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Absar Husain @HusainAbsar Zurich, Munich, Kuala Lumpur

Ex-Formula 1 management Team member. Ex-Technology Manager, German luxury 🚘 - Enjoying life as non-productive member of performance & growth oriented society.

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@MahuaMoitra They don’t have data on any vital issue. Almost on all critical data issues they just let their dhoti… @HinduHeisenberg @sumedhbgaikwad @varungandhi80 @narendramodi You must be kidding. What is happening in Ballia? Why… @alokaadi @sumedhbgaikwad @varungandhi80 @narendramodi Such MP shouldn’t be in public service. His tone was polite… of a public servant, is this development work? Typical BJP ideology. No trace of humility in this arrogan… Kishor Gurjar, BJP MLA from Loni, Ghaziabad "forcing" shutters pulled down on meat shops in the area owing to…
Retweeted by Absar Husain @ranjona @iamrana How arrogant. He calls himself public servant. Shame on him. @ajay43 @SaketGokhale Rotary International? Is it compatible with RSS ideology, though both do social service, too. @shivamrbl @SaketGokhale I remember how hard it was for India companies in early 2000 to get a foot hold in Germany… @AshokSGarcha Sikhs practice what many Muslim communities have lost. Langar is a good example of solidarity and compassion. @thefusion123 @AdityaRajKaul Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Bhutan and Sri Lanka they all have sold to 🇨🇳. India is left… @thefusion123 @AdityaRajKaul Who has lost? Indian culture of Rape and Dalit oppression. They are trying to practice… @soul_merciful @AshokSGarcha And it is true, too, there is only one God. Allah is just Arabic expression. It is bey… @SamKhan999 @AshokSGarcha Muslims are not solely represented by Pakistan. India has as big Muslim population as Pakistan. @PramendraGupta1 @AshokSGarcha Here is another hate monger a la Yogi Anandnath, whose Yogi ancestors thrived on Mughal largesse. @savitreya9 @AshokSGarcha What is your definition of a religion. One can’t be more moron, more than 1/3 of the huma… @Dr_Aqsa_Shaikh Get your DNA analysis done. GOI should do DNA based caste categorization instead of NCR/CAA. This w… New Zealand rejected populist ideas other nations have embraced @dilipjain1979 @MahuaMoitra Bangladeshis are doing better than India under your master’s rule. @dilipjain1979 @MahuaMoitra He is a BJP Propagandist brain washed to speak like a 🦜. Living in Bangalore he comment… @RanaAyyub These people can only think in two categories. For them things are black or white, no shades of gray. Pe… @Shraddhey12 @gobarswami @The_Modi_Bhakt @RanaAyyub How do you see oppression of Dalits? Even in USA CIsco’s India… @The_Modi_Bhakt @RanaAyyub I got my DNA checked. Most not every Indian has common DNA. Religion should be a matter… @dilipjain1979 @MahuaMoitra BJP afflict. Followed by destroyers of nation. @hrudaya90 @Sarfraz75745039 @MahuaMoitra Dear women are not safe in UP. UP is worst than Wild West, shooting and ki… @SUKUMAR03017076 @simplykunal9 @MahuaMoitra You are confused. @SUKUMAR03017076 @MahuaMoitra He is new on Twitter or has already been banished. He should migrate to BJP run state…
@sureshtv @raskolnikova_me Why is banana not straight? No one has stopped them, it is their choice. @drohi_moksha @ibrahimelm3 @KanganaTeam @TIinExile You still need white recognition. India has its own history and… @KousikS47936220 @Manoj83157670 @KanganaTeam RSS is running medical schools. BTW it is Syria not Siria. They fight… @KousikS47936220 @Manoj83157670 @KanganaTeam How do you treat your Dalit Hindu brothers? Try to reform your society… @syfuell @cpbrao @KanganaTeam This is a nonsensical statement. Where does it say in Quran? Do we need to put oil on… @KanganaTeam You & your opinion are irrelevant. Did you condemn murder of Gauri Lankesh? Where were you when mobs l… @irenaakbar Nothing will help. Sick minds don’t change. They project their own image on others and their thinking p… @Sanjay_Dixit You live in a cocoon and most likely following your own agenda. Your hate against Muslims is nothing… @anilkum06272811 @Sanjay_Dixit What do you call Lynchings by your community member, this is how you celebrate your… @vivekagnihotri @_AshwinSingh Barbaric and heinous act needs universal condemnation and not by one part of the soci… @vivekagnihotri @_AshwinSingh What the hell Indian Muslims have to do with this barbaric attack in Paris? Why you g… @Ra_Bies He was coward. Brave men fight in open, the don’t hide behind the anonymity and come like thief from behin… @DontMokMe9546 @AnmScorpion @Ra_Bies Please fight with these dogs with words no abuse. @Ra_Bies We know exactly who you mean. Perhaps, you will also rot in prison like him. Nene the community if you dar… @xeharr @RanaAyyub You seem to know all the Muslims worldwide. Perhaps, you know not a single Muslim.
@SanjayV_INC @kukk44 @ManojMehtamm @IncKinju @speedytohike @SimmiAhuja_ @GilaniTufail @aadhiIa @priteshshah_ @kunfaaya @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden Americans will feel blessed by his departure. Modi might have some unused roo… @pradip103 Your dance on top of the car was interesting. Madari has become a monkey himself. Don’t cry baby. You… @Hashim_Alfatteh @SinghSSK100 @liberal_slayerr @khanumarfa Are not counted. @Savarkar19 @khanumarfa Don’t forget Maynmar. Christians wiped out civilizations in South & Latin America. Were Cru… @khanumarfa All these killers are criminals and have weak Iman. This should be condemned by every Muslim. @YuvrajAgarwal20 @AatishTaseer Why should it be? Can Gita and Ramayana should be edited? Should Vedas should be edi… @tigerAkD @AatishTaseer What problem do you have with. How does it matter you. Be happy that you live in India. @NisarKolachi3 Nisar, loosing East Bengal to India ? @NisarKolachi3 @ashoswai @thewire_in You exposed yourself. Now I understand why you guys are trolled. Use your comm… @OnlyOneCreator1 @Anitaloveslove @ashoswai @thewire_in Udan khatola for 3 persons. It is narcissistic. Show off bus… @ashoswai @thewire_in Government is busy buying “Udan Khatola” for three. They can’t go abroad, but India is big en… @shivamrbl Thanks Shivam, you enhanced my knowledge. I have literally stopped keeping myself up to date with these… @Abdulla99922460 @peace_4_every_1 @ashoswai @thewire_in He is in USA! @honeypuss66 @ashoswai @thewire_in You can see it on his belly circumference, he seems to have baby elephant’s appe… @Purba_Ray @IamShajanSamuel Sounds better. Congrats. Well done 👍 @shivamrbl I agree with you, because I am with German Twitter. However, they were very quick. Why don’t they do som… @amans2508 @Purba_Ray This is to imitate and pretend. Ppl who speak Hindglish, they tend to use these “fucking” li… was blocked by Twitter for the last 6 days. Because I tweeted; ling of cowards threatening Dhoni’s daughter shou…
@JaamAadmi @jaffarstk456 @AyeshaSultana95 Did you dine with him? I hardly know a Muslim who would knowingly eat po… @MohdSamarIqbal @jaffarstk456 @AyeshaSultana95 They don’t drink to get drunk. Babur also used to drink 🍷. He later became teetotaler. @MohdSamarIqbal @jaffarstk456 @AyeshaSultana95 They don’t drink to get drunk. @RakeshV05350956 @Javedakhtarjadu @ReallySwara You are ignoring the number of people earning their livelihoods thru…
@0111ACHAL @BlameNehru @PTI_News How come BJP own partners have deserted them. So BJP has had terrorists as partner… @CRamanaKumar @ashoswai Bhakts critical genes have been cut by using latest CRISPR technology and replaced by lemmi… @rahulkanwal @IndiaToday Too many expert giving their conclusive judgements. Be sane, police is doing their job. It… @JustIgn34318181 @thankappan_r @MrsGandhi First isn’t fake, he said it. You will anyway deny him Noble Prize. What… @MrsGandhi Teach your own Modistein. Milking Oxygen and water from moisture. Feel ashamed for your ignorance. @shivamrbl @SaketGokhale @smritiirani @PiyushGoyal I agree. I feel ashamed. He should have let some official and ex… @GauravPandhi What is moisture? Moisture is water content. So he is suggesting break water into its components. Wha… @msiva1957 @SaketGokhale @rkhuria His climate change theory is no less hilarious. I don’t know why doesn’t he spend… @SaketGokhale Why @smritiirani and @PiyushGoyal are defending ridiculous idea. If CEO of Vestas invited him as ide… @kanhaiyakumar India has become a laughing stock of the world - thanks to this lousy man called Modi:
Retweeted by Absar Husain @anti_corrupt_01 Common sense you talk. Spin doctors tell some BS and idiots start believing it. They don’t realize…
#RepublicCheatsBharat#RepublicFarziRatings#RepublicTRPChor#RepublicTVexposed @HemanNamo @_pallavighosh @CPMumbaiPolice Your channel ridiculed others, now you expect them to stand with you. Yo… @amans2508 @amans2508 Here you go. Bedtime story. @amans2508 I have never trusted these figures. There are thousands and thousands of bots doing this job. Artificial… @TurboShift1 @joseph_vengal @rkhuria2 @kapsology @republic They might sue him for fraud and cheating. Ask to return… @amans2508 Don’t worry. Does it really matter? This happens to me all the time. Perhaps, at times I annoy some foll… @rakhitripathi Mumbai police laid the monster, Hyenas and vultures are devouring the feast. Historical day for Indian Media. @_Ashwatthama_ @RanaAyyub Rahul doesn’t need to crack jokes. For that you have a whole army of BJP clowns. @wasim_i_tweets @RanaAyyub Don’t exaggerate, government lacks overall intelligence! You seem to be a Bhakt. @ninja_9876 @RanaAyyub It couldn’t be worse. You have memory leak. Congress managed 2009 finance fallout and kept economy going. @RanaAyyub Now run from avalanche. Bhakts are on fire because Republic TV is caught red handed. Morale apostle is exposed. He stands naked. @rohini_sgh @DilliDurAst Arnab and BJP Bhakts are on 🔥. They all have been fooled. Furs are swimming away. One afte… @rakhitripathi Valid question. Just greed and hatred. He wanted to be only TV Channel. Monopoly over the infotainment. @ashoswai This shows the Reality. Those soulless dalals, subsequent to their political masters. Country is doomed.… @soodsays @rahulkanwal Fake. @Neha68326953 @sardesairajdeep You are on fire. I can see smoke from your @ @RavinderKapur2 @zappy_dee Montblanc, Gucci, etc. Narcissist mentality. @JassiKhangura Interesting @FlexLoci @ashoswai Dr. Abdul sharia certified Viagra consuming Shakha Alumni: China was never colonized by any imp…