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TGIF. TGI-NearlyDecember. Carey deserves the earth. @kiramadeira That’s the absolute dream. @kiramadeira If a boy took you to Toby Carvery for a first date I’d be demanding you marry him.Get it to number one already. what’s Kenneth’s job on 30 Rock? Me: he’s... really miss Stars In Their Eyes. #PLASTICHEARTS had had Slide Away, Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, and Mother’s Daughter it would have been a TITAN… just turning the family Christmas into a two-day business conference so my Aunty Pat can join us. new Sugababes line-up is incredible. to @MileyCyrus #PLASTICHEARTS @DomLanigan @MileyCyrus @rinasawayama That would be incredible.DUET PLEASE @MileyCyrus @rinasawayama lack of merchandise available on the Spice Girls dot com site will ever be OK with me. How are they not adding… at the Filet-o-Fishcoteque
Retweeted by Aunty Gay✌🏻🌐🐑The only McDonalds I want at G-A-Y:
Retweeted by Aunty Gay✌🏻🌐🐑 @toddingtonpeas I’ve got that to listen to later. Can’t wait. @toddingtonpeas The album is great! 🕺🏻She’s not even released a new studio album but 2020 has been one of the absolute best years to be a lamb.… reformed? Read your history books, Kimmy.💔 👉🏻 🌇 excellent @OfficialSteps and @MileyCyrus albums.
Crying at the Filet-o-Fishcoteque in a cubicle at G-A-Y @LewisChandler Probably just someone he met in the Peaky Blinders fan club.The only McDonalds I want at G-A-Y: when Madonna posts a picture of Rocco in an Instastory: Crown but it’s called Number 10 and each season focuses on the term of a different Prime Minister. @bluemoonstar Fancy afDear @GeriHalliwell if you can film yourself walking up a mountain, you can film yourself performing with the Spice… Stadium please. @bluemoonstar 100% fish, chips and brew is god tier. @kiramadeira Your dad and the vaccine and WhatsApp was 100% top of the agenda for our walk. @cr15b I can’t stop watching it. It’s brought me so much joy.Is this wasn’t my nana I can’t even 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂 you’re not transphobic doesn’t mean you’re not transphobic if you’re being transphobic. is amazing. just her asking for an economic forecast analysis of a trade deal is pure campery at its finest. northern should be a protected characteristic under the Equality Act. @mattyfloyd I'm scared to look at my Uncle Dave's facebook. @cmccrudden @BoyzMagazine I imagine they don't care. Sadly lots of gay people are massively transphobic and don't see it as their problem.I’m not listening to a founder of a hate group that actively and viciously attacks members of our community. Not no… @chibikuma83 And it’s an all over vibe. Xanax pop-r’n’b done so right.Memoirs. Easily. just gives us all more time to learn the routines to the songs from the new @OfficialSteps album.I got told that I need to be a bit more strategic at work, so now I just add the word 'strategic' when describing a… they know that they’re doing! @PadrinoMatt A timeless classic.😂
Retweeted by Aunty Gay✌🏻🌐🐑If your Album of the Year lists don't include Heavy Love by @LouiseRedknapp then frankly, your album of the year lists are shit."Alex Bourne said he initially offered his services to the UK health secretary several months ago by sending him a… democracy. @schittstweet That’s today’s outfit sorted 😂Up and reading SMT and board papers at 7am. Quick question...
Artpop and Joanne and Linger were both huge hits. saw there was a new @OfficialSteps tour and album and thought:’s not even make jokes about Madonna.I hate when I have to agree with Shed Man. @ShaunKitchener Shaun this is not OK.My dad will be so proud that I now stan a footballer.The psychological stress of constantly worrying that what little safety net you have is going to be taken from you… is a real shame. The 0.7% commitment was something we could all be proud of. @Ohanthonio And such a false and force push for some screen time and the creation of drama between the two housewiv… you respond to Meghan sharing her most private pain in public for the benefit of others says so much more about… sorted my annual leave. Three weeks off over Christmas and New Year is just what I need. No national or work-b… Ora is the ultimate hustler. She's never not working. Our JLo. @chris_mandle should just change the locks to the White House while he's out. @kiramadeira That’s exactly it for me. My December isn’t going to look much different now. If I’m going to be able…
I’m happy to chip in. VIII was a right prick.The winner is a lovely human. Good for them. #GBBOHis brother will be pleased. #GBBO @MelCsGoldTooth Friday night round at yours.’ve actually really enjoyed this season of bake off and have liked the cast. I’m just not emotionally attached to…’m rooting for Queen Laura.This is the least bothered I’ve ever been about who wins Bake Off. @LeeMcVeigh All of them. At the same time.If we’re all not celebrating New Year then does that mean that 2020 just continues for another year?Boris confirms a Sugababes reunion can happen. @octojon Proud of ya hun. @octojon @lovelimmy 😂😂😂😂 @andyetc @samueljenkinson My grandad was Indian and didn’t listen to any western music apart from Boney M, Frank Si…’m so into Boney M right now.The fourth vaccine has a 100% camp rate 💉
@JamieAli_ This is a beautiful tweet. @nickh1000 Looks great.Of course my first Corona tweet was linked to Madonna and the Madame X tour - @JamieAli_ Her Biden crush is cracking me up. Knope knew. @alice me crying when Leslie won her election like this isn’t the hundredth time I’ve watched every episode of Parks &… @AmyCMason @pennyb That is an incredible insta account. I've signed up immediately. @GEBP1988 I won't have Christmas if I don't have one. It's that important to me. @GEBP1988 It’s a lot to deal with isn’t it?I’d love to know what Frida Kahlo did to offend the National Theatre’s Christmas ornament maker. @DavidRobson84 I absolutely love it. I just don't think the album warrants the rehabilitation that some lambs seem really keen to give it. @CaptainMeg And by that I meant "I'm so stupid not to have thought of Argos" not dismissing your suggestion as stupid. FYI. @CaptainMeg As if I didn't think of Argos! I'm looking right now.I want a decent fake Christmas tree, at a decent height, at a decent price? Where you all getting yours from? (Oh…