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Philly sports are life. Ordained minister, leader of Church of Gritty. I will perform your wedding if you ask nice. Jimmy Rollins called me crazy once.

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Man it must be tough for this Yankee fan to watch his Cowboys struggle like this. Guarantee he’s a Duke fan and own…
Retweeted by HurkaDoesSportsIt's always been Jerry Jones. work, Arizona. Don't stop."No team has more injuries up front than the Cowboys." -The Philadelphia Eagles offensive line has entered the cha…
That was a great interception.My favorite part of this inning wasn’t the Rollins double (though that was amazing and I still get goosebumps from… all the Doing nothing work in the and getting group project…
Retweeted by HurkaDoesSportsV @Brookie425 She's watching those drops the Eagles had early.Dallas
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@RealMamaEagle Why do people still do this?Dealing with another Eagles loss by filling out my ballot. This at least makes me feel a little better. Let's go, A… @RealMamaEagle This one wasn't on Carson. Drops and a God awful OL killed them.Don't get me wrong, the effort in the fourth quarter was great. Carson looked like the Carson of old. However.... T…, now we look back at the misses in this game. Dropped TDs by Hightower (probably a TD) and Sanders. Failed 2pt c… did all that in the fourth quarter, only to call that play there. Ugh.JJ did something??People thought THIS was off target. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by HurkaDoesSportsWorst half of football I've seen in a long time. @JustinLever3 He didn't walk the ball to Miles and put it in his hands.It's short.The worst part about this game? Baltimore isn't playing well at all on offense. @Damon089 We won't get any yards.I'm sitting on my couch. I have gained more yards today than the Eagles.Looks like it's almost time for Red Zone. @Brookie425 It me.'s a fumble.Wait... We got a third down stop? You can do that? @RealMamaEagle Just waiting for Mark Andrews to end up one on one against Gerry...Not the best start by #66 today.He says this now, but on Wednesday, it'll come out that his leg has fallen off. linebackers are so bad, I'd take Levon Kirkland back at this point.Boy, if this wasn't 100% accurate.... this is going to be a long day.Hey, another third down conversion against the defense! I hate this.That ball came out looking like a shot put and of course it's caught for first down.Imagine paying money to watch this team during a pandemic.Hightower, you were wide open. Catch the football.Off to a great start.Tonight is a good night for America. bye trash can bangers. Thank you Tampa.One more. more. more. on Tampa.I really dislike Ted Cruz and I hope he continues to search for his name on Twitter and he sees this. That’s the tweet.
Retweeted by HurkaDoesSportsSix more outs. more outs, Tampa.Awwwww, cry some more, Carlos. @missjuliek But I hate the idea of seeing Houston play the Dodgers again.Good start Rays. Don't stop.Can we not have the Astros and Dodgers in the World Series please?
@PLotPodcast He sounds like he stepped out of the Key and Peele sketch.You know what would be nice? If life would stop kicking me in the shins over and over again. Even for just a little while.I don't see an issue here. don't call Trump Archie Bunker. Archie Bunker served in a war and was faithful to his wife.
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Hey Rays: @missjuliek I can't say I'm happy that the Braves are going to go to the World Series, but I'm happy for you getting to enjoy it. @missjuliek That was 1999, right? @missjuliek I'm saying the Braves are going to give them a mercy killing tomorrow.The Dodgers have won the NL Central eight years in a row. In that time, they've had a winning percentage of .562 or…, that's going to be fun. don't think you understand what this means.
Middleton: We don't have any more money to spend. Also Middleton: more, Tampa. One more.Adam Gase is what Mike Lombardi claimed Doug Pederson was and Gase somehow got two jobs. #NFL
Retweeted by HurkaDoesSportsWoof, that was a terrible pass. @MoCJones New England. It's always New England. @RealMamaEagle That escalated quickly.
We don't talk about that game. are welcome internet. #Trump
Retweeted by HurkaDoesSportsI kind of prefer Tuesday night football to Thursday night football.Howie is drunk with power. That's not good. @RealMamaEagle Shit yeah, you're awesome.ESPN: Look how innovative Sean Payton is!! think it's a dumb idea to pay a gadget player $16 million.Republicans are trying to spin that Biden will pack the courts because that's what they do. Here is Mitch McConnell…
Retweeted by HurkaDoesSportsDon't threaten me with a good time.
Nice work Tampa. Two more. You can do it.I'm getting my sports replay site back up and running again. I've picked up where I left off with the 1903 World S… Morgan passed away today? That's enough, 2020! You've taken enough from us. @RyryJones Yeah, I have no idea how that was possible. Add that one into the KOTR 98 match with Taker, the night v… @RyryJones That match was a bad idea then. Knowing what we know now, it looks even worse.Everyone: “That’s a pretty clear pass by Kirk Cousins.” The Refs: “It’s a fumble. Screw you guys. We’re going home.” #MINvsSEA
Retweeted by HurkaDoesSports @RealMamaEagle Spent 24 years waiting for one, and it took another decade for the Eagles. Still waiting for the Fly… everyone applies this shit stain to us. Most reasonable Eagles fans do not claim him.
Retweeted by HurkaDoesSports @gibgabe Gabe, this is in poor taste
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2020 @RealMamaEagle It's 2020. The way things are going this year, they'll win the Super Bowl.This you?
Retweeted by HurkaDoesSportsI didn't see the Dak injury, but you never want to see anyone get hurt. Don't care who they play for. @MattChastain_ Made me yearn for Dick Stockton.You or me? At least we wouldn’t have Gerry on a guy that’s scored three TDs today. @zoowithroy Did a great job handing out water. @AdamSchefter They cover his quick slant at practice and got mad?
Retweeted by HurkaDoesSportsMy father in his hoveround vs. Nate Gerry doesn't seem ideal., if Zach Ertz wants to throw a tantrum about not getting paid, he can leave too. You want a new contract? Play… @Eagles @UnibetUS Cut Nate Gerry.There has to be at least one LB that isn't on a team right now that's better than Gerry. I mean, there has to be.They’ll talk about Wentz having 2 INT’s. They won’t talk about him giving us 29 points and a fighting chance while the defense let up 38.
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