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Huriye @Huriye London N.16, UK

Enjoys a cup of tea and listening to Birdsong. *_* #MEcfs #History #Royals Love good TV Drama and Documentaries, Radio, Supporting British Skaters and Spurs.

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@ChrisMasonBBC @EvanHD @BBCPM @BBCRadio4 @BBCSounds Good grief he's working on a Friday? @ameliagentleman @MichaelRosenYes 22K is an insult. The Govt should be ashamed. These hard working people were trea… 143 people have received compensation for Windrush At least 5 have died after applying but before receiving a…
Retweeted by HuriyeSo happy for Deniss & Stephane!!! Congratulations, 2 great programs again with super Choreo. 👏😍 #NebelhornTrophy2020, schau her!
Retweeted by Huriye @NoNameFace10 He didn't look happy at all, either during or after the program. Why give him that music? Matteo dese… Salchow. Looking great!! Good for him. #NebelhornTrophy2020 #DenissVasiljevs
Retweeted by HuriyeThat FP did not suit Matteo at all. Neither did the costume. #NebelhornTrophy2020OMG DENISS!!!!!!! 2 x 3A and a QUAD landed cleanly! He's always been our Romeo! Prokoviev interpretation excellent,…! Nicolaj Majorov's FP!!!!!! #NebelhornTrophy2020We've had enough of 2020 .....
Retweeted by Huriye @CarlBovisNature @AMummyToo @Misskeeleyhawes She's on @ITV next Mon-Tues 9pm in a new crime Drama called Honour. Love her too.Not viable❓⁦@RishiSunak⁩ ⁦@New_Adventures⁩
Retweeted by Huriye @SirMattBourne @RishiSunak @New_Adventures I always adore your choreo'd Curtain Calls. Please god we see them again… @GreatestCapital Very sad news. You'll be much missed. @fs_amaya it is sad that almost all european countries' skaters are automatically treated as second- or third-rank…
Retweeted by HuriyeNot sure how much training Graham Newberry has been able to do with Lockdown, but his jumps were all tight today wi… @skatingmusicguy @Eislauf_Union Er, knows nowt about Dance though, kept calling it "Short Dance". But livestream is… Fear & George Waddell 🇬🇧💙💙👏 Rhythm Dance Nebelhorn Trophy 2020 Fantastic Performance for their Senior Debut!#NebelhornTrophy2020 Rhythm Dance Results a Senior Debut! #SashaandGeorge skated beautifully! They were FANTASTIC a deserved PB 58.14 to be 3rd after th… @JeroenPrinsNL Shameful Judging by the Panel putting the UKR couple in 1st place for the RD with lots of mistakes &… The UKR couple in 1st place with loads of mistakes? FUMING! #NebelhornTrophy2020 Rhythm Dance🤝 580 official engagements 🌆 90 UK towns 🌏 14 countries Take a look back at highlights from The Prince of Wales a…
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Retweeted by Huriye @RoyalDickie Happy 80th Dickie! I've know you since your LBC days when you were in your 40s! Have a good day! 👏👍🍷🎂 @Jodurie @Eurosport_UK Very blustery and cold today. Rain threatening. Hope you get to see some Tennis! @AnythingGOE Well, that opens up the competition. Let's hope the Judges have an open mind and judge what is skated, as the podium awaits.Day 2 of #FigureSkating at #NebelhornTrophy2020 starts at 2pm CET (1pm UK time) with the Rhythm Dance.… @RoyalFamily Congratulations Eugenie & Jack! 👼🍼 @Blackfenboy @Iromg Why don't you bovver boys who cling to Mike like he's the second coming, slagging off LBC in th… @Blackfenboy @Iromg What utterly charming Followers you have cultivated, Mike. You used to be such a decent and fri…
@Iromg Have you been on the wine, Mike? You're no oil painting yourself.Hugo Vickers on H&M: “She can make all the woke speeches she likes while he looks after Archie – he’s gone from bei… @BarkJack @BaronessBruck Somehow I knew she didn't spend her day caring for Archie and wasn't a hands on Mother. @equestr @HistoryOfStokey Wonderful to hear about the Theatre's history, thanks for sharing. @Telegraph @HelenKirwan Was it really necessary to throw in an insult about William & Catherine? No, it wasn't, and… @danwootton @bowelbabe @talkRADIO Well said @bowelbabe and thank you for speaking out. Too many Patients are being… @IainDale @Denise__Headley A-HA! 💙❤️👏 @WomenOfWindsor2 @jennypackham LOL that's not a State Dinner dress, more like for the BAFTAs if they happen and aren't virtual.That slow version of "What a Feeling" doesn't work for me. The original Irene Carra version picked up the tempo and… proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how others see you. 💜
Retweeted by HuriyeKristen Spours 🇬🇧😍 Short Program Nebelhorn Trophy 2020 #NebelhornTrophy2020 Fantastic perfo… Park, an arboretum, was the grounds of Abney House. The grand house was built in 1700 and pulled down in 1843…
Retweeted by HuriyeSuch a pleasure to see Kristen Spours back from injury looking sleek and skating stylishly in her Tango SP at… Spours 🇬🇧 back from a long injury last season warming up for her Short Program at #NebelhornTrophy2020 @cristo_radio Exactly! That was in the days when @DavidDavisMP was going on @bbcquestiontime saying "Getting a Trad… that I need right now!😍 #Cyprus
Retweeted by HuriyeWow, busy program for Deniss, a classical Tango, with beautiful interpretation, very dramatic. If he can nail all t… has such a pleasing style, he makes you swoon. 😍 He adds old fashioned touches like that beautiful spin at t… Newberry 🇬🇧 Short Program #NebelhornTrophy2020 Newberry 🇬🇧 Short Program Nebelhorn Trophy 2020 #NebelhornTrophy2020 @s1briggs Thanks Simon. Enjoy the competition! @Huriye Very thorough here. Face coverings mandatory everywhere except on panel and on ice. If panel members are no…
Retweeted by HuriyeGraham had a good skate for a first outing after the lengthy Lockdown. He doubled the Axel, had a hand down on his… Newberry 🇬🇧 warming up for his Short Program at #NebelhornTrophy2020 is under way with the Men's Short Program. @s1briggs is the Tech Spec but Panel not wearing f… @Pop_Dazzle @BorisJohnson Maybe there could be a clause that you have to work in the #NHS for a certain number of y… Harold Evans, editor of The Sunday Times who heralded a new era in British journalism – obituary
Retweeted by HuriyeOne of my favs
Retweeted by Huriye @Pop_Dazzle It's ridiculous! We need more Nurses, Doctors and Health Professionals to work in the #NHS so why not a… Ballet announces October comeback with 100 dancers
Boris Johnson skit! Scoffing cake! Inspiredcasting! I wrote about whether Matt Lucas has single-handedly saved…
Retweeted by Huriye @michaelhogan I didn't realise his skit was filmed weeks ago! First time I've watched since it left BBC. Matt is… recent commission piece. Ellesmere Lake, Shropshire. 130x35cm.
Retweeted by Huriye @AngusTeee @HylandIan Unless she takes to Skating & can balance on ice, it doesn't matter how much experience in m… @DianaDaybyDay They were issues, they didn't advocate voting for a particular party.Queen Floella still looking amazing! Happy Birthday! 🎉🌟❤️💙🎂🍷 her up for #BBCNews well done Evie! 🌟❤️ @HylandIan I would notice! She's done #Strictly before but not #DOI. Believe it or not some of us actually watch fo… really was her finest hour! A radiant bride and happy groom! ❤️💙 And such a beautiful dress, with special mean… @HanselSchatzi @MailOnline @ClarenceHouse The nauseating hypocrisy of the pair of them talking about "Hate Speech"… @RoyaleVision @danwootton Hear hear!#royal "HRH Princess Beatrice poses alongside her wedding dress as it goes on display at Windsor Castle on Septembe…
Retweeted by HuriyeSpecial Wishes to Kristen Spours, Graham Newberry & Sasha Fear & George Wadell representing #TeamGB 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👍💙❤️💜⛸️😎… (No Spectators) Good Luck to ALL Skaters ❤️😎🌟🇩🇪💙👍🎉#NebelhornTrophy2020 begins tomorrow at Oberstdorf 🇩🇪⛸️ #FS Entries, Results & Schedule: B… @VikkiJane Just catching up with the news you've moved to Berlin!! How exciting! I wish you all the best, viel Glück!Watch this! The wildlife in my garden hit the internet!
Retweeted by Huriye @CamillaTominey @GylesB1 Wise words indeed. Some got rather carried away with their own importance in this changing… anyone have an #Allotment space in Springdale Road, #N16 I think it's No. 45? I've never met anyone who does &… treated by a wonderfully professional & friendly Podiatrist today at an #NHS clinic (waited 6 months for the ap… private flats being built next to John Scott Health Centre on Green Lanes N.4 #StokeNewington (incl. some socia… hawk moth on Salvia involucrata ‘Mulberry Jam’ by my back door. Last of the summer sun.
Retweeted by Huriye @Pop_Dazzle The hair is too tidy though! Usually looks like straw. Would laugh but so true
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It was just like Summer again today in #London 😅☀️😎 But I remember as a child we always had an Indian Summer in Sep… @lapcapamp What in the world???!!! Good grief! @ZoeThinks MM & the authors also fundamentally underestimated the respect, goodwill and affection that people, not…’re proud to support the Gift Aid Emergency Relief campaign led by the Charities Aid Foundation. If the governmen…
Retweeted by Huriye“The Claimant does not object to details of her own or other people’s personal relationships and correspondence bei… morning at Loch Muick.
Retweeted by Huriye @MaajidNawaz Remove scheduled Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 to another location now @iocmedia #BoycottChina The CCP is an inhumane Totalitarian Regime. Move the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 away from #China @SebDance @Keir_Starmer I agree, but let's hope the usual suspects don't cause problems and aggravation.In a very special documentary, join Prince William on an extraordinary journey to champion global action on conserv…
Retweeted by Huriye @Jodurie @Eurosport_UK Enjoy while it lasts Jo, as Tomasz @Schafernaker says all change in London tomorrow, and Par… @treblemaker909 Especially as the Psychological help the Neurologist recommends is not readily available on the… no, not again! 😒
Cowper Road in the 1960s near no. 33 where Butterfield Green is now. Photo courtesy of Marc Caucutt.
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