpack @asweepypeach You look so good queen💜Why does 1999 spongebob looks like Ellen the generous
2020 @sorry214 If I time traveled I'd have landscaping already and my town would be pristine DUMMYisabelle said my town is only rated 2 stars ok guess i'll just die miss when rihanna would tweet @f0lake Taking a nap is breaking gender roles♥️ Cant wait for my Vice articlei don't care if taking naps is gay i'm still gonna do it @IIigator No omg I just spent all my money @melongorl I miss her powerBritney would never lie @ethermac So you think mass incarceration is funny?I think the queen on the left served @ikywtoutsold it was my friend nat's at 543 ^.^ @NaweezyKareezy Theres so much to do I'mma play for a long time!!this looks like youre coming to pick up an eighth 😭
Retweeted by jakei'm gasping @beyonseh You giving me my fav Beyoncé song thank you Evanthis the earliest i've been up in weeks her having a picture of her sister in her house... that's so cute @cisphobia Maybe if youre like blind and braindeadI used my slingshot on the present after yall can relax 🙄 I'm multifaceted @_imtheproblem To YOU @arxchi_ I'm using drunk elephants right now! @babyphag OMGGGG
@lekaybelle Tarantula chasing me and if it bites you you get knocked out omg @itbunnygirl2 they randomly show up in shop MIND.... @KelseyCobblepot her woke up only to remember I tweeted a meltdown over getting an ugly villager at 7AMTalent won goodbye GRUFF. . will pay i'm serious. will get rid of this ugly WILDABEEST even if its the last thing i do up til 6am again has died
Retweeted by jake @cringeposterr =====> @tropicadethe shirt......'t get haircut cuz of social distancing or whateva
NOW LIVEEE more animal crossing @freshhel Barbra Streisand dog clones 😻Good night my fav Taylor song! RT @ddlovato: Last Kiss - Taylor Swift
Retweeted by jake
my greeting msg to all my visitors
Retweeted by jakeI need a desk built @MrByrness Not me thinking this was about animal crossing 😭Just paid 198,000 loan @jovology KETCHUPPPPno ANIMAL CROSSING today we're playing jackbox and don't starve together
Another day another slay do I feel guilty whenever I tell Blathers I'm too busy to hear about what he has to say on my donations don't even have garlic powder like I'm losing my mind at this so funny when you're like busy doing things you don't want to you think "oh I can't wait to have free time soon… @3exoticbroads theyre rude as hell for freezing your insta! @BADENDlNG I wasnt looking for it but its my third island today @BADENDlNG yeah its random! @harlottesweb @eric_ocean_ its 5000 nook miles on the machine! @drewsbreathing Nook shopping ! @spacekid1999 yea!! @spacekid1999 there is an island where they keep respawning in centerwrist icicle ride dick bicycle @sliccmic *runs to sewer like boy in IT* @sliccmic The filter is taking me out OMFG @onIyworse I haven't seen one yet 😔 @danielabzzn omg someone asked me how yday so i was like whateva ill record now that someone else taught me